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Merlin Protocol
By Nute224

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Violence
Rating: R
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Summary: When the new MoM Arthur Weasley's daughter was kidnapped he turned to the muggle government as a last resort. He had no idea the chain of events that request would set off.AU
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Author's Notes:
AN: Hello all this is my first ever fan fiction so I would appreciate reviews to know what you all think. Also i just want to say that I am not in the military so a lot of the terminology/info has been researched or just made up. So enjoy the story.


Merlin Protocol

Aug. 13, 1998
It was a dark and dreary night in London with the last rays of sunlight having passed long ago unnoticed due to the ominous clouds advancing with the sporadic flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. This atmosphere was matched inside the Prime Minister’s office where he was meeting with the current Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasley. Weasley had taken office just six months prior after his predecessor had faced a no confidence vote for his lack of response to Voldemort’s return a year earlier. Since taking office he had taken a more aggressive stance against Voldemort by increasing the DMLE’s funding and performing a shakedown at the Ministry which had successfully revealed that there were many spies among them. Unfortunately for Arthur Voldemort decided to respond by going after his family, and just three days earlier his youngest child, his daughter Ginny had been kidnapped and he was desperate to find her after those at the ministry proved useless. So desperate that he decided to look to the muggle world for help, it was for this reason that he was currently in the muggle Prime Minister’s office at the moment.

“…so they have my daughter and all our attempts to find her have proven worthless. I don’t know how much you were told about our world by our last Minister but I thought you might be able to help me.” Arthur finished his plea to the Prime minister not knowing what response to expect.

“Let me clarify, are you requesting the help of the British non-magical government to assist you in recovering your daughter and fighting this Lord Voldemort?”

“Yes! Yes! Please.”

“Well then, I do believe that we can be of some help in your plight Mr. Weasley,” the muggle Prime Minister said with a reassuring smile as he picked up the phone on his desk. He dialed the number he needed while across from him Arthur sat in stunned silence, astonished the muggles thought they could help, ”Yes Major. I want you to ready your men; I’m officially initiating Merlin Protocol. You know what that means; I want a Special Projects ready within the hour and the rest in on standby. I will be sending more information shortly.”

“What just happened?” Arthur Weasley asked in obvious confusion.

“Don’t worry about that now, what you need to do is go home and be with your family we will take care of getting your daughter back.”

“How? How are you going to do what wizards have been unable to?”

“You don’t give us enough credit Arthur. We ‘muggles’ as you call us know more about your kind and world than you think. We have had plans for dealing with a wizarding enemy and prepared accordingly, but as I said that isn’t important now. You need to get home, don’t worry all will be explained later.” Arthur Weasley just shook his head after the Prime Minister finished and stood up making his way to the fireplace.

“Thank You for whatever you can do,” he said as he pinched some powder out of a container he had been carrying and threw it into the fireplace. With a final shout of “The Burrow” he spun away into the roaring green flame leaving the Prime Minister alone in his office.


Meanwhile in Hereford at the headquarters for the British Special Air Service Major John Taylor of the 22nd SAS hung up the phone as a grin slowly crept across his face. Picking the phone up again he dialed his next in command, “Mobilize special projects I want Kilo 1 ready and in the briefing room in 30, have the rest of the regiment on standby.” Hanging up the phone the major contemplated the situation that they were in. The government had known about the wizarding world and their Lord Voldemort for years and had decided to stay out of it, but they had also prepared for the event that they had to face magical enemies. That led to the creation of the Special Projects team, a squad of all magical SAS members that were highly trained in both magical and non-magical combat. Getting up and leaving his office the major headed towards the briefing room to meet the object of his previous contemplation. Opening the door he was greeted with the four man team standing at attention waiting for him, “At ease men, the reason you have been called here is because the Prime Minister has initiated Merlin protocol which means…”

“That we’re facing a magical enemy sir!” exclaimed Jake Williams, the team’s radio operator, a stocky man in his mid twenties with short brown hair and a mischievous gaze on his face.

