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The Masked Ball
By HarryGinnyDestiny

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mild Sexual Situations, Negative Alcohol Use, Sexual Situations
Rating: R
Reviews: 36
Summary: You are cordially invited to the 372nd Annual Ministry of Magic Masked Halloween Ball!

Tired of being recognised everywhere he goes as ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and ‘The Saviour of the wizarding world’, Harry decides that at this years Halloween Masked Ball he’ll go that extra mile with his disguise, so he won’t get hounded by the press all evening, or stalked by fan-girls all night.

Tired of being recognised everywhere she goes as ‘the star seeker of the Holyhead Harpies’ and ‘The daughter of the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Magic’, Ginny decides that at this years Halloween Masked Ball she’ll go that extra mile with her disguise, so she won’t get hounded by the press all evening, or stalked by fan-boys all night.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Author's Notes:
You may notice I am publishing the first three Chapters of this new Fanfic all at once. I wrote four Chapters of this story a while ago, but had been struggling to find a Beta for it at the time, so it just lay gathering dust. I recently dusted it off, and wrote Chapter 5 of it I a few short days, and I am working on Chapter 6 as we speak, as well as a few updates and new Chapters for a few of my other Stories, including 'The Lost Prophesy', 'Harry Potter - Season 8' and 'Kissing Lessons'.

It's really nice to be able to complete a lot of these stories, as it's been too long.



Chapter 3 — When Harry Met Ginny

“We come bearing gifts!” said Ginny grinning, as she arrived back at her table with Harry in tow.

“We...?” began Susanne curiously as she turned, and was immediately struck silent as both Ginny and Harry came into view, carrying trays full of cocktails of all shapes and sizes.

“Ooooohhh..” grinned Marianne, “Who’s this, Jenny? ...and is he spoken for?” and she threw Harry a small wink as she asked.

“Girls...” began Ginny, grinning widely “I’d like to introduce you to James Beckham. He works as Flourish and Blotts. And as for ‘is he spoken for’, ummm... I.... ummm... I don’t know... are you?” she asked Harry that last part directly, a small sense off fear now rising in her.

“I don’t know?” said Harry grinning, returning her gaze. “I guess that’s up to you?”

“Well then,” said Ginny, turning back to her team mates, her grin growing even wider now, “If it’s up to me, then yes, he’s spoken for.”

“Good!” grinned Harry. “Then I’m spoken for.”

The two girls nodded, and they also understood from the look Ginny gave then, and the covert nod in the direction of her wand, which she was flexing warningly, that this one wasn’t to be chased away like the others, on pain of Hexes.

“Okay okay! We can take the hint!” laughed Susanne, “I guess we’ll leave you two lovebirds to it, shall we?”

“Oh, of course!” grinned Marianne, winking at Ginny, “Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, sweetie!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it!” laughed Ginny, and the two girls bid their farewell.


A few hours had passed before the two girls finally returned, both wearing their jackets and travelling cloaks, and getting ready to leave, and there was no sign of Ginny and her proposed suitor.

“Ahhhh... There they are, over there!” smirked Susanne, “Young love, eh?”

Marianne turned to see the new couple on the dance floor, locked in a tight embrace.

“I think we might have to prise them apart just to get a word in!” laughed Marianne. “Come on, let’s go and say our goodbyes!”

It took a while to catch their attention, and even longer to get them to break away from each other long enough to get a few words with their flatmate.

“Sweet Merlin!” exclaimed Ginny when she was out of Harry’s earshot, “I think I’m falling for him big time!”

“From where we’re standing, looks like the feelings mutual!” smirked Marianne “The way you both look at each other? Wow! I’m so jealous!”

“I’m really happy for you, Ginny” grinned Susanne, “Plus he’s frikkin’ gorgeous!”

“I know!” squealed Ginny, “He is, isn’t he!”

“Listen sweetie,” smirked Marianne, “We’re just getting ready to leave. We’ve just been invited to a party by some of the Cannon’s team! I wouldn’t expect us back till the morning!”

“Yeah, the last Cannon’s party lasted three whole days, so don’t worry, we won’t come back and cramp your style!” winked Susanne, “You should invite James back to the flat, you’ll have the place to yourself all night!”

“Shhhhh!” said Ginny under her breath, blushing heavily, “Not so loud!”

But Susanne just laughed at that, and then said VERY loudly —

“We were just saying to Jenny here that we’ll be out all night at a party, so you two lovebirds will have the flat all to yourselves!”

Harry blushed profusely at that, his red face matching Ginny’s, though that did make her smile slightly, noting inwardly that at least he wasn’t the type of guy that had been expecting that kind of offer. She waited for the girls to leave, and said her goodbyes, and then returned to Harry on the dance floor.

“Look, I’m really sorry about that!” she said, still blushing. “My flatmates are terrible! I’m really not that sort of girl.”

“Don’t worry about it!” laughed Harry, his face still flushed, thinking now about his good friend Ginny, who just happened to have two flatmates just like that!


