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Night Revelations
By Gryffinclaw_31

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Category: Cursed Child and beyond
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Angst, General, Romance
Warnings: Death, Mild Language
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: One-shot, Albus gets a new view of his parents relationship and most specifically, another side of his dad when he trudges down the stairs for a glass of water.
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, my work does not represent the site owners.


Albus Potter loved his sleep, especially now when things were finally starting to look up, thus, when he woke up in the middle of the night, needless to say, his mood wasn't the best. Grumbling about lack of sleep and body needs and thirst, he slipped out of his room and trudged down the stairs to get a glass of water when he saw the light peeking out of the living room, unable to help his curious nature, he peered in, all thoughts and thirst forgotten.

Inside he saw his dad with his face towards the window and his mum standing by the fire.

He knew he shouldn't listen, but it was just so tempting, sighing he sat on the last step and leaned in.

"Do you need a sleeping draught, love?" asked his mother.

"No, I'm okay. You can go back to bed, Gin," came a tired reply.

"I'm not going until you are," his mother said with a stubborn voice which neither her children nor brothers could challenge.
Dad, however, merely sighed and shook his head.

He let out a frustrated sigh, "I don't know what's wrong with me, I haven't had a nightmare this bad for quite a while,"

She went and placed a hand on his shoulder "What's the matter, Harry?"

"I don't know," his shoulders slumped, and he bowed his head.

Albus, from his point of view, had never heard his dad talk in such a defeated tone, it made him sad even though he didn't know why, but now that his relationship with his dad was starting to look up, his empathy and feelings were returning in full force.

Ginny forced him to turn around, and all but dragged him to the couch. He let out a shuddering breath and sank into the armchair in front of the fireplace, pulling his knees up to his chest. Once again, Albus had never seen his father look so desolate, so lost, so vulnerable.

"What was it about?" Ginny asked; Albus had to strain his ears to hear the sudden drop in volume.

"Oh, the usual," he took a deep breath before continuing,

"mum and dad protecting me, Voldemort, Sirius, Cedric, Remus and Tonks, Fred, Voldemort," he mumbled.


"I see that Riddle cannot give me a moment's peace even in death," cutting her off.

"What are you thinking?" her tone suddenly interrogatory, it was the same tone that she used on Albus and his siblings when they hid something, she did seem to know everything.

"I know you don't like it when I think like that, heck, I don't like it, but-- it's just-, sorry I'm rambling." he sighed.

"Just what?" her voice was soothing.

Albus hadn't thought that his dad could look any worse, but at the moment he looked as if someone had extinguished his fire, his eyes weren't their usual twinkling self, Albus inched a bit closer.

No! This wasn't the great Harry Potter the press speculated about, this wasn't the brave Head of DMLE, but most importantly, the person he saw right now wasn't anything like his cheery and loving dad, more like a shell of the same person.

"What if there really is a place up there? I could meet all of them, and there would be nothing, just eternal peace, it's just so easy," Albus was horrified to hear an almost dreamy tone in his voice, this wasn't right, how could he even-

"Now look here, Harry James Potter," she had a blazing look on her face, "we all love you very much, this isn't like when you were seventeen, it's hard Harry, but you have all of us to support you, three children who look up to you, and Teddy, you have a family, and I don't ever want to think what would happen if you won't be here,"

He snorted. "Children that I so spectacularly failed,"

"You didn't fail Al, Harry, or James or Lily," she said.

"I failed him when he probably needed me the most," his voice dripped in guilt.

"I'm tired, Gin, and it's scary how one nightmare can start a train of thoughts, I can't sleep even if I'd want to,"

"You did not fail anyone, and Albus does not resent you, Harry, he was misguided, and now both of you are on the road of recovery, it will take time, but he loves you, and you love him, just as much as either of you did when he was born." Al felt appalled, was that what his dad thought?

She continued in a firm but soft voice, "Harry, please, don't succumb to the guilt, the pain, Riddle's not worth it," She gently pulled his legs, pushed him backwards and sat in his lap, pulling his head to her shoulder. In other circumstances, Al would have protested and said it was disgusting and that they weren't as young as they thought, but now his concern for his dad won all other feelings.

She continued while gently flattening his hair,

"Sometimes we miss them, but in those times, we have to stay strong, and we have to live for those that we have now, I know, that's how we've lived for so long, and when the darkness arises, we need to remember those around us. Your parents would have been proud of you, same goes for Sirius, Remus, Tonks and Dumbledore and I, the kids, the rest of the family, we're all proud of you, proud of the man, the husband, the godfather, the dad, the uncle and even though my brothers won't say it in front of me, the best brother-in-law they could've asked for," Albus felt himself nod at everything she said.

His dad let out a long breath, "Thanks Gin, you never cease to amaze me with how wonderful you are," he cracked a weak smile.

"It's part of the package, love," smiling herself. "Feel any better?"

"Much better than before."

"They might not be visible Harry, but they're still here, in you, in Teddy, in all our family and me, and they're watching over us, and sending us their love in abundance." She said softly.

"Yeah, sorry for saying those things," his dad said in a small voice that he'd heard Lily use so many times to win his mum and dad, so that's where she got it from.

"It's okay, and I'm glad you let it all out, do you wanna go upstairs now, We can stay awake and look at the albums if you want?" Albus sprang from his place, as quietly as he could, he needed to go up fast without them knowing.

"Yes, but in a minute, " and he heard kissing sounds, but today he just smiled, his mum knew exactly how to make anyone feel better, and this gave him a chance to rush to his bed quietly.

He sighed and laid down, trying to go back to sleep, thinking about his night revelations and deciding that he will make his dad feel better and be a better son when he heard his door open softly. He shut his eyes and pretended to sleep.

He felt his dad's hand gently caress his hair and it felt so good, he'd forgotten how much he loved it, it made him feel safe, and his head felt lighter when he removed it.

"He looks just like you, and he sleeps with the same look you do," he heard his mum giggle.

"Yeah well, I think he might just be better than me at this sleeping business," his dad's humour was back!

The door closed gently, and he rolled over, smiling as he felt sleep take over, his thirst completely forgotten until morning.


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Author's note: Please review to let me know how to improve, any and constructive criticism is welcome and they're my only way of knowing if you liked it! Thanks for reading. My first 'major' fic!
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