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There is Love
By bd813

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Category: Three Little Words Challenge (2011-1), SIYE Challenges new, Three Little Words Challenge (2011-1)
Genres: Fluff, General
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Rating: G
Reviews: 4
Summary: Harry recalls all the first times he tells Ginny he loves her through the important events in their lives as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.


Chapter 1 Memories
The gentle morning light of the sun streams in through the open window, cascading like a water fall, across the small bedroom. The light causes the two occupants of the room to roll over in their bed away from its beams. Harry opens his eyes squinting to see the clock before him, reaching for his glasses.

“Awww, it’s too early to be awake,” he groans

As his wife Ginny stirs next to him, he very methodically pushed the blankets back and slowly crawls out of bed. He arranges the pillows and blankets back so that Ginny will not notice his absence. Harry quietly walks to their kitchen to put on coffee. Once the smell permeates the room, Harry saunters back his room to check on Ginny, who is still sleeping like a princess. He gently pads his way back to the kitchen, fixes himself a cup of coffee then returns to his bedroom, heading straight for the chair in the corner of the room, of which Ginny’s dress from the party last night is laying neatly over the arm. Harry picks up the silk green dress and gently lays it across the foot of the bed.

“Ginny looked absolutely beautiful last night,” said Harry to himself as he stared at his wife’s sleeping form.

As Harry sits in the chair with his feet propped up on the bed, memories of years past begin to flood his head, thousands of them, but only certain memories have made their mark on Harry. No magical machine would be necessary for recalling these memories. These were etched in his mind forever, always carried in the forefront of his thoughts.

As the bedroom around Harry begins to dissolve, he finds himself in a different place and a different time. The location is the school common room, the day Ginny snogged Harry in front of all their friends. It is if Harry is a bystander; watching the scene play out before his eyes. The chanting and congratulations of a game well played are being offered to Harry when Ginny comes flying at him from across the room and plants a long, full on kiss on him. He is both astonished and embarrassed, but not enough to stop the kiss. When it ends, everyone is cheering and clapping.

“Don’t just stand there you idiot! Kiss her,” someone in the crowd calls out. That is the beginning of Harry’s happiest memories.

The scene dissolves itself again and Harry finds himself at the Weasley’s home, The Burrow, flying on a broomstick with Ginny. They are flying as high as the birds then quickly dip and dive, racing each other to the ground only to pull back up again. As they fly side by side, holding hands, Harry turns to Ginny-

“I love you Ginny,” he says to a smiling and exuberant Ginny.

“I love you too Harry,” Ginny responds to Harry.

They continue to fly, this time sharing a broomstick, holding hands and stealing kisses. At this instant Harry knew he would never forget this moment as long as he lives.

Once again the scene dissolves and a new one forms. This time Harry is beside a creek, on a blanket with a picnic meal spread before him as the rose colored sun is setting. Ginny is at the edge of the creek playing with the fireflies and picking wildflowers. When she turns around to head back to the blanket and Harry, the scene before her causes her to stumble in step and in words. Harry is on one knee, with a ring in hand waiting for Ginny.

“Ginevra Weasley, I love you with all my heart and being. Would you do me the incredible honor of becoming my wife?” asks Harry, as he releases the breath he had been holding.

“Oh Harry, I love you too! Of course I will marry you!” Ginny says running into his arms for a long and intense snog. When they finish their kiss, they simply hug each other then Harry places the ring on Ginny’s finger where it remains forever. They are engaged at last!

Sensing the scene was about to dissolve again, Harry expects that his next memory would take him to a beautiful white floral covered tent at Ginny’s home The Burrows. It was in the summer that rows of family and friends were seated while melodious music flows from some magical source. Harry watches as Ginny, on her father’s arm, begins to make her way down the aisle and to him. Dressed in the most gorgeous gown, Ginny was such a vision that Harry knew this moment would be engrained into his memory forever. He was right. As the vows are exchanged, and a pronouncement of man and wife, the couple begin back up the aisle, Harry stops Ginny, looks directly into her brown eyes and says “ I love you, Mrs. Potter.”

As the scene once again begins to dissolve, Harry finds himself at the home of Ginny’s older brother Bill. They are borrowing their home for their honeymoon as Bill and Fleur are visiting her family in France. As Harry and Ginny dance to the music being played on the radio, they are holding each other as close as possible and looking soulfully into each other’s eyes. All they can say is “I love you” simultaneously, then Harry snogs his wife passionately, sharing the first of thousands of kisses and a long and romantic night together. Harry remembers this night as if it were yesterday, not twenty-five years ago.

