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The Bond and the Philosopher's Stone
By HarryBond007

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Category: The Bond Challenge (2012-4), The Bond Challenge (2012-4)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Reviews: 35
Summary: Harry and Ginny need to face to challenges that come together with a bond while facing with the philosopher's stone
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Last days were surely the worst she ever had, the most embarrassing ever and for sure the best ones of her life. How is that even possible? She met Harry Potter, for real. Even since she woke the day after the black out she have been experiencing all set of emotions than for the most part she was having a hard time controlling. One may believe that you wouldn't need dreams anymore when you could get the real bloke around. But the problem was that she just couldn't help falling in an embarrassing situation after another whenever Harry Potter was around.

The first day she woke up thinking that all had been a dream, that the real Harry Potter couldn't possibly be walking calmly by Diagon Alley at the same time that she was there. Then her mother came into her room to wake her up, she was worried about her health and wanted to know if she remembered something from the previous day. The incredible part was that her dream was real and that "the Harry Potter" had just woke up at her own house. Obviously her eyes opened suddenly when she realized that she had indeed met the Boy-Who-Lived, that they had blacked out together and that now he was going to be the Boy-Who-Lived-In-Her-Brother's-Room for the rest of the summer. So she just proceed with her day in automatic while daydreaming about the possibilities of having Harry Potter at just a few floors above from her. Excitement took over her, she wanted to see him already and be sure that it was not just a wonderful dream. Although when she saw him she came back to reality, a reality where her hero was eating breakfast at her house joking gracefully with her brothers and she was just standing there on her silly and worn out pajamas with the hair completely messy.

"Are you ok?" Harry Potter's voice appeared to be the only sound around. "Say something" she said to herself while staring at his forehead but she couldn't and got lost looking into his emerald eyes. Her mum approached and checked her quickly, it all pointed out that she had fell from the stairs. "At least nod!" she almost screamed inside her head.

Then Ginny realized that she was on pj's and ran to her room. "I'm fine" her voice finally came out on the silence of her room, but it was too late. "That didn't go well" she thought sadly. When she came down she was so ashamed that she didn't even raise her face to look at where Harry Potter was sitting, she looked down trying to hide behind her red hair for most of the breakfast. As she was finishing, the twins made some comments about an autograph for Ginny and she felt herself blush. When she couldn't stand one more second without looking at the boy's reaction she lifted her face but she regretted it instantly. "Now he must be thinking that I'm just a stupid, shy, little girl" she thought.

Right after she finished eating she headed to her room again. At least she had heard him talk to her brothers, from their conversation it appeared that he was getting along pretty well with Ron and the twins. She recalled hearing him laugh and she smiled at that, she liked the sound of his laugh. He was very excited about the wizardry world and it seemed that he didn't knew anything about magic before yesterday, she hoped that she could find later something more about his past. The stories that her dad told her didn't got any details about his life after he went to live with his relatives. She felt sad, she didn't imagine a life without her own parents. It was then when she heard him heading to Ron's room. She seated there thinking that maybe if she find out more about him she could know how to talk to him and about what. The idea cheered her up.

When the sound of steps were heard coming from above she went to the door to see him pass through the hallway. She opened the door slightly and when she noticed that Ron was coming too she closed it quickly.

"That's Ginny's, just ignore her. She just talks all day about you and now that she met you she can't even say a word to you." Ginny went red inside her room she wasn't sure if from the shame, the anger or both. "Why did Ron had to say that?" she thought and sank the face in her hands.

"I think she seems like a nice girl. Now let's go outside, I'm eager to see more wizardry stuff. Hope I don't fall" Ginny's smile grew very big. Even when she knew that he was just being polite she couldn't keep from having a hopeful sigh. He was very different to Ron.

She leaned on the corner of her window while she was watching the Quidditch game. He was a pretty good player, Ginny believed that he was very impressive and it was only his first time in the air. Why couldn't he have something where he was awful at? That at least could give some hope to Ginny. Currently she just felt like he was this unreachable hero that could only notice equally impressive girls. Sure enough she was not that type of girl.

