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The Life Together
By ginny26

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Intimate Sexual Situations, Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: R
Reviews: 21
Summary: Inspired from the movie "Atonement". Harry finds Ginny, loves her, marries her and lives without shame. He wants to swagger on the promise of life, and he will finally succeed it!
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Author's Notes:
Special thanks to my beta reader MinistryMalcontent for all the help. Also thanks to all of you who read and review and thanks to my friends and fellows from Greece who read my stories and keep motivating me to write more... I'll say some names just to see the smile on their faces; Joanna, Chris, Roula, Ligerh, Giannis, Manolis, Angel, Dimitra, Anastasia, christina, Kwnstantina, Aggelica, Helen. I love you all and I know that I would stop writing anything if it wasn't for you. :) So here is the -making love- scene between Harry and Ginny that you all have been waiting for. Enjoy!


The time passed as fast as Harry could possibly imagine. The funerals of all those who died during the battle of Hogwarts were over. Very emotional moments passed, but Harry promised to himself that he would smile at every chance he got.

And that was quite easy tonight. Grimmauld place was filled with laughter and loud baby noises as Harry was trying to catch Teddy Lupin.

“Come back here, young man!”

The baby giggled at his godfather and crawled towards the fireplace. Harry ran towards him before he could get himself hurt and finally caught him.

“Gotcha!” Harry said and held the tiny boy tight against his chest so he could not move again.

“Enough with the games, Teddy. We do not want the house to be a mess when Ginny comes, do we?” he asked the baby who replied by staring at him with wide eyes. He closed them for a moment and his hair turned to black and messy like Harry’s.

Harry smiled at the toddler and smoothed out the hair identical with his. Teddy looked down, pointed at something and made a noise.

Harry looked at the floor too and ducked to catch his favorite toy. It was a snow white fuzzy owl that he had gotten to him as a present. The toy reminded him of Hedwig.

“There you go.” He gave it to him and Teddy smiled. Harry loved when he did that. It was really weird that a soft smile on a baby’s lips would bring a huge smile on Harry's. He loved every single moment he passed with his godson. They had one important thing in common; they had both lost their parents when they were young, and the last thing Harry needed was to give his godson the childhood he had. So, as a godfather, he wanted to give Teddy all the love he needed, despite the fact that his parents were not home. And they would never come back…

“You like this owl, huh? I like it too! She is female, you know. Her name is Hedwig. I used to own her. She was one of my best friends, though some times she got mad at me.”

The baby stared as if he understood

“Well she had a point!” Harry protested and the baby laughed.

“Anyway…” Harry continued “..she was a very brave owl. Your parents knew her. She kept me company every time I felt lonely and one summer I thought that she was the only friend I had. She enjoyed pinching my arm lightly very much. When she was angry though, I can say that pinching was not so light. A year ago, I was fighting bad people, along with your parents, and one time a very bad guy with a mask shot a spell on me as if to kill me. But Hedwig was so brave that she decided it was best for all of us if I stayed alive and she was gone. So she took the curse for me, and died right in front of my eyes.”

The baby kept staring.

“Like you understand anything I say anyway.”

“I do.” A very familiar female voice was heard from behind Harry and he turned to look at Ginny.

“When did you get here?”

“Few minutes ago. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

“No, it’s okay.” He smiled at her and she smiled back.

“He is growing up fast,” she noticed, taking Teddy in her arms.

The baby giggled out loud trying to pull Ginny’s hair.

“Yeah, he is. I can say the time will pass and he will be at Hogwarts soon.”

Teddy put his head on Ginny’s shoulder and closed his eyes. His hair turned red and she laughed.

“He seems to like you.”

“Yeah, I like him too.”

Now the baby closed his eyes completely and drifted into sleep. His chest was rising from his breathing and his arm was holding Ginny’s dress firmly. The adults smiled at each other when the fire on the fireplace turned to green and Andromeda appeared.


“Shhhh” Harry said and motioned towards the sleeping baby. Ginny carefully gave him to Tonk’s mother who mouthed a “thank you” and disappeared after she gathered his left toys and other baby stuff.

Harry sat on the couch relaxed, and closed his eyes. He did not even realize that Ginny was standing next to him.


“So much! You can not imagine how hard it is to take care of a baby.”

“Well, I can make you feel relaxed, can’t I?” she asked, hugging him and driving a hand to his chest in circles.

“Yes, you can.” He hugged her back, giving her a sweet innocent kiss on the mouth. Ginny however was not very innocent at all and kissed him again, making his lower lip wet with her tongue. He opened his mouth continuing the tongue fighting game and she mewed from the sensations he was causing . As tired as Harry said he was, he could not resist a man’s nature when he realized that Ginny was straddling him with open legs without breaking the kiss.

“Gin … please… stop…soon,” he said between kisses.


“Cause I will not be able to control myself if you continue like this,” he said as she started kissing the side of his neck, creating love bites.

“Then don’t,” Ginny whispered and Harry was in heaven. He could not believe what was happening. When they got to the bedroom, he could not imagine how they arrived. How feelings, love and passion got over all the logical thoughts in his mind. Love…love…love.

“I love you Ginny.” The words sounded so real again, as if this was the first time she heard that coming out of his mouth.

“I love you too.” She caressed his cheek. “But please do not stop that great thing you were doing please,” she said and Harry smiled. After that, he needed nothing else. He continued his job as a lover.

Heartbeat, love, passion, love, sweaty and tired bodies moving as one, LOVE. Nothing did matter. Everything was perfect. Now it was perfect. He was perfect.
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