“Exactly we have been tasked with rescuing the Minister of Magic’s daughter Ginerva Weasley seen here,” he said motioning to the screen at the front of the room. “Our Intel places her at this building known as Lestrange Manor,” the screen changed to a split of an ariel view of the manor and the buildings blueprints “... we believe they are holding her in the dungeons of the manor. So here is the plan, your team is going to insert one klick from the manor and advance there on foot, you are to infiltrate the manor dispatching of any enemies and recover the package intact. From there you will be extracted by helicopter and you are to escort her back to her family home in Ottery St. Catchpole. Any questions?”

“Sir what is the number of expected hostiles?” asked Frank Brown a dark skinned man in his early thirties who was well over 6’ with a well built frame and a bald head.

“That is currently unknown but be ready for anything; Kilo 2 will be providing back-up after you have breached the building. If that is all then fall out dust-off in 15 minutes so get to the airfield.”

“Sir!” all four men yelled saluting the major before leaving the room. Gathering their bags they moved to the airfield strapping on their body armor and weapons while double and triple checking their gear.

“Alright guys this is what we’ve been training for, you all have your jobs see to it that they get done.” Said Connor Murphy the squad’s leader, an average sized man in his late thirties with black hair, a fierce gaze and an air of confidence that seemed to inspire his men. “You ready for this Peters?” He asked the youngest and newest member of the team Henry Peters; at 18 he was about 6’ with short cut black hair striking emerald eyes and an odd discoloration on his forehead that seemed to be a birthmark.

“Yes Sir! This is what I’ve been training for.” He exclaimed with exuberance.

“That’s what I like to hear, remember eliminate all hostiles, retrieve the package intact and come back alive.” Murphy said sincerely looking from man to man trying to convey the importance of his words.

“Ah don’t worry captain this will be fun.” Jake said with a grin on his face. Connor just shook his head as he slung his pack over his shoulder and climbed into the helicopter that was waiting to take them to their task. The rest of his men climbed on board preparing to take off as the major came to say his final words to the men.

“Good luck men and remember, who dares wins!” with that the major backed away from the helicopter as it began lifting of the ground moving forward leaving the base in the distance as the men settled in for the ride to their objective.


Saying that Ginny Weasley was having a rough couple days would be an understatement, three days ago while running errands in the Diagon Alley she had been abducted by two Death Eaters and portkeyed away before she could make a sound. Since then she had been at the mercy of two of the most notorious Death Eaters, Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. In that time she had been tortured routinely for information about her family and the Ministry. Refusing to give in for three days had taken its toll on Ginny and she wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to hold out, as she was thinking this the door to the cell she was in opened and in walked a smirking Lucius Malfoy followed by three other Death Eaters who she didn’t recognize. “I’m surprised Weasley, I didn’t expect you to last this long but don’t you worry we have other ways of ‘convincing’ you,” he finished leering at her with a lustful gaze that chilled her to her core.

“Oh yea, I’m not so sure about that. I mean I don’t know if you’re ‘up’ to the task,” while on the outside she appeared in total control inside was a totally different story. Oh my god what am I saying Please! Don’t let this happen. Help me! Please anybody help! She thought as soon as the words left her mouth. Lucius sent her a furious gaze as he walked to her and slapped her with the back of his hand, the rings he was wearing tearing into her skin.

“Oh really,” he said as she fell to the ground, yanking her head up by her hair she let out a gasp of pain. “We will just have to see how wrong you are, you three stand guard at the door and no one is to interrupt me.” The three other figures in the room left through the door and closed it with a thud, Oh shit this is not good ran through Ginny’s mind as Lucius turned around to focus back on her. “Where were we,” he said smoothly while unbuttoning his shirt “I’ve been waiting for a chance to get back at you blood traitors for a long time, I’m going to enjoy this.” As he came next to her reaching forward to rip at her shirt the sound of the door opening and something hitting the ground caused him to turn around, “what did I tell you about dist-“he paused when he saw an odd metal canister, it was at that very moment that said canister exploded with a blinding flash of light and a deafening ‘BANG’. The explosion caused Malfoy to drop to the ground clutching his ears and Ginny’s ears to ring as her vision began to dim with blackness creeping in, the last thing she saw before passing out was the door being kicked open and the most oddly dressed men she had ever seen barging in.


