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When Ginny and Harry Eloped-- Sort Of
By GryffindorHealer

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Category: Post-Hogwarts
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31
Summary: It's a press and paparazzi feeding frenzy when one of Wizarding Great Britain's most famous couples announce their engagement. They expected that, but when someone from the Ministry unexpectedly moves to take over the planning of their big day, Ginny becomes most unhappy. Harry tries to set things right for her. And thus, as it so often does, upon what seemed a simple, small decision did the future turn.
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Author's Notes:
Don't you just love it when a plan starts to come together?


4 March, 2002

The next day, George kept an eye on the clock in Wizarding Wheezes. Around noon, Angie asked him why and he shrugged, just that he needed to floo call Charlie and wanted to get him about dinner Charlie's time. Around four in the afternoon he told Angie he'd be in the office. There he took a pinch of floo powder, tossed it into the fireplace, and called out, “Mingulay Dragon Reserve, Charlie Weasley please.”

A few seconds later, a face he didn't quite recognize spun into the flames and an accented voice replied, “Wait few minutes. We are getting Charlie.” And a minute or so following, Charlie's head appeared in the flames.

“Hi George. What's up? Everything OK?”

“Yeah, Charlie, everybody is good. I'm just calling to find out how soon you could get here for a Sunday Family Dinner?” Charlie raised an eyebrow.

“Pretty busy just now, we've got several dragons that are incubating, due to hatch fairly soon. Why?”

George opened his mouth, paused, looked puzzled, and regrouped. “I can't tell you exactly, Charlie. It's, well, both simple and complicated, so let me say this: unless you want to miss probably the biggest prank of the century, and if you could please keep me from breathing bats, when could you be here?”

Charlie cocked his head slightly, thinking about what George said, then started to grin. “Hold a mo',” he said, his head turning. George saw his lips move, knew he was asking someone else there a question, then he turned back to George, his grin even bigger. “I can be there weekend after next. Should I owl Mum?”

George shook his head. “No, I'll let her know. Thanks, Charlie.”

“No worries, Bro. Give my love to everyone, and a big hug to the newly engaged couple, yeah.”

“Will do, Charlie. Bye.” Grinning, he inked his quill and wrote on a parchment on the desk.


Good news! Just talked to Charlie and among other things, he says he's coming for a short visit weekend after next. Just letting you know.


– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –

5 March, 2002

The next morning, Harry sat in on the weekly briefing with the Minister of Magic. Robards ran through the list of open investigations, then had the lead Auror on the international ones deliver a synopsis. Harry paid enough attention to be able to answer with some clarity if he got called, but none of his current cases involved anything on that level. As his coworkers started to leave when the meeting was dismissed, he held back until Robards and Shacklebolt stood in a clear area, the Minister's professional assistant standing near. Taking a deep breath to help slow his heart, he walked up to them.

“Excuse me, Minister, Boss, I wonder if I could have a moment?” Looking at him, they both spoke simultaneously.

“Professional? ” asked Robards.

“Personal?” asked Kingsley.

“Bit of both, actually,” Harry replied with a smile. Kingsley turned to his PA, inquiry in his eyes.

“You've about 20 minutes to your next appointment, sir,” she replied, “but it will take us five or so to get there.” Kingsley turned back to Harry.

“Right, Harry, you heard the time-keeper. You've got 15.” Harry heaved a sigh.

“Don't think it will take that long, at least not for you. I need to ask a favor.”

– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –

That evening, Ginny flooed into the Leaky Cauldron on her way home from practice. Gwenog worked the Harpies hard that day, what with the upcoming game with Puddlemere. Both teams being the only undefeated teams in Great Britain that season, the media hype kept growing. Despite the post-practice whirlpool bath and massage, Ginny's thighs and shoulders ached from the new play maneuvers they put together for the game.

Looking around Ginny felt mild surprise and some gratitude at how empty the Leaky looked this evening. Hannah leaned on the near end of the bar, chatting with Neville Longbottom. She smiled as Ginny walked up, as did Neville when he saw her.

“Hi Ginny,” they chorused. She leaned against the bar next to Neville.

“Hi back. What are you doing here, Nev? Shouldn't you be up at Hogwarts, Professor Longbottom?” He chuckled back.

“I don't have the night watch today, and someone invited me to dinner,” tilting his head towards Hannah. “I'll be back there in time for class tomorrow.”

Ginny glanced between the two of them. “Good for you.”

“You want some dinner, Ginny? Something to drink?” asked Hannah. Ginny shook her head.

“No, thanks, just stopped in to ask you when Neville would be here, and here you are already, Nev. Harry's got a light case load just now, promised me dinner would be on when I got home. Which is great, because then it can be dinner and another hot soak in the tub.”

