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Fake It
By Celtics534

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Category: Alternate Universe, Post-DH/AB
Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 47
Summary: What do you do when your friends won't stop making fun of you for still being a virgin? You go find a man and shag his brains out, right? Well, at least you fake it.
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Author's Notes:
Just a few quick notes. One: I would like to thank everyone for enjoying the story and reviewing. It's been awesome to have so many nice comments. Second: I'm gonna be completely honest, when I started this I had only intended two chapters, but I really like the premise, so I plan to knock out a few more! Finally I would like to thank Arnel for the helpful comments and editing. So without anymore rambling from me, here is chapter three.


Ginny woke for the second time that week in a too comfortable position. If this kept happening she would have to live in her bed... Wait. She opened on eye to look upon an unfamiliar sight. Memories from the previous night started to flood into her mind. She and Harry in his entryway… moving into his bedroom. This was not her bed…

Ginny felt a heat flowing up her neck and onto her cheeks. She remembered the feel of his hands caressing her stomach. The way his mouth felt on her neck. Normally, Ginny would never be caught in a man’s bed after only knowing him two days, but Harry was different. She seemed to lose all rational thought when she was with that man. Everything about him drove conscious thought out of her mind. His hair, humor, eyes, lovable personality, body… Merlin!

Harry was the one who prevented them from going too far the previous night. When her hands had started at his belt buckle, he had pulled away.

“Ginny, I want to, trust me,” he had said, looking directly into her eyes so it was impossible to miss his desire, “but I want to make sure we think everything through.”

At first Ginny had been offended. Really, why would he stop her? Then her rational side returned and she agreed with him. They were moving way to fast. Her anger had subsided almost as quickly as it came, and she had nodded. “Alright.”

She could see the indecision in his eyes, which made her feel better. She had to imagine his mind was confused on why he was rejecting a woman willing to get naked in his bed. She could feel how much he really did want to.

“Just because we aren’t doing one thing, doesn’t mean we can do others,” Ginny pressed a kiss to the underside of his jaw. She watched his eyes glaze over as his imagination must have kicked in.

“Other things sound nice,” Harry’s voice was husky as he had moved his attention behind her ear, a place she had never found very arousing, until now. They had continued their night activities, until their kisses had slowed and both their eyes had drooped.

Harry had rolled them onto their sides, his arm wrapped around her stomach. “You can sleep here if you want,” Harry nuzzled the back of her neck, sending goosepimples all across her body.

Now here she was, in the after effect of sleeping in a man’s arms. She had to wonder if it always felt so good, or was it just because it was Harry?

“Are you awake?” Harry’s voice was low, but it seemed to fill the room.

Instead of verbally responding, Ginny decided a demonstration would be the best way to answer him. She rolled around so she was looking into his eyes. Brown meet green. A smile grew on his face as he looked at her. “Morning,” he whispered pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose.

Merlin! This man was good at good mornings. Breakfast in bed yesterday and today… today was one of the best mornings she had in a long time. Waking up in his arms made her feel so… content.

“Morning,” she moved her face into the crook of his neck, welcoming even more of his body heat. He moved his other arm so his bicep pillowed her head. She adored this closeness to him. Everything seemed perfect in his arms.

They remained silent, both lost in their own thoughts as the sun continued to rise behind the curtains. Finally, Harry broke the quiet, his voice nervous, “Ginny?’

“Mmm?” Ginny kept her head relaxed his shoulder.

“Are you okay with… with last night?”

Ginny decided she wanted to know his facial expression - for a conversation like this it felt necessary. She pulled away from his inviting shoulder and met his gaze. Nerves weren’t just showing in his voice. His whole body seemed to be filled with tension and his face watched her cautiously.

She decided to choose her words very carefully, which wasn’t her strongest trait, but she had no desire to make this blow up in her face. “If you mean… you stopping things?”

He nodded.

“Then, yes. You were right to stop things,” Ginny made sure to keep eye contact with him, even though she could feel that traitorous heat on the back of her neck again. “We don’t need to rush into anything.”

Harry nodded again, visibly relaxing. “I agree.” Red started to grow on his cheeks. “I’m going to be completely honest with you… I’ve never… never… with anyone.”