He rmione was chatting to Neville and Hannah when she noticed them; Harry and the beautiful dark haired girl on the dance floor, locked in a tight embrace. Bloody Hell! She was all over him like a rash! She just hoped the girl in question was nice, Harry deserved a bit of luck on that front. Harry glanced over at her, grinning widely. She did feel really happy for him.

“Looks like Harry’s having fun!” she grinned, gesturing in his direction.

“Which one is he?” asked Hannah, being careful to check that Ron wasn’t around to hear.

“He’s the guy with the dark red hair on the dance floor, being a bit too friendly with that girl in the dark dress. Merlin! She’s all over him!”

“It looks like it’s mutual to me.” Grinned Neville, “She’s really pretty! Looks like Harry’s picked a winner there!”

Ron was on his way back from the toilet when he saw them, and his face was a mask of shock and disapproval at his sister, locked in the arms of that ponce Hermione had introduced him to at the start of the evening; Jack Percy Beckham the Third, or whatever his name was! Bloody hell, he was all over her! It was disgusting! Bloody flash git!

"People are looking," grinned Ginny.

"Let them! Have they never seen two people kissing before?"

"We are getting a little... carried away. Maybe we should take this somewhere a little more private" she teased, grinning up at him.

“I thought you said you weren’t that type of girl?” grinned Harry, winking at her.

“Sweet Merlin! I’m not! I just.... I just don’t want this night to end.”

“Me neither!” gasped Harry, “And for your information, I’m not that type of guy either.”

“I know,” smiled Ginny widely, “I wouldn’t want to if you were.”

“Well then,” grinned Harry, “I like the sound of that!”

"Do you trust me, James?" she whispered, staring into his eyes, green into blue.

"Yes," he gasped, staring into her eyes, blue into green.

And then, she wrapped her arms around him tightly and turned, and they apparated on the spot.


Ron arrived back at the table, his face a crumpled mask of fury and rage.

"Oh, what's up with you now, Ronald?" asked Hermione irritated. He had been a nightmare to be out with all evening.

"What's up!?” he growled “I'll tell you what's up! Ginny’s just left with some bloke!"

"She's... what!? That doesn't sound like her?” gasped Hermione, “I just hope she's careful."

"Yea, well, I’m really not happy about this! And you haven't heard the best part!” Ron went on, his face red with rage. "It was that ponce you arrived with: Rupert Paul Beckam the third, or whatever his bloody name was! It's just not right, Mione! No sister of mine…”

“Eh?” Hermoine looked utterly confused

“Rupert Paul Beckam the third! You know the bloke!” exclaimed Ron.

“Wait… What… Who...???” asked Hermione, looking thoroughly confused.

“That bloody ponce you arrived with!” Ron said again, his face growing redder with every word he spoke, “And you should have seen him! He was all over her like a rash! I'm really not happy about this. I mean, it's totally inappropriate!"

Hermione’s face was a mask of deep concentration, trying to figure out what Ron was actually saying. I mean, she did have an inkling of what he was trying to say, but no, that couldn’t be true. Harry couldn’t, he just couldn’t have left with...

"What did Ginny look like?” she snapped, “Describe her to me!" Hermione looked stupefied. She just hoped what she was starting to believe really couldn't be true. It just couldn't!

“I told you at the start of the night!” said Ron again for the fortieth time, “She had this tiny black dress on. I mean, it barely covered her! It was totally inappropriate!”

“Her hair, Ron.” demanded Hermione, “What colour was her hair?”

“Black!” said Ron, “Same colour as Harry’s, but I hardly see how that’s important? Her dress, Hermione, her dress! You should have seen it! I mean...It was totally...”

But everything Ron said after that point was lost on her. Hermione stared at the spot on the dance floor where they had both disapparated, her eyes growing wide. Oh bloody Hell! she thought Oh bloody bloody Hell!

Neville gasped. "You mean THAT was Ginny? And she left with..."

But Neville never got the chance to finish that sentence, Hermione kicking him under the table just before he could say the name.

"Ow!" He cried.

"What's up with you?" Ron asked, temporarily distracted, as Hermione gave Neville a glare as if to say "Don't you DARE say another word!"

“Nothing!” said Neville, “Nothing at all! I just...err had a bit of cramp in my leg!”

"Ron, could you please be a dear, and get me a drink?" Hermione butted in, giving Neville a menacing glare to silence him.

"But..." Ron protested

“Now! Ronald! And I really don’t want to hear anymore about this Ginny business, okay? She’s a big girl, she can look after herself” snapped Hermione. “Seriously! Give it a rest, okay?”

And with that, Ron stropped off, his face still bright red and fuming, in the direction of the bar.

“Oh bloody hell!” gasped Neville when Ron was out of earshot, “Out of the thousands of people here tonight, they had to choose each other to pull! What are the chances of that happening?!”

“Pretty slim, actually,” replied Hermione, deep in contemplation, thinking hard on what they should do about the situation.

