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The New Prophecy
By BoarHatMagic

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Category: Alternate Universe
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Intimate Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: AU. A new prophecy threatens to change the results of the war against Voldemort and crosses the fates of, the famous Auror, Harry James Potter with the daughter of the minister of magic, Arthur Weasley. Now Harry is a professor at Hogwarts, secretly in charge of protecting the new Head Girl. However, what once was a mission, turns into a deep friendship and then a forbidden love that contradicts all expectations. Rated M.

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Author's Notes:
Hello, this is the first fanfic that I venture to publish in English, my stories are originally written in Portuguese. I apologize because my English is far from perfect. I'll love to read any comments you have to make about this story. Enjoy!


In the middle of a sunny summer day, the corridors of Hogwarts Castle were deserted and silent. Only a few employees stayed during summer break, just because they had no better place to go. Harry could understand them well, he knew what it was like to not have a home, or have no one to go back to.

Himself choose to call home his tiny space at the aurors headquarters. There he had a bunk with a lumpy mattress, a cabinet in the locker room with the peeling paint, and a cramped cubicle with a sober table buried by a pile of reports to be made, yet it was better than an empty mansion filled with memories that one day were happy, but now were just painful.

He shook his head as he watched the gleaming armors he passed by and returned his mind to work. Work was a safe place for his mind, a place where he was in control, with no painful memories, no dilemmas to solve.

In this aspect of his life, his biggest dilemma was to find a way to better manage his paperwork. He was the kind of man who liked to lead by example. How could he demand reports from his staff if he couldn't make his own? Most of the bureaucrats in the ministry believed that Kingsley had given him too much credit when he was promoted so early in the career, he was not going to offer reasons for them to doubt his ability.

Harry paced the long corridors of the castle curiously observing the details, he had seldom been there, never for a pleasant reason, yet it was hard not to wonder how his life would have been like if he had studied at Hogwarts as a normal boy.

He let out a disgusted laugh. Normal was everything his life had never been and would never be.

However, he could not shake off that uncomfortable whish to have the same things most normal people had.

School, friends, family, love ... Simple things that were not meant for a man like him, Harry had accepted that long enough. Still, it was hard not to figure out how he could be or realize how empty his life was.

Harry shooed these thoughts from his mind. There was no point in wallowing in self-pity. Things were as they were and he was a soldier, born in the midst of battle and would die like this. If only he can take Voldemort with him when the moment arrives, he will leave satisfied knowing that his mission has been completed.

That last thought came just when he reached his destination. He stopped in front of a huge stone gargoyle and gave the password he was informed of. The gargoyle shuffled away, and circular stairs revealed themselves.

Harry came up the steps with a determined attitude, knowing he was expected. Dumbledore did not usually waste anyone's time, Harry could only suppose that a serious motive had brought him there. Knocked on the door.

"Please, come in."

Harry did as he was told and came across the wise old wizard in a large chair behind his towering table. Beside him, a phoenix watched silently.

"Harry, my boy." Dumbledore smiled. "How good to see you."

"Also, director."

"Come and sit down, please." I imagine you're curious to know why I called you here.

"I confess, the question crossed my mind." Harry commented with a half smile as he settled down. "Do we hear of any more one?"

Dumbledore's face became momentarily gloomy.

"No, I regret to say that we have made no progress as to the location of the remaining Horcruxes."

Harry just nodded seriously.

"We'll keep looking."

"Certainly. However, this was not the reason for my invitation."

"What is it then?"

"I'd like to know what you think about spending some time at this school?" The director smiled. "I'd say for a year maybe?"

Harry frowned, intrigued.

"I do not think I understand what you mean, Headmaster."

"Well, I'm asking for your help. Unfortunately, once again, I have a vacancy to fill in the team of teachers."

Harry stared at Dumbledore without fully understanding what the man was saying.

"You want me to be a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?"

"Yes, my boy, that's exactly what I'm asking you."

"Ah... well, I'm not sure I'm the right person for the job."

"And why do you think so, young man?"

"First, I have no experience as a teacher, and second, I do not believe the ministry will agree to release an auror at this time, even for such a noble cause."

"Oh, I understand." Dumbledore said. "But you see, the head of the Law Enforcement Department has already agreed to your release."

Harry blinked dazedly.

"Kingsley agreed to release me?"

"Not without protest." Dumbledore smiled. "It is not easy to give up the captain of the most efficient squad in such complicated times, but I am afraid Arthur was able to persuade him."

"So Minister Weasley interfered?" Harry asked, feeling his stomach sink. "Is this some kind of personal retaliation for what happened? I can not understand the interest of the ministry at Hogwarts."

"It's not retaliation, Harry, but your mind is on the right track. The minister has a particular interest in the activities of Hogwarts."

Harry sighed.

"After all, what is it all about? As honored as I feel for the invitation, I can not believe that the minister and Kingsley would give up any members of my squadron at this time. We are the best team in combat, I do not want to appear arrogant, but I have my share of responsibility in the results."

"You have every right to appear arrogant, Harry. You are the best soldier that the elite force of the ministry has today. As Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot I am well aware of this. You have solved the largest number of cases any auror your age has ever made in history, is an infiltration expert and most of your missions have been cleaned with minimal losses to our side."