As the memory begins to dissolve around him, Harry finds himself back at his current home, but looking at it from the front yard. Ginny is walking with a lady who Harry remembers as their realtor. Harry walks around the front yard leaning against a large tree in the front lawn.

“Well?” asks Ginny hopefully.

“We will take it,” says Harry to the real estate lady.

Ginny squeals in delight and runs at Harry and jumps on him wrapping her legs around him, planting a huge kiss on his lips. In response, Harry wraps his arms around Ginny as they walk towards their new home “The Hollows,” named after the large hollow oak tree magically casting a shadow across the front lawn. Once the realtor leaves, Harry scoops up Ginny in his arms and carries her across the threshold. Looking into her brown eyes all Harry can manage to say is “I love you Mrs. Potter, welcome home!” With that they enter their new home for the first time with new and adoring eyes.

As the scene becomes fuzzy around the edges, Harry realizes he isn’t leaving his house for this next memory, but is relocating to the living room. Harry watches as Ginny comes in the door of The Hollows obviously crying.

“What is it Ginny?” a panicked Harry asks her.

“The doctor,” says Ginny through her tears.

“The doctor what?” Harry asks in full panic mode now.

“The doctor says we’re going to have a baby,” Ginny says as she smiles to Harry.

“A baby?” asks Harry to make sure he heard her correctly.

“A baby?” he repeats.

“A baby!” cries an ecstatic Ginny.

Harry grabs Ginny and swings her around the room until she reminds him of her condition.

“Oh I am sorry Ginny. Are you ok?” Harry asks, anticipating her.

“Yes Harry, we are fine,” patting her belly as she smiles from ear to ear.

“I love you so much Ginny, thank you for this,” as Harry reached down and places his hands on her belly.

As the memories continue to come, Harry finds himself at St. Mungo’s Hospital with Ginny obviously in labor. With one final push their son is born with bright eyes and a pitch of black hair. As the doctor hands the baby boy to Ginny, Harry stares at her in amazement. He can’t believe they are a family. He finally has a real family. Ginny, like she is reading Harry’s thoughts, hands the baby boy to Harry who is now crying tears of joy. Harry cradles the baby in his awaiting arms.

“James, we should name him James after your father” says Ginny to an emotional Harry.

“James it is.” agrees Harry.

“How about after Sirius too?” asks Harry of Ginny.

“Of course love, James Sirius welcome to the world.” says Harry to his son as a radiant Ginny looks on. She could not love Harry any more than she does at this moment. Harry looks at her with tears streaming down his face.

“I love you Ginny Potter. Thank you for the greatest gift imaginable.” Croons Harry as he kisses his son for the first time.

The scene once again dissolves around him as Harry finds himself on Platform 9 with Ginny, James and now Albus and baby Molly. James is off to Hogwarts School for the first time and his family has come to see him off on the train. As James steps onto the train, he stops and waves to his family one last time, then proceeds into the car for his travel to Hogwarts. Harry, seeing Ginny’s shoulders slump, puts his arms around her and whispers to her “He will be alright love. He is part Potter and part Weasley. With that Harry kisses his wife and gently says to her, “I love you Ginny,” as the train pulls from the station and James waves from his window.


As Harry’s memories bring him back to the present, a sleeping Ginny turns over in the bed as Harry watches her sleep. Her fiery red hair spills across hers and Harry’s pillows as she snuggles into the bed a little deeper. Harry just can’t get over how incredibly beautiful she looked at the anniversary party last night that was thrown by their friends and family.

“Twenty-five years,” says an awestruck Harry, “Where has the time gone?”

“What did you say love?” asks Ginny as she is rubbing her eyes.

“I said you are beautiful,” Harry repeats as he gets up out of the chair and sits on the edge of the bed.

“You are prejudiced Mr. Potter,” says Ginny sheepishly.

“I certainly am Mrs. Potter and you were the most beautiful woman at the party last night’” Harry says as he kisses her on the cheek.

“I can’t believe you have put up with me for twenty-five years Harry!” says Ginny as she pushed back the blankets on the bed and gets up
“That’s a really long time.” Says Ginny as Harry grabs her around her waist and murmurs into her ear

“It seems like yesterday we were riding brooms at your parent’s house.”

