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A Week at the Burrow
By beginningimprovised

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Teddy Lupin
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: The Weasley family is finally all together at the Burrow for the week prior to Easter. During their stay Harry and Ginny, discover their feelings for one another, or the fact that they hadn't left.

Set in an AU where Harry and Ginny were unable to talk following their kiss in HBP.
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Author's Notes:
Here we are another chapter, I didn't mean to post it this late but I wanted to get it out today. Enjoy, thanks for reading!


Harry and Alice bid everyone that was left sitting downstairs goodnight, Mr. Weasley, Bill and Charlie; Ron and Hermione had only gone up a few minutes before he and Alice began to make their way upstairs.It was their second night there, likely the first one with the entire family in countless years. That of course meant that everyone ended it by drinking firewhiskey, which had for many, led to their departure. Ron had fallen asleep in his chair a few times until Hermione had finally woken him up when she wanted to go to sleep.

Harry had been surprised to see Ginny go up as early as she did, just after Fleur had. He wished she would’ve stayed and all her brothers tried to get her too, but she said she wanted to keep to her training schedule even during her vacation; which he could hardly blame her, he unfortunately learned just how early she would get up during his brief time as her minder.

As they were walking up the stairs to Percy's old room Alice broke their silence.

“It’s a shame that we don’t get to sleep together.” She said.

“I know, but there’s nothing we can do.”

“I miss you holding me as I fall asleep. Alice said.

“I miss it too.” Alice leaned up and pressed a small kiss to his lips. Before pulling away and saying “goodnight” as she closed the door quietly behind her.

He did miss sleeping with her, though he was unsure whether it was just sleeping next to another person or her specifically. Either way it was a feeling he knew he had to get used too soon. It had become clear to him, that though he hadn’t wanted to admit it to himself for a while now, that he would break up with her, likely in the following weeks. He no longer felt for her what he once had and the tiny life they had built together was not the one he wanted.

At first, one of the things that had attracted him to her was the fact that she had no real idea what or who he was. Though it was still pleasant that she didn’t care about his fame or the titles he’d been given. It was largely the fact that she could truly not understand what he, his friends and family, and all the population of Wizarding Britain had gone through during the years of Voldemort's return and the Second Wizarding War. She could never understand in the ways that he needed her too, sure his friends could, but for his relationship with Alice to flourish she needed to and that was damn near impossible. Which made it very difficult for their relationship to work and overall that made him unhappy.

All of that, not to mention the thoughts of a certain redheaded harpy chaser, made things tumultuous. Thankfully Alice knew nothing of legilimency, like most wizards. But still she somehow once asked if anything had ever happened between him and Ginny. He told her mostly the truth, other than the kiss, (which he found himself thinking about more often as of late, and too whether things would feel the same if were to happen again now he felt bad thinking about it but, in that one kiss than he had ever felt with being with Alice) and she accepted it but seemed to remain skeptical.

Thankfully the bathroom was empty when he reached it, despite the house being at maximum capacity, he was able to brush his teeth and get up to Ron's room to discover Ron already snoring. And Harry couldn’t help but smile as he pulled his shirt off and pulled on pajama bottoms, being reminded of their Hogwarts days. Now however, he found he fell asleep far faster than he ever had at Hogwarts.

When Harry opened his eyes it was still dark, he had had trouble sleeping as of late, though thankfully the nightmares and horrid dreams had lessened over the years, his inability to sleep through the night remained. Fumbling for his glasses he found them right next to the watch that Molly and Arthur had given him for his birthday. It was just past 2 am. Suddenly feeling the need to use the loo, he got up and quietly crept out of Ron’s room.

As he quietly made his way downstairs he found the bathroom door closed and the light on. He settled in for a wait, but after a minute the door opened and Harry expected to be met with one of the elder Weasleys brushing their teeth after finally coming upstairs, but instead was met with Ginny. Who just like him, looked taken back by the fact that he was there.

The light in the bathroom turned dim as no one stood inside it anymore, but it was just enough that the hallway was lit so that he could clearly see Ginny. Harry found her so beautiful even then, she was only wearing a nightie that hung a bit low in the front, but he tried to not pay attention to it. He locked eyes with Ginny for a few minutes, he wanted to reach out to her but didn’t let himself. but then she looked towards his chest and she stared at his abs for a sometime, not even trying to hide it , he looked her up and down, her pale skin practically shining in the dark, his eyes drew to her legs, clearly visible muscle stood out in them, as his eyes made their way slowly back up to hers.