Henry Peters, or as he was known in the world he was entering Harry Potter, was sitting in the door of the helicopter that he was currently flying in on his way to his first official operation. With butterflies creeping into his stomach he thought about the task they were about to embark on, there were lives at stake, innocent lives and he would be damned if he was going to allow any to get hurt. His face settled in grim determination as he heard the call of ‘one minute’ ring in his ear signaling for them to prepare to exit. Checking his armor and extra supplies strapped to his body he loaded a magazine into his H&K MP5, the chosen weapon for close quarters fighting, and cocked it. With a signal from Murphy, Henry threw the rope in front of him out of the door and pulled his goggles down over his eyes and raised his shemagh to cover the rest of his face. “Go! Go! Go!” yelled Murphy signaling his men to rope out of the helicopter, Henry grasped the rope in front of him shifting out from the safety of the helicopter falling rapidly towards the earth. As soon as his boots touched the ground Henry drew his rifle up clearing the direction that he was facing looking for any enemies. Seeing empty forest he lowered his weapon turning towards the other members of his team to see what was next.

“OK team we have one kilometer to the manor so let’s get moving, maintain light and noise discipline.” With those final instructions from Murphy the four men began to traverse the land between them and their objective. After roughly ten minutes the forest around them began to clear as an extravagant manor sprawled out before them. “Control this is kilo 1-1 we have the manor in sight, proceeding to breach will update when package secured.” Connor spoke into this headset relaying the situation to their commanders.

“Roger that Kilo 1-1 proceed as planned; you are advised to restrict force to non magical for this mission. Also we have received intel that there is a possible tier one target codename ‘Lucy” on the premises, you are to capture that target if at all possible over!” A voice replied in their ears as they slowly moved forward to the main door of the manor. Henry found it odd that there were not any guards on the grounds, but he attributed it to the arrogance of purebloods that placed too much trust in their wards. Arriving at the door the team spit each standing off to one side of the door, checking the door Henry found it unlocked. Signaling to his team he turned the doorknob slowly opening the door while drawing his weapon in front of him. Entering the manor with his team behind him Henry moved to where he knew the entrance to the dungeons were, turning the corner he saw a figure dressed in all black robes turned away from him. Aiming down the sights of his rifle he centered on the figure at the end of the hall and squeezed the trigger rapidly sending three projectiles at the enemy. The figure at the end of the hall dropped with a ‘thud’ with no one the wiser thanks to the suppressor on his weapon masking the noise it made. Moving forward the team came to the body as Frank bent down checking for a pulse, finding none he signaled for the team to continue to the entrance to the dungeons as he dragged the body into a nearby closet. Coming to the bottom of the stairs leading to the dungeons Henry heard voices, coming to a halt motioning for his team to do the same he strained to listen.

“I hope he would hurry up I’m trying to get my turn with that Weasley bitch.” One of the voices said causing Henry’s blood to run cold.

“What are you talking about I have next, now go upstairs and check on Avery he’s been gone a while,” the other ordered. Henry could hear the grumble of the first voice making his way towards them. Lowering his rifle he drew his knife waiting for the man to come around the corner. As soon as the figure came into view Henry clapped his hand over his mouth muffling his shout of surprise as he plunged his knife into his side effectively ending the man’s life. Dragging the man back into the shadows of the stairway Henry watched Jake and Frank move around the corner and he heard the subdued sounds of their rifles followed by the thud of the body on the ground.

“Stack up, flash and clear,” Murphy whispered to his men as they came to the door where they could hear voices coming from.

