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Memories & The Secret of Hogwarts
By Ruth Ann

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Category: Pre-OotP, Alternate Universe
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
Rating: G
Reviews: 21
Summary: Harry Potter begins his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The dreams continue for Harry this time with his newest friend lying cold on the stone floor and the iniquitous voice saying "Speak to me Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four."

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Memories & the Secrets of Hogwarts

Chapter 7 “ Quidditch Practice

September 5th, 1992

Harry was shaken awake early on Saturday by Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor quidditch captain.

“Harry,” He said, “Get dressed and see you on the field in fifteen.”

Harry groaned a bit but didn’t ask any questions as he crawled out of bed and dug through his trunk for his quidditch robes. After getting dressed Harry quickly wrote a note for Neville and Ron letting them know where he would be and that he would see them at lunch.

“Harry,” a voice called out as he closed the dorm door. It was Colin Creevey who had taken to following Harry around school taking pictures. Harry honestly thought that Colin knew Harry’s schedule as well as Harry did because where ever Harry was Colin always seemed to be with a, “Hi Harry” or “Over here Harry.” He honestly found Colin a bit on the annoying side but he did his best to be polite.

“Look what at this,” he continued and he pushed a photo in Harry’s face. “I got some of the pictures I’ve taken developed.” Harry took the photo from Colin so he could see it better. It was a picture of Lockhart pulling on someone’s arm trying to pull them in the frame. Harry smiled as the person who Harry was sure was himself eventually won and Lockhart poised giving a brilliant white smile.

Harry handed the photo back and said, “it’s great.”

Colin looked like he had been given the greatest news and asked, “will you sign it.” Harry grimace not quite sure how to let the young boy down nicely.

He thought for a few seconds before telling him no and just leaving it at that. Harry made his way out of Gryffindor tower as quickly as he could. He took a shortcut to the Kitchens so he could ask the house elves to bring something light for the team to eat figuring that Wood would want to go over strategy before he actually started practice and Harry wanted to make sure the team had something to eat.

The entire way to the kitchen Colin followed Harry asking questions as this was really the first time, he had Harry alone. When Harry tickled the pear in the fruit bowl portrait to open the entrance to the kitchens Colin became very quiet as Harry spoke with the house elves there about food being brought down to the field for them.

“What was that?” Colin asked in awe.

Harry stood there for a moment before realizing that he wasn’t sure how he knew where the kitchens were. He was about to tell Colin that when he realized that Colin wasn’t asking about how he knew where the kitchens were but what the creatures in the kitchen were. Harry smiled, “Those are house elves. They make all the food for our meals and help keep the castle clean.”

“That’s so nice of them.” Colin said excitedly.

“It seems that way,” Harry said before changing the topic back to Quiddich. Harry told Colin about the game and how much fun it was to play. He asked if Colin was interested in learning to play after he learned to fly. Colin showed a little interest but for some reason, Harry did not think he would be anything more than maybe a pick-up game, sort of like how Neville was becoming.

As they were nearing the pitch Harry told Colin to go wait in the stands and that it might be a bit before they would start. When Harry entered the changing room, he noticed that the only one who really seemed awake was Wood. Fred and George were leaning against one another looking puffy-eyed, while Alicia was falling asleep against the wall behind them. Katie and Angelia were both yawning beside her.

“Morning everyone,” Harry greeted as he smiled at them. Fred and George grunted while each of the girls gave a small wave.

“Your late, Harry. What kept you?” Wood asked but before Harry could answer he continued, “I spent the summer developing a whole new training regimen. I think it going to make all the difference this season.”

Wood pulled out a large diagram and was about to explain it when three house elves appeared with a loud pop. The elves were holding trays with breakfast sandwiches, potatoes, and jars of pumpkin juice.

“Who asked for this?” Wood asked as the elves set down their trays and popped away.

“I stopped in the kitchen before heading down here.” Harry said as everyone took a plate of potatoes and grabbed a sandwich and juice. Wood nodded but was not going to complain as the sleep-deprived team seemed to perk up with the food.

The team spent the next hour and forty-five minutes listening to Wood explain the new regimen he had worked out for them. He had a total of three boards that he explained to the team before they were finally able to head out to the pitch and put their theories to practice.

As they headed out Harry noticed that the sun was now fully up and Neville, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna had all joined Colin in the stands.

“Aren’t you finished yet?” Ron yelled down.

