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My Guide
By Manwe Valarian

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Category: Girl Talk Challenge (2010-3), Girl Talk Challenge (2010-3)
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Lily Potter
Genres: General
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Here is my submission for the "Girl's Talk Challenge". It is a story from Ginny's POV. It is how Lily Potter visit's Ginny in her dreams and helps her through the war, her help Harry, and even get the boy to love her.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
I don't own the Harry Potter universe. It belongs to Ms. Rowling. I just play around in it.
Just a note: all large sections of italicized words are dream sequences.


Ginny walked into the Gryffindor common room after leaving Hogwart’s infirmary. She was worried about Harry. She wasn’t sure, but she thought he saw his godfather die. She had a strong desire to try to comfort Harry. It was more than deep down she was still crushing on him, but that she wanted to help him as a friend. She couldn’t imagine growing up without her parents being there. She might have had rows with them in the past, but she still loved them. She looked around and didn’t see Harry, Ron, or Hermione. She supposed they were off somewhere together.

“Ginny, are you all right,” asked the concerned voice of Dean Thomas, her boyfriend.

“Yeah, sure,” she stopped talking. Dean was jealous of Harry, so she didn’t ask where he might be.

“You sure were brave or mental to go into the Ministry today with Harry. You need to be more careful. You could have easily been hurt much worse than a broken ankle.” He stated, sounding like her older overprotective brothers.

“I will go where I want to and do what I feel is right, and going there was the right thing to do.”

Her tone of voice was so waspish that Dean stepped back from her and stared at her. “All right, sorry. Would you like to come over and sit by the fire with me?” he asked gently.

Ginny felt bad for snapping at him, but she doesn’t like to be treated like some delicate flower. “I’m sorry I snapped at you,” she said apologetically, as she walked to the sofa with him. She sat there and half listened to what he and his friends said. Her mind was wondering where Harry was and if he was alright.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny awoke with a big yawn and an extended stretch. She sat up on the edge of her bed in her bedroom at the Burrow. It looked like a lovely day out. There was a cool breeze and the sun was peeking out behind the large fluffy clouds, as they moved through the sky. She stood up and walked out of her room and downstairs to the kitchen where she smelled her mum cooking breakfast. Her stomach grumbled with every breath of the delicious smells. She finally walked into the kitchen and sat down.

“Good morning Mum,” she called out, without even looking over to the stove.

“Good morning dear.” A female voice replied.

Ginny snapped out of her comfortable stupor. That wasn’t her mum’s voice. She looked up and saw someone else standing at the stove cooking breakfast.

“Who…” Ginny started to ask, but she quickly realized who it was. She had red hair, but she was much younger and thinner than her mum. Her hair was also a different shade, more auburn and without any grey. It was her eyes though. Ginny had seen those eyes before. She had dreamed of them often.

“Yes, Harry has my eyes, Ginny. Do you want bacon, eggs, and toast? I think those are your favorites, dear.”

Ginny stared as Lily Potter walked forward and placed a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast in front of her. The eggs were done exactly as she liked them, and the toast was buttered with orange marmalade on it. She was so dumbfounded that she didn’t know what to do. Her stomach and Weasley appetite told her to tuck in and devour what was in front of her. The logical side of her wanted to know what was going on.

“I realize that you are confused Ginny.”

“How come you know what I am thinking? Am I dreaming, and if I am, than why are you here?”

Lily Potter sat down bedside her. “Go ahead and eat dear, and I will try to explain a few things to you. Yes, all mothers want to feed people,” she said laughing.

Ginny just stared at her. “You know my every thought.”

“Why shouldn’t I. I am inside of your head right now, but this isn’t exactly a dream.” Harry’s mum stood up again and started to pace in the kitchen. She looked nervous as she paced. “I am dead, Ginny, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t stopped watching over my son. I am limited in what I can do.” She stopped pacing and looked at Ginny with tears in her eyes. “The most horrifying thing a mother can see is her child being mistreated by people who should love him.”

“You mean the Dursley’s because my family loves him and tries to treat him right,” pleaded Ginny.

“I know you love him,” she said.

Ginny felt a lump in her throat as Lily Potter stared at her. She was talking about her entire family loving Harry, but his mum seemed to be talking about her. Ginny suddenly realized that if she could read all her thoughts then Mrs. Potter would also know about her crushing on Harry.

“I came to you, because of your love towards him. I had thought of approaching Ron or Hermione, but I feel that before this is all over. My son will need you more than those two combined.” She looked down at Ginny’s plate and back up at her. “Please eat, and I will explain more to you.”

Ginny sat there and numbly picked up a piece of bacon and bit it. It was perfect; crisp, salty, and sweet. She let out a little moan of pleasure from this enjoyable treat. She forgot about her nervousness and hungrily started eating. She took a bite of the toast and marmalade loving the taste of it. Soon, she was greedily eating her breakfast.She looked up between bites and saw Lily Potter smiling at her.

“Ginny, what I need you to do for Harry right now is to make him smile again,” calmly stated his mum. “He is blaming himself for Sirius’ death, and also getting you and other people hurt at the Ministry. There are other things that he is dealing with that I can’t talk to you about. He needs someone to help him enjoy life again. I think you can do this for him. You have some of your brother’s sense of humor. You will be amazed what a simple thing like laughter can do for him.”