“… I’m going to enjoy this.” Henry heard the voice through the door way, he heard the tearing of cloth as he was opening the door slightly tossing a flash bang into the room then slamming the door closed again.

‘BANG’ with that sound Henry kicked the door causing it to fly off the hinges, coming into the room he broke off to the right securing his sector of the room. Not finding any threats he turned his attention to the center of the room where a man with long platinum hair was laying on the ground slowly recovering not far from the unconscious form of a teenage girl with fiery red hair covered with dirty clothes and sporting multiple injuries. “Peters secure the package, Williams secure that prisoner be sure to check him for his wand and portkeys then bind his hands, Brown set the charges let’s leave a little surprise for whoever may come after us,” Murphy instructed his men as he adjusted his radio to report to his commanders. “Control this is kilo 1-1 mission status is as follows, the package has been secured injured but intact, we have captured the tier one target codename ‘Lucy’ and eliminated three hostiles in the process over.” Henry heard Murphy making the report as he made his way to the form of the unconscious girl, checking her for injuries he bandaged what needed to be deciding that she wasn’t seriously injured.

“Copy that Kilo 1-1 mission accomplished, proceed out of the manor with the package and the prisoner to the exfil point where a helicopter is waiting to take you to the package’s home where there will be a medic waiting. You are to wait there for further instruction, over” The voice rang in all of their ear’s as Henry prepared to move the girl while Jake and Frank had handcuffed the prisoner and placed a black bag over his head.

“Rodger control Kilo 1-1 out.” Murphy ended his transmission and turned to see his men waiting, ready to move. “Jake get that prisoner up; keep a close eye on him. Peters your gonna have to carry the package to the extraction point.”

“Rodger boss I got her.”

“OK guys lets go. Kilo 2-1 this is Kilo 1-1 mission complete were oscar mike, proceed to extraction.” Murphy spoke to the backup team as he was moving through the door with his weapon raised prepared for any surprises that may come their way.

The team exited the manor with Murphy in the lead followed by Jake with his hand guiding the bound and blindfolded form of Lucius Malfoy behind him Henry exited with the unconscious form of Ginny Weasley in his arms and Frank behind him providing security. As they left the grounds of the manor they came to an open field that had a helicopter along with the other team waiting for them. “Bout time you lot showed up, let’s get the fuck out of here,” the other team’s leader spoke up as they came closer.

“How about you shut your trap and help us secure this prisoner, Peters lay the package on the stretcher in the helicopter then everybody load up. Henry nodded to Murphy as he made his way to the helicopter, laying the body in his arms on the stretcher that was laid out in the helicopter he took a closer look at her and couldn’t help but think how beautiful she was. What am I saying she is our objective; I have to stay detached from these people to do what needs to be done. He stepped into the helicopter sitting beside the stretcher making sure to keep watch over the girl he had been sent to rescue. No matter what he tried to think he couldn’t shake a sense of protectiveness he had for the girl laying next to him. After the rest of the men had loaded into the helicopter and Lucius had been secured the helicopter slowly took off taking them in the direction of Ginny’s home, The Burrow.

After an hour in the air the pilot signaled that they were five minutes from their destination so the men began to prepare for their departure from the helicopter. When the Burrow came into sight the pilot began lowering the craft to land in the pasture that was located behind the house. Throwing open the door Henry jumped out of the helicopter scanning his surroundings even though they were supposed to be in friendly territory, instincts are hard to deny. “OK Kilo 2 I want you to return to Hereford with the prisoner my team has been instructed to remain here.” he heard his captain tell the other team as he was turning back to the helicopter. He grabbed one end of the stretcher that Ginny was currently laying on, lifting it out of the door Frank grabbed the other side as they began moving towards the house in the distance. The two other members of the team climbed out of the helicopter and came to flank the two carrying the stretcher. As the group made their way towards the house they saw the door fly open and a large group of people come running out of the door, Henry noticed that many of them shared the same fiery hair color as Ginny so he guessed that they would be her family. The group that rushed out of the house came to a halt upon seeing the men before them who had their daughter. They eyed the intimidating weapons and equipment the men possessed as well as their faces hidden behind their goggles and some sort of scarf, the sight before them frightened them but the need to get to Ginny overcame the fear as they rushed forward again. As they came closer to the strange men one stepped ahead of the rest as he lowered the cloth covering his face and lifting his goggles to reveal his rigid features and fierce gaze. “Arthur Weasley?” he spoke.

