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Wolf portkey
By V-L-K

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Category: Portkey Challenge (2018-1), Portkey Challenge (2018-1)
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin
Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Sorry, HP/GW fans. This story fulfil all atributes of Portkey Challenge. Harry and Ginny are accidentaly portkeyed and learn from it. But it will be another person, that learn from it most, going to rescue them. My first SIYE story, even my first story in english. Then sorry for some grammar or vocabulary trips. Ou, Trip, that is the keyword, together with Irresponsibility and Out of time. Then I hope, I am not out the time, sending it on last minute.
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That this is the reason of all of this! No, she will not speak about “fault”, she will not “blame” your mother, the right word is “reason” in both bad and good meaning of it. That are her characteristics, may be even more, her attributes, that define her, she will not be the person that she is, if she will not be clumsy, or not be a metamorphmagus. She even should not be girl or not be witch and it will be the same as not be the clumsy metamorphmagus. Itīs their fate and as always, the fate has positive and negative faces. She was reconciled with all faces her fate.

But even a fate can have a reason, and she now know the reason. Yes, she is a daughter of wild years, wars in both muggle and wizarding world, flower children, Woodstock, drugīs explosion and so on. That was clear her long time ago. She cannot blame their parent that they were not more responsible as their mates. If there is somebody to be blamed, that it were her Black grandparents. This stupid supremacy of pureblood, they had believed in, is to be blamed. Because it was the time turner added to the mix, that caused all that changes. And it were Black grandparents, who hinder the love of her mum and dad.

Yes, there was the side effect of glamour charms mixed with muggle drugs, that were common between teens in that times and were taken by her mother during pregnancy too. But if it were not the influence of unusual magic of the time machine and the broken time flow during development her prenatal body, the changes would be not such complicated. And without this stolen time turner, it would not be possible for her mother to left their house and meet her father for more as few minutes. She doesnīt know exactly, how many times helped the complicated magical hourglass to found the time for a date of lovely birds Andy and Tom, to make love and to give new live to a baby, that was now she, Nymphadora Tonks. Can she blame the time turner?

She was sitting in the dark auror office, lighted by one candle only and the moon shine going through all three windows, the letter from a specialized department of St. Mungoīs hospital in the hands, even if she cannot read it in the dark now. It could be one of the not difficult night shifts, now, in the middle between Christmas and New Year. Frost was replaced by thaw during the full moon, no rescue mission to frozen drifters. Some quarreling drunken wizards on beginning of shift, but now all pubs are closed and few goblins are only walker on Diagon Alley. All monitoring mobiles, sneakoscopes and alarms are still. Then she can let her mind flow with her personals thoughts, connected to the letter obtained just this morning.

Itīs not bad, to be metamorphmagus. She uses it since her childhood, to socialize with peoples, to make jokes, to express her feelings. And now, in auror praxis, it was exceptionably useful, instead of glamour charms and disillusionment.

It is horrible to be clumsy, as much clumsy as she was. She was not only clumsy, she was out of the time, that was her mum saying, and even now she was seeing, considering the medical report in her hands, how much it is right.

But even if she would be the most clumsiest witch in the world, as say Kingsley, her boss, there are two big D situations, where she is not clumsy at all — dancing and dueling. It is not really truth about the dancing. Kingsley had seen her only by some styles of dance. She can move, where the time in the music is moved too. Such styles of music, where the accent is not on the first beat. Blues, beat, jazz, all sort of negro-based music. And all Latino dances too. But let’s play polka, waltz or all Scottish or Irish music, she will be clumsy as goat.

And even the Kingsleyīs words are not right in the second D. She was clumsy in dueling, but extraordinary lucky in it. It was as she is not out of time, but as she is before time. She is clumsy falling out of all hexes, clumsy firing spells into the leer places just before the opponent is jumping in this place, clumsy letting falling things in path of deathly crossfires. Her clumsiness is distracting the opponent, giving her the illusion of easy target, but creating an unpredictable thread. Shooted it somebody to a muggle film, it will be funnier as Charlie Chaplin and more deathly as Dart Vader.