Hannah nodded. “Working hard for the upcoming game, are you. Speaking of which, Neville here is trying to talk me into going to the game with him. Says he got two tickets somewhere, now where might those have come from, hmm?”

“I have no idea,” replied Ginny, angelic innocence personified radiating from her face. “But you should definitely take him up on it.” They all laughed.

“You and Harry set a date yet, Gin? Just trying to get an idea what I'll be able to put together for the floral arrangements I promised.,” Neville asked.

Ginny turned to him. “Yeah, about that, Nev.”

– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –

7 March, 2002

Hermione appeared outside the Hogwarts gates, which Hagrid opened for her, greeting her with a typical Hagrid hug. “Good ter see yeh, Hermione. Professor McGonagall's expectin' yer. Password today is 'butterscotch'.”

“Good to see you as well, Hagrid,” she replied as the gates closed behind them and they started towards the castle. “and thanks for that. Say, Ron and I would like to invite you over to the Burrow Sunday next, around noonish. But please keep it quiet, sort of a surprise for Ginny and Harry.”

“Be happy ter, and mums the word. Hogwarts business, sort o', right? This a party for their engagement?”

She laughed, “Yes, something like that.” They continued to chat along the walk until Hagrid excused himself. “Got ter do some las' minute things fer Magical Creatures. First Years today, yer know. Say hullo to ever'one for me.” She reassured him she would, then continued on up and into the castle, finding the gargoyle before the stairs to the Headmistress' office.

“Butterscotch.” The gargoyle leapt to the side, and she went up on the rising circular stairs, then knocked on the door at the top.

“Enter,” came Professor McGonagall's voice. “Ah, good morning Hermione. Sit, please, there's tea and some fresh scones up from the kitchens here.” She waved her wand and the pot poured a cup for Hermione, cup and saucer and a small plate with a scone wafting over to settle on the table next to Hermione's chair.

“Thank you, Professor.”

“Please, Hermione, Minerva. After all, you've been graduated these past three years and making something of a name for yourself at the Ministry.” Sipping her tea to but a bit of time, Hermione smiled.

“I'm sorry, Prof... Minerva, it's just a bit difficult to think of you as something other than one of my teachers.” Minerva McGonagall scoffed. “But before we start our discussion about my planned proposal, I'd like to ask you to join us for dinner at the Burrow around noon, Sunday next.”

“Sunday next? Yes, I can be there. Is it something special?”

“Yes, for Ginny and Harry, you know.” The Headmistress smiled rather widely. “It's a bit of a surprise, as well. Could you bring or wear something in Gryffindor colors, please?”

“Certainly. Now, if that's settled, let's attend to your proposal.”

– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –– — – — –

12 March, 2002

“Ms. Jones,” said her Professional Assistant. “There's a Mr. Ronald Weasley here asking to see you. He doesn't have an appointment. And yes, he does look a lot like Ginny.” Gwenog grinned.

“One of her brothers, then. How much time before the team meeting?”

“Easily a half hour, could make it longer.”

“No, that will do. Send him in, please, Kathy.”

Shortly, Ron walked through the door, to find Gwenog standing to greet him. “Ron, right? And aren't you the Cannons fan?”

“Right in one. Though I did tell Ginny I'll cheer for her whenever you lot aren't playing my team.” Gwenog chuckled.

“Fair enough. To what do I owe a visit from one of Ginny's brothers?” she asked. Ron chuckled.

“Ginny says you get right to business. We're throwing a small party for Ginny and Harry this Sunday coming. Do you think you could come?”

“This related to the recent engagement?”

“You could say that,” Ron replied.

“I don't ordinarily join team members outside of official functions.”

“Mean a lot to Gin if you do. Well, if it helps, or maybe it will hurt, Gin already asked a few teammates.” Gwen chuckled.

“Her reserve Chaser partners and Doozer?” Ron nodded. “Those four are closer than knifflers to gold sometimes.” She cocked her head slightly to her left. “Got to admire a Cannons fan who'll walk into the Harpies Den to ask a favor. Sure. When and where?”

“Sunday next, as I said, noon, at our family home, The Burrow, Ottery St. Catchpole.”

“I'll be there.”

“Thanks. As I said, it will mean a lot to Gin. She thinks quite highly of you. And thank you for seeing me, unplanned. I should go, need to get back to work myself.”

Ron stopped briefly just outside the training pitch, thinking that meeting went better than he'd expected. Ginny hadn't looked optimistic when they'd talked over the guest list and he'd mentioned Gwenog. Grinning, he started walking towards the Apparition point he'd been directed towards.

Reviews 31

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