“Yes that’s me please tell me is my daughter alright?” Arthur said as he stepped forward extending his hand to the man.

“Don’t worry she’s fine we were told there would be a medic here so we should get her looked at just to be safe.” Connor stated trying to reassure the man in front of them.

“Yes, yes of course take her inside the healer is in the kitchen waiting.”

“Peters, Brown take the package into the house, Williams I want you on patrol around the house radio me if anything unusual happens copy?” Murphy directed his gaze to his men seeking confirmation, the men nodded to him as they broke off to complete their duties. As most of the group broke off moving quickly to the house Murphy turned back to Arthur “Mr. Weasley I am Captain Connor Murphy we have been ordered to remain here until further notice. We do not intend to intrude on you and your family but will need access to all areas of your property to provide effective security.”

“Of course you’re no trouble at all! You rescued my Ginny, there is no way I can repay my debt to you and your men, but enough of that for now please come in and meet my family.” Arthur said this in obvious joy as the realization of the night set in, he had his only daughter back safe. The two made their way to the house entering through the back door. Entering the room Connor saw a collection of people sitting around the table in obvious worry, the youngest redhead was sitting with what appeared to be a curly brown bush in his arms but was actually a girl he held in his arms. Next to them sat a set of redheaded twins who were staring blankly into the space in front of them, finally there was a shabby looking man in his late thirties who wore a tired look on his face that matched the state of his clothes. “OK let’s see this in my youngest son Ron and his girlfriend Hermione, next to them is the twins Fred and George and finally is Remus Lupin a family friend. Everybody this is Captain Connor Murphy, he and his team are the ones who rescued Ginny.” Connor gave a slight nod to the occupants of the room as he turned to Arthur.

“Excuse me for a second I need to check in with my team,” Arthur nodded to him and went to sit at the table. “Kilo 1-4 this is Kilo 1-1 what is your status over?”

“This is Kilo 1-4 the package is safe and secure no lasting damage. Kilo 1-3 and I are heading back to your location over.” The voice of Henry Peters crackled over the radio.

“Rodger proceed to my location, Kilo 1-2 what is your status?”

“Kilo 1-1 this is Kilo 1-2 all is quiet out here the perimeter is secure.”

“Copy that 1-2 proceed to the house to regroup and await further orders.”

“Rodger that proceeding to house now.” As the static of the radio died down Murphy heard the sound of his men exiting a room up the crooked staircase and begin their descent to the kitchen. Henry and Frank entered the kitchen with Mrs. Weasley following closely behind them, when she stepped of the stairs she made her way to Arthur.

“Oh Arthur our baby is home, I can’t believe it.” The Weasley matriarch spoke as she came to Arthur allowing him to wrap her up in his arms.

“I know Molly I can’t believe it either, how is she?”

“Madam Pomfrey said that she would be fine in a couple of days with no permanent damage, she is asleep right now.” As Molly said this the entire room seemed to sag in relief at the news that Ginny was going to be OK. Turning to the three men Molly asked, “Who are you? I can never thank you for what you have done for me and my family tonight.”

“Hello Mrs. Weasley my name is Captain Connor Murphy,” Connor spoke as he reached forward to shake her hand; he then looked to his men motioning for them to introduce themselves. Both men lowered the cloth around their faces leaving their faces open for the occupants of the kitchen to see.

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Weasley I’m lieutenant Frank Brown” Frank Spoke as he also shook the woman’s hand then turning to Arthur shaking his as well, giving a not to the other people in the room he stepped back in line with his team.