Many thoughts filled Ginny’s head, ranging from “Well, I’ll be damned” to “Thank Merlin” to “Why”. Of course, it was the last one that her mouth decided to mimic. “Really?”

Harry flushed more, breaking eye contact. He scratched his ear. “Yeah.”

“Why?” Ginny wished someone would glue her lips shut. It seemed morning time was when the little filter she normally possessed disappeared completely.

Harry let out an annoyed huff making Ginny quickly backtrack. “Sorry. You don’t need too — “

“I’ve never met someone I actually wanted to — “ She could feel the awkwardness radiate off Harry, but he continued his reasoning. “I mean, there have been many offers, but they just wanted to because I’m Harry Potter.” He said his own name with disgust. Then his voice went so low she had to strain to hear him. “Last night was the most I’ve ever done.”

Ginny didn’t know what to say. The famous Harry Potter was explaining his non-existent sex life to her. Little old Ginny Weasley. She didn’t like looking too far into things, but the fact that he was telling her all of this was a good thing, at least in her opinion.

She figured she might as well share too, seeing as he was being so honest and vulnerable with her. It was only fair. “Me, too.” Harry eyes moved at a blinding speed to reconnect with hers. “I’ve never been with any one either.”

“Really?” Harry’s mouth was slowly forming into a smile. Clearly, she wasn’t the only one who liked the fact that they had never slept with anyone before.

“Yeah. I mean, I’ve been focused on Quidditch. Sex just kinda fell to the backburner, you know?”

Harry nodded and sent her a mischievous grin. “Yeah, I use work as a distraction too.”

Ginny snorted. “My teammates think I’m crazy for it. That’s why they were pushing me that night in the bar. They thought I needed to get a leg over.”

Harry burst out laughing. “You didn’t tell me that!”

His glee was infectious. Ginny couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, that’s why they were so interested in me the next day. They wanted to know how my first time was. They figured a hot, sexy man like you would have taken me on an amazing ride.”

“It’s like I told you before, I live to please.” Harry’s confidence had returned in full force, making Ginny laugh. Harry leaned in and pressed his lips to her, slowly drawing her into him.

“Speaking of pleasing,” Harry said once he pulled his intoxicating lips from her, making Ginny wish for Sticking Charm. “What would you like for breakfast?”


“You’re late, dear,” Molly Weasley chided as Ginny walked into the Burrow’s back door. Ginny had known she was going to be late to the weekly Weasley lunch when she had left Harry’s flat to change into some fresh clothing at her own place. Ginny, however, had no desire to tell her mother where she had been and what made her late, so she needed to escape an interrogation.

“Sorry, Mum,” Ginny apologized, figuring it was her safest bet. She shuffled up to the counter. “Need any help?” A good way to get into her mother's favor was to offer to do chores.

It seemed to do the trick. Molly smiled at her only daughter. “No, I'm fine here, dear. Why don’t you go sit with your brothers.”

Glad to have dodged any wrath or work from her mother, Ginny left the kitchen, walking into the sitting room where the almost the entirety of her family relaxed.

Bill sat next to his wife, Fleur who was six months pregnant with their first child. George and Ron sat chatting about the joke shop. Percy and her father discussed goings on at the Ministry. That only left Charlie, who was in Romania. George’s twin, Fred, had been killed a few years ago by a crazed wizard who attacked Diagon Alley. Fred had protected a woman and her child from the mad man's attack, but he didn't make it. It had been one of the hardest moments of Ginny's life, but she and the rest of her family had come out stronger and so proud of Fred.

No one seemed to pay her any mind as she took the empty cushion on the sofa, until Arthur looked in her direction. He smiled at her. “Hello, Ginny.”

All five of her brothers glanced at her, giving her a halfhearted greeting. Ron was the last to welcome her. “Hey, Ginny, where were you last night?”

Ginny's brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“After the club,” Ron posed, “I tried to Floo call you, but your flatmate said you weren't home and then she just giggled.” he paused for a second, his brow furrowing. “Why did she giggle? I didn’t tell a joke.”

The next time Ginny saw her flat mate she was going to be equated with some new friends, of the bat variety. That little giggle comment set off five curious older brothers.

“Why did you Floo call me?” Ginny asked, hoping to veer the conversation.

