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Fake It
By Celtics534

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Category: Alternate Universe, Post-DH/AB
Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 47
Summary: What do you do when your friends won't stop making fun of you for still being a virgin? You go find a man and shag his brains out, right? Well, at least you fake it.
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Author's Notes:
So...this is the second to last chapter. Just an epilogue left! Hopefully everything is to satisfaction. I never planned on writing to intimately, because I'm more of a "fade into black" kind of writer before things get too extreme. As always Arnel was awesome to edit this chapter for me. Also I would like to say thank you for the Silver Trinket award in romance! First in comedy now in romance, it's incredible!


“Look at Ginny!” Teddy screamed excitedly, bouncing on Harry’s lap. Harry couldn’t stop watching Ginny. His eyes followed her every move. From stealing the Quaffle, to just flying in formation with her fellow Chasers, Harry never lost sight of his girlfriend.

“She’s really good,” Sirius agreed. Harry had bought tickets for himself, Sirius, and the Lupins the minute Ginny told him that she had made it into the second to final round of finals. Sirius had graciously accepted, but Tonks and Remus had declined, saying the activity was just a little much for them during this time in their pregnancy. However, they had let Teddy come see his favorite player in action. “Are all the Weasleys good at Quidditch?” Sirius asked, pulling Harry’s thoughts away from Ginny’s muddled red ponytail and how much he would love to be the one to remove the band holding it together.

“Most of them, yeah,” Harry said. “The only one who really struggles is apparently Percy, but he’s more into books anyways, so I doubt he’s fussed.”

Sirius nodded. “And how are things going between you and Miss Weasley? Seeing as we’re here, I’m guessing we haven’t broken up and hate her?”

Harry snorted. “Would you break up with her?”

“Not in this life time,” Sirius let of a bark of a laugh. “That’s good. The way she’s changed you… I’m glad everything is still going strong.”

“Changed me?” Harry finally turned his attention from the red-headed Chaser to look at his godfather. “What do you mean changed me?”

“You can’t tell?”

Harry’s brow furrowed as he shook his head.

“You’re truly happy, Harry,” Sirius was beaming at him. “You were a happy kid, but there was always something missing, but with Ginny it’s… it’s… you’re over the moon. It’s like she’s brought out a completely different side of you, and it’s a good thing.”

Harry thought about it for a moment. Yeah, he was happy with Ginny, and yeah, probably more than he could ever remember being, but was it that evident?

“I had no idea,” Harry murmured. Teddy was still in his lap paying no attention to the two adults.

“You know why, don’t you?” Sirius’ eyes glinted with joy and a little bit of mischief… maybe a lot of mischief.

Harry knew, but he had never said it out loud, but if he couldn’t talk to Sirius about it… “I love her.”

Harry was almost blinded by the full effect of Sirius’ smile. “That you are, mate!” He placed an arm around Harry. “Now all you have to do is tell her.”

Harry turned his gaze back to Ginny, as she scored another goal. Sirius was right. He should tell Ginny, Hell, he wanted to tell her. The only people he had ever uttered those words to were: Sirius, Lupin, Tonks and Teddy. This was different, however. This love wasn’t between a father figure and a son or family member, no this was the kind that made people change their world. Made people act crazy and do the unbelievable. This kind of love was the start of another life. One with a house and kids of his own. Was Harry ready for that kind of change?

As he watched Ginny loop over the Caerphilly Catapults Beater to steal the Quaffle from their Chaser, Harry could see that small smirk that he loved grace Ginny’s lips. That smile that seemed to make all rational thought leave his mind making the only resigning word left in his head a simple yes.


Harry leaned against the wall keeping his eyes focused on the player exit of the stadium. Ginny had sent an owl that morning telling him to meet her after the game by the old statue. Harry was more than happy to oblige. He hadn’t seen his girlfriend in about a week and though that wasn’t a long time in the grand scheme of things, he bloody missed her.