Not speaking of her wand, or precisely of the last weapon in her wand. Old Ollivander was all unhappy, at the time young Nymphadora was buying her wand, until he realized her clumsiness and metamorphmagus ability. Then he was brought an age-old wand, may be one-hundred-year-old. It was only one wand, that was made in his workshop with core from Demiguise heart string, and there were only about twenty such wands in the all world. It was happened, that the special Demiguise magic was perfect mate for Tonks metamorphmagus-of-time magic. And with it, it was the only one wand in the world, or at least on the British Islands, that can summon magic of the spell, postpone it and release it later. Tonks can cast spell with this wand but let it closed in the wand, drop wand and let the spell release just after. It is surprise, if a spell is fired from a wand just rolling on the floor or flying near the ceiling! Or even backfired just after summoning it by Expelliarmus!

Then young auror was satisfied with the result of the medical report, satisfied with her fate. And maybe even thankful for the irresponsibility of her parents, for their preference of love before some familiar traditions or predicaments. Even more thankful, because these predicaments are totally wrong according her point of view.

Alarm! Underage magic use alarm! Offensive magic used on that place!

Two sneakoscopes start vibrating and an automatic quill start writing about the incident.

It will not be such easy night shift then, as she had supposed. Underage magic, this will be not regularly something, that need any attention of auror in duty, Mafalda or another clerk will put it in the folder and may be send an owl. But tonight, it is nobody else there, between Christmas and New Year, all have vacation. Tonks puts the alarm record down, but then takes it quickly again, looked at it and gasped.

Merlin! Offensive magic! And today is the full moon! What if it is some werewolf there? Better safe than sorry, Tonks, you need to go there!

Quick then! Portkey bonded to underage magic alarm, activation in two minutes. First aid kit, shield vest, portkey set. Short note in Aurors Duty Diary. All well trained movements. Ops! Small trip on the table leg, now to collect all thing from the floor, ten seconds delay. But she made it in time! Activate!


How, she knows it there! She was there once, but cannot remember. This road though the fields, the village down in the valley, forest in the opposite direction, all is so familiar to her. Maybe on daylight she would recognize it, but with the moon only. Where there can be some child? Her hair turn black, as was common in her “auror in not friendly environment” mode. Now she was less visible as the muggle stealt aircraft, as had say one American auror on internship.

She should be directly on the place, if it is not hidden somehow. Detection spell does not show nothing. No, another detection spell, yes now itīs clear! Such strong repulsion spell, just there under this trees, no wonder, that she did not see it on first view. She even now does not see, what is there. What now? Go blind in the direction of increasing magic field? It can be dangerous, but no other chance. And the magic level is really increasing! Notice me not and Muggle repulsion charm and Confundus, layer over layer as she was going near and near… small barn or shed, on first view ruined and abandoned. The center of all this magic was inside.

The young auror cast next row of detection spells and her face was rough. The underage magic was done inside of shed and worse, there was recent traces of werewolf magic there too. The walls of shed were not ruined really, but even magical enforced. The doors were both physical and magical locked.

“Finite incancatem! Alohomora! Finite maxima! Alohomora complex! Relashio! Alohomora complex!” prove Tonks to open it. May be the magical locks were broken now, but the bar inside will not be possible to remove such simply from outside. Maybe break down with force…

Short start and… trip! Tonks brake both hands on door frame, exactly at the moment, the bar was moved and the doors open.

“Tonks?” two voices snapped from gap in the doors.

The surprise was not only on one side. Tonks eyes were double sized looking on two teens, but she had managed to not give it known and to step inside.

“Who else, can you imagine? Whom will you have expected, you two? You know, that I am at work today, know you not? Can you imagine, it will be somebody else, that will found you two doing Merlin know what in some shed in fields Merlin know where in middle of night and even perform a magic there? Ginny? Harry?”
Yes, there are Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter originators of the underage magic without any doubts.

Trip! She stops on edge of table, give only one second long look on each of them, but with furry of awakened sphinx, and then continues scanning the room inside. On the small niche was single candle. There was werewolf in the opposite corner, bounded with ropes to ground. These ropes were the offensive spells detected by the alarm, surely. But this was not the solution, to bond the werewolf! It can increase his anger only and provoke him to use all his power to release and then to strike.

