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'Cause Waking Up Is Hard To Do
By Tom NotRiddle

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Genres: Humor
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Ginny Weasley is not a morning person. So, even on the most wonderful of days, waking up is hard to do ...
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Author's Notes:
A humorous one-shot. I was going to use a Ginny-is-having-trouble-waking-up scene as the opening for the second chapter in my Potter Heirlooms story. But the scene took on a life of its own. So I changed the setting and here it is.

Constructive criticism is always welcome - I want to improve my craft!


Ginny Weasley was having THE perfect day. It was May. The temperature was just right - neither too hot nor too cold. The sun was shining. The sky was a brilliant azure blue. There was not a cloud to be seen.

She was seated on a Firebolt a thousand feet in the air, flying southwest down the north Cornwall coast. She could feel the wind as the broom flew through the air. She could see the coastline and the water below when she looked down.

Seated in front of her was the love of her life. With her arms around his waist and her head on his upper back, she could feel each breath he took and hear the beat of his heart. She drew herself closer to him, feeling the soft scratchiness of his jumper. Each breath she took was filled with the scent that was uniquely, wonderfully Harry Potter.

Hanging from the broom was a picnic basket. After they had eaten, they would spend the afternoon walking slowly, hand-in-hand. Or perhaps not - They had the whole day to themselves.

Yes, this was THE perfect day. She peeked around Harry's shoulder just as the sun glinted off the water below...

And her eye, the one that had been opened for just a second winced close... to sleep again and dream.

Her breathing slowed. She felt herself dropping back into slumber. She could almost see her dream rising to take her again.


The dream retreated and her eye betrayed her by opening again, again for just a moment.

No! No!! NO!!! Just give me five more minutes and let me back in my dream!

She waited, listening to her breath as it slowed. And waited. And breathed. And waited ... And breathed.

Think! Cornwall coast. Firebolt. Flying. Blue sky. Heart beat. Breathing. In... Out... In... Out... Firebolt... Sky... Flying... In... Out... In... Out... Harry... Heart beat... In... Out... In... Out... Harry... In... Out... Harry... In... Out... Harry.


AU GGHHH!!! I'm not going to be able to recapture that dream, am I? Of course not! The perfect dream and I have to wake up at the first hint of light. There is just NO justice.

The eye opened again, again for just a moment. Her brain registered that it was getting lighter.

One more try! We can do this. It's not too late. More sleep is possible.

She waited. And breathed. And waited.


Pleas e! Please!! PLEASE!! I'll get up at the crack of dawn for a month if you will just let me back in my dream. Five more minutes, that's all I ask - just five more minutes! I'll get up I promise.


The eye flicked open again, staying open long enough to register the red and gold that surrounded her.

I'm in Gryffindor Tower. That's good. Asleep in Gryffindor Tower. Yup. Everything is good - so now, can I have my dream back? Please?


Some thing wasn't quite right.

Red, check. Gold, check. Gryffindor tower, check. But...

She tried to grasp at what was out of place, but the last shreds of sleep pulled her back.


Wait a minute - the sun is on the wrong side of my bed. This isn't the girl's dormitory! OK. I'm not in my dormitory. Take a breath, Ginny. We'll figure out where I am and get me back to my room. We just need to think this through. Which we will, in five minutes... I just need five minutes more sleep so that I can think clearly.


Yes. I know. I need to get up. I need to figure out where I am. I need to get back to the girl's dormitory. Up we go. Sit up Ginny. You can do it.

She tried to focus on moving, but breathing was easier to focus on. In... Out... In... Out... And that dream might still be down there waiting. So she waited... And breathed... And waited.


I'm somewhere in Gryffindor tower. But this definitely is not my dorm room. Mum is going to go spare! She's going to send a Howler. A Molly Weasley Howler. You can't expect me to cope with a Molly Weasley Howler without five minutes more sleep.


OK . I know that a Howler is on its way. It's too late. I'm dead. Maybe if I really kill myself right now I won't hear the howler.

She smiled.

Nope - Mum's howler will be loud enough to wake even the dead. I might as well sleep for five more minutes.


Ginny, get a hold of yourself. No one knows - yet. Let's just get up and sneak back to the girl's dorm. We can still pull this off. OK? OK - just five more minutes. It's so nice and warm, and snuggly. And this pillow I'm sleeping against is so...

She wriggled closer to the pillow behind her and dozed.

Pillow? Since when is a pillow longer than I am? Pillows aren't that long. And pillows are soft and fluffy, not firm. And they're not warm... So warm... So nice and warm... So nice and warm and comfortable... And I feel so safe... and secure. So I'll just... five minutes more, just five.


Wai t a minute - That's no pillow. That's...

This time her eyes snapped open. She turned her head.

That's Harry! I spent the night with Harry!! All night!! Forget spare, spare is going to be comatose compared to how Mum is going to be if she finds out about this! I am so... Mum will...

Oh! But he does feel so wonderful... and he makes me feel so wonderful. Five minutes more sleep and I'll be ready to face even Mum.


Why does Harry's arm feel so scratchy against my stomach? Why don't I feel my night g...

Um... Why don't I have a night gown on? ... And why doesn't Harry have any clothes on? ... His skin really does feel wonderful. And his breath tickles in the most wonderful way. And who knew how warm... Five minutes more won't matter.


The eyes snap open again. She turns.

It really is Harry. I'm not dreaming.

In bed. With me. No clothes... NO clothes... AT ALL... NONE!

I didn't... I wouldn't... I couldn't have...

Her head dropped back against his chest.

His heart beat is the most wonderful thing. I think that I could listen to it forever.

thump... thump... thump... thump...

Five more minutes.


Harry! Me!! I must have... WE must have...WE really... I feel so, SO wonderful!!

thump... thump... thump... thump...

They really ought to bottle that heart beat.


Gi nny you really need to wake up and handle this. OK, we slept with Harry. We SLEPT WITH HIM slept with him. We just need to get up, and get back to our room. And this will all be alright. We...

Wait, I... I... I have TWO rings... on my ring finger... on my left ring finger... I'm...

I'm Mrs. Ginny Potter!! I'm. MRS. Ginny. POTTER!!

And it is a PERFECT, PERFECT day!

And I am going to snuggle back against my wonderful husband's chest, and listen to his heart beat, and feel him breath, and bask in his warmth.

And I AM going back to SLEEP!

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