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A Week at the Burrow
By beginningimprovised

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Teddy Lupin
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: The Weasley family is finally all together at the Burrow for the week prior to Easter. During their stay Harry and Ginny, discover their feelings for one another, or the fact that they hadn't left.

Set in an AU where Harry and Ginny were unable to talk following their kiss in HBP.
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Author's Notes:
This is nearly it! Based on many of the reviews you all have left, I don't know how many of you will feel about this chapter... but nonetheless I hope you all enjoy, and thank you to all those who have, and continue to review this work it all means a great deal! Enjoy!

There is a section of chapter (which I'm sure many of you will quickly recognize) was borrowed (with one change) from chapter 24, Sectumsempra, of Half Blood Prince.


Harry awoke that morning to Alice kissing him on the cheek. Telling him that she was leaving for work. He felt bad but he was thankful for this because since he decided that he would be breaking up with her, he would be trying to spend as little time as possible with her. Despite the fact that they had spent almost the entirety of the last week together at the Burrow, he would still try to spend not as much time together, until they broke up. He felt bad but it made having to break up with her easier.

Normally she left for work before he did or, sometimes, they left at the same time. But today she had wanted to get in early to review anything that may have piled up while they were away at the Burrow.

Harry tried to fall back into the pleasant sleep that had held him for the entire night. He didn’t remember his dreams, but he was pretty sure that at least once, flaming red hair had been in his arms and in that dream he was totally at peace. But he found that he could not again fall under such a spell, so he got up and got ready for the day.

He flooed directly into the Auror offices in the Department and a few short minutes after arriving at his desk, Head Auror Robards appeared and casually came over to his desk. Harry hoped that what would likely be an informal meeting wouldn’t take long, he already had a meeting with him in the afternoon and didn’t really care for any more.

“Auror Savage has flooed in sick he won’t be back until next week, so I think our meeting will have to be rescheduled. You won’t be assigned any new assignments until Tomorrow, so just finish any reports or review other things from what you have, then you can head out I suppose.” Harry felt the excitement rise in his chest as Robards went on.

The meeting had been originally planned to take up all of his afternoon until he left for the day. He had hoped that the Harpies wouldn’t crush the Cannons so badly that they would be done before he got off, so he could see what would likely be the last bit of the game. But now he could finish the last bits of paperwork he had leftover from before he went to the Burrow, then be finished before his lunch and watch the game from the start.

“Of course, thank you sir.” Robards just nodded and patted Harry’s desk before he left it. Harry instantly settled in on his paperwork. Signing expense forms from assignments that he had finished and suspects he had tracked down, a confirmation of obliviation.
He tried hard to focus on the forms at hand but too often his thoughts found their way back to Ginny, and the way she felt in his arms, or the way she made him feel: in his arms, in the same room even. However, with each distraction and then refocusing, he gained more motivation towards actually completing his paperwork and making it to Ginny.

When he set down the last leftover form into his completed pile, which promptly turned itself into a paper airplane and flew down the hall to the required bureaucrat. He looked at his watch: his lunch began in ten minutes and he had more than an hour before the game was set to begin.

He made his way through the Ministry to the exits into Muggle London as he thought about what to have for lunch so as to not ruin his snacking experience during the game.

“Harry!” he turned around to find Hermione, lightly running to catch up with him before he made it to the elevator. They hugged briefly once she reached him, then stepped into the elevator.

“What are you doing out of the department so early, aren’t you not getting any assignments until tomorrow?” Harry laughed to himself, no matter how long and how many life or death situations her memory had gotten them out of, Harry would always be impressed by it.

“Auror Savage is sick, so the meeting was moved to next week, and I figured that I would go see a quidditch game with my afternoon off.” He tried to be coy, but he knew Hermione could see right through what he was saying.

“A good use of the afternoon.” she said with a smirk. The elevator began to slow down as it moved horizontally into a new department.

“This is my stop.” Hermione said making her way to the front of the car, batting some departmental memos out of her way. She took a step out before turning back with a large smirk. “Tell Ginny I said Hello.” she said as the door closed and the elevator began moving once more.

