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The Life Together
By ginny26

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Intimate Sexual Situations, Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: R
Reviews: 21
Summary: Inspired from the movie "Atonement". Harry finds Ginny, loves her, marries her and lives without shame. He wants to swagger on the promise of life, and he will finally succeed it!
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This had to be a dream. No way Harry Potter would be this happy. He was a grown man right now. He was much taller, his hair messier, and his smile wider. He really felt like he had a family, and as time passed, he would add more members to it. Now there are three: Ginny, Teddy and Harry. They were family. Maybe not as big or blood-related, but they were family. It was all Harry needed.

Teddy Lupin was growing fast. Even if Harry enjoyed watching him as a baby, he could not wait to see him riding a broom or going to Hogwarts. He was really curious and worried about which House he would be sorted into. Not that it matters! Teddy is happy, despite the fact that his parents are not here, he has Harry, Ginny, and maybe their kids, after a while.

His relationship with Ginny was getting very serious, and he loved that…he loved her. Passion was rising, every day he felt more for her. He wanted to be with Ginny for the rest of his life. And he was sure he would succeed. Harry proposed to Ginny Weasley on the 1st of July, 2003. Of course she could not refuse. How could she say no to the man of her dreams?

Now, it was the second of August and he already missed Ginny. She had left their house yesterday, so “the groom will not see the bride with her dress before the wedding”. Harry did not believe that this was bad luck, nor did he want to leave Ginny, not even for one day. But Ginny wanted to be traditional, so she stayed with her parents.


Harry opened his eyes slowly, adjusting them to the bright sun that got into the room. He stretched and yawned, when a small kid with blue hair ran inside the room with too much energy for 7am. He climbed on Harry’s bed and he started to jump up and down happily.

“Uncle Harry! Wake up! Today it’s the day!” he yelled happily.

“Slow down you little snitch! All right! I am awake!”

“Do I have to wear the cloak that Ginny got me?”

“Yeah, sorry, buddy, but you must dress nicely.” He picked him up as he went to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Marriage is a very important day for a couple and there are so many people who will gather today. And they will all wear cloaks.”

“But I look like a lady”

Harry laughede at his statement. Obviously he hadn’t seen Ron’s dress robes from the Fourth Year.

“All right, I will show you a photo, but you will promise me that you will not tell anyone about it.”

“Okay.” His eyes grew wider out of curiosity.

Harry went upstairs and searched in his night table. He found a black box where he kept the photos. It was full with photos of him and Ginny. Some alone, some with Teddy. And then he found the picture he needed.

When he showed it to Teddy, the first question was “Who is she?” and he answered; “Uncle Ron, of course”

“No way!” He took the photo in his hands and then he laughed hysterically.

“See? You will be prettier than him, I am sure of it!”

They both sat down and started eating some eggs and sausages that Harry made.

“Uncle Harry, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Teddy. Whatever…”

“Now that you will marry Ginny, will you forget me?”

Harry ‘s fork fell down and he realized that Teddy was ready to burst into tears.

“Why would you say that?”

“My grandmother said that you will both leave for a month. Will you remember me when you get back?”

“Teddy…” he went to his seat and sat on the floor so they were on the same height. “The month that we are leaving is called a honeymoon. And it is a great amount of time so the couple do things alone. When we get back, everything is going to be exactly the same. Except the fact that Ginny will stay with me. You love Ginny. Don’t you want to spent more time with her?”

“So I will still live here on the weekends?”

“Of course you will! Never think again that I will forget you. You are like a son to me!”

The kid smiled at him and Harry smiled back. Even for a month, he would miss him.


The Burrow was filled with wild flowers, trees and magical angels flying around the place. There were not too many people. Both Harry and Ginny did not want more that the family and a couple of friends. At some point, everyone sat down, and Ginny appeared with her father by her side.

Her wedding dress was long, and strapless. Just a simple dress and in his eyes she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He smiled at her and she smiled back, with her red hair falling over her shoulders. When her father left her, he did not say anything.

Harry was not expecting anyone to cry, but apparently he was wrong. Mrs. And Mr. Weasley were crying, but Hagrid too?

Anyway, nothing matterede at the time. How the ceremony passed, he didn’t know. He was waiting for the words to come; “You may kiss your bride”

He turned his head to Ginny and simply placed his lips on hers lovingly. He did not even hear the claps from the people around. He had Ginny. Just for him, forever. Now his life has a point! And the point was her, only her, and their future together.

“Now you are mine. And this is for life,” he whispered.

“I was always yours. From the first time.” She kissed him again deeply this time.

“Wait till we get to France,” he said.

Paris. It was going to be perfect, they were sure of it. They wanted to go there at some point. But the important thing was that they were together, alone.

Everyone went to congratulate the pair. And soon enough, they were sitting on the table eating. Hagrid mentioned that they looked like James and Lily at their wedding. Harry smiled at him and hugged him lightly. He wished his parents were there.

“They are here.” Ginny whispered to him when they stopped eating. “They are always here, you know that.”

“Yeah, I do…” he waited a few moments. “Do you want to get out of here?”

“Yes, please”

He laughed and after some last goodbyes they left for France. Neither of them thought then that they could feel any happier. But who can know for sure what is going to happen in someone’s life?
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