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A Week at the Burrow
By beginningimprovised

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Teddy Lupin
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: The Weasley family is finally all together at the Burrow for the week prior to Easter. During their stay Harry and Ginny, discover their feelings for one another, or the fact that they hadn't left.

Set in an AU where Harry and Ginny were unable to talk following their kiss in HBP.
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Author's Notes:
I'm back! Sorry for the wait, SIYE was down right when I was going to post prior to my not having internet for a few days. But the schedule will back to normal now!


Ginny, much to her surprise, had awoken fairly late, and not in the middle of the night as was often the case. Ever since the encounter with Harry two nights ago, she had slept far better than basically anytime previous to it. She wasn’t sure what it was anymore that kept waking her up. During and after the war it had been nightmares about the battles and her possession in her first year. She wondered if her body had just gotten used to the idea of waking up at random from some horrible possible reality, and kept on with it.

The nightmares had faded away for the most part a year after the war. But she would still get a random one some times and wake up sobbing. She knew she wasn’t the only one either, she knew that Harry had been having them practically since he had found out he was a wizard, and they were very bad following the war. She figured they’d spent days worth of time talking about the horrible things they saw and felt in their nightmares. But she also knew that just like her’s, Harry’s had slowly faded away too. Though he seemed to still get them more often than she did.

They had found a sort of solution, one time after waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare she had gone down stairs to make some warm milk but found Harry off in space on the couch. They’d begun talking about their nightmares that had woken them up. That particular night she remembered having dreams about her possession, and Harry not saving her in time. She went from seeing everything glaze over to seeing through Riddle’s eyes, as a twelve year old Harry was killed within seconds of entering the chamber.

They’d talked for a bit longer but soon lapsed into a comfortable silence, sitting shoulder to shoulder on the otherwise empty couch. Ginny however had a hard time getting the images from her nightmare out of her head, and asked Harry to hold her, and he did.

The next thing she remembered was Harry waking her up saying that her mother would be awake soon and that she should go to sleep. In later conversations they discovered that the short time in which they had fallen asleep on the couch in the arms of one another, was the best they slept in a long time. Thus began a small and seldom performed tradition.

Never again did they sleep together at the Burrow, but just before she left for Hogwarts, the renovations on Grimmauld Place had finished. Turning it from the dark, foreboding and unloving house that had facilitated so much abuse, that then turned into another prison for Sirius; had been remade into a much warmer very Harry feeling home. Though Harry had been unsure if he could sleep in the house alone and asked her to join him for the night, beginning the tradition in full.

When she awoke in Harry’s room that next morning in Grimmuald Place, laying on his chest with his arms around her, they talked about what she would do and what he would do when she left for Hogwarts in a few days. They both came up with nothing. However on the morning of her departure to Hogwarts, Harry pulled her aside and handed her one of his Weasley sweaters, the one he’d been given in her fifth year. That simple act had overwhelmed her with love and admiration for him throughout her final year.

After she returned they restarted the tradition. Though they only slept in the same bed three more times before Harry said they couldn't because he’d begun to see Alice. She hadn’t liked that they couldn’t anymore, but didn’t blame him. And eventually she started dating too, but it never felt the same as she did being ‘just friends’ with Harry.

And now she had awoken alone, just as she had done for the past two months, since she broke up with Evan. Every morning she woke up mourning the fact that she wouldn’t be surrounded in the warmth and protection of Harry’s arm. Or that she could simply roll over and find him there, able to move closer into his arms and bask in the warmth that he seemed to radiate out.

Deciding that she wanted to make use of the quiet, early morning prior to her mother’s waking, Ginny got out of bed. The second she was out from her covers she felt the slight chill in the air. Pulling on her pants from the previous day she looked around for one of her jumpers, but couldn’t find any of the ones her mother made.

On occasion she still came to the burrow and stayed for a few days, usually bringing clothes and sometimes leaving them there. Thankfully just as she looked into the worn closet, there was a jumper. As soon as she pulled it on however she realized it wasn’t hers, it was the one that Harry had given her at the start of her seventh year.

After a quick consideration she decided that she didn’t care at all what her brothers (and likely mother) thought about her wearing Harry’s clothes. No matter how platonic or innocent in nature was. She couldn’t help but wonder if Alice had any of Harry’s clothes. But she pushed that thought away to the area where she pushed most of her thoughts about Harry. Though lately it has been overflowing.
When she reached the main floor of the burrow, it was empty just as she had suspected. Everything seemed to be so loud when she touched it, the creaks of the stairs and the warming of the kettles. All noises she otherwise wouldn’t have heard in the usually noise filled home. That was why she enjoyed keeping to the terrible hours of her quidditch schedule even during her vacations.

She was able to sit quietly at the table and drink her coffee, free to stretch out and not have to worry about hitting anyone, she could freely strew the pages of the daily prophet about as she liked.

By the time her mother came down she was on her second cup of coffee, she moved on to the Seeker Weekly, careful to avoid the stupid interview she had done with some freshly promoted writer. That wasn’t the worst part however. It was the stupid commentators opinions or speculators, she didn’t know what they were called nor quite frankly, cared.

