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Oi, Potter!
By Celtics534

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Category: Post-OotP
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 12
Summary: A Missing HBP Moment. Hermione and Ginny catch Harry doing a different kind of studying.
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“How did he get into Gryffindor?” Hermione’s voice pulled Ginny out of her daydream. The bushy-haired girl was looking over in the right-hand corner of the Gryffindor common room. Harry and Ron sat there, under the pretenses of playing chess. Ron, heavily focused on his bishop. Harry’s attention, however, was drawn in another direction. That being the opposite corner from him, where Hermione and Ginny sat.

“I mean really it’s been ages since you broke up with Dean, and he has fancied you practically all year,” Hermione was really getting into her stride now. “He has been staring at you for a solid twenty minutes. It’s a wonder how Ron hasn’t noticed, even though he is as obvious as you please.”

Ginny laughed at her friend, “Speaking from personal experiences, huh, Hermione?”

Hermione closed her mouth, flushing at Ginny’s indication. “No, no, just, oh…” If she had been standing, Ginny would have thought the bushy-haired girl would have stamped her foot. “But look at Harry, I bet if you sneezed he would rush over here to make sure you didn’t have a fever.”

Ginny snorted, but she didn’t argue with the older girl. Harry had been paying close attention to her all year, there was no doubt about that, but ever since she broke up with Dean, three weeks ago, Harry had been paying her extra attention. Ginny didn’t mind in the slightest; in fact, she loved the fact that Harry would wait for her to walk down to Quidditch practice, sit next to her during meals, even offer to help her with her homework.

“He does have it bad, doesn’t he,” Ginny said glancing at Harry out of the corner of her eyes, as she flicked her hair with the back of her hand. Even from her distance, she could see his eyes light up like a well-cast Lumos. “But I mean, Hermione, can you blame him?”

Hermione laughed at her friend’s antics. “So, what are you going to do about it, Ginny?” Ginny turned to her companion. Hermione’s face gleamed with interest. It was clear she wanted to know what Ginny planned for her friend.

Ginny had been thinking about it herself. In fact, that’s what she had been thinking about before Hermione interrupted her. She had thought of many situations. Some more extreme than others.

“I don’t know, Hermione,” Ginny claimed with a sigh, “I mean… I could just walk up to the boy and snog him senseless. I doubt he would complain.” At this Hermione snorted. “Or I could play the waiting game, you know I’ve waited quite some time for him. I think it would be better if I make him make the first move. Much more interesting that way.”

Hermione grinned, “Oh, but could you imagine Ron’s face if you went over there and snogged Harry? His jaw would hit the floor.”

Ginny laughed, “He would look as if he was hit over the head with a club. His jaw would drop and he would be rubbing his head.” A sudden thought came to Ginny. “Do you think blokes talk about girls with each other? I mean, like we talk about boys?”

Hermione looked positively humored by the idea. “Could you image Harry, ‘Hey, Ron, so I have a thing for a girl… you don’t know her, I swear.’” Ginny laughed, chancing a glance at Harry again. He was still watching her. As she glanced over, he moved his pawn straight in front of Ron’s queen, ripe for the taking.

“Oh, man and Ron would be like: oh, yeah… uh, is she… uh, you know, good looking? Harry would just blush and drop the conversation,” Ginny said, turning her eyes back on the girl in her front of her. “And Ron is way too thick-headed to mention anything about the girl he is interested in, especially after the whole Phlegm incident during the Yule Ball.”

Hermione nodded her head at Ginny, knowing her friends all too well. “I’ve been wondering why Harry hasn’t come to me about you, I mean, we are good friend –” Hermione started another rant, but Ginny cut her off.

“You know what Harry is like, the boy keeps things bottled up,” Ginny smirked at her friend. “What would you tell him if he asked?”

Hermione shifted her gaze over to Harry, who was still observing their corner. Smiling mischievously, she waved at the black-haired boy. Harry started, looked panicked and waved back, turning his attention to his chess game, which he was losing spectacularly.

Ginny had to put her hand over her mouth to cover her laughter. “Hermione, that was just plain mean.”

Hermione smirked at the red head. “Well, it’s been thirty minutes now, he needs to take a break from studying.” The implication on studying was clear, sending another round a laughter through Ginny. Hermione joined her.

When Ginny finally recomposed herself she asked again, “So, what would your advice be?”

Hermione, for her part, was still slightly laughing, but said, “I would tell him just to get over himself and just kiss you. I am one hundred percent sure you wouldn’t stop that behavior, I mean, if anything you would encourage it.”

