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Can't Look Away
By Amaralicia

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Category: Post-OotP, Post-HBP
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Fluff, General, Romance
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG
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Summary: "You're beautiful," he tells her, and an embarrassed blush covers his cheeks slightly. I sound like a sappy git, he berates himself. But, he's telling the truth.

* A collection of drabbles all centered around H/G *
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
These are really different one-shots (which are more like drabbles, though, really). These in Chapter One all take place during HBP, after Harry and Ginny get together. They all kind of go together... Anyway, enjoy the fluff and happy reading! - Alicia ❤


* * *

They sit close to one another, looking out over the lake. He turns and looks at her, the soft wind blowing through her vibrant hair and the contented smile that plays on her full lips.

"You're beautiful," he tells her, and an embarrassed blush covers his cheeks slightly. I sound like a sappy git, he berates himself. But, he is telling the truth.

She takes his hand in hers and looks up at him shyly. "Really?" she asks him, and her warm brown eyes lock with his green ones. "You think so?"

He can't look away.

"Yeah," he says simply, as he brushes a lock of red hair behind her ear. "I definitely think so."

It is an understatement, of course. He has never seen such a beautiful person, both on the inside and out, in all his of his days.

A brilliant smile lights up her entire face, making two dimples appear on her freckled cheeks. He decides that there are definite perks to being a sappy git, and maybe he doesn't mind so much.

Yes, he muses to himself as her smile widens and she presses her pink lips to his. I definitely don't mind.

* * *

She looks out into the distance, enjoying the sun on her face and the soft wind in her hair. She feels peaceful. But then, Harry tends to have that sort of effect on her.

She feels his gaze turn to her, but is still surprised when he speaks.

"You're beautiful," he tells her and then a blush starts on his pale face.

She thinks this is funny; she is usually the one blushing, though she can scarcely remember the last time she did so in his presence. She had made good on her promise to Hermione. She really tried to move on, and she has gotten over her silly school girl crush.

Just as well, though, because she hadn't even had a crush on the right person. She had fancied Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. Now she fancies Harry, the young man who captured her heart, but maybe it's something more.

She gently takes his hand and intertwines it with her own. "Really?" she asks shyly. "You think so?" She looks up into his sparkling, but serious green eyes.

She can't look away and her stomach flutters madly.

"Yeah," he whispers softly and his eyes darken slightly. "I definitely think so."

She grins as wide as she possibly can, her happiness overflowing from within her. She leans forward to kiss him fully on the mouth and her hands knot in his messy black hair.

Yes, she muses to herself as she gives herself into the kiss. This is definitely something more.

* * *

She watches them and can't help but notice how different they seem. Since they have officially started dating, they are different.

She finds she can't look away, the change is that astounding.

It's in the way they look at each other and the way they react to the world around them, she thinks to herself as she narrows her eyes in thought.

She sees Harry smile more often and isn't as broody. She notices Ginny is full of joy and seems to glow. It's amazing what love can do, she thinks.

She did notice before how much Harry likes Ginny. He used to sneak glances at her whenever he could, and now he doesn't need to use stealth. It's not a secret anymore. She sees the looks he gives her - they are looks of love.

Ginny used to tell her all about the hurt she experienced when it came to Harry. She told Ginny to let Harry go; she wasn't holding on to the right Harry. But now she is... And Ginny gives Harry looks of love, too.

She thinks they do not even notice the extent of their feelings, though to everyone around them it's obvious they are in love. They are, for now, enjoying being together in quite an innocent way. But soon, she knows, they will realize.

Yes, she muses to herself as she watches them trade whispers and kisses. One day, they will realize.

* * *

He sits at the table and eats. People think he doesn't notice, but he always notices. He always does.

When they were young, his sister had been the sibling he was closest to. He had always stood up for her.

Bill had told him when he was a mere four years old something he never forgets. "Ron, she's special; she's the only girl. We're her older brothers and it's our job to protect her."

He feels like he has failed her. He was so caught up in himself and his friends that he ignored her; he didn't notice anything amiss when Ginny had been eleven.

So he tries harder now. He doesn't let the blokes too close. He basically has to beat them off with a stick, but Ginny is not aware of that. She's blissfully unaware that she has a literal 'Ginny Weasley Fan Club,' and unaware she will stay. He does not trust any of those blokes to be within a centimeter of her.

But he trusts Harry.

There's not one bloke good enough for his sister, except for maybe Harry. He always thought that maybe Harry would be good for her.

He glances at Harry, who pours a glass of pumpkin juice, which he hands to the witch in question. She, in turn, spoons a large helping of Shepherd's Pie onto his plate. They do this without speaking, or even making eye contact. To them its as if it's the most natural thing in the world and he notices that they never once break their conversations with those around them as they continue on.

It shouldn't be natural, he decides. He and Lavender never did that. Harry and Ginny do it every day.

Over the years he had noticed that they would be good together, but he never actually thought they would be together.

He watches as Ginny turns to whisper in Harry's ear, and he makes sure he pulls a disgusted face (for the benefit of spectators, of course) when Harry whispers something back that makes Ginny flush pink, but really he's not really all that disgusted.

He is right. They are good together.

He somehow finds that he can't look away. They giggle together, and even though a part of him really feels like puking, he watches.

Ginny is happy and smiling and happy - and so was Harry for that matter, a feat in and of itself! Harry hadn't been happy - really happy - in such a long time.

But then he frowns into his juice. It is almost a Weasley family motto: No bloke is good enough for Ginny.

Yes, that seems to be true, he muses to himself as he took another bite of mashed potatoes. Except maybe Harry.

* * *

A/N: I really hope you'll review, I'd love to know your thoughts! I've never posted anything before and I'm curious to what everyone thinks. I hope you enjoyed the fluff!
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