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Memories & The Secret of Hogwarts
By Ruth Ann

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Category: Pre-OotP, Alternate Universe
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
Rating: G
Reviews: 21
Summary: Harry Potter begins his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The dreams continue for Harry this time with his newest friend lying cold on the stone floor and the iniquitous voice saying "Speak to me Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four."

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Memories & the Secret of Hogwarts

By harryginnyfan91

Chapter 3 — Gilderoy Lockhart

August 19th 1992

Harry stared at the sign in front of Flourish and Blotts. Harry struggled not to roll his eyes at the picture of the Blond haired wizard who would wave and wink at him every few seconds. He cringed when he walked inside and heard Mrs. Weasley sounding giddy at the excitement of getting to meet Mr. Lockhart.

Neville elbowed Harry’s side in a teasing manner and nodded his head towards Ginny who was standing in line with her mom. Ginny looked like she wanted to be anywhere else. Harry didn’t know how but he could tell she was highly annoyed. Harry and Neville walked over to them. Harry tapped Mrs. Weasley on the shoulder. She looked down at him and Neville and smiled.

“You boys should hurry up and grab your books and we can get them signed at no cost.” Mrs. Weasley said smiling down at the two boys. She turned back to the front of the line for a moment before her head snapped back to the two boys, and asked with wide eyes. “Where are my boys?”

Harry and Neville were confused. They knew that the twins were right behind them as they left Quality Quidditch and Harry could have sworn that Ron had followed. Harry looked around the crowded room and spotted the twins near the door chatting with Lee Jordon.

“Fred and George are over there.” Harry said pointing over to the twins. Mrs. Weasley looked over and frowned at the twins. Harry couldn’t quite tell why she would be upset with them, they hadn’t done anything and Harry and Neville had managed to curb some of the more extreme items they had planned to purchase at Gambol and Japes stating it would be more efficient to work on spells and create their own items. The twins had been almost giddy at the prospect and just a few of the more common celebratory items.

Harry was about to ask Mrs. Weasley what was wrong when Neville pointed to Ron who had someone made his way to front of the room stood next to Hermione. Hermione was practically jumping up and down in excitement at the thought of meeting such a renowned author. Ron on the other had was glaring furiously at the fraud. Every now and then Ron would look over at Hermione give her a look of disbelief and almost downright loathing. Harry could tell that it wasn’t really a loathing of Hermione as they were friends but more loathing at her dare he say it fan girl attitude.

Mrs. Weasley looked over to where Neville pointed and her frown deepen even more when she saw Ron. She huffed and thrust the large stack of books she had been holding into poor Ginny’s arms and she started to fall as under the weight. Harry quickly stepped behind Ginny and grabbed her under the arms to keep her on her feet. Neville noticed Harry holding Ginny and quickly grabbed some of the books.

The scolding Ron was getting was attracting a lot of attention including the attention of the large crowd and the man of the hour. Lockhart looked at Ron and Mrs. Weasley in disgust before he spotted Harry. Harry was about to take a step behind Ginny but thought better of it a moved behind Neville quick and muttered a quick apology.

Neville looked at Harry confused for a moment before he found himself shoved to the floor and Harry being dragged to the front of the room. It was in that moment that Neville remembered the conversation they had had a few days ago and now the fraud was going to use Harry to get more attention.

He started forward as Lockhart started his speech. “When young Harry walked in today to purchase my new book ‘Magical Me’ he never would have figured that he and his classmates would be soon getting the real thing. Yes, beginning with the coming school year, I Gilderoy Lockhart will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.”

Harry looked horrified at the thought of this man being at there school. Harry was trying to pull himself away from their new defense professor but the man had a good strong grip on Harry’s arm. Neville could see Harry trying to pull away but the man wasn’t letting go. Neville decided at that moment he needed to do something.

Just as he was about to step in to protect Harry his Gran walked into the store and saw Harry’s mortified face. “Let him go this instance!” Gran shouted and moved towards the front of the room pushing people out of the way. Gran quickly pulled out his wand and pointed it Lockhart. “Let him go.”

Lockhart’s grip seemed to tighten his grip on Harry arm. Harry cringed in pain as Lockhart’s sharp manicured nails dug into his arm. Harry soon found himself muttering silent pleases to Lockhart to release him as his arm was really starting to hurt. Gran heard Harry’s pleading and decided that she had given the man more than enough opportunities to release the boy she considered another grandson.