That night she had the nightmare for the first time. She was alone and cold in some dark place, then out of nowhere this bright green light appeared and filled all the space. There was something about it that made Ginny feel empty. A couple of nights after that day the frightening laugh appeared in the dream. Nights became unbearable. Ginny was afraid that one of those nights the shadows would consume her completely. She started crying and missing hours of sleep. Tiredness was increasing in her life and each day she was staying awake a bigger part of the night. She totally hated the situation, not only she had lost her wonderful dreams and her fantasies but she was also losing her life, it was like being drained very fast.

"Just try to sleep, think in something peaceful. I can't give you the potion for dreamless sleep that often" her mum was definitively over the edge. Every day she talked to her and every day she worried more.

One of the days following the "Day", Professor Dumbledore came to visit. That was an awkward visit and when he talked to her she couldn't avoid to mentally roll her eyes every time she heard "Oh, I see". He was very interested in her nightmares, not sure why, they were very brief and didn't show much of a revelation. On the positive side she discovered something new about the Boy-Who-Lived when he referred to the "Day" as "Harry's birthday", maybe if she worked on her crush and managed to talk to him by next year she could give him a gift. A smile couldn't be avoided at that thought.

Every day she managed to find another way to embarrass herself in his presence like the morning he asked her for butter and she decided that it was best to put her elbow there first. Everything was completely different, she wasn't this shy before he arrived, at least not at the Burrow. The conversations with her brothers only took place when Harry Potter was not around and she barely participated on the twins pranks anymore. This was not her, before when her brothers made her feel too embarrassed she just hexed the heck out of them now all she could do was go on crimson mode. But even when all those bad and uncomfortable things were happening she couldn't avoid to be happy when she saw him walking by the house or through the hallway from a crack on her "almost closed" door. Yes he was skinny but he had these beautiful eyes that was a shame she didn't have the courage to see more often. From what her family said and what she noticed he was a wonderful boy, friendly, funny and caring. From what she had caught on some conversations, his life at his relatives' house was far from being a good one and that worried her. She developed a feeling that wanted to make her go closer to him, to protect him, the same she felt on "that" day but she didn't try to approach to him and that was a shame. Gryffindor was being less likely to be her future house with every day that passed she was losing the courage to talk to him. Maybe in the future she thought, if he kept befriending Ron he may stick around.

Ginny was also worried that Harry didn't seem to be resting much more either. Surely her mother had already talked to him. Could it be related to what happened at the Diagon Alley? Was he having nightmares also? She didn't know. Could it be that some sort of connection existed between them? that was a good thought but if it did it didn't seem as a good connection. A tiredness connection didn't seem very romantic either.

The days passed and the night before her birthday arrived. Ginny was looking forward to hear their famous guest say "Happy birthday Ginny", she didn't know how her name would sound in his voice but when she got to bed all that she wanted was to have a nice sleep. She missed that so much, that day she couldn't have the potion since she took it the previous day. She wished with all her heart to have a nice and peaceful night and just sleep calmly. She wanted so badly to return to her safe world of fantasy dreams, she wanted to be in that place where she could be close to Harry Potter and be able to talk to him. Oddly enough that night she had her first nice dream since she met him. It was simple, Harry walking through the Diagon Alley with her by his side, holding hands, but after so many days of bad dreams this one felt like gold.

A comfortable sleep took over her, and she woke up with a smile on her face hugging her pillow very tightly. It was much more earlier than she was used to, she knew it, but it just felt so good that she didn't complain while opening her eyes. For a moment she was shocked, all that she could register was orange, the orange from Ron's room. What was she doing in Ron's room? She didn't remember arriving there the night before. Then realization came to her, she wasn't hugging a pillow, she was hugging someone. With her eyes more wide than ever she slowly turned to face who it was even when she already knew. Harry Potter. A soundless gasp escaped her mouth when she saw him there smiling at her, this was surely a dream. Then she saw Ron sleeping in the bed next to them snoring, that was definitely not the kind of dream that she would have. She had never been more red in her life, she stood up and stormed out of the room with a quick squeal.

With her back on the closed door of her room she began to slide until she seated on the floor with a completely shocked face covered by her hands. How did she ended up there? She didn't walk to Ron's room last night all that she could think of was accidental magic. But who cared how she got there the important question was what was going to happen now? No one saw her exit the room she thought, well no one beside Harry freaking Potter! What would he think of her now? Would he think that she just walked to his room in the middle of the night and slided by his side? This was just too much to take.

