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Category: Alternate Universe, Post-DH/AB
Genres: Angst, Drama, Fluff, Romance, Tragedy
Warnings: Dark Fiction, Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mental Abuse, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use, Rape, Sexual Situations, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence, Violence/Physical Abuse
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Rating: R
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Summary: The battle is over, there is life to be lived, peace to be enjoyed and trouble following close at their heels.

Ginny hasn't seen Harry since the dust settled from the battles with Voldemort, but when an unexpected piece of news draws them together will they be driven apart or become bound?

Follows Canon to the best of my knowledge.

The warnings are just to be safe. I don't know that they're all needed, but I'm putting them up just to cover my bases. If you have any questions or concerns, please message me.
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Author's Notes:
First off thank you to James for all your support!

Second, thank you for everyone who nominated me for a Silver Trinket Award. If you haven't yet voted, go vote! (even if it isn't for me!) :)

Third, this is the wedding! I hope you enjoy.

Fourth, THANK YOU for reviewing! I love getting the feed back.


Saturday June 6th, 1998

Ginny tried not to fidget as she glanced around the snow white tent that had been erected for her to get changed. The portkey had brought her here only thirty minutes ago but it felt like every minute was an hour. She’d changed into her dress; let her mum and Fleur fuss over her hair while Hermione and Luna had done each other’s. They all looked really beautiful and Ginny just wanted to get on with it. The last few days had dragged slowly with her being bed ridden while having a lot more energy. Hermione had filled her in on the progress of the house getting cleaned and moving in the furniture. She’d gotten Kreacher a bed which they’d put in his new bedroom and Kreacher’s eyes had leaked happiness as he told Ginny and Harry about picking out the cupboard under the stairs. Harry had only shaken his head.

Ginny shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts and focus. “How much longer?” she asked, trying not to sound too impatient.

“Less than 5 minutes,” Molly assured her. “There, your hair is done.”

“I’ll tell Arthur,” Fleur beamed, walking out.

Her father came in a moment later and froze a look of stunned disbelief on his face as he stared at her. “Dad?” Ginny prodded tentatively.

“You’re… you’re just too beautiful,” he said croakily, coming over to kiss her cheek. “Harry won’t know what hit him.”

Ginny sincerely hoped he was right.


Harry stood nervously next to Ron, thankful to be in a muggle suit and not dress robes which would have dragged in the sand. They had ditched their shoes, rolled up the dress pants and ignored Auntie Muriel when she’d said they were all heathens. She’d sat down on a seat in the sand, which she’d demanded George bring over for her, and completely refused to remove her shoes; unlike everyone else.

“What was Ginevra thinking?” Muriel barked, her red rimmed eyes darting around.

Harry ignored her. Ginny had wanted her here, so that’s all that mattered. Everyone else stood in a half circle around them. Bill and Fleur, Andromeda with Teddy, Charlie holding a camera, George, Percy and Audrey, Kingsley, Neville, Minerva McGonagall, a nervous looking Kreacher who Harry had had to order to come and last, but never least, Hagrid stood in the back, fat tears rolling down his cheeks. He’d given Harry a hug and told him he was going to be a great father, while he cracked at least one rib with the massive hug before retreating behind his hanky to cry. As they’d first gathered, Harry had briefly thought about all those who should have been there; his parents, Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Dumbledore and Fred. He’d had to push it out of his mind, though. They’d want him to be happy, not sobbing because he was missing them.

“Come on,” Ron mumbled. “Dad went in there at least 5 minutes ago, aren’t they ready yet?”

As though he’d conjured them, Mrs. Weasley appeared in the tent flap and walked up to the front of all the guests, smiling and dabbing at her eyes. Luna came next looking pretty in her robin’s egg blue dress, her wispy blonde hair flying around her as she moved. She had a small bouquet of white lilies and she smiled happily and she walked to stand off to the left side.