He watched as Ginny’s teammates walked out, talking to each other, their excitement evident even from a distance. They were in the finals, playing against Puddlemere United. Ginny’s red hair was easily noticeable among the dark tones.
Ginny whispered something to her roommate as she nodded her head towards Harry. Josie gave Ginny a slight smile and started a conversation with Gwenog as they walked towards the Apparition point. Ginny slowly, but surely, detoured towards Harry. Once her team was around the corner she rushed over at full speed, jumping into his open arms.

“We bloody won!” she claimed excitedly, placing a sloppy kiss on Harry’s mouth.

“You were incredible, Gin,” Harry told her, returning her affection happily. They remained interlocked, not caring about the rest of the world around them. Harry was more than content to just hold Ginny for days on end. He rested his nose in her hair, inhaling her flowery shampoo.

Ginny was the first to break the silence. “Did Teddy and Sirius come too?”

Harry nodded slightly, ruffling Ginny’s hair. “Yeah, Ted loved every minute of it.”

“Good,” Ginny adjusted her head, so Harry’s eyes were now focused to hers. “And what about you?”

“Every,” Harry leaned forward, placing a light kiss to Ginny’s lips. “Single.” Another kiss. “Minute.” He allowed his lips to rest on hers for longer this time. He pulled back grinning. “I’m your biggest fan, didn’t cha know?”

“I thought that was Teddy.”

Harry placed a hand over his heart in mock upheaval. “How dare he insinuate he surpassed me in the Ginny fanboy club. I am the president and treasurer.”

“Ah,” Ginny gave him that smirk he had seen earlier, making his knees feel wobbly. “If that’s the case, care to pay for dinner tonight? I don’t have to be back to the flat until eight. Josie is covering for me until then.”

Harry’s heart seemed to soar. He thought he was only going to get a few minutes with Ginny, but she had found a way for them to have a few hours. “It would be my pleasure. Care for an all you can eat? I know a good one?”


Ginny pushed Harry against the outside wall of her flat, letting her tongue invade his mouth. His arms wrapped tightly around her waist, while hers positioned themselves around his neck. Her hands roamed into his messy locks, their favorite place to be. Ginny’s wristwatch was set to go off in a minute, but honestly Ginny couldn’t care less. All she cared about was the way Harry’s hands were now wandering down to cup her bum.

Of course, time waited for no man or no good snog. Ginny’s wrist started to chime lightly. Harry drew back ever so slightly, keeping his nose still in contact with hers. “Damn curfew,” He muttered.

“Forget the curfew,” Ginny said, reconnect her lips to his.

Harry let her ministrations continue for a moment before pulling away again. “Gin, if Gwenog finds out, you’ll be banned from the finals.”

Ginny had never been so disappointed in the fact that Harry was right. Buggering Hell! Gwen would throw a fit and Josie had only promised until eight. “You’re right,” She admitted begrudgingly. “One week until the championship game.”

The smile Harry presented her with could have lit up the corridor. “I can’t believe I know someone playing in the Quidditch Cup, let alone dating her.”

Ginny pressed a light kiss to the tip of Harry’s nose before backing away and placing her hand on the doorknob. “Yeah, well, start getting use to saying, “my girlfriend the Quidditch champion.”.”

Harry chuckled, moving off the wall. “Trust me, my mates will get tired of hearing it.” The way Harry was looking at her almost made Ginny forget all about Quidditch, a feeling she wasn’t use too. His eyes were shining, a look Ginny recognized, but had only seen between her parents and Bill and Fleur. It was a look of such admiration and care that Ginny couldn’t deny she was one hundred percent in love with Harry Potter, and based on that look… he felt the same.

The words her mother had said only a month ago seemed to resonate with her at that moment. “Love worked in mysterious ways,” and Ginny didn’t know how it had happened or when it had fully taken affect, but love was what she felt for Harry.