“We cannot let him stay so! We need to release him, but safely!” Tons say immediately.

“He is unexceptional calm all time,” say Harry. “In comparison of that I with Ron and Hermione were witnessed year before…”

“He must be under the influence of wolfbane potion,” continue Ginny. Tonks nods only, it will be probably right. Otherwise he would fight the ropes hardly just now.

“But still, we need to release him. Step there in the corner, I will create a wall, that will protect us,” command Tons and Harry and Ginny obeyed without word.

May be another auror will be in doubts, what to do now and what lately face in face with werewolf, but Tonks had this situation invented trough and trough. She was taken the table and overturn it between the werewolf and her with two teens, then transfigured the table desk to big sheet from floor to ceiling and from the rear wand to frame of doors, anchored the table legs into the floor and into the timbers of ceiling, then with slow motion of wand made the central part of sheet semitransparent. After that, she magical opens the door and let flow wind through all shed. Her hair change to fresh pink color visible even in the dark of shed and flowery scent was filling all space. She releases the beast and cast silencing spell on all area behind the sheet.
“He will not see us, not hear us, not smell us and not harm us. We will see, if he would run. I hope he will. Because I cannot hand it all night. But now spill, what do you two there?” ask she and sit on the small wall step, that she can see both the werewolf and the teens.

“I woke by the nightmare,” start Harry their tale, face full of shame. “I know, that I would not fall asleep again so simply, then I decide to go down to kitchen, take some hot chocolate.”

Tonks shake head. All peoples living in or going through Grimbauld place are more or less knowing about Harrys nightmares. Tonks was one of them, that know more, finding him several times in middle of night with cup of his favorite drink. Tonks was even knowing about Ginny’s nightmares, what was not such common spread fact. But the auror in her still ask:

“And you, Ginny? How you were going inside the story?”

Girl shrug her shoulders:

“I honestly donīt know, what awake me. Maybe Harry going down, maybe light outside. But no nightmare on my side,” reassure her.

“This times,” add the boy only. The girl shudder and the boy bridge the step, that was separated them until now, and lay his arm around her shoulder.

“I just had the feeling that I should go down and take the chocolate too, then I do it.”

“Thankfully. Because she can calm me down this times better als anybody else. We talked about that and then, serious things and funny too, Voldemort and quidditch and weather and gifts.”

“And we found that wolf.”

“I found it. Dark wood carved wolf, probably ebony. On the kitchen desk.”

“But I play with it,” contradict the girl. It was sure, that neither of them will let fall the blame on the other one.

“I have seen Sirius with it two days ago,” find Harry way out of enchanted circle.

“Seriously?” can Tonks not resist to use old joke.

“But it was a portkey,” add Harry.

“We even were finished and heading up, that we activate it accidentally. Just as Harry take my hand holding it and we wanted it put back on the table and it was happened,” continue Ginny.

“We landed there. Inside. He was there,” Harry show by head movement to werewolf. “As he is now, transformed, but still and steady.”

Glares of all three of them were now fixed on the werewolf. He did not look dangerous. He was sitting in the corner, lick his right front leg on the place, where the ropes were too hard previously. There was no attempt neither to run out nor to attack on anything from his side. He was not doing anything more as will be normal dog do.

“We know, that we should not use magic. But we were terrified. And there were no muggles around and with the werewolf there it was magic there around all the time. Then we do it,” explain Ginny.

“Honestly, Ginny, I would be terrified to,” reassure Tonks her. “What have you used exactly?”

“I bound him with the ropes. And thereafter, as I know, that the damage was already done, I send a warming charm on both us. Ginny had done nothing at all,” answer Harry.

“And the warming charm was just evaporated,” say Tonks looking on this two. Both in pajamas only, now standing body to body, sucking the heat from each other. She waves his wand, refreshing the warming charm.

