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Who is Harry Potter?
By Gryffinclaw_31

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Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance
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Summary: "Tell me, who is Harry Potter?" Ginny Weasley asked as she sat beside her boyfriend in a muggle park. R&R!
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"Tell me, who is Harry Potter?" Ginny Weasley asked as she sat beside her boyfriend in a muggle park.

"Tell you who is Harry Potter?" at this, he glanced up with a grin.

"Why! I think you know him very well," he said.

"Tell me, who is the real Harry Potter, who is the person behind this face?" She said, turning her head towards the park ahead, swinging her legs on the bench. The day was warmer than a regular December morning. He looked down and remained quiet for a while, just when she thought he wasn't going to answer her, he looked up and gave her a quick smile.

"Harry Potter is a scrawny 19-year-old boy, there aren't any special things about him, he likes playing quidditch and hanging out with the Weasleys, and he loves his girlfriend, his two best friends and his godson more than anything and anyone in the world. He's odd because they say he loves doing the normal things. Is that satisfactory?" He finished smiling at her.

She shook her head, "Tell me more, has he changed over the years? What does he feel like these days? Is he happy?"

"My, you're a reporter in the making, next thing you'll be working for the Prophet," but there was only amusement in his voice.

"Harry has changed a lot over the years, from a lonely little boy to someone who couldn't be grateful enough for the happiness that surrounds him, on most days he feels content, happy with the way his life turned out." This time he didn't ask because he knew she was going to ask again.

"Tell me the bad parts, tell me everything you know about him," she said, with a small smile. He sighed and put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer, taking a deep breath he said, " Harry Potter is foolish at times, because of Harry Potter a lot of people lost their lives, some of them were very dear to him. Harry Potter is paranoid. Sometimes when he wakes up at night, he reseals all wards because he's afraid someone might come. Harry Potter does not like small spaces very much; it reminds him of the lonely, scary nights in his cupboard. He is not special, or talented, or any of those things the newspapers call him, he just got help at the right places. Harry Potter is sometimes very lonely, this isn't often anymore, however, before Hogwarts, he had no friends, no one to call for help, those days were hard and cold," he was whispering now, and Ginny had to come closer to him to hear.

He was staring straight ahead, lost in memories. It hurt her, seeing him like this, but it was necessary, he had to pour everything out, only then could she tell him what she thought, only then could she comfort him and in a way, maybe, this could answer his worries, and then this emotion would not arise again. So she listened to him intently,

"Sometimes, he is so scared, now that he knows what's it like to have people who care about him, he is afraid of losing them, they're his lifeline," He tightened his arm around her, maybe this was his way of keeping up with the reality."

"It's funny because sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night, fearing that he made it all up. That there was no magic, no love, it's a strange dream, because magic is, probably, the only reality he has. Those days he turns into a desperate being, performing basic spells to assure himself."

He used his thumb to rub her shoulder. His voice dropped to an even softer level, "There were times, times when he wanted to get done with the world. Times after Sirius, after the battle, so many nights where he almost lost himself completely. Those nights he only held on one string, one truth, that there was someone in this world who loved him, who cared about him, someone who called him back even as he thought about catching the train to meet his parents." He finished gently. A silence took over, her head was resting on his shoulder, and he was leaning towards her, the chirping of the birds seemed to seal what he said.

They stayed like that for a while, before he took another deep breath and in a much happier tone, he said, "But he has learned to live with those childish fears and assumptions, and he has grown out of many, he truly is happy, all is well," he said and looking down and sideways at her, he smiled.

But now that he had said his part, it was Ginny's turn, "You know only one side of him," She said softly.

"I'll tell you the other," He gave her another one of those half-smiles and in a much more confident tone, she began, "Harry Potter is a kind, brave loyal and noble person, but he thinks he is not any of those. He is either very modest, or he needs better glasses, and not just physically. Harry Potter has changed from a little lost boy into a confident and loving young man, he used to think he has no one, but now he has a huge family, he has become another son to the Weasleys. He did not separate families, he saved many. " she took his hand and unconsciously started rubbing his palm.

"Those who are loved by him love him just as much and would never leave him. He saved the lives of almost all of my family. It's real, the magic, all of this, because he deserves it. He came back to me; he came back to us when we thought he was gone. He came back, and he must never leave because we need him just as much as he needs us, it's love." He let out a shaky breath and pulled her closer, she looked at him, but his eyes were closed.

"Harry Potter is the best thing that happened to me, and now, he is my lifeline. He makes me feel happy, proud and unafraid to be myself. Sometimes, he feels unwell, and those times, I try to make him see the brighter side. I want to let him know that it's okay, that it's all okay, to be scared, to be uncertain because it's life. We're always here for him."

She untangled herself and brought his face towards her, looking into those bright eyes, she said, "I love him with all my heart and soul,"

He shivered under the intensity and kissed her softly.

Placing his forehead against hers, he closed his eyes once again, "Thank you," he whispered.

She stood up and gave him a hand, together they made their way out of the park, she smiled, her job wasn't done yet, but she made progress, and that's all she needed.

He nudged her, "Will you tell me who the real Ginny Weasley is someday?"

She stood on her toes and ruffled his hair, "Maybe, if he could beat me in this race," giving him a peck before he could realise what she said, she ran towards the gate, laughing. "Ginny!" He ran behind her, grinning. All was well indeed.



Author' s note:I know this isn't a very good one, but that's where I need all of you to tell me how I could improve! Reviews are my only way of knowing if you liked it, thanks for reading, I'm open to any and all suggestions/constructive criticism.
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