“That is it?” asked a shocked Ginny. She almost talked with her mouth full like Ron, but she had quickly swallowed her food before speaking. She wanted Harry’s mum to think highly of her. “You want me to make Harry laugh. I hardly talk to him right now and…” She stopped talking, as she had almost mentioned that she was dating Dean at the moment.

“Yes, but there will be time, Ginny. Harry always goes to your home during the summer. You will have an opportunity to help him then.” She smiled at Ginny. “I need to go, but I will return, dear. Please don’t be afraid, I won’t ask anything of you that you can’t do.” She smiled at Ginny with a mischievous smile. “You may even enjoy some of it.”

Lily Potter suddenly disappeared and soon everything else swirled out of existence in front of Ginny.

Ginny sat up in her bed at Hogwarts. The curtains were pulled and it was still dark. She looked around in shock. Did she actually dream everything? She could recall every detail of the dream. So many times in her past when she had dreams, some of it wouldn’t come back to her after she awoke. This time, she could remember every detail, but that seemed too fantastic to believe. No it wasn’t real. Harry’s mum didn’t talk to her from beyond the grave. That was just impossible, no matter how real it felt.

Ginny reached up to push some hair out of her face. When her fingertips grazed her forehead, she felt something on her fingers. She rubbed her fingers together, after feeling what was on her fingers, she shook her head. It couldn’t be that. That would be totally impossible. She placed her fingers under her nose and sniffed. Her head swam as she smelled the unmistakable odor of bacon grease on her fingers.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny watched Harry out of the corner of her eye, as they walked back to the Burrow. This summer seemed so different to her. Harry seemed so different to her. Maybe it was her attitude towards him. Even a year ago, she was having problems saying things to him, but this summer, she wasn’t uncomfortable around him. He seemed just like any other bloke. He no longer had that persona of being the savior of the world.

Maybe, it was she that had changed.

It really doesn’t matter anymore, because now she can tell jokes and he laughs or groans depending on the joke. The most important thing was he wasn’t mopping about blaming himself for Sirius’ death. Well, he wasn’t doing that too much.

What puzzled her most was Harry kept looking at her in a strange way. If she didn’t know any better, she was sure that he was sizing her up or checking her out. He would always look away when she looked at him or if Ron would look his direction. It was strange and a little annoying. For four years she wanted him to notice her and now he seems to have finally started, and she is in a relationship with someone else.

She can’t think about that. She was doing this for Lily Potter, not to get Harry to notice her. They were sitting down to dinner, and she felt a set of eyes one her. Looking up, she saw Harry glance away and out of the window. She couldn’t help but smile. Maybe helping Harry to move on from his godfather’s death would have additional benefits, maybe, even having a raven-haired, green eyed boyfriend.

The next morning Ginny was sitting at the breakfast table as her mum was in the scullery with the laundry. She was flipping through the latest edition of Witch Weekly. She came to a section about Glamor Charms. An idea came to her mind, and as luck would have it Harry came stumbling down the stairs. The mangle was running and there was no way her mum would hear any conversation that she had with him in the kitchen.

“Good morning, Gin,” said Harry somewhat happily. “What are you doing up so early?”

“I just happened to get up. Not all of us are like Ron. The rest of the family has been known to clean their room without being told, eat with their mouth closed, and we can even wake up and get out of bed without being coerced with bodily harm.” Ginny stopped talking and watched as Harry smiled at her. He had a wonderful smile, and it warmed her just seeing it.

“Good point, Gin. What are you reading that for?”

Ginny noticed Harry glaring at the magazine in her hand. “I am reading it for the educational articles. I don’t read it for the gossip,” she stated imperiously. Harry raised an eyebrow at her and she couldn’t help but smile. “Most of time,” she replied, but he kept staring at her. “All right some of the time.” Then she said with a huff. “I read it for the sleazy articles on how to get a man.”


Her breath caught in her chest, when he asked that. He made it sound as if he thought she was beautiful. “Take this article here,” she squeaked out. She took a calming breath and listened to ensure the mangle was still running, before continuing. “This article talks about Charms that will change your hair color…”

“Why would you want to do that?” he asked another one of those strange questions, which unnerved her a little.

“Well, I am a bit tired of red hair, and maybe some bloke I want to date doesn’t like red hair. I take the wand and…” she stopped talking when the wand touched her hair, and concentrated on the spell in the mag. She felt a tingling sensation all over her scalp as the spell shot out of her wand and changed her hair.

Harry snorted and tried to stifle his laughter, before she even had a chance to see her hair. She hadn’t even been thinking about what color to make her hair. She looked down at her shoulders and saw it was an ugly green colour.

“Gin - did you - plan to do - that,” he stammered, as he tried to control his laughter.

“Well, not quite this colour. It isn’t much of an improvement. Is it?”

“I can definitely say that chartreuse is not your color,” stated Harry, as he stopped trying to control his laughter and started laughing aloud.

