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Of Fantasies, Cruises and Mind Readers
By Zen

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Category: Seven Words Challenge (2009-4)
Genres: Fluff, Romance
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 9
Summary: Ginny had been just fantasizing, but Harry had other things in mind.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Ahh. I wish I'd seen this challenge sooner; I would've worked to make this a little better. Un-betaread, Un-secondread, un-everything. But hopefully it gets through. You'll notice that Ginny doesn't get Harry to act the words, but he does it all on his own. Just read and you'll see. =]


Of Fantasies, Cruises and Mind Readers

“Seven Words to Get Your Man Back...”

Ginny couldn’t bring herself to tear away her eyes from that title. Not only was it interesting, but it was also printed in a bright, glittering pink colour that seemed to attract your eyes. She was pretty sure there must be some charm on this thing — maybe this was how Witch Weekly made all its sales? She’ll have to investigate it later. She felt her feet dragging her to the newspaper stand, and she was picking up a glossy magazine copy within moments.

The man at the stand gave her a toothless smile. “Would you be interested in buying the magazine, miss?” he asked.

Ginny hesitated. She wasn’t one to read such magazines usually, but she had a bit of time to kill before Harry returned...and she was interested in this particular article. She fished into her purse for a few Knuts, handed them to the man and wandered back to her table, clutching the magazine tightly. Once seated, she glanced briefly around the Atrium; it was buzzing with life, as always. People walked briskly up and down the hall, chatting animatedly with one another. Ministry officials came sliding down fire places in puffs of emerald smoke. The fountain water sparkled. People poured in and out of the cafe she was sitting outside of to get their coffee and muffins.

She had to admit; this cafe was a pretty good idea. Harry told her it would be alright for her to come up to his office whenever she wanted, but the atmosphere in the Aurors’ offices was always so tense and foreboding, and she usually felt pretty useless just sitting there and swinging away on Harry’s swiveling chair. This was why she was sitting at the cafe now; she and Harry were supposed to meet up and go somewhere, usual, he was off doing something heroic and she was reduced to waiting for him to arrive.

“All he cares about is his stupid job, anyway,” she muttered furiously, and opened the magazine with such force that she ripped the pages a little. “There goes any chance of getting a refund.”

As she flipped through the pages of the magazine to get to the article, she gradually blew off steam and succumbed to a more sad feeling. Lately, she felt like she hadn’t been meeting Harry eye to eye. Sure, they were a great couple and everyone was envious of their relationship, but to her it seemed as if this relationship had lost a lot of its spark and vigor. It almost felt like a dull routine now, and it didn’t help that Harry was obsessing quite a lot about his job — Mr. Hot Shot Auror, she called him. Gone were the days were they could just sit back and do nothing except enjoy each other’s company, and she really missed it. This was why the article had caught her attention; she thought maybe, just maybe, it might help them out?

The pink letters seemed to bounce off the pages, and Ginny actually moved the magazine away from her face. She felt pretty self-conscious, reading this magazine in public, but hey — she was bored.

Seven Words to Get Your Man Back!

Is your man neglecting you? Not paying enough attention to you? Choosing his friends and career over you? Spending less and less time away from you? Forgetting some tiny details about you?

Ginny struggled to stop herself from nodding.

No worries — we have the solution for you. Seven words. Yes, you heard us; all you need is seven words. Absurd! Preposterous!, you might say, but we assure you that this method will work. It’s fairly easy, and doesn’t require much effort. In fact, it will be an interesting experience for both of you! Just pick seven words you think play an important role in your relationship and...go! Over a period of a week, make one word the theme of the day. Make sure every single thing you and your man do that day revolves around that word. Don’t allow him to weasel out of this. Use lots of big words and threats and act as if your relationship depends on this if you have to, but force him into it! Most guys won’t agree to go along with this, so you’ll have to take the initial step.

How will this help? Well, it will remind you both of the things you love in your relationship. It will help you realize why you are in this relationship to begin with, and will encourage you to keep working towards making it even better. Lots of women have already tried this, and they were all pleased with the results. Trust us at Witch Weekly — this will be a blast!

Ginny blinked. That seemed to be the end of it. She flipped the page over to see if there was anything else, but there was merely a picture of some new love potion.

“Bah,” she mumbled. “What a rip-off.”

She closed the magazine and pushed it away from her, folded her arms and closed her eyes. She refused to buy something a stupid, glittering magazine told her. Anyway, nothing it says would fix her relationship with Harry. That was too absurd. However, even as she thought that, she found herself wondering, ”What if...?”