Harry soon found himself on the crowded streets of Muggle London, moving with the flow of the crowd. As he moved to a sandwich shop that he often frequented during his lunches, while keeping his eyes out for restaurants, that in the case that Ginny was in the mood for dinner, they could perhaps go to a new place that had never been too before.

He sat down to eat his lunch but he ended up eating quickly as his slow walking with the crowd through the streets had cost him quite a bit of time. Once he finished his sandwich he made his way out of the restaurant and when no one was looking darted into a back alley.

Taking one last look down the alley to the street, seeing no one and no cameras, he readied himself before apparating straight into Ginny’s personal box at Harpies stadium. Though the game was yet to start for nearly half an hour, half the stadium was practically filled. He figured that this wasn’t far too removed from what the crowd would be today, given it was a day-match and many would not leave work for quidditch. Though as he was thinking this he couldn’t help but notice that all around him the crowd shuffled with many different points of green and orange mixed through as fans of the Harpies or the Cannons found their seats.

He watched as the Cannons took the field first, doing what was likely their warm ups and drills utilizing as much of the field as possible. Before he could see what was happening he heard the crowd roar with excitement, as the Harpies entered onto the field and began to do a short practice.

Harry couldn’t help himself but look into the sea of green jerseys doing some small exercises. There were more than a few redheads on the harpies, but there was only one Weasley red. He noticed it quite easily and watched as whenever she turned, her hair would turn away, he was pretty sure she was looking to see if anyone had actually come to the game. As much as she said she didn’t care, he knew that Ginny loved it when her family and friends watched her play, and she said that a lot of the time it was a motivation of sorts too, especially when her brothers were watching. He was glad that he had been able to get here that early.

Harry purchased some chocolate frogs from the wizard that went around with a cart full of sweets, just like the one on the Hogwarts express. He opened it and was greatly disappointed to find that he got himself. He tossed the card with the wrapper into the bin, where it instantly burst into flames.

After a short time the game began, the teams raised into the air and Ginny looked back once more. Harry stood up quickly hoping to get her to notice him in the box but he couldn’t be sure that she had seen him in the crowd other than knowing where her own box was.

He watched as barely seconds after the balls were released, Ginny shot away into the fray of the pitch. He watched as she scored a goal before falling back chasing after the Cannon’s chaser and gaining the quaffle back before going for another shot, only for it to be stopped by the keeper.

One of the other Harpies chasers flew fast back from the Cannon’s chasers trying to get the ball. Ginny was following close by waiting for a pass. The Cannon’s chasers moved quickly to the goal posts, and Ginny moved to the left side of the net, just as the keeper blocked the shot, kicking it to Ginny's waiting arms. As she caught the ball she flew wide over the crowd and as she quickly neared her box, Harry noticed that she was lowering ever so slightly, and sure enough she passed just in front of the box. Harry caught the slightest glance of her smile as she turned quickly to look at him and felt warmth flow through him.

The game continued on at a hard pace. Ginny was nearly hit with a bludger on multiple occasions, making attempts at goals, scoring on many of the attempts. Later, the Cannons had nearly tied the game, which seemingly caused the Harpies to play harder not wanting to lose to the infamously bad Cannons. Neither seekers had spotted the snitch yet, and Harry wondered to himself if he would have seen it by now. But his eyes were brought back to Ginny, she and the other Harpies chasers had hardly left the Cannons’ side of the pitch and had raised enough points to ensure their victory against the Cannons.

After nearly another half an hour, the Harpies seeker had seen the snitch according to the announcer. He watched as the Harpies’ seeker dove after the snitch, just behind the Cannon’s goals, at the same time as Ginny scored the final goal of the game.

Harry jumped out of his seat as the announcer said that the Harpies seeker caught the snitch. He felt the same way as he did when Ginny had won the House Cup for Gryffindor in his sixth year. He quickly noticed from the large amount of gasping from the crowd around him. He saw the red hair of Ginny flying towards him. As she got closer he could see her facing beaming with joy at the excitement of winning. She stopped her broom just in front of the box and hopped off her broom and threw her arms around him.

And, without thinking, without planning, without worrying about the fact that thousands of people were watching, Harry Kissed her. After several long moments - or it might have been an hour - or possibly several sunlit days - they broke apart.