Then Hermione came out in a matching dress to Luna’s and Harry heard Ron’s breath leave him as if he’d been kicked in the gut. Hermione grinned at the look on Ron’s face and took her place next to Luna.

Come on, Harry willed in his head. Then Arthur appeared, Ginny on his arm and all sound was sucked from the earth and he thought that maybe breathing wouldn’t be possible anymore.

She looked simply exquisite, more beautiful than she’d ever looked before to him. Her long red hair danced in curls down her back and her smile was only for him as she walked the short distance to where he waited. Harry got lost in her deep brown eyes, unable to believe that in a few minutes she was going to be his wife. How had he gotten so lucky?

He watched Arthur kiss Ginny’s cheek, clap him on the back and say, “take care of her, son.”

“I will,” Harry promised quietly as he put his arm around her waist to give her more support. He looked down at the dress properly for the first time and saw it was stunning- white and flowing and that she was holding a bunch of white lilies.

Ginny smiled up at him and his heart tripped.

The tufty haired wizard that Harry had completely forgotten was there in the wake of seeing Ginny cleared his throat. “Family and friends, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two faithful souls. We know that love has drawn these two together and that by their commitment before you, they will draw strength in each other through the good times and the bad.”

“She doesn’t look pregnant,” Auntie Muriel grumbled loudly.

Harry looked down in time to see Ginny’s lips twitch.

“Do you, Harry James, take Ginevra Molly to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health? If so, please say ‘I will’.”

“I will,” Harry said his voice strong and sure as he slid the ring that Ron had quickly passed him on to Ginny’s finger.

Ginny handed her bouquet to Hermione and took the ring from her. “Do you, Ginevra Molly, take Harry James to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health? If so, please say ‘I will’.”

“I will,” Ginny said staring up into his eyes as the ring slid home on his finger. He kept her hands in his.

The old wizard smiled, “Then I declare you bonded for life.” He waved his wand high in the air above them and the shower of silver stars fell around them as Harry pulled her in for a kiss.

Harry felt as though a part of his heart left his body and joined hers’, but the hole was filled instantly with something from Ginny. He couldn’t have explained it better if someone had held a wand to his head and he didn’t want to try. He just wanted to kiss his wife and let the rest of the world fall away.

Ginny broke the kiss, breathless and laughing. Joy like he’d never known was bursting out of him and he swept her up into his arms to carry her up to the larger white tent they had prepared for a small reception.

As he walked by the laughing, happy group up the grassy embankment, the blades tickling his bare feet, he saw Molly and Hagrid, both crying copiously and Muriel demanded that Bill help her up.

Ginny giggled into his shoulder before kissing him on the neck. “I am so glad we invited her.”

Because they were so few, they only needed two long tables including a massive, reinforced seat at the end for Hagrid. Harry set Ginny down next to her seat, pulled it out and helped her sit without catching her dress on anything. He sat down beside her and kissed her again while George and Ron wolf whistled. Everyone laughed. Lunch was served by a couple of Hogwarts house elves who had eagerly volunteered for the job. Hermione had only looked outraged for a moment before accepting that house elves didn’t need to pass Auror screenings to get into the wedding venue.

Lunch was served and Harry assumed it was good, but he couldn’t stop looking at Ginny and he only realized he’d eaten when he saw his plate clean. He was her husband. From here on out, it was the two of them plus however many kids they had.

Traditionally the bride and groom walked around to talk to their guests, but as Ginny was supposed to be resting everyone came up to them. Professor McGonagall came over to congratulate them and wish them the best before heading back to Hogwarts to continue with the repairs. Harry even thought he’d seen a tear in her eye. Kingsley also came over and told Ginny she was a beautiful bride and he was happy for them.

Andromeda walked over, Teddy in her arms. The baby’s hair was vivid green, his eyes a deep blue. Ginny held out her arms to cuddle the baby. Harry gazed at them completely transfixed as she kissed his cheeks and told him he was so sweet. Hopefully it would be their turn in a few months to do this with their child.

