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Something in the air
By AnHPsuperfan

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Category: Post-DH/PM
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Teddy Lupin
Genres: Fluff, Humor
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: G
Reviews: 5
Summary: Harry’s godson, Teddy Lupin, is getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express...And his family is getting ready for this wonderful moment too.
One-shot. Total Potter-Lupin family fluff!
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
A/N.: Hey, Potterheads!! I know it’s not September first anymore but I did start to write this on the first. I wanted to write something related to going back to Hogwarts as the magic was in the air. A little family fluff here. Please leave a review if you like it, or any thought related to it, really. I love to read them. Also, taking a suggestion from a reader, I used quotation marks for the dialogue instead of hyphens as I did in my other stories. The hyphens are more usual in my country. But I notice most fics in English use quotation marks. Please, tell me what you prefer and mid I used them right. Hope you enjoy it! ; )


“Ginny!! Have you seen my Holyhead Harpies jersey? I can’t find it anywhere.” the boyish voice of Teddy Lupin rang loudly in the Potter Cottage. Harry and Ginny Potter’s godson shared his time between staying at his grandma’s and their home. The weekend leading to September first, he was at the Potter’s, promising to meet Andromeda at the station.

“Have you looked everywhere? It must be in your room. I washed it last week!” Harry’s wife, Ginny joined his godsons’ voice, followed by James’ taunting “Teddy’s not even at Hogwarts and is already losing things.” Little Albus’ laughter accompanied his brother’s statement.

Harry averted his eyes from the ceiling, hearing his families’ sounds upstairs, to look at his sweet baby girl eating in her high chair. She was babbling happily in her little pink dress, freshly clean after taking a shower. At that moment, Lily patted her bowl, making oatmeal fly all the way to her chair.

‘Well, not so clean’ thought Harry as he got up to sort the mess out.

“Found it!” Teddy yelled.

Harry heard Ginny’s relieved sigh as she got down to the kitchen, his two young sons behind. “Oh, Harry, you’re already cleaning the table. Good.” She ran a hand through her beautiful red hair. “Could you get the three young ones ready? I’m gonna make sure Teddy’s packed everything.”

“Gin, we’ve already checked everything twice yesterday,” Harry said bemusedly. Meanwhile, James and Al were already making their sister giggle, tickling her on the chair.

“I know. I just want everything to be perfect for him.” His wife said tiredly.

“Alright. Don’t worry, I’ll get the little ones ready” Harry looked at her adoringly. He loved this motherly instinct in her. He gave her a quick kiss before she went up.

“Eww.” James exclaimed and his little brother, so fond of imitating him, did the same.

“Let’s go, mates. I’ll get you two ready.” Harry took Lily from the chair and went up the stairs, his two sons following him. He opened James’ room door and ushered them in, summoning some clothes for James and Albus and placing Lily on the bed.

“I don’t need help getting ready, dad! I’m five already!” James crossed his arms indignantly.

“Me too!” Al announced.

“I know, Jamie. But we have to agree that your taste in clothes is questionable.” Harry said. Last weekend at the Burrow, the boy had dressed with a bright orange Chudley Cannons shirt and light green shorts. “You can put these on by yourself.” Harry passed him the jeans and red shirt.

When he looked to the side, Al had his shirt stuck in his head, trying to find the hole with no success. “Maybe I should help you with that, mate.” Harry suppressed his laughter to assist his youngest son.

“Oh no!” Teddy’s anxious voice came down the corridor. “Ginny! I can’t find my boarding pass. It’s not here!”

Harry turned his head to the door. His wife said, “You’re sure it isn’t in your room?”

“Positive.” His godson answered, sounding on the verge of tears. Harry turned to finish dressing Albus and help to search when he saw his sons’ faces. James was blushing and looking sheepish, while Albus was averting his eyes to his brother and to the floor.

“James, Albus...what did you do?” Harry asked cautiously.

“Jay! Al!” Lily exclaimed happily from the bed.

“I’m waiting,” Harry said into the silence that followed.

James burst out, his eyes overly bright. “Teddy can’t go to Hogwarts! He needs to stay here!”

“I want Teddy to stay!” Al complimented.

“Ok, I know you want that, boys,” Harry explained patiently. He thought it honestly adorable that the kids wanted to keep Teddy home, but he knew his godson was probably freaking out at the moment. “We’ll write letters to him all the time. And we also have the two-way mirror, he’ll be able to see you, and you, to see him.” He placed his hands on his sons’ shoulders. They were both sniffling. “You’ll see, soon he’ll be home for Christmas already.” Harry hugged the two boys and kissed their identical mops of black hair.“Now, tell me. Where is the ticket? Teddy is very upset over it.”

James went to his bed and stuck his hand under his pillow, picking a Hogwarts Express ticket.