He found her eyes still fixed on his chest but they were wider now and her expression was somewhat shocked, and he realized what she was looking at, the lightning scar on his chest from the second killing curse he survived. He realized now that she had never really seen it before, nor had they ever discussed the scar itself. He noticed her hand move a little bit but stopped, she looked into his eyes as if to ask ‘can I touch it?’ and he nodded his approval.

Gently and with a little hesitation Ginny reached forward, and took a step so that her hand lay flat over his chest where the scar was. The one on his chest was slightly larger than the one on his forehead though much fainter. The second her hand hit his chest he felt as though small fires traced where her fingers were.

Slowly her fingers traced the outline of the scar on his chest. The horrible scar that marked his yet again surviving death. He couldn’t help but for a brief moment worry that this moment was not real, that it was only the last imaginings of his brain in the moments before the killing curse hit him. But then he felt Ginny’s weight against him as she cuddled into his chest, reassuring both of them that he was in fact alive, and that the moment was really happening. Harry wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close, as she rested her head in the crook of his neck.

He could have stayed in that moment forever. He felt utter and complete comfort in that moment. Something that only tended to happen in moments between him and Ginny. Though they happened less in recent years, the effects they had on his feelings for her were immeasurable.

Harry had no idea how long they had stayed clutching onto one another, Ginny for almost the entire time keeping a hand or finger on the faint outline of his scar. As though she was trying to assure herself that the scar was a reminder that he had come back. He died and yet he was here holding her.

They had to separate, by likely, the only thing that could make them separate, a creak of a floor board that they couldn’t discern if it was caused by a person or it was just the house settling, but in their jump apart their bodies disconnected but Harry noticed that his hand become entwined in hers.

They locked eyes one last time before they finally let go of one another’s hand, he felt the urge to say something but he had no idea what to say, you’re the only one I’ve trusted to do that. No. They just parted ways. He walked into the bathroom and splashed warm water on his face. He didn’t want to wake up if it were a dream, but he wanted to make sure it was real. It was, and for that he was glad.

Harry awoke again, though this time not due to his inability to sleep through the nights but rather to George pulling on his clothes and heading out of room, not as quietly as he clearly thought he was. When George noticed that he had woken him up, he flashed Harry an apologetic face and tip-toed out of the room.

As he put on his glasses Harry noticed, thankfully, that Ron was still asleep. Harry didn’t want to face any of the Weasleys especially Ron after a particular dream he had. He was sure that no one in the family could use legilimency, but he made sure to use occlumency to protect the memories of his dream.

He was however curious to see Ginny; of his two night encounters with her, he enjoyed the one that had actually happened more so than the dream. Though the version of himself in the dream seemed to greatly enjoy what they were doing. Yet for all that Harry was doing, real Harry couldn’t stop thinking about last night.

No one had ever looked at, or touched the scar on his chest the way Ginny had last night (he wondered if anyone ever could do it the same, he figured not). Though Alice had seen it countless times, during sex and any other time he was shirtless, on a fairly regular basis over the past three years, it wasn’t the same.

Alice never directly touched it, she knew and rightly assumed it wasn’t something he enjoyed talking about, thus she skirted around it. Whether she was just lying on his chest or planting kisses on his chest while lying on it or during sex she was always careful to avoid it.

Ginny however, paid it respect almost, perhaps because she had some understanding of what it had done to him and the destruction such a curse caused. Rather when she reached out for it, he could feel the love that he assumed she wished to impart on him through her touch. It was moments like that that made him realize that there was no one else like Ginny, no one who could understand him and care for him, the way she did.

He finished getting dressed and made his way to the door far quieter than George did, but he still made sure not to make too much noise closing the door. On the other side however he found Hermione and Alice clearly waiting for them.

“Oh, how long have you been here?”

“We were just about to knock, but we heard you walking about.” Alice answered.

“Ron still asleep?” Hermione asked.

“Of course.”

“Bloody hell.” Hermione said with a small grin, before moving past Alice and Harry and into Ron’s room.

“Morning” Alice said as she wrapped her arms around him and pressed a soft kiss to his jaw. It felt so very strange to Harry, now that it wasn’t Ginny in his arms. He shook those thoughts away as best he could, but the wishes for Ginny to be in his arms continued to fly through his mind.

“G’morning” he responded planting a kiss on top of her head. After a brief minute of standing like that they made their way downstairs to join the family for breakfast, as the smell of bacon and sausage began to waft all the way up the stairs.

As they walked down the stairs Harry couldn’t help but to peer into Ginny’s room as they passed, he had hoped and was correct, that the door was open meaning she was already downstairs.

When they reached the final Flight of stairs, he noticed most of the Weasleys already awake and bustling around the table finding spots and getting things ready for breakfast.

