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What Really Matters
By Bluest Witch

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use
Story is Complete
Rating: R
Reviews: 34
Summary: ¨What matters here is that you and I will get bonded for life, and we´ll get to share the moment with the people we love¨

This is the story of Harry and Ginny´s wedding, a spin-off from my first fic, That Look In Your Eyes. Fun, bantering, surprises and a lot of laughs.
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Author's Notes:
Only one more chapter to go now! Hope you’re enjoying the story.
As always, a big thank you to Arnel, my patient Beta, and to each and one of you who are reading this and leaving reviews, because you’re my rainbow in the sky.


“Percy! Oh, thank God you’re here! I thought I had mistaken the destination…” The woman named Audrey released Dave and stared nervously at Percy, who was gaping back at her. “I’m sorry to gatecrash a party, you told me it was your sisters’s birthday, but I never, ever expected… I thought it was a smaller gathering, I never imagined… and you,” she said turning to point at Dave, “What are you doing here?”

“Audie, I’m a wizard, for goodness sake! I was invited! The question is not what am I doing here, but what’s my sister doing at a magical home!!! How did you get here?”

“I got the Floo from Percy’s flat… I remember how you used it… by the way, I didn’t know it was that messy! Apart from scary, of course. I got awfully filthy, but this kind woman,” she gestured at Hermione, “offered to tidy me up with magic–”

“Yeah, we’re having a word with Clerebold about that,” said Ron flippantly.

Audrey addressed Percy again. “I know you didn’t want me to come, but your reasons were so ridiculous! At least you could try! I’m not saying it will be easy–”

“Good evening, young lady.” Arthur Weasley approached the little group where the woman, Dave and Percy stood and offered his hand to the woman. “I believe introductions are in order. My name is Arthur Weasley, and I am Percy’s father,” he said warmly.

The woman seemed to pale, but took the offered hand. “M-my name is Audrey, sir, and I am… I am… well, Percy’s neighbour–”

“She’s my girlfriend, Father,” said Percy. Harry heard Ginny gasping, and sensed, more than noticed, all eyes fixed on his brother-in-law, including Audrey’s, who beamed. Percy took a deep breath, lifted his chin and went to stand by her, taking her hand in his. He then addressed his family. “Everyone, this is Audrey, she’s Muggle, and we’re dating.”

“Blimey, Percy!”

“Wait, what?”

“Holy cow–”

“Well, blow me,” said Ron, rounding up the chorus of surprised expressions from his family. “It’s always the quiet ones–”

Ginny began to giggle uncontrollably, leaning on Harry for support.

“Oh, my goodness, this is too much… We only planned one surprise, then got three more for free!” she said to him, while they watched how Molly hugged Audrey and then introduced herself and the rest of the family. They all took turns shaking her hand.

“…and they’re Ron and Hermione, they just got engaged–”

“Sorry to walk in on your proposal, you must think I have no manners,” apologised Audrey.

“We’re sorry for drawing our wands on you, but old habits die hard,” explained Hermione.

“Oh, it’s no trouble, you couldn’t know–”

“This is my daughter Ginny and Harry Potter, her husband, they got married today,” said Molly. Harry and Ginny waved at Audrey, and she opened her eyes in surprise.

“Are you the Quidditch player? Percy has told me everything about what you do! You’re famous! I can’t wait to see you flying, it sounds fascinating! I love Muggle football, but this must be incredible! And you two just got married? Congratulations, and sorry again for intruding. Your new name’s Potter, then? I think I’ve heard it before, but I don’t know… rings a bell from the war time, maybe a refugee mentioned it…” She said all this very quickly and obviously excited.

“Wait, so you don’t know who Harry Potter is?” asked Bill, deeply amused. Audrey shook her head. “And you think our sister is the only one who is famous, don’t you?”

Audrey nodded, clearly unsure. “David and Percy… they’ve told me a lot of things, but not everything.”

“This is like a dream come true for me,” said Harry, delighted. “I hope the newspaper headlines would say ‘Ginny Weasley, Quidditch star, marries a bloke from the Auror office.’”