“Gin,” Harry’s voice was hoarse as if he had been talking for hours. He licked his slightly swollen lips. “Gin…” He seemed unable to complete his sentence, but Ginny knew what he wanted to say, and she knew she didn’t need to hear those words at that moment. No, his expression was enough for her at that moment.

She closed the gap between them and pressed a firm and blazing kiss to Harry’s somewhat chapped lips. “I know,” Ginny whispered as she back way, reaching behind her and grabbing that dreadful knob, turning it. “Me too. After the game — win or loss — we’re going back to your flat. We are going to either celebrate or cheer me up.” The door to her shared flat opened. Before she walked through the jamb, she went back over to the now shell-shocked Harry and whispered in his ear, “And my mood won’t be the only thing rising.”

Ginny could hear the hitch in Harry’s breathing as she pressed her mouth just under his ear. Then she walked into her sitting room, leaving a stupefied Harry Potter in her building’s corridor.


“And Weasley has claimed the Quaffle with an incredible tackle. She seems unstoppable, doesn’t she, Lee?” Announcer Samuel Daniels voice claimed over the roar of the crowd. The Harpies were flying so well, it was as if Puddlemere had never played a match before. Ginny and the other Harpies Chasers were covering every part of the field, the Beaters knocking the Bludgers at alarming velocity and the Keeper almost unbeatable.

Harry sat on the edge of his seat with the other Weasleys surrounding him. They had invited him to join them, George of course, saving Harry the seat next to him.

“I’ve never seen Ginny fly so well,” Ron claimed excitedly as Ginny lobbed a pass between two Puddlemere Chasers.

“Your sister has always been a great Chaser,” Arthur responded, taking his glasses off his nose so he could clean them with his shirt. Harry couldn’t blame him, things were happening so quickly that a smudge could block an entire play.

“Yeah, but this is another level,” Bill said, a small smile on his lips as he watched his sister.

“Who would have thought it would be little Gin-Gin bringing the Weasley name to the championship,” Charlie beamed as Ginny flew past their part of the stands.

“Fred and I always thought Ginny was going to become an incredible player,” George admitted. “We used to watch her as she snuck into the broom shed and practiced flying around the garden.”

Molly turned her attention to her son, her eyes turning into slits. “And how old was your sister when she was doing this?”

George turned and looked at his mother as if he had never seen her. Luckily, for both Ginny and George’s sakes, the announcers cried out loudly, claiming the two Seekers had both seen the Snitch. All eyes followed the two players as they rushed at break neck speeds. Puddlemere’s Seeker started to pull ahead, his hand outstretched. His fingers wrapped around the little ball, causing the referee to blow his whistle ending the game.

The score board took a moment to show the final tally. Harpies: three hundred and ten. Puddlemere: Two hundred and twenty. The Harpy Chasers had out-played the other team entirely, preventing a real comeback.

The stadium thundered their approval for the all-witch team. The team met in the middle and hugged tightly, some pumping their fist in the air, cheering.

The entire Weasley clan and Harry stood and shouted themselves hoarse. Harry could see the pride in Ginny’s expression as Josie and Gwen both hugged her.

My girlfriend the Quidditch champion, Harry thought as he cupped his hands around his mouth to cheer louder.


Harry sat next to Ron, nursing his now almost empty beer. Molly had insisted everyone head to the Burrow to celebrate after the victory. That had been two hours ago. Ginny was moving in between her brothers, their significant others, and her parents constantly, making it hard for Harry to get a moment to congratulate her himself. The only thing that was preventing him from moving and stealing Ginny away was the knowledge that she would be alone with him later… A fact that still sent shivers down his spine. Between his nerves and excitement and overall joy for Ginny, Harry was a ball of mixed emotions.

“So,” Ron looked away from his own drink, glancing at Harry. “How are things between you and Ginny?”

“Great,” Harry responded, lifting his drink and tilting the neck of his bottle so the remaining liquid would go down his throat. “I didn’t image you as the kind of brother who wanted to know about his sister’s love life.”