“Alice, Harry, would you like tea or coffee?” Ginny called from the counter next to her mother.

“Coffee!” Both he and Alice responded at the same time.

“Alright, Harry I have yours here already, and Alice how do you take yours?” Harry realized that Ginny was playing their game from his time as her minder, her slightly mischievous smirk gave it away before she turned back to the coffee pot floating over the mugs.

“Two creams and Two sugars, please.” Alice called.

“How’d you sleep?” Alice asked after they settled into place, Ginny placing their coffees in front of them as she sat down on the other side of Harry, her coffee already on the table.

“Alright, I woke up in the middle of the night, but I splashed some warm water on my face, after that though I slept great.” as he said this he felt Ginny’s leg shift under the table so that it was touching his, acknowledging his hint at their encounter.

“How’d you sleep?” he asked back.

“Ah, okay, I fell asleep pretty quick after I went up but didn’t really get a deep sleep, and I miss sleeping with you” She smiled sweetly at him. He didn’t even have to turn round to know that Ginny had rolled her eyes when she said that.

“How did you sleep Ginny?” Alice finally asked her.

“Oh,” Ginny lengthening the oh as she began, “I couldn’t for a while, but then I had a shower and after that it was great.” She said, a smirk arriving on her face. Harry pressed his leg further against hers, acknowledging just like she did, that he picked up her hint.

As they settled into light conversation, Ron and Hermione finally came down stairs, marking the start of their breakfast, in between heavy mouthfuls of food, the conversation as it always tended too with Weasleys, came to the inevitable game of Quidditch.

“So after breakfast who’s up for a friendly game of quidditch?” Charlie said. Immediately Harry noticed out of the corner of his eye, the Grin on Ginny’s face.

“I sure as hell am” She said.

“Right, we got the Harpy, who else?”

Harry, and most of the others around the table agreed to take part.

Before long pretty much everyone was out in the orchard by the quidditch pitch.

“I think it’s only fair to the rest of us that little Ms.Harpy sit out” George joked as he received a punch in the arm from Ginny.

“I can beat everyone here on my own!” Ginny said triumphantly.

“I’ll take that challenge.” George said.

“Alright, I do need a seeker though.”

“Righto” Charlie said, taking a step forward.

“Ha you wish, Potter you’re with me” Ginny said.

He didn’t play quidditch that often anymore, but they had spent countless hours practicing and playing together back at Hogwarts, it only made sense. They were going to destroy the other Weasleys. He hoped. He had never seen Charlie play really, but he knew Ginny was the best out of all of them and he hoped their ability to play in sync had not been lost in years since. Or that he would be too distracted by her.

“Right, we’ll be team Potter and you can be team Weasley” She said with a smirk, Harry noticed Alice, standing with the rest of the Weasleys, huff when Ginny said that, and some of her brothers raised an eyebrow but didn’t bother to say anything. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t greatly enjoy the idea of Ginny being Ginny Potter.

As he and Ginny made their way to the other side of the pitch, she turned to him.

“Still got it?” she asked with a smirk.

“I hope so, Potter. Think we still got it together.” Harry shot back

“I haven’t forgotten, have you?”

“Never.” they shared the same pleased expression and Ginny went to the middle for the captain hand shake.

Hermione released the balls and Harry launched into the air, he just sat back and though he occasionally looked for the Snitch, he mostly was able to watch Ginny as she captured Quaffles left and right. She moved through the team of Weasleys like it was nothing. Harry couldn’t help but feel mesmerized by the red flowing hair of Ginny as she passed through the other side of the pitch and more often than not scored. He felt so drawn by the flowery scent that filled his nostrils when she blew by him.

As the game went on, Harry still hadn’t seen the snitch and had pretty much spent the entire time watching Ginny. Thankfully however his watching her paid off, as she was flying around near the goal he caught a glimpse of gold against her hair. He leaned forward and pushed hard and fast after her as the Snitch began to follow her as she flew back towards their side. Charlie hadn’t seen the snitch yet but saw that Harry was flying and began to look around wildly.

Harry narrowly avoided a bludger sent his way by George but the snitch had stopped following Ginny as she turned around and caught up to him.

“Finally gotten in the game have we?”

“Figured I’d let you have enough of the spotlight.”

“Good, I got bored kicking their ass” She said as they began to laugh.

Harry saw the golden glint of the snitch again in the grass near ‘Potter’s’ goal and he knew Charlie saw it too. He pushed forward on his broom and shot towards it, but it rocketed up just as he got close, pulling up after it he felt the wind rush as Charlie went underneath and also pulled up behind him.