“Why do you think he hasn’t done that?” Ginny asked, real curiosity getting the better of her. She had been hinting at him for weeks now. Every time they walked to practice she would wrap her arm around his waist, which he would reciprocate. During meals she would brush her hand against him and place herself close enough to him so their legs would be touching. Hell, the other night the trio and Ginny all sat in the common room and she laid her head against his shoulder as they discussed Gryffindor’s chances for the Quidditch cup. “I mean, Hermione, I’ve been trying to show him that I want him to make a move. The only thing I haven’t done is basically yell, ‘Oi, Potter, you gonna kiss me or what?’”

Hermione threw her head back and shook with silent laughter. “Oh, my, could you image his face if you did that, Ginny? That boy is so awkward in any social situation, but image you doing that and if Ron was there....” She broke off unable to speak through the laugher she was containing.

Ginny took the time while Hermione recomposed herself to look at Harry. It was clear he still wasn’t focused on the chess game, but his eyes were turned towards it. Ginny could see the glaze covering the emerald orbs.

“I honestly think he might be afraid of Ron’s reaction.” Hermione’s voice pulled Ginny’s attention away from the raven-haired boy. “I know that Harry wouldn’t want to mess up his friendship with Ron.”

Ginny huffed, a stray hair moving away from her eyes, “But after that not so subtle hint Ron made on the train last year, you would think that Harry would know that Ron wouldn’t kill him.”

Hermione suppressed another round of laugher, “You really think Harry picked up on that? He is as blind as a bat when it comes to things like that.” Hermione sobered quickly as another thought came to her mind. “Not to mention it was right after… after Sirius.” She glanced over at Harry. “He really has pulled through better than I thought he would.” She smirked at Ginny. “I think he has had something else on his mind, maybe a certain red-head.”

Ginny returned the smirk, eyes glinting, “Yeah, I’ve seen how distracting Ron is to you, I’m sure Harry is having the same issue.”

Hermione leaned over and smacked Ginny’s arm, receiving a pained “Hey!” from her friend. The two settled into a comfortable silence. Ginny looked over at her brother and his best friend. The green eyes were facing in their direction again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to just yell ‘Oi, Potter?’” Hermione asked innocently, also seeing the eyes trained on them.

Ginny laughed, “And give both boys a heart attack? I’ll pass today. Ask me again tomorrow.” Looking at the clock set up on one of the walls, Ginny could see how late it had gotten, past midnight. She was getting tired and she had double Defense in less than ten hours, and Snape’s lesson would require a good night’s sleep.

“I think I’m going to head up to bed,” she told the brown-haired girl, “but before I do… wanna see a little show?” Hermione nodded, knowing what she was going to do, seeing as she had done it every night for the last four nights

Ginny stood up, stretching, she could see Harry’s eyes following her every move. Ginny winked at Hermione she walked over to the boys. Ron gave her no attention, until she gave him a small hug with a quiet “Goodnight.”

Ron returned the hug half-heartedly, focusing still on the game, “Night, Ginny.”

Harry was the opposite of Ron; all his attention was on Ginny. She made her way over to the bespectacled boy, who was unable to hide his excitement. Ginny had to fight down a laugh, “Goodnight, Harry.”

She gave him a hug as well, though this one was clearly not in a sisterly fashion. Ginny made sure to linger an extra amount of time on this hug. She could feel Harry’s pulse pounding through his wrists, that were positioned on her back.

From her peripheral vision, she could see Hermione shaking with silent laughter again. An evil addition to her plan arrived in her head.

“See you tomorrow,” Ginny murmured into Harry’s ear, as she moved her lips to his cheek, pressing them lightly onto his skin. Turning before she could see his reaction, Ginny headed towards the girl’s dorm. Hermione had her eyes closed and her hand over her mouth, clearly struggling to keep her laughter from ringing out loud.

Getting through the door, Ginny waited. She knew Hermione would follow soon and tell her about Harry’s reaction. She only had to wait a minute for the door to open and Hermione to clamber in.

“Merlin, Ginny!” Hermione said laughing, “I thought you were trying not to give the boy a heart attack.” Ginny joined her friend in laughing.

“I just wanted to give him a small taste of what he was missing by waiting.”

“Oh, you did that and more. I don’t think that boy is going to be sleeping soundly. I don’t think he will be able to move for the next ten minutes. When I glanced back he had his hand on his cheek, and Ron was still none the wiser. I wonder if he is even breathing?”

“So… maybe tomorrow we go with ‘Oi, Potter?’” Ginny asked innocently.

Hermione laughed and started to walk up the stairs towards her room, “No, that would definitely stop he from breathing.”
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