She opened her eyes and pulled the magazine back to her again. Slowly, she flipped back to the article and read it again.

Seven words...

What seven words would she pick? How would Harry take them? Would he be willing to go along with it? Okay, suppose she did follow the article’s advice. Suppose she did pick out seven words and suppose Harry agreed to this, what would happen then? She leaned back in her chair and allowed herself to play along those thoughts.

Her first word would They needed that. A lot of it. What would they do with that word? Ginny could picture a day out without any commitments — going to Muggle theme parks, pigging out at a fancy restaurant, maybe they could hit the casino (she had always wanted to go there), and maybe later during the night they could just go and get pissed. That sounded exhausting and overwhelming and fun. Harry would probably be reluctant at first, but he’d slowly get in the mood after a short while. This day would definitely help Harry unwind and remind him of what it was like to just have a good time.

Her second word would be honesty. Lately, she had been feeling that Harry was hiding quite a lot from her. He was secretive and shadowy, and that bugged the hell out of her. So she will propose that for that day, the two of them cast this certain charm she’d found, where you’d be able to read a particular person’s thoughts for a whole day. Granted, it would be rather awkward. Considering the things almost all males had on their minds most of the time, she would feel strange listening on to Harry’s intimate thoughts. She winced, hoping it wouldn’t be that time of the month for her if they decided to pursue this. She also hoped he doesn’t hear what she thought of his new goatee. That thing was absolutely hideous! Overall, it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience, but it would definitely teach Harry to be more honest with her from that moment on.

She thought for a moment about her third word, and then grinned. Naughtiness. They’ve had less than a fair share of that in quite a while now, and she thought this would be a great opportunity to bring it up. She could do whatever she wanted and Harry would have to go along with it because it was in the rules...well, the rules she’d lay down, anyway. Recently, and despite how uncomfortable it had been considering her brother was involved, she’d picked up a few good ideas for foreplay from Hermione, and she was eager to try them out. Of course Harry wouldn’t mind this word. She knew he wouldn’t. She was positive he wouldn’t, and it would certainly show him what he’d been missing on for a while. Naughtiness was a definite word, yes.

Now for the fourth word. Ah. Gifts. Ginny was being selfish in this, but Harry rarely ever gave her any gift, except on birthdays and anniversaries. She wished he would sometimes give her a gift out of the blue, just to show her how much he appreciated her, but he never did. That made her feel a little insecure sometimes. She really would settle for a simple red rose. It doesn’t even need to be red. But he never approached her with one. Harry would probably grumble about that word, considering he would have to be giving her gifts the whole day, which is why she thought she should give him a reward at the end of the day. Yes, that would definitely work. And what lesson would Harry learn from this? Gifts make for a very happy Ginny.

She paused to think of her next word, and that’s when she heard an elderly witch talking to her friend.

“Such a lovely cruise,” she said wistfully. “I’m definitely taking George on another one. I didn’t know he was such a fan of boats! Muggles create the most peculiar things.”

Boats! Yes — she would take Harry on a one-day cruise, and they’d both have lots of fun just soaking up in the sun and relaxing in their suite and drinking cocktails at the least, that’s what people in movies always did. She had yet to try that herself. She could almost bet that Harry had never been on a proper boat, either, despite his Muggle upbringing. She doubted the Dursleys took him anywhere. The word should be actually cruise or travel...maybe they should try different forms of travel? Trains? Planes? Would Harry be happy with that? It would certainly get him away from work and all that. Yeah, that would be the lesson he’d have to learn from this — a cruise (or time-off) every once in a while helps one clear their head.

That left two words. Ginny realized she was really having way too much fun with this. She just wished it wasn’t all in her head. She glanced at her watch — Harry was almost an hour late. But that gave her an idea for the sixth word.

Punctuality. They’ll go about it by setting random appointments throughout the day, and if they’re late to an appointment they’d have to pay a penalty, depending on who it was that caused them to be late. Ha — that would teach Harry never to be late. Okay, so she was late on more than one occasion, but Harry seems to be always late for one thing or another, and that really frustrated her.

The seventh word would be...commitment. How would they go about that, though?

She jumped when someone planted a kiss on her cheek and she raised a hand, ready to attack. She paused when she heard laughter. “Harry!” she said furiously, rising up to meet him. “You’re late!”

He grinned sheepishly. “I know, darling,” he said, reaching out for her and pulling her to him. He gave her a gentle embrace. “You know how work is. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Ginny sighed impatiently. “Never mind; I’m used to it, anyway,” she muttered. “Shall we go now? Where are we going, anyway? You never said anything.”