“Come here,” Harry said, clearing the emotion from his throat as he took his godson. Completely out of the blue Teddy waved a hand at his face and smiled a real smile. Harry cradled him close, kissing his cheek. “I love you,” he whispered to the baby who cooed happily and drooled spit bubbles.

“He loves Harry,” Andromeda said fondly, not having heard his words. Her face softened as she looked at them.

“The feeling is mutual,” Ginny assured her.

Harry looked over at his wife and there was such tenderness in her expression that he was awed. “Definitely mutual.”

“My turn,” Fleur said, taking Teddy into her arms. “You are such a ‘andsome leetle man!”

Bill grinned as he watched his wife sway gently with the baby. “She’s itching for a baby although I think we’re going to wait another year or so. Congratulations you two.”

“Thanks for everything, Bill,” Harry said, standing up to shake hands. “This has been great.”

Bill waved it off. “We’ve enjoyed it. It’s nice to be able to do this for you.” He bent and kissed Ginny’s cheek. “By happy, Smidge,” he whispered.

“I already am,” Ginny promised.

“Now, I best go rescue your grandson,” he said, linking Andromeda’s arm in his as they walked away chatting towards where Hermione, Audrey and Fleur were all cooing over the baby.

Someone put on some slow music and Harry stood, holding out a hand for her. “Time for a dance.”

Ginny let him help her to her feet and they moved between the tables into a slow dance that was more like revolving in one spot. Harry knew it was all Ginny was up for and just holding her close was enough. Her sweet smell drifted up as she tucked her head under his chin, her arms around his neck. All too soon the song ended and Arthur moved over to cut in.

“One dance with your old dad,” he told Ginny as he took her into his arms.

Harry wandered over to Ron who was watching Hermione with Teddy. “You thinking about doing this, mate?” Harry asked him, teasing.

To his shock Ron just grinned. “Someday; hopefully sooner rather than later. Hermione has a timeline in her head but I’m going to see if I can’t get her to budge it up a bit.”

“Yeah?” He asked a little nonplused.

Ron shrugged. “I don’t want anyone but her. It’s pretty much always been her, but there’s time yet. She wants to finish school and start a career. I’m just not keen on waiting until we’re thirty five.” Ron looked over Harry’s shoulder and blanched. “Oh bloody hell, Muriel is beckoning us to come over.”

Harry sighed inwardly. “Well, let’s go then.”

He’d avoided talking to her so far, but knew he couldn’t put it off any longer. Ron made the introductions. “Auntie Muriel, this Harry.”

She took Harry’s hand in her strong grip and pulled him down into a chair. “I want a word with you about Ginevra,” Muriel said.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Harry said, grinning over at her dancing with her father. “I’m so lucky have her.”

Momentarily thrown for a loop, Muriel shook her head. “She’s pale and too skinny. Now I’m glad you’re-”

“I think she’s perfect,” Harry corrected, feeling the steel in his words as he met the older woman’s gaze and was amazed to see her falter. “I wanted to tell you that I met you last year at Bill and Fleur’s wedding. I was disguised as Barney Weasley and I sat with you and Elphias Doge at the reception and we discussed Dumbledore.”

Ron chose that moment to walk away without saying a word. Harry couldn’t blame him. Muriel looked thunderstruck and livid. “You… you didn’t tell me who you were?”

“No one knew,” Harry shrugged. “Anyway, it was nice meeting you formally. Ginny really wanted you to be here so I am glad you could come. Excuse me.”

Harry got up and walked over to Kreacher who was standing awkwardly at the edge of the group. “I’m really glad you came, Kreacher. Ginny and I wanted you here.”

Kreacher nodded, and then speech just burst out of him. “Master, please let me go back to the house and make sure everything is ready!”

Harry sighed, and nodded with a smile. “Go ahead. I imagine Ginny and I will be along shortly.”