She let herself calm down without thinking about it anymore. Her breathing slowed down eventually and she tried to recall all the details of it. It just felt so good now that she thought about it. "Merlin! she slept in Harry Potter's bed!" she almost screamed in her head. How long did she stayed there? Was he angry? No, she didn't think so, he was smiling right? How long had he been awake staring at her? She went red again. He must've been as shocked as she was. After taking a couple of hours to settle herself she concentrated on what was supposed to happen next.

When she walked down to breakfast with her eyes locked on the floor as usual she wasn't sure if she would be able to talk about it with him. Would he try to talk about it with her? Would he try to say something to her mum? She just couldn't take any more questions on her head.

"Happy birthday sweetheart!" her mum greet her with a smile.

"Oh right, her birthday. That was the second most important news of the day" she thought. "Thanks, mum. I'm ten now" She said with a huge grin.

After a quick hug and congratulations from Percy and the twins she run to where her father was sitting to receive a birthday hug from him. Everyone was surprised to see her with that much energy this morning, they all had been noticing her lack of enthusiasm lately. Her mum seemed to notice this also.

"Feeling better today?" Her mum said with huge smile on her face.

"Much better. Must be because it's my birthday!" she replied happily. Her dad also smiled at her.

"Good morning Mr Weasley, Good morning Mrs Weasley." he was just arriving from the stairway looking very happy. Surely he had been awake for hours but he must've been waiting for Ron before coming downstairs. Ginny was surprised to meet his eyes which was very pathetic, he had been at the Burrow for some time now.

"Good Morning Harry" both replied. "I see that you're looking much better today" Ginny's mum asked him.

"Tons better, thanks" he replied. A questioningly look appeared on her as she returned to the kitchen. Ginny felt happier to see that Harry was doing much better also, this might be a better birthday than she thought, it had already started pretty good.

The boys said their good mornings to every one on the table except for Ginny and then unexpectedly the green eyes turned to her. Ginny froze thinking that he was going to say something about last night and she blushed. He just smiled and said "Happy birthday Ginny".

Ginny's heart slowed down when she realized what he said. Someone should have told him, it wasn't a secret after all but hearing it was wonderful. She blushed just a little this time, smiled and nodded at him without lowering her face. It wasn't much but it was something and it was better than running away. She didn't even heard Ron wishing her a happy birthday also.

Breakfast went as usual except that Ginny tried to look more normal, she didn't lower her sight and managed to look directly at the boy a couple of times without staring. At the middle of it a question came out that caught of Ginny's attention.

"Eh..Mr Weasley, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Harry, as many as you like" he said lowering the edition of the Daily Prophet he was reading.

"Em..Can people disappear from one place and appear on another right after?" Ginny froze.

"Well yeah, of course is called apparition. Where did you saw it?". Ginny was getting more nervous by each second that passed.

She noticed that he also seemed very nervous before he answered Ginny prepared herself for the worst. "Well on school, I mean muggle school. Once I was being chased and suddenly I was on the top of a building" He said. "Why would he be chased?" Ginny thought and saw that her mother frowned.

Ginny let out a sigh that didn't go unnoticed by the boy and her mum. "That would be accidental magic. It's perfectly fine and may I say pretty impressive for such a young boy" her dad replied with admiration.

"Wicked!" The twins said at the same time.

The conversation moved to the apparition license and underage restriction of which the twins complained a lot. After breakfast she sat by her window and she saw the impressive Harry Potter playing Quidditch. He flew all day and if possible better than ever. At some point Ginny's mother came to ask her about her sudden health improvement but she left with a suspicious look when Ginny said that she didn't do anything different. She was obviously not saying where she spent the night because she didn't want to become deaf that young. Also it was her birthday and she didn't want to mess it up.

After lunch she went down to talk to her mum and prepare some stuff for dinner while the boys went upstairs to play some games. When she came back downstairs after showering and dressing for the night she saw a pile of presents wrapped in many different colors. Everybody was already there and she smiled widely while descending the remaining steps.

Dinner was fantastic and delicious as always, it was a shame that she hadn't inherited her mother's talent at the kitchen. When she saw Ron laughing at the table she realized that her brother was without doubt the best friend of the Boy-Who-Lived. Who would have thought that was possible two weeks ago?