She figured that many of them had wanted to be professional players but it was more than likely that they were unable too. Perhaps some had never even played a game of quidditch before. It was like they had no idea what it was like playing for close to seven hours (it was only one time, but she was still haunted by it, she’d practically collapsed once she landed). One of these days she planned on writing them a letter telling them off and providing some of her own thoughts on things instead of what these so-called ‘experts’ spout.

Bringing her out of murmurings was Hermione, coming down the stairs muttering things at Ron. The peace that she had been enjoying truly not that long ago was broken. However, if Ron and Hermione were up that almost certainly meant that Harry was up as well.

Hermione plopped herself down across the table and looked at Ginny for a brief moment with the face she made while working on essays at school.

“What are you wearing?” She asked, knowing full well the answer from the second she had taken notice.

“Jumper.” Ginny responded dryly.

“And who’s jumper would that be?” Hermione asked with her know-it-all smirk on her face.

Before Ginny could deflect her question, the answer came walking down the stairs.

Ginny didn’t even bother to respond to Hermione as the older girl had turned around the second Harry stepped off the stairs.

“I don’t-” Ron began, Ginny hadn’t realized Ron was awake enough to process the conversation they'd been having. But before he could finish asking Hermione leaned over and whispered in his ear. He looked surprised for a brief second, though not confused or disappointed. He just nodded his head and went back to absent minded staring as he drank his tea.

Harry plopped down beside her, and poured himself some coffee and then passed the pot to Alice sitting next to him.

Hermione shot him a look, Ginny knew that Harry would be able to interpret that Hermione was getting at something. He turned and looked at Ginny for a brief. She wanted to hide away, not show the fact that she was wearing his clothes, when the truth was she didn’t care. It was fine to wear friend’s clothes, right? Though she didn’t know if it was the same, if at one point you had (and maybe, more than likely, still had) feelings for.

Just then however Harry leaned over to her.

“Nice Jumper.” She didn’t need to see his face to know the smirk that was on it. It was the smirk he always wore when things happened between just the two of them. It was their smirk.

“Thanks, some tosser gave it to me. Long time back” she whispered back.

“Are the nightmares back?” Harry’s voice had grown more serious. She couldn’t help but smile at the fact that after all these years, Harry still remembered why he had given it to her, and that he was still concerned, that he still cared.

“No, not for a while. Mostly just unable to sleep most days. I’ve slept just about every night, since…” she trailed off, not knowing what to call or if she should refer to their encounter outside the bathroom two nights.

“Since our encounter. I know so have,” Ginny felt a tiny rush fly through her. She was glad that the encounter had affected him just as much as it had her. She patted his hand under the table. He grasped hers and squeezed it quickly before letting go. She felt as though she was going to blush. She hated the way he made her feel like she was her younger self again. But also loved that he treated her as an equal in a way different to everyone else. Since according to him, she is different from everyone else.

They moved to idle chatter with Ron and Hermione, even Alice at some points, as the table filled with more and more Weasleys as breakfast began.

Just as Ginny had gotten back to her room from breakfast, Hermione came in and shut the door quietly behind her.

“Silencio” She cast the spell towards the door and locked, ensuring they could not be eavesdropped on.

“Hi?” Ginny said as Hermione turned to face her.

“Ginny, I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be completely honest.”


“Do you have feelings for Harry again.”

Ginny just sighed, based on the conversation and glances from Hermione at the table, she should have known this was coming.

“Yes I suppose I do, though I wouldn’t really say again.”

“I thought so.” Hermione confirmed.

“Is it really that obvious?” she asked but she knew the answer.

“Oh Ginny, everyone sees the way you look at one another.”

“I’m pretty sure Harry feels the same way.” Hermione continued.

Ginny knew that this was likely true, especially after the vibe she got from their ‘encounter’ the other night. Not to mention their conversation this morning. Yet her heart still raced when Hermione said it.

“Wouldn't be the first time. But I can’t understand why he’s still with Alice.” Ginny knew the answer, and apparently so did Hermione.

“Stupid and noble” they said at the same time.

“I think Harry didn’t want her to be alone during the holiday. Her family doesn’t live in Britain” Hermione seemed to be reassuring.

“I hope that's so.”

“It is.” Hermione confirmed, before smirking and releasing the charms as she left.

Towards the end of Lunch, Harry and Alice seemed to be in a rather deep conversation, but just as Ginny was about to get up and leave, Harry grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving. Electricity shot through her body from his hand. She hoped that neither he nor Alice had noticed her staring at his hand on her arm.

“I was thinking that we could maybe bring Teddy here today, just for the day. I know that he and Andromeda are coming tomorrow but I would like to spend some more time with him than that, plus I’m sure Andromeda could use a break.” Harry said with smile.

“Of course, that’s a great Idea. I haven’t been able to get out to visit him that much lately and the last time I saw him was one of my last quidditch matches. I miss him.”