Harry looked over to see Kingsley, Percy and Audrey talking to Ginny and Arthur and that his father-in-law had his arm around Ginny, pretty much holding her up.

Harry strode over and scooped her into his arms. Her head went against his shoulder with a sigh. “I feel like such a bleeding damsel in distress,” she muttered crossly. “I really want to stay longer.”

“Not today,” Audrey told her, shaking her head. Charlie came over and snapped a picture and everyone else gave their final congratulations. Harry knew the party would go on without them as he took the portkey Arthur handed him.

A few seconds later they were sucked into space and deposited in their new bedroom at Ivy Run, the name Ginny had picked for their new home.

Harry gently laid Ginny on the bed and got a potion for her. Everything was already laid out, but his bride barely had her eyes open as he helped her to drink the potion. He contemplated trying to get her out of the dress but decided just to let her sleep. Pulling back the covers he tucked her in and went to figure out where Hermione had put his jeans when she organized the bedroom the day before.


Sunday June 7th

The first thing that Ginny became aware of was the smell of bacon.

“Come on, Gin, you know you’re hungry,” Harry whispered as she felt something pass by her nose. “It’s bacon.”

She cracked an eye open, but only because it was bacon. The bed was so comfortable and she was so warm and sleepy. She reached out a hand for the salty goodness and took a bite. “Mmm,” she groaned in ecstasy. When Ginny peeled open her other eye it was to see the early morning light sprinkling into a room she didn’t recognize. “Where-” but the memory came back and she beamed up at Harry, even as she held out her hand for another piece of bacon. “You’re my husband.”

Harry’s smile lit up his whole face. “Yes, I am. You slept through dinner last night so you really need to eat now.”

Ginny sat up and took the tray from him as he propped a pillow behind her back against the solid wood and tastefully carved headboard. She ate in between breaks of kissing Harry. When she finally finished and he took the tray, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and giggled. “I’m still in my wedding dress!”

“I didn’t really know how to get it off of you,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Well it needs to come off now,” Ginny said ruefully. “I have to use the loo and it’s too heavy to drag around.”

Ginny stood carefully and turned. “Just undo the zip for me.”

Harry groaned. “You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?”

“Didn’t you once tell me that it would be a good way to go?” She asked, trying not to laugh. “I have a bra and knickers on. Come on, I need to pee.”

She felt his unsteady hands reach up for the zipper, and after a moment he slid it down. She pulled her arms out and turned, reaching out for a hand she knew without question would be there to steady her. She looked up into Harry’s eyes as she stepped out of the dress. He kept his gaze resolutely fixed on her face. “Which way to the loo?”

“This way,” he said, walking with her to the bathroom which was the first door to the right outside of their bedroom.

Ginny closed the door, used the facilities and steadied her nerves as she washed her hands. She took a moment to look into her own eyes, which seemed huge. She couldn’t lie to herself as anxiety skittered in her belly. It wasn’t that she was afraid of Harry, or afraid of hurting the baby; it was a fear of the unknown. Part of her was so excited too. Ginny put a hand on her flat stomach, in awe yet again that a tiny life grew inside her. “You’ll be okay, baby. Mummy loves you and you’ll be okay.”

She turned to open the door. Harry sprung up from the bed, where he’d sat with his head in his hands. “Are you all right?” he asked in a rush.

“I’m fine,” she said walking towards him, amused to see that he was still not looking anywhere but her face. She cupped his cheeks and kissed him, his hands automatically going up to her nearly bare hips. “I’m ready if you are.”

Harry shook his head. “I’m not sure I’m ever going to be ready. I’m… I’m so scared I’m going to hurt you.”

“You won’t,” she said against his lips. “We’ll be fine.”

And they were.


“You have got so many scars,” Ginny said as she trailed a finger along one of the scars on his chest.

Harry shrugged, trying not to be self-conscious. “That one is from… something I’m going to tell you about some other day that isn’t today.”

