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Mother's Day Special
By Gryffinclaw_31

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other, Teddy Lupin
Genres: Fluff, General, Humor
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Summary: "Shhh, You'll wake Ginny up, James," Teddy Lupin whispered to the three-year-old James, who was looking at Teddy with a sheepish look... R&R!
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"Shhh, You'll wake Ginny up, James," Teddy Lupin whispered to the three-year-old James, who was looking at Teddy with a sheepish look, they were making her breakfast in bed for Mother's Day, Teddy, having done that for his grandmother the day before, had come over to the Potters', since Ginny was just like a mother to him.

They were currently trying to make waffles with the help of Harry, whose head was hidden behind the oak doors of the kitchen cabinet. Unbeknown to them, Harry had cast a silencing charm outside their bedroom and a monitoring charm on Ginny, to alert him if she woke.

The kids' excitement was infectious and had been enough to rouse Harry from a deep, and quite comfortable, slumber. So here he was, making pancakes at the crack of dawn.

"I wanna help, Teddy," James whined, though, miraculously, in a low tone.

"Oh alright, come help me make this batter good," Teddy was a sweetheart, and James a little devil, but James worshipped the ground Teddy walked on, and Teddy, loved James too much to deny his puppy dog eyes, although, Harry thought, anybody would love him too much to deny those eyes.

"Daddy, you'll to help me be putted up, I want to stand there," James said, now tugging Harry's trousers, he stooped down to lift him and put him on the slab,

"Now James, if you wanna help Teddy, you must be careful and listen to him, okay bud? I'm gonna go and check on Al," James nodded enthusiastically and listened to Teddy with rapt attention which was rare for James Sirius.

Sighing, he went to the living room, where he had carefully crafted a safe barrier inside which lay one-year-old Albus Potter, much to Harry's surprise, Al was awake and looking at the ceiling with interest, upon seeing him, however, he stretched his hands and squealed,


"Hey Al," he smiled and lifted him, checking for his diaper, which was surprisingly dry, but then again, he'd only changed it half-an-hour ago.

He gurgled happily and tried to reach for Harry's glasses, his green eyes shining in delight, quiet as he may be, he was still James' brother.

Keeping Al's hands carefully out of the reach of his glasses, Harry levitated the high chair and placed Al in it, he was still too small to partake in the tradition, didn't mean he couldn't watch them.

"Morning Al," Teddy and James chorused, they truly were a cute pair, looking around the kitchen though, he sighed, he better clean it up before Ginny came down.

"Are we done?" He asked the boys, the batter looked good, time to bake.

Teddy said, "Yeah!" while James bobbed his head so vigorously, Harry was worried about his neck, grinning and shaking his head, he began his waffle making while the kids watched him with interest,

"Why don't you guys go and check on the cards?" he asked the kids without turning, they scurried off, fixing something up for Al, he turned the stove off and went to feed him.

"Are they done? Are they done?" James came back bouncing, Harry nodded as Al ate from the spoon,

"Now all we need is some pumpkin juice," Teddy said and went to the fridge to fetch it, setting everything on the table, Teddy grinned,

" We're ready, Harry," he stage-whispered.

Al, now full, giggled happily as Harry wiped the food off his face, his chubby fists against sought for Harry's glasses as he stood up.

Harry shook his head, "Daddy needs his glasses," he said and summoned the pet stag that Al loved dearly. Thankfully, the distraction worked and Al seemed more interested in "Pwongs" than him.

Walking to the other side of the slab, he saw how wonderfully the boys had arranged the things, the card was on one side, while the glass, carefully kept away was beside the waffles plate.

"Ready?" Harry whispered and he was awarded eager looks from both the children,

"Let's go then," he said and picked Al up in one hand, carefully levitating the tray with his free hand, he gestured at the boys to go up first, they ran upstairs, and Harry followed behind, amused.

As they reached their bedroom, Harry bought down the charms and the boys raced to the bed. Then he let Teddy hold the tray as James ran and jumped on top of Ginny, Harry winced, that would've hurt, but he knew that she wouldn't have wanted it any other way,

"Wake up Mummy, Wake up," James bounced on her excitedly, this caused Ginny to wake up with a start,

"James! You gave me a heart attack!" But she was laughing and hugged him, James shot a glance at Teddy who whispered "One, Two, Three,"

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!" Their voice was probably loud enough to wake the neighbours if they'd have had any.