The snitch flew up and through the center goal, Harry followed it through, right behind the snitch, Charlie pulled up practically neck and neck with Harry as they both reached out for, Charlie’s height allowed to reach just further than Harry almost touching the snitch, but Harry leaned more forward and his faster broom pulled ahead just enough to catch the snitch.

“Bloody Hell” Charlie said, astonished, from behind him as they came to a stop.

“Good game” Harry spoke with a smile.

“Good game, you killed us” Charlie laughed.

They both flew down and toward their respective team gathered in the middle of the pitch. The second he set down he looked for Ginny in the sea of redheads, but he was nearly knocked over by the force of her running into his arms and wrapping him in a hug. He was instantly reminded of a time very similar to this, when they had done more than hug, though that time he hadn’t played.

After he hugged her back she pulled away a little bit but just enough so they could look at one another. It was the same feeling he had all those years ago, but he knew they couldn’t and he also knew that she was thinking the same thing. They separated quickly but he kept his arm wrapped around her shoulder and hers around his torso.

“Bloody Hell Ginny” Ron said. Still having played keeper, they’d played loads of games against one another but never like this, never when she was in her prime.

“We couldn’t have even won if Charlie had caught the snitch.” George said.

“Hey, I tried!” Charlie said with an offended face.

Ginny just stuck her tongue out her brothers.

“So you do still have it, huh.” Ginny said turning to him, a large smile on her face.

“Guess so, but you did the heavy lifting.”

“Mmm, if you ever fancy a career change, I know some people who would love to meet you.” She laughed.

“I don’t think the Harpies take my lot.”

As they began to make their way back with the rest of the Weasleys, Molly called them all in for lunch. Alice walked up next to him, she had played too, though he hadn’t noticed her all game. Or really even until this moment.

Alice linked her arm around Harry’s as they made their back into the Burrow.

“I had no idea you were that good at quidditch.”

“Thanks, but I didn't really do much, it was mostly Ginny” Ginny smiled at his response.

Once they were inside they all sat down at the table to settle in for soup and sandwiches, they chatted about the game and how they would have let Ginny play more often when she was younger if they’d known she’d of gone pro, she flipped them off for that, but they got through lunch pretty quick and Harry soon found himself just relaxing at the kitchen table with Ginny to his left, where she had sat the entire time they had been there thus far. Alice had wandered away at some point but soon he felt her hands on his shoulder.

“Why don’t we go for a walk” She said, leaning close to his ear.

“Sure” Harry responded before turning to the rest of the Weasleys around the table.

“Hey-” Alice put her arm on his shoulder again.

“I meant more, you and I are going for a walk.” She smiled.


“Alice and I are going for a walk” He announced, and the Weasleys around the table muttered their acknowledgements. Ginny narrowed her eyes, he flashed her a smile as a response and she responded back with one.

He and Alice wandered through the orchards that surround the Burrow, Alice making mostly small talk about how pleasant the past few days have been. Though they remained mostly quiet.

“Where have you been the past few days?” Alice asked, looking at him.

“Right here” He responded, but Alice shot him an unenthused glare.

“Ever since we got here you’ve been quiet; you seem happy but, like you’re off in your own world.”

“I’m always quiet compared to the Weasleys,” Harry joked, but he knew that he had been distant the past few days, but largely wasn’t in his own world, but more in one that he shared with Ginny.

“I’ve also just been enjoying sitting back the past few days; it feels like I am part of a family now. No dark lords, or fates for us to be in fear of. The grieving has mostly ended, we’re all finally able to move on, be happy.” Alice smiled at his answer. Most of it was true, he was taking it all in and he did truly feel more a part of the family than ever before. He just so happened to leave the large portions that involved Ginny.

Alice wrapped both her arms around Harry as they continued to walk through the orchard, moving in close to him to stave off the chill in the air. After a comfortable silence following a brief conversation about Easter. Alice asked him about Ginny.

“So you and Ginny seem to be getting on really well again.” Harry knew that it was a leading conversation, but he didn’t want to give her anything, as really other than telling her his thoughts, there was nothing to give her.

“Yeah, we haven’t talked much in a while before this, but it's nice being close again, it’s like our sixth year, or when I was her minder.”

“That’s good. She seems to be very attached to you.”

“And I to her, after the war everyone seemed to pair off and deal with grief quietly as we all worked our way through, Ginny and I were one another’s rock. Plus sharing a godchild helps” He couldn’t help but smile at the memories of him, Ginny and teddy all together.

Alice hummed an acknowledgement, and they remained in silence as they slowly made their way back to the Burrow.
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