She eyed him speculatively. “I’m not complaining. I love you, scars and all. It’s just… this one looks like it really hurt.”

“It wasn’t that bad, actually,” Harry said, relaxing under the amazing feeling of her fingers.

She leaned over and kissed the puckered skin. He groaned and she grinned at him impishly. “You know you love me.”

“I do love you.” He rolled over, trapping her half under him as he kissed her. Ginny buried her hands in his soft, unruly hair and lost herself in the kiss. “You have a few scars too,” he said, pointing to her shoulder. It was courtesy of a detention with the Carrows, but she didn’t tell him that. She couldn’t think about it.

“My scars are prettier than yours,” she replied primly, trying to keep a straight face.

“Your everything is prettier than mine,” Harry reminded her. “That was never a competition.”

Ginny felt her cheeks stained pink at the compliment. “Pretty soon I’m going to look stuffed like Father Christmas.” She studied his face, wanting to see his reaction.

Harry looked down her body, frowning slightly but she could tell it was with contemplation. Suddenly his face split into a wide grin. “That’s going to be so amazing. Do you think I’ll be able to feel the baby move?”

Startled, she nodded. “Yeah, you’ll get to feel the kicks and such.”

He sat up so he could lean over and kiss her stomach, their baby. “I love you.” Coming back up to Ginny he kissed her and said against her lips, “I love you too.”

“You’re getting better at saying it,” Ginny said, feeling his love stealing over her.

“I never really got to say it before and… and I regret that I didn’t. I’m saying it now. I’m not going to live with any more regrets.”


Harry couldn’t pull his eyes from his wife’s face. She was so beautiful. He leaned down to kiss her bare shoulder, unable to quite believe his luck. He was alive, he’d managed to survive Voldemort, he had a job he loved, he was married and bloody hell he was going to be a dad in a few short months.

The horrible thoughts were there too. Someone was trying to kill them, again, and Fred wasn’t at the wedding. They couldn’t even mention Fred without risking Ginny getting upset and ill. Ginny was trying so hard to keep their baby alive. He marveled at her strength to block everything out and keep going. Their baby might die. But Ginny didn’t know how desperate the situation was, and Harry wasn’t going to tell her. She didn’t need to know because her knowing could only hurt, not help.

He hoped that was the right thing to do. Ginny mumbled in her sleep and turned more fully into him. He didn’t want to wake her but Martha would be there shortly to check on the baby and right now neither of them had a stitch of clothing on.

Harry grinned at the memories that flooded through him but pushed it away quickly as he carefully extracted himself from the bed to get dressed. That particular part of marriage was now on hold for the next several months… at the very least.

Harry leaned over to kiss Ginny’s soft, warm cheek as he buttoned his jeans. “Gin… time to get dressed. Martha will be here soon.”

Ginny stretched her arms above her head, not opening her eyes and Harry had to look away as the sheet slipped close to revealing her curves. He couldn’t get distracted now. “Mm, ‘kay. Hungry,” she mumbled.

“I’ll get you something, don’t fall back to sleep,” Harry warned, but without heat. Damn she was so cute, her hair tousled and her face slightly flushed from sleeping. He walked down the stairs, pulling on a t-shirt as he padded barefoot into the kitchen. It smelled amazing and he saw that Kreacher already had a tray ready. “Kreacher, you are a life saver. Thanks.”

Kreacher nodded as Harry picked up the tray. “Can I do anything else, Master?”

“Just let Martha in when she gets here, will you?” He called out over his shoulder as he went back. Ginny hadn’t moved. “Oy,” he said and she waved at him vaguely. “I have food.”

Her eyes popped open and she sat up, letting the sheet fall down. Harry nearly tripped and she giggled as she reached for the shirt that he’d left on the bed for her to put on. As she pulled the red shirt over her bright hair, she commented, “I really think I love being married.”
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