“I wanted to see if you had any family tickets to the Cannons’ game next week,” Ron looked like a kid in a candy shop at the mere mention of his favorite Quidditch team.

Ginny quirked an eyebrow. “I always get you a ticket. Why would you need to ask?”

“I didn’t want to assume.”

“You’ve assumed much worse before.”

Ron let out a sigh. “Yeah, and Hermione keeps getting on my case about that. She says I need to stop assuming so much because she doesn’t want to date such an arse.”

George snorted. “I’ve always liked her.”

“So, yeah, that’s why I called, but you weren’t around, so where were you at eleven at night?”

Ginny was honestly impressed that Ron had led himself back to his original point, typically the mention of the Cannon’s would have distracted him. Of course, she wasn’t happy that the question was up in the air again. She needed a new distraction.

“Why in the name of Merlin’s socks would you call at eleven at night? That’s a little late for a Floo call, dontcha think? Let me guess… you were too excited by the prospects of seeing the Cannons, so you couldn’t sleep like a little boy excited for Christmas?”

Ron took the bait. He flushed. “No!” Another snort from George, making Ron defend himself more. “No, I — I — they say there’s no time like the present.”

Ginny, Bill, and George laughed. “I don’t think that would apply to this situation, Ron,” Bill said. “Good try though.”

Ron was saved from his pitiful defense by their mother calling them in for lunch. The siblings all rushed to their seats around the worn, scrubbed table, sitting in the same spots they had when they were children.

No one spoke until after they had filled their plates. Ginny was more than happy to sit back and watch her family interact. She had always loved her family’s dynamic. Percy and her father discussing political matters, George trying to mess with someone’s meal, Ron’s habit of eating as if he had never seen food before. To her this was what family was.

Ginny’s seat had always been next to her mother, being the youngest she was the last of the sibling to still need help eating as a child. The position had stuck as she progressed into an age where she could cut her own chicken. So, when Molly leaned towards her, she didn’t even think twice until her sentence was complete. “Ginny, dear, you may want to run to the loo and heal that love bite before your brothers notice.”

Ginny had to force herself from slapping her hand over her neck, so to not draw attention to herself. Many emotions struck Ginny at full force. Surprise, embarrassment, and oddly happiness. The idea that Harry had wanted to leave his mark on her… typically, she would want to show someone the business end of her wand for acting so possessive, but because it was Harry… Merlin that was messed up!

Molly’s motherly knowing look annoyed Ginny to no end, then add her mother’s smug smirk…

“I’m assuming that’s why you were late,” Molly’s voice was filled with contained laughter, only increasing Ginny’s annoyance and embarrassment.

“Mum, you know what happens when you assume.” Even in her totally rattled state of awkwardness, Ginny’s quick tongue hadn’t failed.

Instead of being offended by her daughter’s cheek, Molly’s smile grew. “You remember the incantation I’m sure.” She then took a bite of carrot. After she had swallowed, Molly added, “Oh, and make sure to invite him next week’s lunch.”


The next week passed in a blur for Harry. Between his hunt for Avery, someone who was still open about his support of the Dark Arts, helping Remus and Tonks with his godson, Teddy, and spending his evenings with Ginny, seven days had come and gone. Now, he was staring at his reflection, trying with all his might to tame his unruly hair before meeting Ginny’s family. She had explained what had transpired during her family’s’ meal last weekend, how her mother had notice how much Harry had enjoyed Ginny’s neck, and how Molly Weasley had requested he join them the next week.

Never before had Harry gone to meet with a woman’s parents. He had no idea what to expect, hell he hadn’t expected to meet them after only knowing their daughter for a little over a week. Though if he was being completely honest, he could already tell Ginny was worth it. Over the course of the last nine days they had seen each other every day, but one, and Harry couldn’t get enough of her. It wasn’t just the things they were doing physically with each other, though that was bloody amazing, it was also the conversations they had before falling asleep: Talking about their childhoods and what made their lives important. In those nine days, Harry had become more comfortable with Ginny Weasley than anyone, the exceptions being Sirius, Remus, Tonks, and Teddy. After only nine days, Harry didn’t ever want to go back to falling asleep alone.