“I know, I haven’t seen him in over a month, I miss him too.” Harry said sadly.

With that matter settled, Ginny left the kitchen to go put on some fresher pants. Though she kept the sweater. Which she heard as she left, Alice asking about.

When she came back down she found Harry waiting by the fireplace.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Let’s roll.”

Harry went first, throwing the floo powder down, and saying Andromeda’s House. Correctly unlike the first time she had seen him floo, just prior to her first year. Once the flame died down, she stepped in and said Andromeda’s house. And soon found herself in the warm living room, holding a smiling Harry and Andromeda, who was looking at Harry holding Teddy the same way her mother looked at Bill holding Victoire.

Anyone could easily see how much Harry loved Teddy. Ginny knew that Harry thought of Teddy, as something close to a son. She also knew that the two boys she likely cared about most in the world, had a special yet horrible connection. Both of their parents had died before either of them was ever able to know them.

She knew this was why Harry made so sure that Teddy knew how much his parents loved him, how he and herself loved him. When Teddy saw the flame and her come out of it he squealed and walked over to her.

“Ginny!” He said excitedly.

“Hello little man, you’ve gotten so big since the last time I saw you.” Ginny said as she picked the toddler up into her arms.

“No, I haven’t!” He giggled.

“God, you all are growing up so quickly” Andromeda, said with a smile.

“Well, there Teddy, do you wanna go see the rest of the family?” Harry asked Teddy, moving close to play with him, while he was still in Ginny’s arms. Teddy and Andromeda didn’t exactly have much in the way of family that didn’t want to kill her, or any of the people she loved, so as they seemed to do with so many people, the Weasley family had practically adopted her. It helped that Molly and her had become close friends in the years after the war.

“Thank you two, by the way,” Andromeda let out a little laugh, “I have been in desperate need of a nap today, and then you called.” Harry let out a laugh.

“Good, get rested up for the next two days of nonstop Weasley family fun” Ginny said, laughing with them.

After a few minutes longer of Goodbyes, Harry took Teddy from her and sidealonged him too to the Burrow. Ginny could apparate but had never sidealonged anyone before, only having been the one to be sidealonged.

Seconds after she stepped into the fireplace at Andromeda’s house, she was in the Burrow, just as Harry and Teddy were walking in the door. As soon as they came through and Harry set down the small bag of toys Teddy had brought, everyone came to say hello.

Her mother almost immediately dropped whatever she was doing and came to see Teddy. Extracting him from Harry’s arms, where he’d retreated to in shyness after Fleur had said hello.

“How have you been?” Her mother asked trying to get Teddy to show her his face as he had buried it in her shoulder, to still hide from Fleur and the rest of the Weasleys come to say hello. She loved seeing the way her family treated Teddy as though he were her and Harry’s child, despite them not being together (not for long, she hoped).

Ginny couldn’t help but feel a little bad for Alice, she had tried to connect with Teddy in a motherly way to equal Harry fatheresque way, but it didn’t seem to work the same; and Teddy never showed Alice the same unequaled love he showed her and Harry. She knew it was hard and a little weird, Evan before they had broken up had made a few comments about it, but she brushed him off as being a prat anyway.

Eventually everyone, including Harry, with Teddy returned to his arms, made their way into the living room. And she made her way to the kitchen to help her mother prepare for tea.

After nearly finishing cooking with her mother, she headed back into the living room. No one had noticed her walking in just yet, so she hung back leaning against the wall, peering into the sitting room.

Everyone in the room was in little groups of their own worlds. Charlie, Ron and George were having an idle discussion about what she presumed to be the joke shop, as Ron had recently come on with George as another partner to help with the workload. Alice, Hermione and Percy sat discussing politics and Hermione’s beginning in the political scene of the ministry. Alice seemingly interested as an outsider, though still technically a member of the ministry. Her father and Bill sat next to one another discussing something she couldn’t hear though there would be the occasional laugh.

Then her eyes finally came upon Harry with Teddy and Fleur with Victoire. The two quietly chatted while watching ‘their’ children play. Harry leaning in to talk with Teddy and enchant a toy snitch to fly around a little bit.

She loved Watching Harry and Teddy. She loved them both. She loved Harry. She wasn’t quite sure what it was this time, that made the feelings she knew she had, come quite so loose and clear, that she was finally able to admit that to herself. Despite the fact that she had seen Harry care for Teddy and play with him countless times, this time felt different.

This was the life that she wanted. The life that she only ever wanted with Harry. The one she had never truly envisioned with anyone else but him. The bits of life that she had built with him and Teddy already. She wanted that life. She wanted to live and laugh with Harry. She wanted to come home to him after her games. She wanted to help him after assignments, whether they were sick, stuck at home taking care of one another, or out traveling the world having the best times of their lives. She wanted to give him the idea of life that he wanted, very similar to the one she herself wanted, if not the exact same. She wanted it all with him. The good and the bad. All of it.

She didn’t know where life would take them from this point forward. All she did know was that she loved Harry Potter.
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