Ginny heard the mangle stop, and she quickly pointed her wand at her hair and muttered the counter to the first hex. Luckily, everything went off without a hitch, she had her tomato red hair back before her mum could step out of the scullery with a load of clothes to be hung on the lines outside.

Mrs. Weasley stopped walking and stared at Harry. He was sitting at the kitchen table opposite Ginny, trying miserably to control his laughter. She stared at Harry then at Ginny and back to Harry. A pleasant look appeared on her face as she last looked at her daughter, before walking out of the kitchen door to hang the clothes up.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny sat under the birch tree staring out over the Black Lake. She was miserable. Ron and Harry had caught her and Dean snogging today and now she feels absolutely terrible. Harry had stared at them with a look of disgust and hatred. She couldn’t figure out if his gaze was directed at her or Dean, but there was no mistaking the look in his eye.

This past summer she had become such good friends with Harry. She could now talk to him without becoming all nervous, and she thought she saw him looking at her differently. She became even more hopeful when she left him on the train to find Dean. He looked at her almost heartbroken. She had debated for several days after that if she should break up with Dean and try to pursue Harry.

She didn’t, but her plan of making him jealous might have gone all wonky on her. She knew Harry and Ron always took that shortcut to return to the tower that was why she chose it to snog Dean. She never figured that Harry would get that look on his face. Whatever that look was it wasn’t pleasant to see. She had been so caught up arguing with Ron that she had a hard time trying to decifer what Harry was thinking. Did he think she was slag?

Dean after the fight had disgusted her. What he said wasn’t that terrible, but it hurt her anyway.

“How many boys is that, Ginny. It isn’t like I am your first boyfriend or anything like that.”

Dean wasn’t her first boyfriend. If you would include Neville, when they went to the Yule Ball, he was her third. She had kissed Michael before, but she had never snogged him like she had Dean this afternoon. That was actually the first time she had been involved in anything that aggressive. She had always hoped that Harry would have come around by the time she was ready to do more than simply have a kiss goodbye.

“Boy troubles Ginny?” asked a voice behind her.

Ginny almost jumped up at the sound of Lily Potter’s voice. “What are you doing here? Wait is this something you planned?”

Lily smiled at her and sat down beside her. “No, I really hadn’t planned to meet you, until I realized how you were feeling. First off, thank you for making Harry laugh and smile this summer. I really liked that stunt with the hair.”

Ginny blushed at her comment. “I wasn’t sure if he would think it was funny, or if I had gone around the twist.”

Harry’s mum fixed her with a knowing stare before continuing. “I can assure you he doesn’t think you are the least bit barmy. Ginny don’t get down on yourself, Harry doesn’t think poorly of you.”

Ginny looked at her. Had she just indicated what Ginny had been hoping for ever since she met Harry in King’s Cross. “Are you saying I should break up with Dean? That Harry might…” She left her sentence unfinished.

Mrs. Potter looked sad. “I can’t tell you what to do. Affairs of the heart are difficult to determine even when one can see inside of other people’s thoughts. Don’t give up on your feelings for Harry, dear. However, if you think that if you break up with Dean, that Harry will come after you right now, you may be disappointed. My son had such conflicted feeling this afternoon. He was jealous and upset with Dean, but he was concerned that Ron would act the same way towards him.”

“Stupid ruddy brother,” grumbled Ginny.

Mrs. Potter laughed at her comment, and reached out and laid a hand on Ginny shoulder. “Harry has so much to deal with right now. The last thing he needs is more complications added to his complicated life. Before too long, I am hoping that he will have many of his feelings sorted out. He will still need a friend someone that will take him away from the troubles that plague him.

“Ginny, what you do with Dean is none of my business. You have your own life to live. What you did for Harry this summer was wonderful, but my son isn’t ready for what you may want from him. He still needs you to be his friend. You may not realize how important that role is to him right now. Sometimes I think your friendship has been what’s keeping him sane.” Lily Potter stopped talking and stared at her with admiration.

Ginny woke up in her four-poster, and looked around. It had been another one of those dreams. Lily Potter had crossed over from the world of the dead and talked to her, advised her, and made her feel special. If she could look inside of Harry’s emotions, than she would know how Harry felt about her. Ginny smiled at the things she heard. Harry does have feelings for her. She had never made a commitment to Dean except to be his girlfriend. It wasn’t like he was her fiancé. If things don’t work out, then she will beak them off. If Harry comes out of his shell, she might do that sooner.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny walked into her bedroom at home and flopped down on the bed. She was a jumble of emotions; somewhere between sobbing her eyes out and screaming in anger. Harry had broken it off with her today after Dumbledore’s funeral and before the train ride home. It had been a miserable ride home. She stayed away from him, as her anger at him and hurt from the rejection was so close to the surface. Even thick-headed Ron noticed that something was off about her. How could someone not notice when all your hopes and dreams are crushed.