“We haven’t started the actual practice yet.” Harry said, “we were going over our new training regimen.” He mounted his broom, kicked off the ground, and flew up into the air. Harry could not get over how great it felt to be back on the Quidditch field.

Harry was racing Fred and George around the pitch when Fred called out asking what a clicking noise was as they hurtled around a corner.

Harry looked around and saw that Colin had moved himself to one of the highest seats his camera raised as he snapped pictures of the team as they trained.

Wood had noticed the boys and quickly flew over. “What’s going on?” He asked as he looked at the boys. He seemed to have noticed the clicking sound too as he asked his next question. “Who is that first year taking pictures? He could be a Slytherin spy.”

“He’s a Gryffindor,” Harry explained quickly.

“Besides,” George continued. “The Slytherins don’t need a spy.”

“Why’s that?” Wood asked.

Fred and George pointed down towards the entrance of the field and said together, “their right there.”

Wood looked outraged and gave his whistle a blow to get the attention of the three chasers practicing their passes. Everyone gathered around and Wood directed everyone to head down to see what the Slytherins were doing here when Wood had booked the pitch.

“Flint!” Wood hollered. “This is our practice time you can clear off. I booked the pitch.”

Flint sneered at the Gryffindor team. “I’ve got a signed note from Professor Snape.” He said holding out a small piece of parchment.

“I, Professor S. Snap, give the Slytherin team permission to practice today on the Quidditch field owing to the need to train their new Seeker.” Wood read. “You’ve got a new Seeker, who?”

Coming from behind was Malfoy with his pale pointed face.

“Malfoy!” Harry, Fred, and George exclaimed.

Harry couldn’t believe it. It was like a bad dream. So, he just had to say, “Well, Malfoy. Did daddy buy your way onto the team?” Harry gestured to the brooms the entire Slytherin team was carrying.

Harry could see his friends approaching from the stands and he knew he had to put a stop to this before Ron and his temper arrived. “Why don’t we take this to Madam Hooch and see who she says gets the pitch today,” Harry suggested.

Wood smiled and said, “that’s a great idea, Harry. Let’s.” The Slytherins looked like they were about to put up a fight and argue.

Seeing this Harry spoke up. “We can all go peacefully, that way we will all know what she said and no one can argue or I can just go and get her.”

When none of the Slytherins moved Harry leaned over to Fred and George. “Keep your cool while I’m gone,” Harry whispered. “And make sure to keep Ron in check. Don’t let anything Malfoy says get to you, and mean anything. I don’t care if Malfoy or any other Slytherins say the vilest thing. Don’t react.” The twins nodded and Harry mounted his broom and took off.

Harry reached the castle in no time and quickly ran to Madam Hooch’s office and knocked on the door.

“Enter” Madam Hooch’s voice sounded through the door.

Harry pushed open the door and said, “Good morning, Madam Hooch. We seem to be having some issues down on the pitch. The Slytherin team showed up this morning with a note from Professor Snape saying he was giving them permission to use the field today when Wood booked it for us. I was hoping you could come down and settle this debate.”

Madam Hooch looked a bit put out but stood up and motioned for Harry to follow her.

Soon enough Harry and Madam Hooch arrived and Harry saw both Fred and George holding Ron back and Neville and Luna holding Ginny back.

“What happened I’ve been gone for less than ten minutes,” Harry exclaimed.

Before anyone could respond Madam Hooch sternly said, “enough” to Ron and Ginny.

Ron and Ginny both calmed down but both still glared at Malfoy and the entire Slytherin team. Hermione spoke up and quietly said, “I’m sorry Professor. Malfoy and said some…” She trailed off for a moment as she thought of the best word to say without setting Ron off again. “Mean and foul things about me.”

“Listen here all of you.” Madam Hooch said as she grabbed the note from Wood and looked at it. “This note does not give the Slytherins permission to use the field unless it is cleared through me. If you need to train your new seeker, come to me next time and book the field. Your Head of House does not get to say who can train whenever.”

The Slytherins all glared at the Gryffindor team for not listening to the note and clearing off.

“Get,” Madam Hooch motioned to the Slytherins who finally seemed to get the message and stomped off. “Wood, you all have the field till noon make the most of it.” She watched them walk off and headed down to the dungeons to have a conversation with Professor Snape.

Wood yelled for the team to get into the sky so they could continue to practice.

Reviews 21

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