“What made you think of that Harry?” Ginny asks him curiously.

“Oh, I have been sitting here watching you sleep and allowing my memories of all the important times I told you I loved you to fill me up. Those times are the most special times of my life, you know like when I first said I loved you, when I proposed, our wedding day and night, our first house, knowing baby James was on the way and the day he was born” Harry tells her with tears in his eyes.

“Oh Harry that is the most charming thing you have ever said to me in our twenty-five years together,” says Ginny as she stands up on her tiptoes to give him a quick kiss before heading to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

“Ginny, I was wondering…” says Harry to Ginny as she is moving around her kitchen.

“Wondering what love?” Ginny asks Harry almost afraid of knowing the answer.

“I was wondering that if you were able to change anything from our years together what would you choose?”Harry tells her as he pours himself another cup of coffee. His playful tone was gone now and was replaced by a more serious one.

Ginny puts down her coffee cup, turns to Harry and gently places her hands on either side of his face.

“Harry James Potter, I would not trade one moment of our lives together for anything in the world, not one second. Do you hear me?” Ginny asks a little peeved now.

“I have loved you since I was ten years old and by some miracle you decided that you love me too. I could not get any luckier than that in this lifetime,” says a tearful Ginny as she places a sweet and tender kiss on Harry’s lips.

“I love you Harry Potter and don’t you ever forget that!” Ginny said a bit firmer now.” You have always been and still are the one for me.”

“I know Ginny; I am just being a git.” Harry says as he takes her into his arms and whirls her around the kitchen.

“You have always been and still are the one for me too,” Harry tells Ginny as silent tears fall from her eyes.

“Oh I almost forgot, I have an anniversary present for you,” Harry says as he goes into the living room and retrieves a silver package from its hiding place then returns to the kitchen with it.

“What is it?” Ginny asks impatiently. Patience is not one of Ginny’s strong suits you see.

“Well open it,” says Harry as Ginny begins to tear into the silver paper.

“Oh Harry,” is all she could say through the thick flow of tears as she takes the book out of the wrappings.

As Ginny silently opens the book she is faced with page after page of memories. Memories of a much younger Harry and Ginny riding broomsticks together, walking around The Burrows holding hands together and snogging, pictures of Harry and Ginny on their Wedding Day, a pressed flower from Ginny’s bouquet of fiery red roses, pictures of their first house, pictures of Ginny pregnant with each of their three children and pictures of the anniversary party from last night.

“Where ever did you get this?” she asked incredulously.

“Your mum helped me gather the pictures and I placed them into this book. The photo album of my family before we were married was the single most important thing I owned. So I thought you might like a photo album of your own, of your family,” Harry explains to a weeping Ginny.

“The hours it must have taken you to do this Harry, It’s the single most precious gift you have ever given me. Thanks,” says Ginny as she reaches for her husband hands and intertwines them with hers.

“I don’t know what to say except that you are the most wonderful husband and man a girl could ask for and that I love you,” Ginny tells a now teary eyed Harry.

“I love you too Ginny,” says Harry as he sweeps her up into his arms for a fierce hug.

As Ginny returns to her gift she notices the last few pages are empty.

“Harry, why are these pages empty?” Ginny asks a little puzzled.

“Those are for the next part of our lives, our grandchildren, our travels or whatever you want to put there,” Harry explains to Ginny as he sits down in one of the dining room chairs.

“I still can’t believe that we have been married for twenty-five years Harry,” Ginny begins, “ it seems like only yesterday that you and I were in the Hogwarts common room snogging, and now look at us, an old married couple.”

“There is definitely nothing old about you Ginevra Weasley Potter. In fact if you get dressed we can go flying before the kids come over. Maybe even have a picnic beside the creek at your parent’s house.” Harry says to Ginny as she settles into his lap.

“I think I would rather spend the morning her, in our home with my husband thanking him for his gift.” Ginny says wily.

“If that’s what you want then that is fine with me,” Harry answered as he held onto Ginny and scooped her into his arms and headed for their bedroom.

“By the way Ginny…I love you,” Harry says to her looking deep into her wet eyes.

“As I love you” Ginny retorts back to Harry as they continue on their journey of making new memories to fill the blank pages of the photo album.

Harry knew that Ginny was still the one for him and Ginny knew that Harry is the love of her life and nothing or anyone could ever change that… forever.
Reviews 4

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