After Harry had kissed her in the common room, she had the best time of her life. It had been all so perfect. She had been waiting for him to tell her he loved her. She already knew she loved him. That was never a question, especially after their first kiss. It wasn’t so much the actual kiss, but the way he looked at her. Her heart melted under his gaze. She had never felt like that before, no one had even come close to making her feel that way. She had been so sure he was going to tell her those three very special words. She didn’t want to say them first and create any pressure for him. She had dreamed about the moment. She was sure that it would have been on Platform 9 ¾ before he went to the Dursley’s, and she went to the Burrow. It had been silly of her to dream about that special moment, because it will never happen now.

It won’t happen, or will it. He said that he had to break it off, and it was for a stupid noble reason.

Ginny realized that she was once again getting her hopes up. In frustration, she rolled over and buried her face in her pillow. Laying there hiding her face, she let her tears flow. That was the real reason she was hiding in her bedroom. She didn’t want anyone to see her cry. Many people don’t think she has ever cried in her life. She definitely isn’t a human hosepipe, but she has cried. She prefers to do it alone. In between silent sobs, she started to mumble to herself.

“I don’t know why I believed her. She never did tell me that Harry loved me. She just led me to believe it so I would help him. She must think I am nothing more than a pawn. I will never….” Sleep suddenly enveloped Ginny.

“I never deceived you Ginny!” stated the firm voice of Lily Potter.

Ginny snapped her head around. She was no longer lying in her bedroom at the Burrow. She was on a sofa in some strange place that she had never seen before. The walls were a textured plaster painted some ugly off shade of green. The sofa that she was on was overstuffed with some loud orange and brown flower patterned cloth covering it. The rest of the room was just as gaudy.

Sitting up completely, Ginny took a good look at Lily Potter’s face. It was set with a very tightlipped expression. It reminded her of Professor McGonagall’s. She was definitely upset at what Ginny had been thinking before, and with the present circumstances made her even angrier.

“If you didn’t deceive me than you misled me,” Ginny shouted. Lily tried to say something, but Ginny wasn’t going to allow her. “You told me that Harry cared for me. You made me believe that he loved me. As soon as he sorted things out with me being his best mates little sister, is what you said.

“Well, we have sorted that out,” she screamed, at Harry’s mum. “And what has it gotten me? A ruddy broken heart! That’s what I got. I believed you. I thought why else would she be coming to me in my dreams, unless she knew something about Harry’s heart. It wasn’t his heart you were looking at it was mine. You knew I loved him desperately, and you used me! You used me to heal your son. You used me knowing that he didn’t care that much for me. You hurt me more than anyone has ever hurt me in my life. ” She screamed as loud as she had ever screamed in her life.

With the release of anger came a release of magical energy, it pushed through the flat smashing pictures and windows and breaking some wooden chairs that were in front of her. After the release of anger and magic, Ginny became emotionally drained, and she slumped back down into the sofa. She looked over to her left and there was a clear bottle sitting on a small table that survived the onslaught of magic. Ginny picked it up and poured the clear contents in a glass. Her throat was parched and burning from all the screaming, so she took a large gulp of it ignoring Lily Potter’s protests. The clear liquid wasn’t water, and it burnt her throat even more.

“Ginny,” said Lily in a weak voice. “That wasn’t water that is Vodka.”

“Why did you have it sitting there?”

“Even though you only see me, I am not alone. James and Sirius are here also. I am guessing they placed that bottle after your release of emotions.”

“What! They saw? They heard me?” Ginny buried her face in her hands. She didn’t want anyone else to have heard her mental ranting. She hadn’t even wanted Lily Potter to hear it.

“Ginny, I am sorry Harry broke your heart. Please believe me; I didn’t try to lead you on to believing that he loved you. I never wanted to hurt you. What has happened and how Harry is reacting to it, was something I couldn’t predict. There are many things that I don’t know about. All I am trying to do is protect my only child. I’ll admit that I may have used you for that reason, but I thought you understood that.”

Ginny twitched and felt uncomfortable at Lily Potter’s last statement. “Yes, you did say something like that. I still doesn’t make this pain more bearable.”

“I am truly sorry for your pain, Ginny. Please don’t get any angrier at this statement, but knowing you are so hurt by his rejection, makes me realize how much you care for him. I can’t see…” Lily Potter suddenly stopped talking and even looked scared that she may have said too much.

“What can’t you see?” questioned Ginny.

“I don’t want to mislead you, again,” stated Lily Potter rather bitterly.

Ginny heard the pain in her voice. It reminded her of Harry’s reaction to someone saying something that would set him off. “You don’t want me to think that Harry actually loves me?”

“Well, Ginny, if you think about his situation and his personality. It isn’t surprising that he was only trying to protect the ones closest to him; not unlike your mother.”

Ginny snorted at that statement realizing that her mum would demand that all her children including Bill hide away somewhere at the slightest sign of danger. She looked up at Lily Potter and for the first time realized how stressed she looked. It was probably because of what Ginny had done to this place. She surveyed the damage that she had caused in this room and suddenly became embarrassed at her lack of control.

“I am sorry for wrecking this place,” she apologized. She was having difficulty speaking and her words were slightly slurred. The vodka was starting to have an affect on her. “Hey, I just realized something. I have never seen this place before. The other times you appeared to me in familiar places.”