He still held his arms loosely around her, all around them people were screaming but he didn’t notice at all. A huge smile was on Ginny’s face, full of surprise, tinged lightly with red. He was even surprised at himself. Ginny smiled again, before she leaned in and placed a peck on his lips, and he felt his heart soar in his chest. She looked briefly back towards the pitch, the teams were flying back down after their own celebrations. Harry noticed one of her teammates waving at what he assumed to be Ginny, calling her back to the pitch.

They both turned to face one another once more, Harry couldn’t help but smile, all he could think about was Ginny. The feel of her lips, the ever pleasant smell of flowers that always surrounded her was still on her now.

“Meet me outside the change room.” She said, letting go of his hands, which he hadn’t realized she had been holding.

Harry watched as she met back with her team and gave a few high fives, before moving close with one of her teammates and clearly talking about something. All he could think about was that kiss and the prospect of what it meant. It had felt so right, in a way that no others had ever felt before, he felt the same rush, if not more than he had back in his sixth year.

As the fans began piling out, some leaving on foot others way in queue for their turn at the apparition points, he made his way to the VIP waiting room outside the Harpies changing room, which was filled as it so often was with the partners, and families of the various players, many of whose faces he recognized from events and times waiting in this room.

Harry watched as many of the players left the room and made their way into the waiting room, met with hugs and excited cheers, Harry watched as Ginny dressed back in her normal clothes, came out laughing and talking with a few of her teammates, but quickly turned and looked directly at him. Her face turning into a different type of smile than the one that had already been on it. This caused Harry to once again feel the warmth rise, already on top of the near-euphoric sense that he was already feeling.

He heard say bye to her teammates as she entered the waiting room, and with a smirk hugged him.

“You played amazing!”

“As I always do, but you said you weren’t coming.” the smirk still plastered on her face as she pulled back from the hug.

“I had a meeting today, but Savage flooed in sick and so Robbards said I was free. But for the record I was always going to come.” This caused Ginny’s smirk to turn into a smile.

“I’m glad you’re here, and that you were going to show up either way. It means a lot to me that you support me as much as you do.” She said, still smiling.

“Good and I know it does, I really do love supporting you.”

“Do you have any plans tonight?” he asked, suddenly feeling anxious awaiting her response, something he only really felt with Ginny a lot during his sixth year and in the months after the war. But that he had felt again, only a few days ago with her.

“No, I would love some though.”

“Good, want to hang out? Go for dinner or something.” It was nearing 6 o’clock when he looked at his watch, he hadn’t realized that the game had been so long.

“I would love it, I am starving.”

“You always seem to be.” he laughed.

“Hey! I just helped win a quidditch match and I’m a Weasley.” she said, pushing him a little.

“Alright, Alright, I know a small Italian place in London is that cool with you?”

“Sounds great, I’ll eat just about anything though if I’m honest.”

“Right, shall we apparate or do you want to sidealong?” Ginny smirked yet again.

“Oh, I feel kind of tired, why don’t we sidealong.” Ginny said as she wrapped her arm through Harry’s and pulled herself close, he was glad they chose this option. He enjoyed having her pulled in close to him during any situation. And with a pop they disapparated.

A few short seconds of black nothingness, and they were in Diagon Alley. They walked back into Muggle London.

They walked through the crowded streets, Ginny looking around at all the people and things happening. Harry didn’t know how many times she had been to London since the war, but she still always seemed amazed whenever he was there with her. At some point as they walked, his hand found its way into hers. Which caused her to flash him a big smile, and squeeze their entwined hands.

They finally reached the restaurant, and found that there was a bit of a queue inside.

“Do you still want to go here?” Harry asked, concerned that she may actually be starving he knew how much hunger a quidditch match could stir up.

“Yeah, we’re here aren’t we, the queue isn’t that long.”

“Alright.” Harry said with a short laugh, they walked into the restaurant and stood close, while they talked and laughed quietly together. Eventually a hostess came up to as they were near the front of the queue.

“How many?”

“Two.” Harry said.

“Sure, Can I get your names?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Potter.” Ginny said before Harry could answer. As soon as she said that too the hostess and she turned back wearing a knowing smirk.