“Thanks,” say Ginny, but except of view exchange between them, the posture of both teens does not change. Probably it was more as only heat sharing, that put them in this position, even if they are not aware of it. Yet.

“Nothing more?”

“No. After then, we were proving only to activate the portkey back. But it was not working,” answer Ginny. “I know, that some portkeys are both ways, but other are not. But no incantation work as keyword for back trip. It was nothing working, that we can imagine.”

“Itīs Remus?” ask Harry with look on the werewolf.

“Yes, I think,” answer Tonks. “I feel it as his magic there around. But I never see him in this state.”

“I have. But I donīt remember exactly.”

“Itīs him. This is his old bag,” point Ginny to something hanging on the nail in dark corner.

“Itīs hard,” say Tonks.

“Itīs unfair,” say Ginny.

“The life is always unfair. But you need to go through,” say Harry.

“And I should be there the most wise there, as the eldest!” joked Tonks.

“You still can,” answered Harry.

“You still are. You make joke from it,” added Ginny.

“And you are the two irresponsible,” reply Tonks.

“Why we should be responsible, if the live is unfair? It will not answer us according our responsibility?” ask Ginny.

“Even. I wonder earlier this night, that even our irresponsibility can lead to positive things in our life,” say Tonks with shaking her head.

“Maybe. Sometimes. But Greybackīs irresponsibility was not lead to any positive thing,” answered Harry with look on the statue on opposite side of room.

“No. This one not. Shame. Shit!” say Tonks sadly.

“Yes. We can irresponsibly say Shit! In this case,” jokes Ginny this time, but it was such sad joke, that nobody smile.

“Hey, go to something else! Where is the piece of wood?” asks Tonks loudly.

“You think the ebony wolf? It was on the table,” answers Ginny.

“There down, on the other side,” point Harry to the floor.

“Merlin bread. What now? Can I drop the wall down?”

“If you would like to have it, then it is no other way,”

“I see, Harry. But I need to do it carefully,” say Tonks and her eyes start to scan the room again.

“He will do no harm.”

“I hope, Ginny, I hope. But better be safe as sorry. Ok, second time I say it today.”

“You count it?”

“Yes, there are words, that we auror count every shift. As joke and as precaution.”

She stays and move close to barrier:

“OK, then. I drop the barrier, take the portkey, move the table and create it again in different position. We go out thereafter and portkeyed home.”


“With my professional portkey. Not with black wolf. I will be prepared to bound him again, for a while, in case he attacks.”

“Aha. We will be prepared too.”

“Only in emergence. I will not explain more underage magic as really necessary.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, I will count to three. One, two, three!”

She shut down her transformation charm and run around the table. Trip! She stumbles and flow directly to the werewolf, her wand is falling to the floor. The werewolf jump on his hind legs and she is ending in his embrace. The wand was full prepared for the binding spell and as it hit the floor, the spell is released and found both of them. Ropes press them together and she hold the breath.

Both teens sprang above the table and Harry pick up her wand as well as Ginny did with the portkey. But there after they look on the two embracing figures and freeze. It was silence a moment, the two indifferent sounds, other two, and then sprung the laughing.

“Finite!” say Harry between two eruptions of smile and Tonks can finally step back. Even now she found, that the embrace was not such horrible, that it was even conform and pleasant warm and that she perhaps will not let it be. The werewolf make some movement by his lap, that is big dog making, if it would stay leaning on your shoulders, too.

She looks back to two teens and start smile too.

“That was it…”

“Yes, it was.”

“But a little bit different, as was planned.”

After that Ginnyīs comment all three burst into the laughs again.

“Then back to plan, you two,” say Tonks. “Go outside and then home!”

“Yes, sir!” answered Harry.

“This is not something aurors count in their shifts?” ask Ginny heading to exit. “Yes, sir?”

“No, this will be too high number,” answered Tonks, waiting, until both teens go through doors. Then she looked last times back:

“Behave yourself there! I will come back later.”

She takes orange muggle plastic bracelet from her portkey set.

“This one I like use to such kind of transport,” she says and tap with wand on it. It glows blue for a moment. “Touch it, start will be in five, four, three, two, one…” Harry and Ginny take on and on the end of counting the swirling feeling run through their bodies and they are standing before house on Grimbaud Place 12.


