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Someday Harry
By Summer Potter

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Category: Post-HBP
Genres: Angst, Fluff
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Rating: PG
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Summary: Ginny's thoughts after Dumbledore's funeral. Pure fluff and written for all those who were heartbroken at the end of the book
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Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters, or anything in JK Rowling's world

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Ginny watched him walk away, her heart pounding. Glancing over at Ron and Hermione, she stood and walked off back towards the castle, deep in thought. Knowing that she’d spent the best of a short time dating Harry Potter was indescribable. It had been everything she’d wanted it to be; so natural and yet so far from the ordinary relationship.

She and Harry had understood each other- they’d both suffered at the hands of Voldemort. They’d both experience pain and agony, both of them knew what it was like to be marked, not necessarily physically. She had no scars or visible injuries from the horrific experience in the Chamber of Secrets, but she was marked by evil. She had been Voldemort’s bait, his source to inflict pain and misery and she had survived.

It hurt that he had broken up with her, she couldn’t lie, but she knew that it wasn’t the end. Harry needed her and she needed him. Though Ginny could not admit it to herself, it was something she had dreamed of, something the little voice in her head had insisted for years. And it was the hope that they were meant to be together.

Ginny turned on the castle steps; the gentle breeze that rippled the water on the Hogwarts Lake lightly brushed strands of fiery red hair against her face. Rufus Scrimgeour was talking to Harry again; they both looked rather irritated. As soon as the Minister walked away from him, Ron and Hermione were moving towards Harry.

She felt a pang of longing. Harry looked determined and yet in need of someone to lean on. He was talking to his best friends and Ginny watched miserably from the steps, wishing Harry hadn't ended their relationship. He was a noble fool for thinking that she couldn't help him. She understood, of course. It didn't mean she wouldn't enjoy hitting him upside the head with her Charms textbook for being a noble fool, but still...

As she watched, she saw that Harry smiled after a few minutes and Ginny sadly turned around and headed inside the castle. She felt tired, though she didn't want to sleep. Her legs were stiff, her mind buzzing as she shuffled down the Entrance Hall and up the marble staircase. The castle was fairly empty still, and more than quiet. Not even Peeves was heard as she walked. She stopped at the door to the Astronomy Tower and gently pushed it open.

The air up here seemed to scream of emptiness. A shiver ran down her spine as she began to imagine what would have happened the night Dumbledore died. Ginny looked around the empty tower and then walked slowly out to the rail to stare out into the afternoon sky.

Birds fluttered past, chirruping in the beautiful sunshine and a gentle breeze blew through, ruffling her hair and robes. Death seemed out of place on such a beautiful day like this.

Ginny gazed up at the beautiful blue sky and sighed heavily. When the war was over, when Harry returned, if he returned…

‘No, she told herself firmly, her heart throbbed at the thoughts she was having. ‘Harry has to survive. He’s our only hope.’ To think of a world without Harry was unbearable. Her pain aside, she knew that she'd lose Ron and Hermione too. It would be too much, and this idea didn't make much sense.

Ginny ran a hand through her long hair and watched the lake water ripple and sparkle under the sun’s rays. She had always loved water under sunlight; there was something so beautiful and peaceful about it. To her surprise, a smile played across her face as she imagined what it would be like for the war to be over.

She closed her eyes and leaned against the rail, losing herself in happy thoughts. Perhaps she could be with him then? When the war was over, Voldemort was gone, and the world settled... would she be able to be with him then?

‘I have to.’ Ginny thought.

Would he still want her the years of horror and fighting he would endure? Would he still look at the world as a place of opportunity and promise? War was ugly; you didn't have to live through one to know that the psychological repercussions were terrible. Would he still feel the same about her? And more importantly, could he fall in love with her?

The little voice inside of her mind wanted to say 'yes,' but she would never know for sure. She'd like to think if they'd had more time now, he would come to feel this way for her.

Ginny wouldn’t tell anyone; not even Hermione. She felt so stupid about it. She had never given up on Harry and felt that deep down inside, she knew she never would. After all these years, the stupid schoolgirl crush had not faded, but transformed into something more powerful- something that could possibly last an eternity.

She loved him. It was that simple and yet so horribly confusing and difficult. She was fifteen and teenagers were supposed to feel infatuation, but it wasn’t an infatuation. She still fantasized about Harry like she used to, but the fantasies had become warped and different.

She used to dream that he would come running up to her and declare his undying love for her and get down on one knee and present her with a gorgeous ring. Now whenever she fantasized, it was about spending time together, just talking. A peck on the cheek here and there, his arm slung around her shoulders casually and he told he loved her as if he said it everyday. It was not shocking, random or different to her.

Sometimes she'd dream about messy-haired children with freckles and green eyes who ran about the yard and argued over who got to fly on Dad's broom. She liked these dreams the best; they had gotten her through the stresses of this year. However, they also made her hope, and hope was a very dangerous thing.

She opened her eyes reluctantly to dispel the images in her head. Her eyes fell upon the sixteen-year-old boy who walked to the edge of the lake with his best friends. They sat down under the shade of a tree and took off their shoes and socks, dipping their feet in the cooling water. His naturally mused hair tossed lightly in the breeze, his glasses catching the light and if she was next to him, she would see his emerald green eyes light up and dance with content and yet a deep sadness for their Headmaster.

She was so far up in the tower- so far from him and the world down below. It made her sad to think that her choice to be with Harry had cost them their friendship. She could try and convince Harry, Ron and Hermione to let her go where they went, but she knew that neither Harry or Ron would ever give in.

Like a tragic romance story of a sailor who leaves for many years, Ginny felt like would be waiting on the rocks for Harry to come back for a very long time. It was sad and lonely concept, but she knew that she'd take it. And anyway, Hope wouldn't let her forget the little messy-haired kids that starred in her favorite but silly little dreams.

Ginny stood up straight, her robes billowing slightly as a solitary tear slipped and ran down her cheek. Her face was impassive as she gazed down at the only man she’d ever love- Harry Potter.

The hope might ruin her, but for now she'd stay up in a tower waiting for him, just like the sailor and his wife on the rocks; a tragic fairy tale with Voldemort and a war.

“Someday, Harry…” she whispered to the breeze.

And with that, she turned and walked away, hoping that one day, Harry would realized what she had known for so long-

That they were meant to be.
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