Their physically side had progressed, but still they hung back, toeing that final line. He knew sex was something that everyone did, especially at his age, but he couldn’t help but want to make it special, for Ginny’s sake at least. After their confessions a week ago… well, Harry wasn’t the most romantic guy, but he figured that if they did decide to jump over that ledge together he wanted to do it right.

A voice from his sitting room pulled Harry out of his reverie. He gave his hair one final pat and left his bedroom. Ginny’s head was sitting among green flames. “Hey, you ready to go?” Harry nodded, his stomach twisted in knots at the very idea of entering the Weasley’s wolf house. Ginny seemed to know where his mind was at. “I’m coming through.”

Before he could give her more than a surprised look, Ginny’s head was removed from the hearth and her body was stepping towards him. “It will be fine,” Ginny wrapped her arms around his waist. “Everyone will like you, I promise.”

“Yeah, I’m sure your father will love to look at the man who’s been leaving love bites on his daughter’s neck,” Harry muttered into Ginny’s hair as he breathed in her flowery scent he found so intoxicating. Lilac, maybe. Harry really didn’t know flowers, but he certainly enjoyed the scent on Ginny. He had never smelled the famous love potion of Amortentia, but he thought that Ginny may just be a part of his three scents of desire.

Ginny snorted. “We’ll just dodge that conversation if it comes up, yeah?”


Ginny had been right about her family, of course. From the moment Harry had come through the Weasley’s fireplace he had been welcomed with open arms. Literally, Molly had pulled him straight into a bone crushing hug.

“Hello, you must be Ginny’s new friend,” Mrs. Weasley claimed into his shoulder.

Harry could see Ginny roll her eyes behind her mother’s back. One of the men sitting in the sofa snorted. “How did you know he wasn’t a Weasley?” he asked. “Was it the lack of red hair?”

Mrs. Weasley released Harry to chide her son. She turned around, hands on hips. “George, none of that when we have a guest.” She then turned back to Harry. “Ginny never told me you name, dear.”

“Oh,” Harry rubbed his heated neck. “It’s Harry. Harry Potter.”

As always, his name had the dramatic effect he hated. Mrs. Weasley’s hand covered her mouth in surprise. The older gentleman, sitting in one of the comfy arm chairs, eyes went wide. The joker from earlier looked as if Christmas had come early. Ginny, however, had the response he wished everyone had. She just smiled at him. Not a smile that said: “Your famous. How awesome.” No, she smiled at him, just Harry.

The older man, who Harry assumed was Ginny’s father, was the first to recover. He stood from his seat and offered out his hand. “Nice to meet you, Harry. I’m Ginny’s father, Arthur.” Harry shook Arthur’s hand.

Once he released Ginny’s father’s hand, Mrs. Weasley pulled him into another tight squeeze. “And I’m Molly. Only George is here right now, but Bill, Fleur, Ron, and Percy should be here within the hour.”

George, lifted himself from the sofa and offered his hand to Harry as well. “So, Gin-Gin found the Boy Who Lived. If you have some time, I have some great stories about Ginny for you.”


George, it turned out, had a rather large collection of embarrassing Ginny stories he was dying to tell. There was the time Ginny wanted to prove she was just as brave as her brothers, so she climbed one of the Burrow’s tallest trees, however once she reached the top she didn’t know how to get down so she had to call for her father, which amused all her brothers. Then, when Ginny was fifteen she was dating a boy name Michael, who was about to kiss her for the first time when Fred and George walked into the couple’s previously deserted classroom. George’s favorite, however, had to be the time when Ginny was six and had decided she was going to marry Harry Potter. She had found a white bedsheet, wrapped it around herself and married herself to her homemade Harry Potter doll (patent still in the works).

“If you want to see your competition, I believe he is still in the attic,” George positively cackled at his sister’s and her boyfriend’s red faces.

“Maybe another time,” Harry muttered. He had no intention encourage George to tease Ginny, clearly, he didn’t need it.

George shrugged. “The offer will always be there.”

As the rest of Ginny’s brothers arrived, Harry was able to escape George’s incessive need explain Ginny’s past awkward excursions. All the Weasley brothers had the same response as their parents when they heard Harry’s name, shock and awe, but they also were amused remembering Ginny’s childhood obsession. It took a while, but eventually all the brothers accepted their sister was fraternizing with the famous Harry Potter, and they had no reason to tease her.

