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Category: Post-Hogwarts, Elopement Challenge (2020-3)
Genres: Comedy, Romance
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Summary: Sometimes things go differently than planned.
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Author's Notes:
That's just a silly little idea on the subject Eloped I wanted to share because I thought it was funny. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


"...and I will never stop laughing with you," Ginny concluded her wedding vow with a sob.

She dabbed the tears of joy from the corner of her eye and looked up at Harry. A shy smile spread over her face when she saw his broad grin. She felt the urge to throw herself in his arms and never stop kissing him when the registrar spoke with a solemn voice, "You may exchange your rings now."

Ginny giggled softly as she observed Harry fumble her ring out of the box with unsteady fingers. The giggle turned into a laugh as he raised his eyebrows at her.

"I promised I would never stop laughing with you," she said, holding out her hand to him.

"And I love your laugh," Harry replied, taking her hand to cautiously put the ring on her finger.

She heard her heart pounding in her chest as she looked at the golden band on her ring finger. Realizing that her childhood dream would finally come true, she gave Harry a big smile.

"It's your turn." Harry mirrored her smile and handed her the black box.

Tearing her eyes away from Harry, she took the ring and gently slipped it onto his finger.

"Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley, I hereby declare you husband and wife," said the registrar solemnly. "As you both confirmed earlier, you will share the family name Potter in the future."

Ginny glanced briefly at Harry and nodded in confirmation. "Yes."

"By signing this contract, you are officially bound by a magical bond," declared the registrar. "Please tap the seal next to your signatures at the same time with the tip of your wand to activate the bond."

They both took a step forward. When Harry put his name on the marriage certificate, Ginny picked up the quill from the blacksmith's anvil and leaned over the piece of parchment.

"Don't forget that you have to sign with Ginevra Potter" Harry whispered with a mischievous smile.

"Only if you never again call me Ginevra," Ginny muttered, concentrating on getting her family name right.

After signing the marriage certificate, she pulled out her wand and looked expectantly at Harry.

"I'm as ready as I can be," Harry said and put his arm around her waist.

In unison, they tapped the seal of their marriage certificate with the tip of their wands. Ginny startled and gasped for air as the seal began to glow gold and the glow slowly spread across their wands and up their arms to completely cover their bodies.

With wide eyes, she looked up at Harry and gave him an astonished smile as an indescribable feeling of happiness spread through her and the golden glow suddenly exploded and turned into a million glittering sparks that floated across the room.

Fascinated by the impressive spectacle, Ginny almost missed the registrar's request. "Mr Potter, you may kiss your bride now."

As Harry took her in his arms, she tore her eyes away from the sight and looked into his eyes.

"Mrs Potter, may I?" her fiancé grinned at her ... no, it was husband now, she registered satisfied.

"I insist," she returned and stretched out to meet him. As their lips met, Ginny felt Harry pull her closer to him. She parted her lips as his tongue gently asked for permission to enter and gave in to his kiss. Savouring the first moments of their life together, she reached to the back of his head to hold him tight and make this moment last forever.

The flash of a camera brought them back to reality.

"Sorry," said the photographer. "Can we take a few more pictures now? I took the photos of the wedding ceremony without a flash so that I wouldn't disturb you. But you said you wanted a few more photos. I suggest we go to the blacksmith's shop for that. The forge fire and various tools there make a perfect background for your wedding photos."

"Yes, of course," Harry nodded. "You are the professional. We rely entirely on you. It is only important to us that you send us all prints and original photos."

"Of course, Mr Potter," the man replied. "It's part of my job. I doubt someone would book me if I sold my photos to the press."

Distracted by the vague feeling of having seen a familiar face, Ginny glanced through the window while Harry assured the man that he trusted him.

"Come on, Gin," Harry called her, reaching for her hand. "Only a few more minutes and then we can go on our honeymoon.

"I can't wait." Ginny smiled and let Harry lead her into the blacksmith's shop, where the photographer was waiting for them.

Twenty minutes and what felt like thousands of photographs later, the photographer said goodbye and promised to send their wedding pictures to their holiday address the next day.

When the man was out the back door, Harry took her in his arms and mumbled in her ear, "I hope your mother will forgive us."

Ginny met his eyes. "It's too late for doubts now."

"Oh, I have no doubts. But your mother was planning our wedding. She might be a bit upset."

"She hardly had any influence on the plans after the ministry insisted that our wedding has to be an act of state."

"Yes, I know." Harry kissed his forehead. "We did the right thing."

"And before we have to face the music, we have two weeks of honeymoon in Greece. Let's cross that bridge when we're back," grinned Ginny. "Until now, everyone still thinks we are on holiday for the next two weeks. Nobody knows about our little detour. So, no howlers are to be expected. Just a few relaxing days with just you and me."

Harry chuckled. "Fortunately. Come on, let's go. I can't wait to be alone with you."

"Are you hoping for an early wedding night, Mr Potter?" laughed Ginny. "It's barely noon."

"As much as I like your wedding dress, Mrs Potter, I can't wait to see you without it," Harry grinned with an admiring look at her simple white knee-length dress that emphasized her figure so beautifully. He took her hand, and Ginny followed him to the door.

Ginny beamed at him as he opened the door and stepped aside to let her out first.

She froze, and her heart almost stopped beating when she stepped through the door.

There they all stood. Hermione with a smug smile. Ron, who clearly didn't know whether to be annoyed or happy. Her father, in the same suit he had left the house for the Ministry in the morning, with a smile and shining eyes. Her mother, who stepped next to her husband with a slightly annoyed look, still her apron on, her wand in one hand, a ladle in the other.

"Hi," Ginny said timidly, grateful that Harry stepped closer and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"I take it you are already married?" Molly asked in a reproachful voice.

"I'm sorry," Harry stammered, "but we just couldn't get married at this ministry event. A wedding should be something private, something for family and friends."

"Then why weren't we invited?" Molly asked with a searching look.

"We ..." Ginny began.

"I was afraid you weren't going to allow it," Harry explained with a guilty expression, pulling Ginny closer protectively.

"You're probably right about that," admitted Molly, giving her daughter a reproachful look.

Ginny stubbornly returned her mother's gaze.

"Molly, ..." Arthur began, patting his wife's back soothingly.

"Let me finish, luv," Molly intervened and turning back to the bride and groom. "As much as I would have loved to be at your wedding, Ginny, I'm happy if you are happy. Expect a big party when you get back from Greece."

"At home. At the Burrow?" Ginny frowned in amazement.

"Of course. Where else?" Arthur smiled. He beamed at his wife. "And I'm proud that you took it so bravely, Mollywobbles."

"Did I have another choice?" Molly snorted.

"How did you find out?" Ginny asked. A brief shriek escaped her lips when her brothers George and Bill suddenly appeared next to her parents with a soft popping noise.

Arthur raised his hand as they began to ask questions loudly. "Listen to them."

"You left the Gretna Green brochure amidst your holiday catalogues," Hermione answered with a smug smile. "I found it when I was packing my things after you were supposedly on your way to Greece. And my suspicions came true when I apparated here and had brief look through the window behind you 10 minutes ago. Of course, I immediately alerted the family."

"Of course," Ginny chuckled. "So, it was you at the window."

Harry glanced over at her; his eyebrow raised.

Ginny sighed and muttered with a shrug, "I didn't know it was her. But does it really matter? To be honest, I'm glad they found out."

With a crooked smile, she turned to her family. "What now? Does anyone of you lot want to congratulate us on our wedding before Mr Potter here takes me on our honeymoon?"
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