Ginny roared with laughter. “Welcome to the family, Audrey,” she said offering his hand. “Congratulations, Percy, your girlfriend is a real charmer. I’m sure we’ll get along very well. Percy, you prat, why didn’t you tell anything?”

“Oh, well, it’s a long story,” said Percy blushing. He caught Audrey’s eye and she squeezed his hand. “We’ll have time to tell the full story when you two get back from your honeymoon –I mean, you have one, don’t you?– but long made short, I used to think that I was a Gryffindor… “ he swallowed, and went on “but it turns out, she does not need to be Sorted, or even be magical, to be a true one.”

Audrey’s smile seemed to split her face in two. She pecked Percy in the lips, hugged him and whispered something in his ear, which made him go redder than a tomato.

“Sometimes things like this are a blessing in disguise,” observed Arthur, evidently ecstatic with the newcomer. Harry could only imagine the barrage of questions he had for her. A Muggle, no less! “This way you get to know the family all in one place.”

“George and Angie are still missing,” observed Charlie. “Maybe they went to get the fireworks ready.” Harry and Ginny exchanged glances and turned around to stifle a laugh.

“Oh, there they are,” said Molly, pointing at the orchard, where the couple looked to be engaged in conversation. “George, darling, and you, Angelina, come and meet Aud- oh, dear, they’re quite… busy, aren’t they?” For George had suddenly grabbed Angelina in his arms, spun her around, dipped her and proceeded to lock lips with her.

“They do seem to be paying little attention to us, Mother,” said Percy amusedly, without a hint of his usual stiffness.

“Wow, Percy, sarcasm suits you,” deadpanned Bill. “Wait, here they come… and something tells me this day still has surprises in store.”

George and Angelina arrived then, a little out of breath. George addressed the whole family. “Dear Mum and Dad, brothers and sisters, and lovely stranger, Angie and I are very pleased to announce that we are NOT going to tie the knot, wed, drop anchor or bond in any other way or form save for the propagation of our genes by means of the offspring due to be born around next Christmas.”

All the family, save Ron, Ginny and Harry, stood baffled, until Molly spoke. “George, darling, I think I’m going to faint. Could you be clearer?”

“Angie and I are moving in together, we’re going to be parents!”

It was pandemonium. Molly cried and hugged Angelina, Arthur did the same with George. Bill, Fleur and Ron jumped and cheered. Hermione was dabbing at her eyes, and Percy was explaining Audrey the situation. Charlie was shaking his head with a expression of incredulity.

“All I have to say is, don’t look at me next,” he said. “There’s nothing but dragons in my life and I’m happy to stay like that.” Everyone laughed. George released his father, went to Harry and Ginny and engulfed both of them in a bear hug.

“Thank you, guys, for having the wedding Fred would’ve approved of. It’s been perfect, full of shocks and bombshells.” He dropped his voice, so only the two of them would hear him, and said “I have a last present for you. I’ll distract everyone with the fireworks. Shed’s open, grab the brooms, and get lost.”

“Making up for years of sneaking up on us, are you?” Ginny tutted. “I swear parenthood is already making you a softie,” she teased. She returned the hug. “Congratulations, big brother.”

“Yeah, congratulations to both of you, and thanks for the… present,” grinned Harry. George nodded, and then turned around. “Charlie, Ron, come help me with the fireworks! But before we go, one more thing…” He faced her mother. “Sorry, Mum, but you can blame Fred for this, it was his idea…” He pulled out his wand. “Petrificus totalus!”

Molly went rigid as a board, and would have toppled backward if Arthur had not held her in place.

“Believe me, it’s better that way,” George said to his perplexed father. “Come on, guys, let’s end this party in style!”

A/N. In my head, Percy, Audrey and Dave have a full storyline prior to this revelation. I don’t know if I’ll ever write it, but what you must know for this story to make sense is that Audrey is a Muggle, Dave’s sister, who unknowingly to both Percy and her brother acted as a mediator helping Muggleborns to hide. Eventually Percy and Audrey fell in love but he felt that the Statute of Secrecy might isolate her from her Muggle friends. Which of course Audrey found ridiculous, because yes, she’s a true Gryffindor despite being Muggle. ☺
Reviews 34

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