“Silence!” whisper she and push the doors. They are making it into kitchen without awakening the portrait of Lady Black.

“Second cup of chocolate?” ask Harry.

“Probably not. Maybe some raspberry tee will be better. Or melissa, for better sleeping,” answered Ginny.

“OK, then two cup of melissa tee. And for you, Tonks?”

“Thanks’, but nothing. I need hurry back to office, I am on duty. I will drink coffee there. Before I forget,” she waves her wand around Ginny:


Then she repeats the same around Harry.

“Now it is better.”

“Tonks, what with this one?” ask Ginny, showing her the black wooden dog. Tonks think for while.

“Sirius was drunk yesterday, was he not?”

“Yes, he was.”

“How was the activation password? Put it on table first!”

“Mischief managed,” answered Harry.

“They are foolish! Both! My cousin and then second one too! They know, that you all know this words and they make it a password for such dangerous portkey!”

“Yes, they didnīt think clearly enough sometimes,” agreed Harry. “But it will be not so fun without it.”

“Very well fun today,” frowned she.

Ginny take her hand:

“Sorry, Tonks. I know, we were a little bit irresponsible tonight. But it was simply happening, we cannot do
much more about it. And it was go to good end finally, didnīt it?”

“It was nice to meet you tonight, Tonks,” add the boy, sitting shoulder to shoulder to Ginny. “It was funny too, but it was more nice as funny.”

“I know, it was irresponsibility of somebody else, that create all this, what happen. And I am again thinking about that, if some irresponsibility does can bring some positive results.”

“Again? About what was your thinking before, that you come to this conclusion?” curiously ask Harry.

“Nothing. My parents.”

“Then it was not that,” say Ginny for herself.

“Because that was one thing, that had Ginny pour in my head before that all start. That I cannot be responsible for everything and everybody. And maybe she even convinced me.”

Ginny had clenched Harrys hand first, but then she let it go and point with finger to Tonks:

“And that applied to you too, Tonks. You can be a little bit irresponsible, if it is the direction, where your heard is pushing you. Because your heard know more as your always responsible brain.”

“Again, I ask, how I should be the most wise there!” exclaims Tonks pathetical. All three laught.

“I know, it is not too much responsible to jump into embracement with an werewolf and even let bind with ropes with him, but sometimes it is a way, that work,” say Harry and the smile continue.

“No word about that or you will learn some auror spells from the opposite end of wand!” threatened scandalized Tonks.

“Of course, you secret is safe by us,” Ginny attempt make stone face of twins.

“Yes, and we irresponsibly delay you from return to duty,” add Harry.

“Then back to bed, you two. The black wolf I will take with. We will see us late morning,” say Tonks and headed to the door.

“See you then,” answer two teens.


Tonks sneak outside house and reach into the portkey set to muggle pencil, standard portkey to ministry atrium.

She was an hour and half out, then she checked first all alarms, if was something happen in between. But seems not the case.

Then she starts writing the report about the incident. But what should she write there? It will be really not the best report “Harry Potter was portkeyed from unknown safe location to werewolfīs dos-house”. Bud if you would like to hide the truth, then the half-truth is the best lie. She writes the truth on the end, but she didnīt writes the names there. All this talks about irresponsibility lead her to meaning, that irresponsible filled report will be something such common, that it will not take any attention.

The last hour of her shift she spends unknowingly playing with the black wooden wolf and thinking about werewolfes, about one specific werewolf in shed and about all this talk, that she had with Ginny and Harry. Harryīs comments was his usual ones, hmm, say we, usual in the hours he was not in his depression mode. But in all that, what had Ginny say, was something more. And Tonks mused, if this something more was that, what she had hope. She doubts, she will not make foul expectations, but as she think it from one site or from the another, she was coming to the conclusion, that it was exactly that.

The steps down in the hall had awaken her from his thoughts. One look on the clock show her, that her shift is going to end.