Finally, after a small, yet intense interrogation from the red-haired brothers, Mrs. Weasley called for lunch, making all the grown men act like children, fighting for the first serving. Harry had intended on sitting next to Ginny, however George seemed to have other plans. He wrapped an arm around the only dark-haired man in the building and steered him towards the opposite side of the table. “You can see Gin-Gin whenever you want,” George complained, “I want my chance to have a lunch with the Chosen One.”

“That was never an accurate title,” Harry couldn’t stop himself. He had always hated the way The Prophet crucified him, claiming him to be the only one who could have stopped Voldemort, the utter nonsense.

“I think it’s rather perfect,” George sent his sister a gleeful smirk. “I mean, you’re clearly Ginny’s chosen one.”

Harry decided letting George’s comment slide was the best option, refusing to give him more to work with. George pressed Harry into an empty chair and Molly instantly started filling his plate with mouthwatering homemade shepherd’s pie. The Weasleys tucked in with a quick word of thanks to their mother or wife. It took a few moments for conversation to start up, as everyone was content chewing and sipping from their glasses. Multiple chats broke out with Arthur, Bill, and Percy discussing one thing at their end of the table, while George and Ron talked about their weekly orders. Ginny sat next to her mother, and Molly had leaned in to whisper something into her daughter’s ear.

Harry was halfway through his pie, enjoying the perfectly baked crust, when George struck up a conversation with him. “So, Harry, is it true you know the names Mooney, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs?”

To say he was surprised, was an understatement for Harry. “Yeah,” he said slowly, “how do you know those names?”

George turned his head to make sure his mother’s attention was otherwise focused. “Fred and I found their map.”

“No way!” Harry couldn’t wait to tell his godfather. “Where?”

“In Filch’s office, up at Hogwarts.”

“And you made it work for you?” Harry knew the code phrase wasn’t the most common.

“Yeah,” George scratched his left ear. “Fred and I spend many nights saying random words to it, but eventually it gave us a hint. I like to think the makers were encouraging us to cause mischief.” He then waved his hand in a no-big-deal gesture. “But I digress. How do you know them, Harry?”

Harry then spent the next few minutes explaining the history of the Marauders. By the end George looked as if Harry had told him he was the king of England. “Merlin!” George turned towards his sister. “Gin.”

Ginny stopped mid conversation with her mother. “What?”

“You can never let this one go,” George turned sideways in his chair and wrapped his arms protectively around Harry. “He is perfect, you hear me? He’s a keeper.”

“Actually,” Harry couldn’t help but feel awkward being held so close to George. Sure, George was a decent bloke, but Harry really didn’t swing that way. “I played Seeker.”

Ron, who apparently had been listening, snorted. “George likes him and he has a poor sense of humor. He is perfect for you, Gin.”

“Boys,” Molly chided, “Harry and Ginny can do as they please.” She turned her motherly gaze onto him. “How long has this been going on, Harry dear?” Her voice was innocent, but Harry knew that question was anything but innocent.

“I feel like I’ve known Ginny forever,” Harry smiled Mrs. Weasley.

Molly looked pleased with this, and turned her attention back to Ginny, who shot Harry an approving nod.

“Not bad, Potter,” Bill whispered from the seat on Harry’s other side, making him turn to see a smirking red-head. “Good deflection. You’ll fit right in.” Then, Bill turned back to Arthur.

Eventually the food had been cleared and the family of red heads made their way out into the garden where they continued to catch up with one another. Harry finally was able to sit next to Ginny on a bench set slightly to the side of the main focus of the overgrown garden. Ginny had her head resting on Harry’s shoulder and Harry was more than happy to rest his arm on her waist.

“I was right,” Ginny muttered sleepily, pulling Harry out of his comfort haze.

“You were right?” Harry tried to blink his mind into action.

“My family does like you, quite a bit, actually.”

“Especially George.”

Ginny snorted. “A little too much for my likening.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll warn you if I decided to switch Weasleys,” Harry smirked at her, but turned his head to press a kiss to the crown of her head, resting his nose in her hair.

“That’s all I ask.”
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