Lily looked at her surroundings sadly. “This place is from James and my past. I am in a similar state of mind now as I was when we lived here. We rented this place in Muggle Birmingham to avoid Voldemort. It was our original attempt to hide from him. It didn’t last long, we only stayed her for two months before we had to move and hide again.”

Ginny noticed the sadness in Lily’s voice and how moist her eyes were getting. “I am sorry for destroying it. I think I can set it right again.”

“That all right dear, so much for getting our deposit back,” she said with a little mirth. “We lost it the first time also. I can understand why you are so hurt. I couldn’t imagine getting as close as the two of you were only to have it end like that. It seems as if when a person’s heart is hurting their emotions are most difficult to control.”

“Along with their magic,” snorted Ginny.

“Yes, along with their magic,” laughed Lily. “I remember, after my fifth year and before my seventh. I was all confused about some relationships, and took it out on my family, particularly my father. I used to fight with my Dad all the time. It was never about anything truly important. It just seemed like I could vent my anger at him without worrying about him not loving me anymore. I hope you don’t think that I care about you any less.”

Ginny felt even worse as Harry’s mum finished talking. It wasn’t just her words, but it was also the look in her eyes. There was genuine love and affection there for her. “I am truly sorry for accusing you of using me.”

“Don’t be, Ginny,” she stated. “In many ways I am using you. I am limited in what I can tell you because of the laws of this relationship. However, you not giving up on my son may be the thing that turns the tide of this war.”

Ginny was totally confused. “How can me loving Harry…” she stopped talking as she realized that she had confessed her love for Harry. Lily just smiled at her letting her know that she knew it all the time. “How can, a simple thing like loving someone, help turn the tide of the war.”

“It can my dear. It can,” Lily Potter stated as the dream faded from Ginny’s mind.

Ginny sat up in her bed and wiped the tears that had been flowing from her eyes. She looked around and saw Ron standing at her door. The knuckles on his hand on the doorknob were white, and he had a furious look on his face.

“Are you all right?” he asked her gently.

“I — I’ll be fine,” she stammered more out of shock that Ron would notice her mental state than being emotionally upset.

“I am sorry that git hurt you.”

“I can take care of myself, Ron,” she stated firmly. “Let me deal with Harry and our relationship, all right.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Ginny held the hand of the squirming second year. Madam Pomfrey was trying to straighten her leg and arm. This little girl had a run in with several Slytherins. They had caught her outside of the Gryffindor common room at the wrong time. She had told Ginny that they had tortured her and asked if she saw Ginny writing letters to anyone. When the girl told the brutes she hadn’t heard of Ginny writing letters to anyone, they continued to torture her. She ended up in a corner of the third floor hallway crying. She had obviously been severely tortured and her arm and leg was broken.

This has been more and more common in school, since Voldemort and the Death Eaters took over the Ministry. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had all Apparated away all those months ago and no one has heard from them since. This left Ginny, Luna, and Neville to fight the injustices going on in the school. They had reformed the DA and were causing nightly disturbances to harass the Carrows. The tension in the school has been steadily increasing over the past few months. She and Neville finding a twelve-year old’s tortured and broken body can’t be ignored. They must do something. Ginny decided; as she listened to this innocent little girl scream while her bones were getting magically realigned that she had to do something about it.

She remained by the girl’s bedside with Neville to help reassure the girl. When the girl was finally resting quietly, Ginny turned and left the infirmary. She barely heard Neville, as he pleaded with her to remain calm. She flung the doors open and headed towards the area where she knew the Slytherins would be. The reformed Inquisitorial Squad patroled outside of the other houses entrances. They would harass any of the students that they caught entering or exiting the common rooms. They didn’t care if it wasn’t curfew yet or not. Many times, the DA would never return to their common rooms until the early morning hours to avoid these squads of Death Eaters-in-training.

The squad she was looking for was the one that watched the Gryffindor Common room. It was led by Vincent Crabbe. They were the ones that had caught this girl returning alone from the library. It had still been within the proper time. Even though she and Neville had spent two hours in the infirmary, it still wasn’t even curfew.

“Ginny, you can’t fight these people straight on like this. We already talked about it. Even if we best them today, they will return in mass with other Death Eaters and get revenge,” pleaded Neville.

“I DON’T CARE,” shouted Ginny. Her voice echoed off the empty stone walls.

“Ginny!” Neville had grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him. She instinctively pulled her wand in defence of herself. Neville calmly stared at her ignoring her wand tip so close to his face. “We are doing something about this,” he whispered quietly. “We were lucky the first time we were caught. Being sent to the forest with Hagrid wasn’t bad. Next time, we may never be seen again.” Neville leaned in closer and whispered so Ginny could barely hear him. “We are only doing this until Harry can return. Then we will be ready to come out and fight in the open.”

Ginny looked at Neville. His statement was true that was their plan. Even though Ginny was clueless what Harry, Ron, and Hermione were doing, they all knew it had to do with the defeat of Voldemort. Even though the words Neville spoke were true, they made her stomach twist and turn with hurt. While they were in the forest with Hagrid, Ginny had confessed why she wanted to get the sword. It was to help Harry. Then she confessed, she still loved him and was afraid she would never see him again. Neville had chosen his words wisely to make her remember that fact.

