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Two out of Three
By georgie4puppies

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Rating: G
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Summary: Harry comes across Ginny in the boys' dormitory in his sixth year and struggles to keep his feelings to himself. Fluffy one shot. :D
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Now, listen, I honestly wasn't planning to write this fluffy one shot. Honest. I just had a severe case of plot bunnies taking over my brain when I started making my bed last night. I hope you like it anyway. :D


Harry Potter ran a tired hand through his thick black hair as he walked into the 6th year boys’ dormitory. And into one of his less...savoury dreams as he was faced, well backed, by the amazingly beautiful sight of Ginny Weasley bent over Ron’s bed in just her underwear.

Harry felt his cheeks redden and his blood rush to his head. The monster inside his chest purred. He felt dizzy...faint, like he couldn’t breathe...she was...

This was bad. Very bad. She pulled on a pair of baggy old shorts and Harry realised that this perving situation had to stop. If Ron came in now – Harry choked at the thought and Ginny turned around.

“Harry!” she squeaked and looked down at her chest. Harry pointedly looked away. She threw the Quidditch shirt she held in her delicate little hands on and Harry looked back, blushing. “I didn’t hear you come in!”

“Sorry, Ginny. I-”

She laughed.

“It’s ok,” she grinned. “Just don’t tell Ron.”

Harry was just thinking that telling Ron about this was the last thing he’d EVER do, when Ginny continued.

“He’d kill me if he knew I was borrowing his clothes.”

Although struck by how sweet she was, Harry couldn’t help but still be curious; it was slightly suspicious that she was borrowing them without her brother's permission.

“Why are know, stealing them?”

“They’re comfortable,” she replied with a simple smile and turned back to what she was doing. Bent over the bed, the loose jumper barely concealed the straps of the spotty bra he had caught sight of earlier.


Ginny looked up patiently at him and green eyes met brown. Ginny looked away quickly, surprised by the look in her friend’s eyes.

“Yeah?” she replied as she pulled the corners of Ron’s sheet down over the mattress.

“Why are you making Ron’s bed?”

“Oh well,” supplied Ginny quickly, pleased he wasn’t going to ask her about the incident with Dean, Ron and the two of them in the corridor earlier today. “I would feel bad if I just pinched his clothes and didn’t do anything nice for him, especially after our little...dispute today. So I get to wear his clothes and he gets his bed made for him. Sound fair?”

Harry nodded.

“But don’t tell him about that either, he still thinks the house elves do it!” she giggled.

“Don’t they?”

“No! Oh, honestly Harry, do you two even listen to Hermione and her SPEW issues?” asked Ginny in her mock reproachful voice.

“Well, no,” Harry admitted, desperate not to upset her.

“At least you’re honest,” she smiled amicably as he helped her make the duvet lie straight. “Ron and Dean pretend to care and then make me listen to jokes about it later.”

Harry was of course of the persuasion that Dean should not be making Ginny do anything but the thought of him made Harry hold back his opinion. The ecstasy he felt from talking to Ginny properly and alone subsided a little at this new sobering thought. What would Dean think if he knew Harry had seen his girlfriend - admittedly from behind - in just her underwear?

But then again, Ginny was always talking about him, so she obviously liked him a lot. Dean had nothing to worry about, Harry concluded as the monster in his chest sharpened its’ claws.

Still, the more positive side of his Ginny-brain reasoned, hadn’t she just compared the two of them, with Harry coming out more favourably than insensitive-Dean?

He was honest! Silently he vowed never to lie again. Not to Ron, not to Ginny or Hagrid. Not even to Snape. Well ok – maybe to Snape.

A sudden thought flew out of his mouth as he studied Ginny’s hair in the moonlight.

“So if the house elves don’t make my bed and I don’t make my bed, who does?”

Ginny smiled and rolled her eyes as she fluffed another pillow, “I do, you git!”

Harry ignored the affectionate insult because the fluttering in his stomach had suddenly increased. As opposed to the pathetic attempts of a few butterflies to fly solo, now it felt like they were having a group flying lesson with Madam Hooch, broomsticks and all.

“You do? Then...” he concluded eagerly, “You must nick my clothes too!”

Harry felt his knees go weak at the thought and Ginny smiled at him.

“Of course!” she grinned. “Otherwise it wouldn’t be a fair deal!”

“And do you?” babbled Harry happily. “Do you like mine too? Are they comfy?”

Ginny beamed again, gratefully, as she neatened Ron’s pyjamas.

“Yeah, yours are great, Harry. The perfect size for me, actually, not too big, not too small. Thanks!”

Harry allowed himself to stare at her for a bit and even to let his mind wander for a the situation with her and Dean.


She turned around and he hesitated, his resolve gone. He had meant to ask her....did she like him the way she liked Dean? And who did she like more?

“Yes, Harry?”

He sighed.

“Erm...shall I help you make my bed then?”

“Oh, thank you, but no need, Harry. I did it first.”

Harry flushed again, unsure what was wrong with him, but fortunately she had already turned
back to Ron’s finished bed. So now we see who she might like best, the positive side told him, while the negative warned him to make sure he wasn’t just hearing things.

“First, Gin? You did my bed first?”

Harry couldn’t help but show his joy. He was ecstatic! First the knowledge that Ginny spent time doing something especially for him and second that her reward was wearing his clothes – that her intoxicating Ginny smell was all over them – was wonderful, unbelievable...perfect. But now the idea that she actually made his bed first, before all others, before Ron’s, before Dean’s (if she even made his bed and stole his clothes, which the positive side of his brain told him was nearly impossible – Dean’s bed was always a mess) well, that was enough to push him over the edge.

“Yeah, I always do yours first,” she said as he glanced over at Dean’s messy ‘den’ with an unfamiliar smug satisfaction that seemed to him rather like beating the Slytherins at Quidditch.

“Ginny that is so sweet!” gushed Harry, now positively sure that she liked him best.

“It’s really no big deal, Harry,” she replied casually as she brushed past him. “Yours is right by the door.”

And as he was forced to consider the possibility that she was indeed, as always, right, he turned around just in time to see her leave the boys’ dormitory, the faded lettering on the Quidditch top she was wearing winking “POTTER” at him in the moonlight.

Still, he mused as his heart rate sped up again and the positive side of his brain took over, two out of three ain’t bad.

Reviews 13

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