There was an odd moment in the night when her mum offered more food to the boys. After the green eyed boy kindly refused Ron whispered something to him and they both ended up laughing, then the boy apologized as he always did. Probably "sorry" was one of his favorite words.

"That was an incredible meal, as always dear" said her father turning to her mother. Her mother's face turned slightly red.

"Now let's celebrate the ten years that we have had our wonderful daughter with us" it was Ginny's time to blush when her father said that while raising his pumpkin juice glass. "To Ginny".

"To Ginny" they all yelled. Ginny felt very happy and moisture covered her eyes.

"Now, the presents!" her father finished and he levitated the boxes until they were in front of Ginny. A big grin covered Ginny's face as she start opening gifts.

All of them were great, well except for Percy's which was a boring book about how to have an organized life in the wizarding world. She received some nice clothes from her parents and chocolates from Ron, Ginny loved all kinds of chocolates. The twins gave her a hand mirror that advised about weather and clothes to wear each day, they said that they found it on Diagon Alley. She even found presents from Bill and Charlie who were not at home anymore. Bill gave her an egyptian good luck amulet while Charlie sent some posters of the Holyhead Harpies which was Ginny's favorite quidditch team.

Ginny was very happy, it was an awesome birthday with wonderful gifts. She was preparing to take everything to her room when suddenly something over the table made her lose a single heart beat. It was a very simple maroon box with a golden ribbon on it, she sat again so she could read clearly the label. "From Harry, for Ginny" it said.

Her face traveled rapidly to were Harry was standing with a nervous smile. She was shocked and her mouth was wide opened, she couldn't understand what was happening.

"Harry dear, that wasn't necessary". Ginny heard her mum said.

"I told him so" Ron added.

"It was not a problem. I was glad to do it. And it's just a little thing" he replied. When he took the maroon box and placed it in front of Ginny she almost jumped backwards. "Happy birthday" he said and returned to where he was.

Earlier when he congratulated her for her birthday the thought of him giving her a present never crossed her mind. She was utterly shocked. Her mind raced trying to remember something that could have provoked that gesture. They never talked to each other and she barely looked at him, and here he was taking the time to give her a present when she had spoken to him only once. When she raised her sight to look at him again she had moisture in her eyes and she managed to give him a smile. Then her attention returned to the little maroon box which she now noticed was made of wood with thin golden borders. When she removed the ribbon from the top she saw that in the center of the box there was a single word written in a fancy stylish font. "Ginny".

She gasped. And while her heart was beating very fast she kept wondering about the wonderful thing that was inside. She opened it very slowly with her trembling hands. Inside was a simple but elegant inkwell filled with red ink next to it there was a white and red quill. She raised her face again trying to understand. She didn't have friends, who was she going to write to? she didn't complain, the present was elegant and beautiful but she would not need it in a long time.

Ginny's mum spoke first with a concerned tone "Harry that seems pretty expensive and I don't think that Ginny needs it". Ginny didn't want to return the present even if she wouldn't use it, it just meant too much to her now. So she frowned unconsciously to her mother.

Then he spoke without a concern in his voice "I loved the quill and the inkwell when I saw them on the Diagon Alley." he started then his green eyes fixed on Ginny and she jumped on a little. "By the way, they are supposed to change color, haven't tried them yet. I believe that the feather in the quill also changes with the color of the ink.".

He smiled and continued before he was interrupted again. "They seemed very interesting so I bought the box that had two of each. My own quill and inkwell are already stored in my trunk, so I didn't need the little box" he stated.

"And we gave him the means to put the gold ink over the box" George said proudly with a grin.

"The difficult part was to write your name" continued the boy facing Ginny who was still frozen. "Had to practice a lot before doing it on the box"

"By the way, Harry you owe us like twenty pieces of practice parchment" Fred said and all three began to laugh.

"Either way she is not going to need it" Ron snorted. Ginny agreed but this was definitively the best present of the night and her favorite part was that Harry Potter personally wrote her name on the top of the box with his own hand.

"Well whenever she feels alone this following year she will need that" He pointed at the box "to write to us some letters, won't she?"