“I hate doing nothing, while innocent people get hurt,” she hissed back at Neville. She pulled away from him and put her wand away as she walked towards Gryffindor tower. As she walked up the last set of steps, she saw Crabbe and his gang of thugs milling around outside of the Fat Lady’s portrait. She tried to ignore them and walk past them.

“Oi, ain’t you Potter’s slapper,” shouted Crabbe, as he grabbed her arm and gave it a violent pull.

Ginny didn’t fight him; instead she used the momentum of him pulling on her arm to give her free arm even more speed and strength for when her fist collided with his nose. There was a squelchy crunch and Crabbe let go of her arm as blood spurted from his nose. Ginny stepped back a few feet, and wanted to make a quick exit into the common room. She only took one step.

“Crucio,” someone shouted.

Pain shot through her veins, causing her to scream and fall onto the stone floor. She could feel her arms and legs twitch as the curse burnt its way through her body. Suddenly it was over. She looked up and saw Crabbe leering down at her. He pulled his leg back and kicked her in the side. It was a hard kick. It knocked the wind out of her, but she didn’t feel any bones breaking. Crabbe suddenly turned away from her as she heard voices shouting at each other.

She pushed herself up from the floor with one arm to see the portrait open and half of Gryffindor was out in the hall pointing their wands at the Slytherins.

“You have no right to be doing this,” shouted Neville.

“I have the right to enforce the rules around here,” boasted Crabbe. He said this in a way that told everyone that he had the upper hand here and anything he did would be sanctioned by the Headmaster and the Carrows.

“And what rules are you enforcing now, Mr. Crabbe?” asked the distinctively oily voice of the Headmaster. Severus Snape was walking up the hall towards the scene. “What exactly did Miss Weasley do?”

“You know what she is,” said Crabbe boldly. “She is a blood-traitor and she is also that filthy Potter’s bitch.”

“Harry left me last year. He broke it off with me and I haven’t seen him since last year,” rasped Ginny.

“You are a lying wench,” shouted Crabbe. “We all know that Potter still wants you, and we will catch him trying to get to you.”

Ginny’s heart lept into her chest in fear for Harry.

“Mr. Crabbe, now that you have announced that fact to the entire school. You have taken away all chances of catching Potter by surprise,” sneered Snape.

“Why don’t we…”

Snape cut off Crabbe. “You will do nothing without authorization. I will decide what we will do now that you have ruined the last plan.” Tension filled the hallway as the Headmaster glared at Crabbe and he also returned the same cold stare. “Miss Weasley, get off the floor and into your house,” said the Headmaster impatiently.

Ginny painfully pushed herself off the floor and walked into the common room with the help of Neville and several other Gryffindors. They helped her to a sofa, and Neville along with a couple of the younger ones checked to make sure she was all right.

After several minutes, she was alone with Neville on the sofa. The rest of the students had gone back to their studies or just seemed to think it best to put distance between her and themselves. Ginny ached all over from the torture and each breath caused her a spike of pain from the bruised ribs.

“I have to do something to them,” she said to Neville, even though she didn’t turn her head. “They are going to pick us off one by one, if we don’t get them first.”

“Ginny,” whispered Neville. “Are you barkin’? We can’t do anything. We attack them. They will retaliate and attack twenty students. The best we can do is to protect the young ones and make life miserable for them until Harry returns.”

“Yeah, like he is going to do that,” hissed Ginny. Her painful injuries and even more painful feelings from where Harry tore at her heart made her react rather harshly.

“Ginny, he will be back. He is our only hope.”

“What if he doesn’t make it back for two or three years? We will either be done with schooling or dead, and then it won’t matter anymore. I can’t wait any longer. Too many people are getting hurt, Neville. I can’t just sit and watch that happen to defenseless students. I thought that was why we reformed the DA.”

“Shh! Be quiet, after Hagrid being chased out of his cabin, we must be more careful.” Neville finished admonishing Ginny and looking around the common room. The terrible fact that you couldn’t trust people in your own house was probably the worst thing about the present state in Hogwarts. It wasn’t as though they would purposely plot against you, but they may reveal things about you to lessen their pain of torture. “We formed the DA to fight against the darkness in our school. I thought it was to ensure that when Harry was ready to fight against him, we would be ready.”

Ginny stood and faced Neville. “Well, we are failing miserably no matter what the reason was.” She turned and walked to the stairs leading to the girl’s dormitory. Each stepped made her want to wince, but she refused to give in to the pain. She could feel eyes on her as she crossed the room. She wasn’t sure if they were looking for something to tell the Carrows the next time they threatened violence or if they were genuinely concerned. It didn’t matter to her anymore. Her entire life had turned upside down in less than nine months, and she wanted to do something about it.

She walked into her dorm room which had only three other students in it. Two of her past dorm mates were Muggleborne, and they won’t be returning as long as Voldemort was in charge. She collected some nightclothes and walked into the loo. She spent the next thirty minutes soaking in the tub trying to wash away the pain of the Cruciatus Curse. After getting out of the tub, she went though her normal nightly routine before crawling into her bed. She appreciated that at least Snape and the Carrows hadn’t taken their beds away from them, yet.