“Stupefy” Gran mumbled and a red blast shot from her wand. When the blast hit Lockhart he was blasted back and knocked out taking Harry down to the ground with him. Gran quickly put her wand away and helped Harry up. “Are you alright Harry?” she asked as she pulled Harry towards the entrance. Harry nodded as Neville and Ginny came up to him.

Gran had motioned for Harry to head outside while she finished getting the necessary books. Harry nodded in agreement and headed outside. Stepping into the bright sun Harry tried to get as far away from people as possible but his path was blocked by none other than Draco Malfoy.

“Bet you loved that,” Malfoy said. “Poor little Scar face can’t even go into a book shop without making the front page.” Harry was about to respond when someone beat him to it. “He didn’t want that!” The short spit fire otherwise known as Ginny Weasley exclaimed pushing her way between Harry and Malfoy.

Malfoy sneered his nose at Ginny before looking up to Harry. “Got yourself a girlfriend.” Malfoy teased. Ginny’s face turned as red as her hair. Harry’s cheeks also turned a bit red but he wrapped his arm around Ginny hopping to calm her. “Yeah, she is pretty isn’t she?” Harry responded. Ginny turned even redder ad Neville who had followed Harry outside chuckled beside them.

Harry was about to say more when Mr. Weasley stepped outside with Ron, Fred, and George. “Harry,” he said. “I saw you come out here, are you alright?” Harry nodded his head indicating he was fine. Ron glared at Malfoy while the twins crocked their heads as they looked at Harry holding their little sister.

Harry nodded to Mr. Weasley indicating he was fine.

“Well, well — Arthur Weasley.” A voice said. Harry looked up and behind Malfoy stood Malfoy Senior. Harry wasn’t quite sure how to describe the older Malfoy. He had what Harry could only describe as a mean, superior look in his eye and his tone of voice.

Mr. Weasley scowled at Malfoy Senior. “Lucius,” Mr. Weasley said. Malfoy Senior smirked at Mr. Weasley. “I hear it’s been busy at the Ministry.” Malfoy Senior said. “All those raids. I hope their paying you over time.”

Before Mr. Weasley could respond Malfoy Senior reached around his son and grabbed Ginny’s ‘new’ copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration out of her caldron.

“Obviously not.” Malfoy Senior said examining the tattered book. “What’s the use of being a disgrace to Wizard kind, if they don’t even pay you well for it.” After he said that he thrust Ginny’s book back into her caldron.

“We have a very different view on what disgraces the name of Wizards.” Mr. Weasley snarled angrily. Before Malfoy Senior could respond Gran came out of the store and over to Harry.

She stopped next to Mr. Weasley and nodded to the two men. “Arthur — Lucius.” She said in greeting. Both men nodded at her and before anything else could said or done Gran smiled at Harry and Neville. “I trust you both have gotten all of your supplies.” Both boys nodded. In truth they were both missing Lockhart books but Harry was confident that they could they could make it through the year without buying a single one.

’Ello ‘Arry,” a voice boomed from down the Alley. All the adults looked over towards the voice. It was Hagrid.

Both Mr. Weasley and Gran greeted Hagrid with a smile. Malfoy Senior just sneered at them and led his son away without saying a word.

“Hey Hagrid,” Harry said after the Malfoy duo left. Later that afternoon the Weasley family, Harry and the Longbottoms’ headed to the Leaky Cauldron.

Before heading back home they all decided to get something to eat. Harry was sitting between Neville and Ginny with Fred and George across from them. Ron was pouting after failing to push his way between Harry and Ginny.

“Ginny,” Harry asked as they were finishing up dinner. “Are you excited about starting Hogwarts?”

She blushed and gave him a shy smile before nodding her head. Harry wanted to get her talking figuring the friendly they were the less likely his dreams were to come to fruition. He never wanted to see her laying cold on a stone floor covered in mud. He didn’t want to think of her skin as white and cold as the marble counter his Aunt Petunia used to tell his Uncle she wanted before they made Harry take over cooking.

For the next hour Harry and Neville incorporated Ginny into their little group of friends. By the end of the night. Harry could tell that the twins were starting to have their sister as part of the conversation. Ron on the other hand did his best to exclude Ginny from the conversation as much as possible.

Harry waved from the fireplace saying goodbye after agreeing to meet them on September 1st on the train to Hogwarts.

Reviews 21

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