She was realized finally, what she was doing all the time with her hands. And simultaneously as she stands from the table and stretch stiffened muscles, a wave of desire was going through her body. As much as she would like obtain this wooden wolf as Christmas gift instead of her cousin! She chasse away the idea as foolish, but in the next moment she think, that this is exactly what Ginny was meaning. All around have sometimes foolish ideas, that they irresponsibly fulfill — her parents, her cousin, Ginny itself as well as Harry, even that werewolf in shed, and sometimes not only no harm is coming from it, but even some good results. Then she can be foolish to! Yes, foolish clumsy metamorphmagus auror! This will be her! And in the minute, Dawlish will replace her in this room, she will do one of this irresponsible thinks, that she thought through in last hour!

Where the dam Dawlish is?

She listens the noises from the hall. It is not Dawlish. He would be long time there. This steps of cautious big cat, its more as…


“Morning, what do you there? Other way, how was Christmas?”

“Hello! Did you not like to see your boss such morning time? Dawlish is drunken, again. I had think, that so long after actual holidays he will be able. But… I will be stuck there instead him.”

“Hey, boss, forgive him once again! It is always after holiday for him only, four times per year, isnīt it? And this year only three times, he was fit after Halloween. All other time he is good.”

“Tonks, exactly you stand up for him! After that, what he had done to you in September! No, he will obtain the worse shifts all winter! And finish!”

Tonks burst of laugh and color of her hair was changed. After a while the face of her boss changed his grim too.

“Apparently, how was your shift?”

“Nothing important. Two angry friends on Diagon Alley at start, drinking two shot of firewhiskey by Tom to reconcilement at Tomīs and sending them through flo home into two separate direction. And then one incident of underage magic with one werewolf involved, but no harm done, children portkeyed back home.”

“Itīs in reports?” ask Kingsley, the book apparently in his hands.


“OK… Tonks! That is not your obvious good level of work! There is no names in the second record!”

“Sorry, boss, maybe I forget. Or maybe I forget intentionally.”

“Intentionally? You tease a snake barefoot!”

“I think it was the best way not to do it.”

“Not to do what?”

“Tease the snakes.”

“No! After this answer you have no possibility as to immediately split, who were these children!”

“I know. But I still think, that put it in the record would be not wise. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.”

Kingsleyīs movement was stopped immediately. Silence was storming the room. It was take two long minutes before Kingsley spoke:

“Molly know?”


“Albus know?”


“Sirius know?”

“No. But it will be seriously explained him, after he will sober.”

“Is even somebody, who know?”

“Harry, Ginny, Remus and me. And you, starting now.”

“The werewolf was Remus?”

“Yes, bingo. But it was nothing happen, as it can look like. Both children have nightmares, were going in to kitchen, where they found portkey forgotten by drunken Sirius and accidentally activated it.”

“And it take them to the Lupinīs shed.”

“You know, where this shed is?”

“Yes, of course,” answered Kingsley lost in thoughts. Tonks face fall down. That even Kingsley know, where this shed is, and he is not even with Remus on first name basis. And she knows not. All her hope was disappearing.

“No, I was there only once, side apparated by Lupin after the debackle with Graybeck in Leeds. Stuck there blooding and with broken leg for four hours, before he can go back and send me to St.Mungoīs.”

Tonks nod head, her hope restarted again. She was not in this disastrous action, but she did heart about it enough. Missing wounded Kingsley was one most stressful part of it.

“Thinking about, maybe you are right. Not writing the names will be the safest solution. But I cannot cover you, in case Mafilda ask. I can say, that it was Ginny, and play on the string, that it will not be best, just now create Artur more problems. She is in good terms with him. But it is on opposite way with you, and if she finds any dirt on you, as such one unfiled record, I will need to punish you somewhat.”

“Itīs the risk that I need to take. And for these two birds I will take it light.”

“This is the portkey?” point Kingsley to the wooden figure in Tonks hands.

“Yes, it is,” she shows it him more close.

“Nice. Somethings else?”

“I think, nothing. See you on New Year Eve!” she closes her coat and put wand into handbag.

“See then. You are going to return it?” he points to portkey once again.