“Ginny!” shouted a voice that she hadn’t heard for some time. “You can’t go after them. You can’t fight the Death Eaters alone. You will be a big target for them. You will endanger your entire family.”

Ginny sat up in her bed at Hogwarts to see Lily Potter glaring at her. There was genuine fire in her eyes, she was nearly as angry as Ginny’s mum gets at Fred and George.

“I can’t just let them hurt the first and second years,” Ginny snapped back.

“Do what you can, but you must remain safe.”

“Why, what purpose will it serve to sit around and watch bloody Death Eaters pick off my friends one by one.”

“You can’t keep putting yourself in danger,” Harry’s mum pleaded. “If Harry found out…”

“If he found out,” stated Ginny icily. “He would do nothing. He has more important things to think about than what I am doing here at school.” Ginny looked up at Lily Potter with a challenging glare. What she saw surprised her. Mrs. Potter was fidgeting and nervously chewing on her lip. Her gaze would flick from Ginny to various places about the room and back to Ginny.

“I am going to tell you something,” Lily stated quietly, as though she didn’t want anyone else to hear. “It is going to violate the rules that I must follow, but I am going to tell you anyway.”

“What rules?” questioned Ginny.

“I am not allowed to tell you something that you don’t already know. I can’t reveal the future or other people feelings to you. I can only confirm what you have guessed or learned. Ginny, it is critical that you remain safe. Harry needs you to be safe.” Ginny scoffed at this statement. Lily looked hurt and apprehensive at her attitude. “Things are going to get very difficult for Harry before this is all over. He needs you to be there for him when it is done. If you are not there then he might give up hope.”

Ginny gasped as suddenly Lily Potter started to fade, and she could tell it wasn’t because she wanted to fade away.

“Ginny,” said Lily with her voice fading. She talked rapidly and had a look of fear as she spoke. “Professor Dumbledore told Harry his greatest power is love. That love will defeat Voldemort, but love can’t cast a spell. Harry’s love for you will allow him to endure and overcome anything to get back to you. You must be here…” Lily Potter’s voice faded away with her image, soon the rest of Ginny’s image of the dorm room faded away also.

Ginny awoke and stared at the fabric top of her four-poster bed. An eerie feeling filled her, as she thought about the dream. She knew that she would never see Lily Potter in her dreams again. In some ways what she said didn’t seem that important. How could Harry’s love for her be strong enough to defeat Voldemort?

She thought about that question, and realized the most important fact. Harry loved her. It wasn’t a mild type of love, but one so great that he would overcome the greatest evil in the last hundred years to be with her. A warm smile graced her face as she thought about this. There was love behind that kiss this summer on his birthday. That look in his eyes had been love. It wasn’t just her over zealous feelings for him. He also loved her. It wasn’t just a little, but so much that he would defeat Voldemort for her.

Ginny shivered involuntarily from the thoughts of a love so great. As she wrapped her arms around herself, a different thought occurred to her. She must survive. It seemed like such a strange thing to say and think. She must survive, so Harry can defeat Voldemort and return to her.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

It had been two weeks, since the Weasley family went into hiding because the Death Eaters found Ron with Harry. Ginny had been acting like she was sitting on pins and needles the entire time. She barely slept and only ate enough to sustain herself. She rarely ever put her wand down or away. It was always in her hand. She was sure that HE was at Shell Cottage. She wanted so desperately to go there and see Harry, but she had sworn to herself that last night Lily Potter had appeared to her. She would let Harry come to her. Suddenly, the galleon in her pocket became warm.

Thirty minutes later, she crawled out of the portrait hole in the Room of Requirement. She stood there and saw Harry for the first time since he left from Bill’s wedding. He looked so tired, worn, and bloody handsome. She could tell he was staring at her, so she smiled at him. His reaction was enough to reinforce what his mother had told her in the last dream.

So many things happened around her, but all she could focus on was Harry. It wasn’t until Cho stood up and announced she would show Harry Ravenclaw’s common room that she snapped out her stupor. It only took a few sharp words to get that wench to sit down and Luna to escort Harry under his cloak to the common room.

Time flew by in a jumble of memories. People spoke to her and she replied to them, but nothing seemed to root itself in her mind. Until her mum tried to get her to leave, she could see Harry staring at her. He looked confused about what to do, but she could tell that he wanted her to be safe. His mum’s warning came back to her. She had to remain safe for him. She felt so defeated, until Percy’s interruption gave her another chance. However, no one forgot about her as her Mum once again tried to get her to leave. Harry suggested that she stay here in the Room of Requirement where she would be safe. Her father agreed. She conceded, because at least she would be close to him.

When Harry came in later and announced that she had to leave for a moment. Ginny saw it as a perfect opportunity to join the fighting against Voldemort. She took off with Tonks. As she went around the castle casting curses at Death Eaters and trying to avoid any deadly confrontations, she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about what Lily Potter had told her. On several occasions, she ran from a fight rather than stand her ground.