Harry shifted slightly uneasily.

"And that's exactly why we need you here." Dumbledore finished.

"Minimal losses, you say." Harry sighed. "What you call minimal, I call it disastrous." My team needs me now, it's a crucial moment in the search for a missing member of my squad. That is my priority and I would think it would be the minister's priority as well. Ronald Weasley is my partner and best friend, if this is not a retaliation from the minister for the lost of his son, I do not know what it is."

"Neither the ministry nor the Order of the Phoenix gave up looking for Ron Weasley, Harry. I have faith that our spies will come to a track very soon, you can trust and leave this mission in our hands just as the minister decided to do."

"Sorry Dumbledore, but I do not trust your spies. They have already caused me enough damage and I am amazed that the minister thinks differently."

"Understandable, of course." Dumbledore agreed. "But before you say no to our request, I ask you to listen to my last argument."

"Say it."

"A new prophecy has been made."

A silence deepened in the room. Harry took some time wondering what that news might mean. A change in the winds of this war could be a good sign, or it could just be disastrous.


"A new prophecy has been made recently and it sheds light on how Voldemort will be defeated ... However, this prophecy does not refer to you." The professor informed. "At least not directly."

"It's not about me?"


"About who?"

"A young woman who studies at this school. A pureblood witch. A seventh daughter from a powerful lineage." The old man explained. "As talented and daring as this young lady may be, I am afraid she is completely unprepared to face what is to come. Voldemort is already mobilizing his forces to find her right now."

"A seventh daughter?"

"Indeed, a seventh daughter and seventh woman of her family in seven generations.

"And she has pure blood?"

"Indeed. It also belongs to one of the most traditional magical families in Britain."

"Only the fact that this girl was born would be enough for Voldemort to want to kill her."

"You're right. However, Voldemort had never known about this young lady until the prophecy was made."

"So that's why you want me here." Harry understood.

"This girl is of the utmost importance, and we could not trust anyone else to protect her."

"What says this new prophecy ?"

"We do not know. We can only get a vague notion about the content. This prophecy was also made by Sybill Trelawney and how do you know ..."

"She was captured by Voldemort more than two years ago." Harry concluded. "She did the prophecy in captivity, I imagine."

"We suspect yes." The director sighed. "I fear the only advantage left to us is to be the only ones who know the whole prophecy concerning you, but I believe that Voldemort already has full knowledge of the prophecy concerning this young woman and we do not know what this can do with to the balance of this war.

"There is a chance that her blood status will protect her from Voldemort, which may be even worse depending on his plans ... Is she Slytherin?"

Dumbledore denied it.

"I'm afraid the pure blood will not be enough to protect miss Ginevra Weasley from Voldemort, even if she was a Slytherin, in fact that only makes her an even bigger target."

Harry's heart leapt into his chest.


Dumbledore nodded.

"How well do you know the minister's family, Harry?"

"Not much, really. Only the minister and Ron in person, but Ron always talked a lot about his family. I've been invited a few times to Christmas dinners, but ...

I kept making excuses. Harry thought to himself.

"About Ginevra, what do you know about her?" Dumbledore asked.

"Ginevra ... Ginny? It's the little sister, is not it?" He asked. "I think that's how Ron calls her."

"Yes, she is the youngest daughter of Arthur and Molly Weasley."

Harry took a deep breath and rubbed his face tightly.

"Ron has always been crazy about her."

"She's a lovely young woman, much loved by her parents and all the brothers." Dumbledore agreed. "Intelligent, talented, extremely powerful, will be a force to be told as she develop her full potential, she is one of the few people who have ever suffered a mental attack from Tom Riddle and survived to tell the story."

"I thought she was adequately protected." Harry stared at Dumbledore seriously.

"At present moment she is, but in the past she was the victim of a horcrux implanted among her school books with malicious intentions. Ginevra was able to fight for almost a year with Tom for the possession of his sanity and free will before being taken to the secret chamber. I'm sure you're familiar with the story. It was the first time you came to Hogwarts, a year before Voldemort regained his powers.

"Was that girl, Ginny?"

"Yes. At that time James demanded that you was be involved as little as possible and in all circumstances that your participation in the ransom be kept secret, so you were never introduced to her and the minister was not told the details until very recently. It is precisely for this reason and for your acknowledged abilities that we humbly expects you to accept our request."

"I understand, I really do, but there are many ways to protect her. Do you really believe that bringing me to Hogwarts at this time is the best solution to our problems?"

"Harry, we can not deny that you presence will be missing on the ministery, but you're a valuable resource wherever you are. I believe with all my heart that you are the most reliable and efficient person to protect this young woman. You are the only one who knows what she might face. I'd venture to say she needs you."

"Need me? Is not that a bit extreme?" Harry hesitated.

"No way. If I know you well enough, Harry, I know you will be an excellent teacher to my students, a valuable resource for the ministry at Hogwarts, and yet will be able to provide the necessary support that Miss Weasley needs."

Harry sighed.

"Then I must appoint someone else to look after young Ginevra?"


"It's always good to have you, my boy."
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