Ron snorted. “I’m not, but Hermione keeps telling me I have to try more with my siblings…” he paused for a moment trying to come up with the right word. “people.”

“I’m Ginny’s person?” Harry asked, trying to contain his laughter at Ron’s lack of eloquence.

“Blimey, of course you are,” Ron looked shocked that Harry would even ask the question. “Ginny’s never seemed to care about someone as much as you. Which is funny, seeing as she used to have a doll that looked like you. Did you know that?”

“I’ve heard about the doll,” Harry responded quickly, changing the subject just as fast. “But surely you were close, right?”

Ron shrugged. “Yeah, but your different, aren’t you?”

Harry didn’t say anything. Ginny had chosen that moment to come over to their little bench. She gave Ron a quick peck on the cheek and then sat down in Harry’s lap, startling both her brother and boyfriend. She pressed her lips to his in a not too chaste kiss. “Sorry for making you wait around for so long. Everyone seems to want a piece of the champion.”

Harry smiled at her. “It’s all good. Ron and I were just chatting.”

“That we were,” Ron said, his face looking disgusted at his sister’s current sitting arrangement. “But now I think I’ll go talk with George.” Without another word he left.

Ginny moved her hand so it cupped Harry’s jaw. “I’m ready to leave. How about you?”

Those nerves that had been present ever since Ginny had talked about their private celebration a week ago, bubbled in his stomach. He was ready, but at the same time he wasn’t, but he’d be damn if he stopped this.

“Whatever you want,” Harry hoped he came off as suave and calm.

Ginny smirked at him and hopped of her makeshift seat. “I’ll go let Mum know we’re heading out.” She hurried off back towards the kitchen.

Harry took in a deep breath through his nose. It’s Ginny. He reminded himself. If there was anyone who he felt comfortable enough with… it was Ginny.

Ginny walked back across the lawn. Once she was within three feet of him, she held out a hand as offering. Harry took it and together they walked towards the Apparition point. Harry just hoped his palms weren’t sweating too much.


Though Ginny refused to show it, her nerves were on high alert. Merlin, she knew how she felt about Harry, but this was all so… so direct. The first time they had come close to shagging it had felt natural. No pressure. Just her and Harry after a night on the town. This night, however, didn’t have the same feeling.

The Apparition spot for Harry’s flat was set in a side alley, making them have to walk up the three flights of stairs, giving Ginny the time to contemplate everything she was walking towards. She was heading towards a situation which she had never experienced, and yes, people did it all the time, but Ginny had not, Merlin she hoped Harry couldn’t feel the sweat on her palms as they strode hand and hand to his front door.

She didn’t know what to say or really what to do. Her imagination kept coming up with the image of her pressing Harry against the wall. Running her hands through his hair, down his neck, over his shoulders, to the hem of his shirt…

Before she knew it, Harry was unlocking the door with a quick tap of his wand. He gestured for her to walk in first. It was in that moment that she knew Harry was as nervous as her. His expression betrayed any calmness he was trying to present. Normally it was a bad sign to create such anxieties in a person you want to shag, but she knew it wasn’t her… it was his own worries. Thinking about it more, Ginny knew that blokes tended to… be underwhelming their first time, and she was one hundred and ten percent sure that was something floating though Harry’s mind at that moment.

For some reason, this helped to clear Ginny’s head. She decided that she wasn’t going to push it… No, she and Harry were going to finally — finally — have their night together, but she wasn’t just going to push him against a wall. No, she was going to let the night take its course.

“Do you have any wine, Harry?” Ginny asked as they entered the modest sitting room.

Harry’s brow knit together, but he nodded. “Yeah, I have a nice red that Tonks gave me as a thank you for watching Teddy. Why she picked wine… I wouldn’t have said no to a new broom.”

Ginny laughed and stood on the tips of her toes in order to kiss her boyfriend’s cheek. “Go pour us a couple of glasses. I’m going to turn on the wireless.”