“And I’m lieutenant Henry Peters, it’s nice to meet all of you,” Henry spoke shaking the Weasley parents hands then he looked at the occupants of the table in turn. He was unnerved by the gaze he was receiving from the man at the end of the table, “Is everything alright Mr.…” he spoke directing a fierce gaze at the man.

“Lupin and yes everything is fine we are all grateful for what you did. It’s just your eyes remind me of someone that I once knew, it gave me a shock.” Remus spoke as he looked away from the man.

“Well now that that’s done please take a seat I’ll whip up something to eat you all must be starving.” Mrs. Weasley spoke breaking the awkward silence that had settled in the room. The three men looked at each other all deciding that the prospect of food was appealing.

“Thank you Mrs. Weasley that would be fantastic.” Connor spoke with Henry and Frank nodding their heads in agreement. As the men made their way to the table they began unstrapping the heavy vests that they were wearing accepting that they were in safe territory. They sat at the table with their gear beside them and their weapons leaning against the table. After checking that the safety on his weapon was engaged Henry looked up seeing the gaze of the others at the table on him and his team.

“Who are you all? I recognize some of your equipment from books about the British Army but you don’t look like regular soldiers.” The girl the bushy brown hair asked the three men at the table.

“Your right we’re not regular soldiers, me and my team are members of the 22nd SAS or the Special Air Service.” He looked around noticing the confused looks of some of the people around the table, “That means were the best of the best, we are trained for years to deal with situations like the one tonight.”

“But your only muggles, how can you beat magic with those weapons?” This time it was the youngest redhead that spoke up.

“What makes you so sure that we’re muggles?” Henry asked taking over for Connor.

“Well you obviously didn’t go to Hogwarts as you look like you would have been close to us and school, and I haven’t seen any of you do any magic since you’ve been here.” Ron replied

“Your right I didn’t go to Hogwarts but that’s not the only magical school in the world, as for magic…” as he said this he raised his hand over the table lifting the glass that was sitting in front of him to hover over the table. Henry smirked at the shocked faces of everybody in the room.

“Peters that’s enough.” Connor barked at Henry, the glass lowered back to the table as Henry looked sheepishly at his leader.

“Sorry boss too hard to pass up. Besides Mr. Weasley, it’s just as easy to die from a bullet as from a killing curse.” The other occupants of the kitchen were still sitting with shocked looks on their faces; Hermione was the first to snap out of it her expression shifting to intense curiosity. As the others returned to reality, Mrs. Weasley rushing back to the stove to check on the cooking food, Hermione opened her mouth to try and satisfy her curiosity.

“If you didn’t go to Hogwarts where did you go? How did you do that? I thought wandless magic was supposed to be impossible.” Hermione rattled of these questions in record time pausing to catch her breath.

“I’m sorry Ms…”


“… Granger but I’m afraid that the answers to those questions are classified as of now.” Henry spoke relieved that he wouldn’t have to reveal all of his secrets.

“Oh...” Hermione spoke her eyes downcast in disappointment.

“OK everybody foods ready dig in, I’m going to go check on Ginny again.” Mrs. Weasley said as she levitated the multitude of dishes onto the table then exiting up the stairs again. As the people around the table began to dig in to the food the door opened and Jake Williams walked in from outside.

“Williams take a seat and get something to eat, everybody this is Lieutenant Jake Williams,” Connor spoke turning back to his meal as Jake took of his gear and sat next to Henry. The next few minutes was filled with the sound of utensils on plate as they ate in silence, a silence which was broken by the sound of someone coming through the fireplace. The four team members immediately reached for the weapons standing from the table raising them towards the doorway to the kitchen. After a hew tense seconds an elderly man with the longest white beard they had ever seen walked in wearing light blue robes with stars scattered across them. The men lowered their weapons slightly noticing the familiar expression on the others faces; the old man scanned the faces of the men with the strange muggle weapons his gaze coming to rest on Henry.

“Ah there you are I must say that even I thought your death possible you can’t hide your magical signature… Harry.”
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