Tonks hair turn red.

“Yes, just now. Before he left.”

“Then have a nice day!”

Going through ministry halls she thinks about last words of his boss. How he was meaning it? There is daylight rising outside. How will she go where she wants to? After a while she says two words:

“Mischief managed!”


She was standing inside the shed again, now lit through the door. There was man standing before her, turned back, only in trousers. His shoulders and back were bruised by many cuts and scars. He turns to her and picked up a shirt from the table. The table was standing near back wall and besides pile of wear were several potion flacons on it.

“I had say, I will come back,” she says, trying look in manīs eyes and not on his body.

“Then welcome,” he answers, trying suppress obvious pain.

“Can I help you somehow?”

“No, I think no. Or... have you some salvia solution? Maybe a little bit more of that…”

“Salvia?” she looks in the handback. It should be there been somewhere, it was there before Christmas! She pours out the handbag finally on the other half of table. Yes, there it is! She hands the vial to Remus, now dressed fully including the coat. He drinks it immediately. She summons the things back to the handbag except the wooden wolf.

“This is…”

“Yes, I know. I have seen all, until you transform the table, and hear totally everything, regardless your silencing charm. You know, itīs werenwolfīs senses. And I can remember all, regardless the fact I was transformed. The portkey I had given Sirius for Christmas, that he can go after me in my days and follow me as Pathfood. Apparently, he was not in the condition to use it.”

“Or he was in the senses enough, that he recognized, he cannot use it and thereafter run half a night as dog.”

“Yes, maybe this is correct. But let the portkey there. And…”

“And Ginny and Harry found it.”

Remus reach to the pocket of coat, but let the hand inside.

“I had managed two such wolfs in reality. But I had lost the courage to give the other.”

“Why? To whom?” Tonks eyes are wide. But she cannot let her hopes snatch her.

“Itīs difficult. And the events of this night show, that it was irresponsible to give the first one too.”

“Irresponsible! This word again, that chase me all night!”

“You were irresponsible this night? When? Why? Talk about it!”

“No, no that way. Quite opposite, it was coming to me from different sides, that sometimes it is nothing wrong to be irresponsible.”

And yes, it is now irresponsible from her, lead him to next irresponsibility. But she cannot do other way.

“You think? Seriously?”

“No, honestly speaking I donīt think just now. But you think, that the other person, which you would give the wolf, will be let it on the kitchen desk?”

Yes, she is not thinking just now! Why is she saying Remus just that? Does she not hope, that the second wolf would be for her? Does she?

“No, honestly speaking…” he repeated her words. “…I donīt think so.” He turn to side and put the other wooden figure from the pocket, finally.

“Itīs difficult.”

“As Albus is always saying…”

“Yes, I know it. I know all his bywords. OK then, I will be irresponsible today,” he says quietly, but still looking
to the side wall. “Itīs ebony wood, very friendly for all magic. The portkey is already there, only one way but repeatable. Destination is inside shed. The only thing is missing and it is the password. The common aurorīs charm to set the password.”

He stays still for long moment. Then he turns to her with black wooden wolf in drawn hand:

“We can exchange.”


“You take this and I will return the other one to Sirius.”


“Yes, I will return it seriously to Sirius.”

“No that. I mean, the other one is seriously — for me?”

“Yeah!” he says quietly, but as heavy stone had fallen from him. She looks at him, at the figure, back at him, then step forward with the other one in hand… Trip! Second time tonight she ended in his embracement! They exchange the wolfs. She browses her ones in detail. It is different. In position, in face. More friendly, inquisitively.

Remus made step back. She was not quick enough. Before she lifts eyes to him, he disapparates simply. She was alone.

One thing left to do there for her. Set the password. It will be simplest to do it here, as here is the destination. She put the wooden figure on table, make with her wand a movement, as to open it and says two word.

She has no problem with selection of words. She cannot forget it, no in all world. And she was sure, nobody in her life will use these two words together. Based not only on the fact, she hates the first one. But also on the fact, she will never have the other one for herself. She silently says:

“Nymphadora Lupin.”

Or will she have it?
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