A great amount of tension seemed to release from Harry’s shoulders. He smiled. “Sure thing. Pick something good… I hear there is a Celestina Warbeck marathon on Wild Wizard Network.”

The look Ginny shot him, made Harry laugh as he walked into the kitchen. Ginny moved her attention the small wireless in the corner of the room. She flicked her wand, changing the stations until a soft guitar melody emulated throughout the room. A man’s voice crooned about taking the love of his life into his arms and kissing her under a thousand stars. It seemed as good of a mood setter as anything. Mix that with the wine… Hell, Ginny may even force Harry dance with her for a bit. She looked at the small fireplace. With another wave of her wand she set afire the resting logs, painting the room in a dim, yet inviting light.

Harry walked out from the kitchen grinning and holding two generous goblets of dark liquid. “For you, my darling,” Harry put on his pretentious tone that Ginny knew all too well was fake.

“Why thank you kind sir,” Ginny curtsied before accepting the drink, causing both of them to snort with their own ridiculousness.

They sat on the sofa, silently, just enjoying the crackle of the fire and the easy-going music. Harry was the first to try and break the spellbinding mood. “I...” He broke off, his face flush from what Ginny had first assumed the warmth of the fire, but now suspected from embarrassment. Harry took another generous gulp from his glass and tried again. “I love the way you look in this light.”

Ginny felt a small smile form at her lips. “What are you talking about, Harry?”

Harry’s flush seemed to deepen, but he seemed resolved to get out his very romantic, yet cheesy, thoughts. “When the firelight hits you… Your red hair seems to... I don’t know… It makes your entire face… You look beautiful.”

The smile on Ginny’s lips had to hold in her laughter. “Your eloquence is next to none, dear.”

Harry ran his hand through his already messy locks, making them more tangled then before, something Ginny appreciated immensely. The wireless was now playing a new song, all about how much in love this man was with his childhood sweetheart and how they were dancing in the dark to their favorite song. Dancing, something Ginny loved and hoped Harry wouldn’t mind tonight. She placed her half-finished drink down on a side table and stood from her cushion. Harry’s eyes followed her every move.

She offered her hand to Harry. His eyes widened as understanding flashed across his features. He took another large swallow of wine and then he too placed his glass aside and stood. He took Ginny’s offered hand and pulled her close to his body, in a move that made Ginny’s breath hitch. Harry slowly swayed them to the slow pace of the song.

Ginny couldn’t help but feel content in Harry’s arms. It wasn’t just because he presented that feeling of safety and protection, but in his arms, she could feel his love. The way he held her… everything felt perfect in that moment. Ginny laid her head on Harry’s chest, feeling the way his heart pumped a steady rhythm.

They continued to move at their slow pace, even when the songs on the wireless became much more up tempo. Finally, Ginny lift her head from Harry’s heart, and tilted her neck so her lips were on his. There was no rush for either of them. A few soft, yet meaningful kisses as they slowly swayed to the beat only they could hear. Ginny moved her mouth up to Harry’s ear, standing on her tip-toes. She had no idea what possessed her to say it, but she could stop herself. “We’re in love, aren’t we.” It wasn’t a question, more of a statement - a declaration.

She hadn’t needed to say it before. She didn’t need to hear it come from Harry’s lips, but she knew she was right and she wanted Harry to know she knew.

Harry didn’t say anything. Instead a physical response seemed to be his way of acknowledgement. He cupped Ginny’s chin and while running his thumb across her jawline pressing a fiery kiss to her lips.

This kiss wasn’t like before, soft, lazy almost. No, this held heat and intensity that made Ginny’s knees want to buckle. So, instead of falling to the ground, Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck pulling him in tighter to her, if that was even humanly possible. She let her fingers tangle in his messy hair she had admired earlier.

Slowly Harry started to walk, guiding Ginny with him, as he moved backwards towards his bedroom. No words needed to pass between them as they walked through the doorway and Ginny closed the door behind them.
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