“Perfect, I’ll be back to seat you shortly.”

They moved off to the side and Ginny stood close so they could let the queue fill in behind them, but Harry made sure to pull in her in perhaps a little more than he needed to, to feel her against him once more.

After a short time of standing, talking and laughing like that the hostess came back and ushered them to their seats. They settled in for a decent dinner, to Harry’s standard at least. Though he would always prefer Mrs.Weasley’s home cooking, it was nice every once in a while to get out and have a dinner separate from those he made at home, and more importantly private, between him and Ginny. They sat and enjoyed their dinner, and wine. Drinking perhaps a bit more wine than the meal had called for but neither really cared; they were celebrating Ginny’s win after all.

They chatted while they ate, but Harry often had to remind himself to eat his food instead of just focusing on Ginny; wishing not to repeat the spilling of his drink on himself as he had in his fifth year.

They finished up the meal and Harry felt a slight buzz from the wine, but more so the same one he tended to get when he and Ginny were hanging out and having fun on their own. The waitress came by and he paid, despite the nearly insurmountable protests from Ginny, who insisted she at least pay the tip. Finally they were out of the restaurant.

“Well, what now?” He asked her.

“I’m tired. I normally go to bed after games by about now.”

“Want me to take you home?”

“I want to stay out, but I may fall asleep on my feet if you talk about one of your assignments again.” She said, laughing with Harry.

“Where to? The Burrow or your flat?”

“The Burrow tonight.” She said with a warm smile, as she latched her arm around Harry's. He didn’t even have to ask to know that this meant she wanted to side along.

With a pop, and a few seconds of darkness they were at the Apparition point of the Burrow. He could see the lights on inside the house, but he couldn’t tell if they had been seen by Molly or Arthur.

Ginny wrapped her other arm around Harry and pulled herself into a hug. He welcomed the feeling once more, and after a short time of holding onto one another, Ginny pulled back slightly and looked up at him. Before Harry was able to say anything, she leaned up, closing the distance between them and placing an all too short kiss, to Harry’s lips.
When she pulled back once more, Harry was glad to see that the smile she was wearing matched his own.

“Goodnight Harry. Thank you for the lovely evening.” Her voice had somehow taken on a seductive tone, whether this was on purpose by her, or if his brain had just registered it as such, Harry was unsure.

“It was my pleasure, we should do it more often. And I think that will be easier in the coming days.” He smiled, hoping that she would understand what he was actually saying. He would have to break up with Alice sooner than he had thought.

“That is very good to hear.”

“I will be in touch again soon.” Harry said, as he watched her smile, then turn and head towards the Burrow. Only preparing himself to apparate once she was safely inside their warm home.

With a pop and second of Darkness, Harry was back inside his own warm home. He walked into the living room and found it lit largely by the fire in the fireplace. Alice was sat on the couch, a blanket wrapped around her legs and a book in her hands. She looked up from her book, noticing him as he walked over to her.

“Where have you been? I waited for a while, but then I floo-called Ron and Hermione, and she said that you’d gone out to a quidditch match, but the Cannons vs. Harpies Game ended hours ago.”

Harry was impressed that she knew the game he’d gone to, but quickly realized that Hermione likely would have told her. Though not so forthcoming. He still felt bad lying to Alice, so he tried to tell as much of the truth as possible.

“Well, a few days ago, Ginny said that she was disappointed that no one could come to her game today. And they cancelled the meeting I was supposed to have, because Savage flooed in sick. Plus I wasn’t going to be assigned anything new until Tomorrow, so I thought I would Surprise her. Then the harpies won and we went out for Dinner and Drinks. I know and I am sorry, I should have told you or flooed, that I wouldn’t be home till later.” to his surprise, Alice smiled at what he had said.

“That’s very sweet of you to do that for her. I would have appreciated some form of message. But it is past now.”

After a short time of talking about the game, and how her day at work had gone. They eventually made their way to bed. And Harry could not help but mourn the fact that the girl lying next to him was not Ginny.

Little did Harry know, at the Burrow, that Ginny herself lying in bed, wearing his sweater, was replaying the events of the night, and many of their other interactions over the course of the week in her head; wished that her cold spot next to her was filled with his warm loving self.
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