“So what should we do?” asked Neville, looking panicked.

Hermione frowned deeply, contemplating all their options. And then, after a long pause, she gave her reply, a small smirk on her lips.

"Nothing" she smiled softly, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking..." began Neville, "We go after them and stop them before this gets too out of... wait! What did you just say? We do ‘nothing’?!"

"Yes!" grinned Hermione, "We do nothing! They got themselves into this mess! They are both big enough to sort out their own problems, so, we let them.”

“Don't you think that's a bit harsh?” gasped Neville, shocked at what he was hearing from the ‘smartest witch of her age’

“Nope, not really.” laughed Hermione “You do remember what we were saying about Harry and Ginny a few months back?”

“Yeah,” laughed Neville, “They're mental for each other!”

“Exactly,” grinned Hermione, “And what you said earlier about being in a room full of about twenty-thousand people; the largest ball in the Wizarding world; and out of all those people; out of all those thousands of eligible single witches and wizards; they pick each other to fall for? No, that's not chance, that's fate. So we leave it to fate to sort this out. Who knows, when they figure out who each other are, they might come to their senses!”

“But what if things go too far?” he asked, trying to convey the gravity of the situation.

“Really, this is Harry and Ginny were talking about here!” laughed Hermione “He's far too honourable, while she's far too sensible to let things get too carried away. What's the worst that could happen?”

“Well, going by the years of unrequited love and chemistry between them, quite a lot actually!” said Neville, still looking worried.

“Well then,” smirked Hermione, “Maybe we should bet on it?”

“Honestly!” said Neville, shaking his head, and looking thoroughly disapproving, “You know what, you're turning into more and more of a Weasley every day!”


Th ey barely managed to catch their breath after apparating into her flat, and then, they were kissing again; even more passionately than they had been earlier. Being alone together, and without all the spectators staring their way, gave them a strange sense of liberation. She ran her fingers through his long red hair, as they kissed deeply, his warm arms wrapped around her, neither one wanting the kiss to end. They found a sofa, the nearest to them, and then they collapsed upon it, wrapped together, not planning to let go of each other any time soon.

She wasn’t sure how long they had been there, possibly hours now, their lips locked in each others, loving and perfect, his warm hands now running down her spine. She couldn’t even remember unhooking her dress, which now lay around her waist, exposing her bra, though she had a vague recollection of unbuttoning his shirt, which now lay open, exposing his smooth muscular chest, perfectly toned, rippling with muscles and...scars...that...looked...somehow... familiar. Indeed, one of them, the scar just above his heart, looked exactly like the one Harry had. The mark where Voldemort’s killing curse had hit him in the forest. The one he had got during the battle of Hogwarts. But, no, it couldn’t be.

She pulled back to look at him again, her mind reeling at this new revelation. No, it had to just be a coincidence. She looked at his forehead, but the small birthmark on his head was now slowly fading, her eyes going wide at what she was seeing, and in its place, slowly coming into view, like a photograph developing, was a scar; a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt. No, it couldn’t be. It just couldn’t!

She stared into his eyes, and, slowly remembering how Hermione had said he had been in disguise too that evening, the reality of who he really was finally dawning on her. Oh sweet Merlin! It was Harry! It! Was! Harry!

She gasped, staring into his piercing blue eyes, now imagining how they would look in green, and how he would look with glasses fixed in place. The scar was now fully visible on his forehead. But before she could say anything, before she could tell him to stop, to ask what he was doing, he was kissing her again.

“Harry…” she gasped, groaning inwardly as he softly kissed down her neck. What was he doing? What the bloody hell was he playing at?

“Harry!” she said it again, a little louder this time, trying to get his attention. “What are we doing?” she gasped softly.

He pulled back, staring into her eyes once more, a look of confusion on his face. What the bloody hell was wrong with him? Didn’t he recognise her?

She glanced sideways at the mirror that hung on her wall, and saw her own reflection, and in it a girl she hardly recognised. And then, the awful truth came to her, now remembering the fact that she was in disguise too. That, and the fact that even her own brother hadn’t recognised her earlier. And then, before she could say anything else, his face came to the same level as hers, and he wore a cheeky grin on his face, and that made her smile back too, catching her off guard, and then, he was snogging her again. Oh my!

She knew she really shouldn’t be doing this, but it did feel so right, she could really get used to this. He was kissing her more passionately than she ever remembered being kissed before, more passionately than any guy she’d ever dated, his warm hand running down her back, sending intense shivers down her spine. Oh, Harry, she thought, Oh Harry… we shouldn’t be doing this…our friendship will be in tatters if we go any further…Oh, Harry, what are you doing to me?

“Harry!” she said again, more forcefully this time, using all of her willpower to push him back, staring earnestly into his face, trying to get him to make some sort of recognition. Hoping against hope that maybe he did know who she was, maybe wanted this too?

“It’s me!” she gasped. He looked at her confused, frowning heavily, “It’s… it’s Ginny…” she was able to finally get out, panting heavily.


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