“Ginny, Teddy! We found it!” Harry yelled. Teddy came barreling into the room and grabbed the ticket, holding it close to his chest. Ginny entered hurriedly.

“Where was it?” She asked.

“Long story,” Harry replied.

“Right, we don’t have time anyway. If we don’t hurry, we’re gonna be late. We still need to drive all the way to King’s Cross.”

The trip to the station was loud and animated. The boys were talking to each other about Hogwarts and Lily interjected with a word or another she picked up. Ginny had to stop two or three fights between James and Albus and Teddy’s new owl screeched in its cage. Still, Harry loved every second of it.

Arriving at King’s Cross, Lily was settled in her trolley and Harry grabbed Albus and James’ hands, Teddy opting to walk through the barrier alone. After watching his godson, Harry passed with the two boys.

As soon as he got through, his senses were assaulted with magic. There was the sound of owls, cats and frogs all in the same place. Laughter danced around everyone at the platform. There were voices from kids of all ages and teenagers as well. The parents themselves talked to one another, and gave last minute advices to their children, along with orders to behave. The place was absolutely crowded and he caught pieces of all that. Standing in its prided location was the steaming red engine that would take the students to Hogwarts. Harry understood very well the amazed look on his godson’s face.

Ginny stepped out with Lily right after and the whole family went in search of Andromeda Tonks.

As they walked, heads turned to stare at them unashamedly and excited whispers followed the Potters and Lupin. Harry was expecting this would happen already, based on years of experience. It still didn’t make it less uncomfortable. Thankfully, the young children didn’t seem to notice much, too absorbed by the wonders of the station. Teddy, on the other hand, met his eyes. He and his wife had sat the eleven-year old down to explain what he could expect at school in relation to his family’s fame. Now, Teddy looked prepared but a bit overwhelmed.

The family of six found Andromeda standing near the back of the crowd, to which Harry was grateful for. He wanted to avoid the curious eyes and take his family out of the throngs of people.

As Andromeda greeted everyone, Harry went to the train to load Teddy’s trunk for him. There were various kids and parents alike carrying heir own luggage and, in some cases, broomsticks.

As he went back to his group, he saw Teddy talking to his godmother and grandma, and, by the state of the two-women, they were on the brink of tearing up.

“Don’t forget to eat your vegetables. I don’t care about how many servings of dessert you take, as long as you eat your vegetables.” Ginny had her hands on Teddy’s shoulders.

“But don’t eat too much dessert either. You know you get hyperactive with too much sugar.” Andromeda said.

“Yes. And always wear two sweaters when the weather starts to turn cold. The castle is freezing during the winter.” Ginny continued.

“Don’t procrastinate! Your studies are important.” Andromeda again.

“Ginny, grandma, I’m gonna be fine. Don’t worry about it. I’ll write to you all the time.” Teddy finally interjected.

“Oh, my little boy,” Andromeda exclaimed and started crying, smothering Teddy in a hug. That set Ginny off, who had her lower lip trembling and was avoiding everyone’s eye. Harry squeezed her hand.

“Ginny?” Teddy asked worriedly after Andromeda let him go. The red-head gave up and wrapped her blue-haired godson in a tight hug, tears falling from her eyes.

After that, Harry kept an eye on the little kids. Albus and James were playing with the trolley they got from the station and he had to constantly hold it so they didn’t crash into a wall.

The time was nearing eleven o’clock when Harry decided to say goodbye to his godson. The both of them had already talked about practically every aspect of Hogwarts and first year, so he only asked his godson. “Are you gonna be okay?”

Teddy nodded confidently. “Yes.”

Harry realized, then, the question was more for his benefit than Teddy’s. He understood Ginny and Andromeda’s reaction. It seemed like only yesterday when he held this tiny baby that changed his life for the better after the war. Now, here he was. A grown boy ready to take on his first year at Hogwarts.

“I’m so proud of you,” Harry told him. “I’m gonna miss you, buddy.”

“Me too, Harry.” Teddy’s smile wobbled a little. Harry opened his arms and he jumped right in.

As he let go, Harry noticed Teddy was fidgeting, looking for someone, and he knew exactly who it was.

Two minutes before the train left, Victoire and Bill Weasley appeared from the crowd. Teddy ran to her immediately.

“She was driving everyone crazy at home.” Bill said.

Soon after, the train chimed, signaling the time to board. Teddy gave everyone another round of hugs and kisses, including his god-siblings. Jamie and Al were literally clinging to his legs and crying. Victoire helped calm the boys down and distract them, while Teddy climbed into the Hogwarts Express. His head appeared from a compartment’s window and he waved as the train started on its way.

Harry waved back and smiled, with a sense of nostalgia filling his heart. There was something in the air. It was time to go to Hogwarts.
Reviews 5

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