That was it for Ginny, Harry Potter had just implied that she should be writing to him. "No, not Harry Potter, just Harry" she thought. Her chair slammed on the floor then she rushed to him, hugged him and spoke for the second time in front of him. "Thank .. you" she said and took her stuff upstairs leaving Harry there standing. Then everybody laughed at Harry stunned expression.

The following days changed a little for Ginny. One difference was her relation with Harry, it was now common to see her seated in the same room as him. Her chocolate eyes reacted to Harry's conversation and turned to him from time to time whenever he said something interesting. She didn't blush as much as she did before and smiled at him a lot. Every morning they greeted each other and Ginny was able to say a few words to him.

Every night on her room she analyzed her little maroon box that Harry had given to her like trying to find something new about it. She was looking forward to write to him, maybe by mail they could have a real conversation. A smile shined on her face with that thought.

It was a pity that not everything was better though. Her mother was throwing them more questioning looks than before and Ron kept taking Harry apart to play something whenever they spent too much time around Ginny. The nightmare had also returned and the tiredness was appearing again in both of them.

From pieces of conversations Ginny had been discovering Harry's previous life. She knew that they had been bad to him and that he hated it there. She noticed his worn out clothes that didn't seem to fit him. And by his constant need for apologizing for the most silly things it was obvious that he was used to do it. She just couldn't believe how someone could be so mean to a such wonderful boy.

One day he got injured while playing quidditch and they took him inside, Ginny's mom wanted to check if he had wounds so she removed his shirt. Ginny's eyes opened as saucers when she saw the bruises on his back and she started crying in realization. Her mum was furious and after attending Harry she hug him and made a floo call to someone, Ginny heard the yelling all the way to her room. She couldn't believe why someone would do something like that to him.

The tiredness and the bad dreams progressed more rapidly than before and Ginny discovered that it only calmed down on the days she appeared on Harry's bed. It happened two more time before the ride to Hogwarts and always on the days were she was feeling the worst. It was a strange scenario but Ginny kept storming out of the room and couldn't avoid to feel happier when it happened. No one else noticed and Harry tried to talked to her about it but she only said that she didn't know how she ended up there on those nights, it was still very embarrassing.

One day she was walking down the stairway when she heard her mum talking to Harry and she couldn't avoid to hear the conversation from where she was.

"Mrs Weasley, can I ask you a question?" he said from the kitchen.

"Of course Harry, what's the matter?" she replied

"Did you ever met my parents? Do you know something about them?" Harry asked

"Well, I met them a couple of times they were friends with my brothers.." she stopped there briefly, Ginny knew that her uncles died on the war, then her mother continued "They were good people, I think they were first or second years once we finished Hogwarts. I don't think I know more ofmet them than you should already know" she said

Harry answered very seriously "I only know their first names and how they died" he lowered his eyes sadly.

Ginny was surprised, and something broke inside of her. "That's all? what have your uncle and aunt told you about them?"

"Nothing, they say that I shouldn't ask questions. They didn't even tell me that I was a wizard and until I met Hagrid they made me believe that they died on a car accident also"

Ginny was going red but this time with anger. Harry's life wasn't fair, he had suffered a lot. She muttered something about awful muggles when she heard her mother with a different tone on her voice. "Well in that case, I do know a bit more. Maybe you already knew this but you are almost a physical copy of your father, except for your eyes. You have Lily's eyes. Your mother was very beautiful also and had dark red hair."

She continued "Your father was a prankster and very popular in school, he was a quidditch hero also I believe. His parents, your grandparents, died before him but as far as I know he had some friends that never abandoned him" For some reason her voice trembled here. "Your mother was quite the opposite, she was very fond to study and very kind also. She was pretty good at potions and charms as far as I know. They were always fighting, they didn't got together until their last year when Lily finally decided to give him a chance, your father was very persistent and loyal" she smiled. "I don't think I have much more information for you right now."

Harry sounded happy when he answered. "Thanks a lot, that's great to know". When Ginny decided to finally appear downstairs he was hugging her and her mother hug him back with moisture in her eyes before he ran back to Ron's room he was surprised to see Ginny on the stairs. Ginny then knew of all the love that fate was owing to her hero and promised to herself that she would do something about it.
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