The look of joy on Ginny's face was beautiful,

"We made you breakfast!" He said smiling at her, and Teddy walked towards her, after ten years of doing, it wasn't much of a surprise, but Ginny loved it every single time and it was the first time James was allowed, so it was somewhat new.

"Aww, let me just brush my teeth real quick," she said,

"But first, come here you two!" and she opened her arms wide, Teddy and James, of course, lept into them and the three shared a tight hug before Al noticed his mum and twisted out of his arms to get to her too, "you too buddy," and Harry gave Al to Gin who gave all the boys a noisy kiss.

She then got up and fixed the sheets with a flick of her wand, on her way to the bathroom, she pecked him on the cheek as well and he made a face,

"Dragon breath!" but it was only half-truth, she laughed and headed to brush her teeth.

He smiled at the boys who looked solemn while waiting.

She walked back and sat on the bed and eagerly ate from the plate, making "mmm" and "yummy" sounds occasionally, she caught his eye and winked, he just grinned back.

"Good job Teddy! Wow, this is amazing!" she exclaimed as she always did, she still had a way to make them feel giddy with pride, Teddy, turning red, hair and all, added "James and Harry helped," shyly.

She gasped, "Did you, Jamesie? Oh, my baby is growing up," she gushed and ruffled his messy hair,

"Good job, Harry," she said with much less gushiness, he raised his eyebrow, "No words of pride for me?"

She grinned and swallowed the food in her mouth before speaking, "Well, I don't suppose you want to be reminded how old you're growing," he chuckled,

"No, I suppose I don't," and went to kiss her.

"Open up the card!" James shouted gleefully, they broke apart,

"You take after you godfather, James," Ginny said, but she opened the cards, inside Teddy's card was a little message, "Ginny, you've been just like a mum to me, you've understood me better than most people, and so, I write to you, Happy Mother's Day!"

Ginny smiled brightly and beckoned him towards her from where he stood at the edge of the bed, he smiled happily and sat beside her.

James had a red-headed stick figure with a crown on its head, " Happy Mother's Day, Mummy! I love you," the words were a bit hard to read, but Ginny, possessing special mother skills understood it all and kissed him on top of his head, then she repeated the gesture with Teddy, Al, who had been distracted by his stag suddenly stood up on her and planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek, after a moment's of surprise, he'd never done that before, she laughed and blew raspberries at him.

Harry looked at the scene with a fond smile and summoning the muggle camera, Collin had gifted Ginny a long time ago, he snapped a picture before they could react, upon hearing the flash, she looked up and signalled him to come closer as he had retreated to the wardrobe to get a good shot, she levitated the tray to their side table and the place was immediately filled by James and Teddy, smiling widely he walked over to them, she spread her arms as wide as she could and semi-hugged them all.

"My boys," she sighed happily, she couldn't be happier than she was now, surrounded by those she loved most.

"I love you, Ginny," Teddy began,

"Wuv you Mummy," James said, snuggling deeper into her,

"Mama" Albus squealed

"Love you, Gin," Harry finished with a big grin on his face.

"I love you too boys," She said, "Now let's get dressed to go to the burrow, race you to the bath!" She shouted as James and Teddy quickly scampered off,"

Harry lifted Al gently, he had to get him dressed before he remembered the kitchen, uh oh,

" Uhh, Gin, you're forbidden from going to the kitchen for a while," He said before walking out of the door quickly.
She just laughed, nothing could ruin her mood now.

All was well in the Potter household.

x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- x-x
Author's note: Another one-shot, Happy (belated/advanced depending on where you live,) Mother's Day to all the mothers, everyone, go wish your mothers! They're the most important people in our lives. As always, I'm open to suggestions, requests or constructive criticism, and reviews are my only way of knowing if you liked it! Thanks a lot for reading! I would also like to point out that if you'd like to get a present-day one-shot, let me know!
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