“It’s a surprise,” he said confidently. She frowned. “No questions. Is that yours?”

She realized he was glancing at her magazine and she hastily shoved it behind her. “No. It was just lying there on the table, and I took a quick look,” she lied.

“Well, alright then. Looks like we’re ready to head out,” he said, smiling. He draped an arm around her shoulders and guided her to the elevator that led up to Muggle London. She felt confused, but Harry had said no questions, so she kept mum about it. Once out on the street, he pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to her.

She blinked, completely nonplussed. She was holding two glossy cards which bore pictures of ships on them. “What am I looking at, exactly?” she demanded.

He chuckled and held out a hand for her. “Let me take us there,” he told her. “Just take my hand.”

Feeling rather suspicious, she wrapped her fingers around his and squeezed her eyes shut as they both spun on the spot. She hated Side-Along Apparation, but since Harry wasn’t telling her anything, she was forced to go with it. Within moments they were standing on what seemed like a...harbour? Ginny blinked. There were lots and lots of ships in this place. Could this be...?

“We’re going on a cruise for a week, Gin!” he exclaimed.

Ginny was baffled. But this was just what she’d had in mind! Was Harry suddenly a mind reader or something? She gave him a wary look. “What’s this all about?” she demanded.

“Well, if I’m to be completely honest,” he started, and she stared at him — strike two! Maybe he really is a mind reader; Ginny struggled to hide her thoughts in the back of her head. “I know you think I’ve been neglecting you these past few weeks, but I’ve really been planning for this trip all along. I was actually late today because I was off picking up the tickets. Yes, the things you’re holding are tickets. Please don’t crumble them.”

“But...but...” she stuttered.

He placed a hand on the small of her back and started to lead her to one particularly huge ship. “Let’s talk over lunch, shall we?” he suggested. “I’ve booked us a table in a really fancy restaurant on the ship. It’s part restaurant, part casino, part bar. I reckon it would be fun.”

Strike three! Ginny was starting to panic. So far Harry had covered boat, honesty and fun. That leaves out four words...

She was practically dazed as Harry led her onto the ship and across the deck to the lower cabins. The restaurant looked exquisite and breath-taking, but she daren’t say anything. She was beginning to wonder if she’d somehow swallowed some sort of potion and was living in her fantasy now. But Harry’s arm around her felt so real, so she couldn’t be dreaming...right?

He was soon sliding the menu across to her. He winked. “Don’t eat lots, alright?” he cautioned her.

“Erm...why not?”

He was drawing circles on her wrist now. “Because we could always order room service,” he said, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Ginny’s heart skipped a beat. “Later?”


This was a little bit too much for Ginny. That was strike four — naughtiness.

“And we’re just in time for the daily program, too,” he told her. Was this punctuality? She swallowed. “I was worried we might be late, but I managed to get us here on time. Actually, I was more worried about the ship setting sail before we climbed aboard, but anyway.”

Lunch was a whirl of flavours, scents, colours and sounds. Ginny was basking in every single moment of it, even though she couldn’t quite believe it. Harry even conjured a bouquet of red roses for her under the table - strike six. She just wanted to know how Harry had managed to pull all this off; one or two words could be a coincidence, but six words were too much! She wanted to ask him how he’d figured out all this, but at the same time, she didn’t want to disrupt the loveliness of this day.

When champagne was served, Ginny was already rather delirious with happiness, but she clinked glasses with Harry and almost choked on her own drink.

“What the...?” she spluttered, and spat out the thing that nearly choked her.


Harry was soon taking the ring from her hand and cleaning it with his napkin. He smiled apologetically at her. “I didn’t mean for you to swallow it, Gin, I swear!” he cried.

“Harry...a ring?” she whispered.

And there he was, kneeling on one knee and smiling at her. “Ginny, will you marry me?”

Yes, definitely commitment.

She nodded silently and he slid the ring around her finger, before pulling her up to her feet and kissing her. Arms still wrapped around him, clutching at him to make sure all this was real, she asked, “How on Earth did you know?”

“Know what?”

“My seven words.”

“What seven words?”

“Never mind,” she whispered — she hadn’t realized it before, but Harry was perfect just the way he is. He had those seven words in him all along. She kissed him again. “Let’s go get our room service.”


A/N: Bit of a rushed job at the end, but it was a very tight deadline for me. I’m not really pleased with the way it turned out, but it was all I could manage. Anyway, I hope you liked it!
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