When the fighting stopped, she saw that Fred was dead, along with Remus and Tonks. She was torn up inside with grief and guilt. Her dear brother was dead and his twin, an extension of him, was grieving. She watched her mum cry over her dead son’s body. She looked down at Tonks a person that she had once looked at as an older sister. Remus lay beside his dead wife leaving their infant son an orphan. Yet, she was still hopeful and slightly happy because Harry was still alive.

When she heard that vile voice announce that Harry had died, her heart ceased to beat. Everything that she had been hoping for and fighting for was lost. It didn’t even matter to her anymore that Voldemort was defeated. Her life and dreams were over. She remembered crying out in anguish at seeing Harry’s limp body at Hagrid's feet. The pain of loss changed over to a drive for revenge. It no longer mattered if she would stay safe. There was nothing to stay safe for. She had only done that for Harry. She was now hell-bent on revenge.

She attacked and took on any Death Eater that she saw. She didn’t care if she was underage, or they were more experienced than her. She didn’t even worry when Bellatrix nearly hit her with a Killing Curse. While she watched her mother fighting Bellatrix, she was concerned for her mother’s safety more than she had been her own.

Then it happened, everything that had seemed so bleak and hopeless became bright, when Harry appeared from under his Cloak. She watched with everyone else as Harry stood and faced off with Voldemort. She rejoiced when he killed the monster. She went to congratulate him, but there were so many others there.

So she waited, she stayed with her mother for the rest of the day waiting for Harry to come to her. Everytime she saw him, someone else was dragging him away. If she hadn’t wanted to spend some time with him, then it would have been funny to see. It only seemed to make her desire to see him even stronger. As the day of celebration passed fatigue overwhelmed her, she fell asleep on her mother’s shoulder. When Ron and Hermione came back to tell Mum that they were going to sleep, Hermione mouthed to her that Harry was in his dorm. Ginny quickly excused herself and nearly ran up to the seventh year boy’s dorm room. When she finally reached the room, Harry was asleep. She conjured herself a comfortable chair beside his bed, curled up, and went to sleep.

Something woke her the next morning. It wasn’t someone shouting at her or even someone shaking her. When she opened her eyes, Harry was sitting crossed legged on his bed staring at her. The dorm was filled with sleeping people. She could tell it was still early morning from the pink light coming through the window.

“Good morning, Ginny,” whispered Harry nervously. She smiled at him, feeling awkward that he had been watching her sleep. He looked tired and haggard, as if he hadn’t slept at all.

“Good morning to you, oh conquering hero,” replied Ginny. Harry chuckled at her comment. His laughter made her morning even brighter.

“Yeah about that,” he said sheepishly. “I owe you an explanation.”

“You don’t…”

“Yes, I do,” he insisted. “I hurt you last year, and I am sorry that I did. I want you to understand why. I need…” he stopped talking and looked at her. His eyes were glassy with tears and it looked like he might break down and cry at any moment. “I need you to forgive me, Ginny.”

“Alright, Harry,” she said, her own voice shaky. She had never seen him act like this before. She became afraid of what had happened to him last year.

She crawled onto his bed. He pulled the curtain closed around them and cast a Silencing Spell. She sat crossed legged at the foot of his bed while he told her about everything, from his lessons with Dumbwaiter to his return from the forest in Hagrid’s arms. The entire time he spoke. She watched him. He was in pain and hearing of what he had gone through in the past several days it was not surprising. When he finally finished telling his tale, he looked up at her with a warm loving look. It was the same one he had given her in the common room almost a year ago. She could feel her heart melting. She was about to grab him and snog him soundly when he spoke again. “I told you that I need you to forgive me, Ginny, because — well — because while I was out there running and hiding. I realized that I truly loved you.” He chuckled at his comment. “No, that isn’t entirely true, I realized that last year. That is why I broke it off with you to protect you.”

Ginny couldn’t help herself. She dove at him and soundly snogged him. She could feel him groan, as she grabbed him and knocked him backwards onto his pillows. Soon, they had their hands tangled into each other’s hair. She was pulling him closer as the snoggin kept getting more heated. She suddenly pulled away from him, leaving him looking lost and confused.

“I forgive you,” she said breathlessly to him. “I also love you, Harry.”

He gave her a strange look and squeeked out. “You do?”

“Yes, I do,” enjoying the look on his face, as he stared at her.

Suddenly, his expression changed slightly. “There was something I didn’t tell you before. When I was with Dumbledore, I had a choice to return to the living or go and be with my parents and all those that had died. I chose to come back for you.”

Ginny started to shake, as what his mum had told him earlier made sense. She leaned in and kissed him softly and tenderly. Hearing that statement unnerved her, she could never doubt him again. He truly loved her. So many feelings and desires were running through her mind right now, and she knew that she shouldn’t act upon any of them. She forced herself to break the kiss.

“You need to get to the Healers,” she said, trying to avoid what she desired to do. “I want you to be all healed up, before I let you know how much I love you.”

He gave her a shocked and disappointed look. “I am sure Madam Pomfrey is overwhelmed right now.”

“No, they brought healers in from St. Mungo’s. I am sure they can find a bed and time for you. It does help that the Healers all know our names.”
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