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When Ginny and Harry Eloped-- Sort Of
By GryffindorHealer

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Category: Post-Hogwarts
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31
Summary: It's a press and paparazzi feeding frenzy when one of Wizarding Great Britain's most famous couples announce their engagement. They expected that, but when someone from the Ministry unexpectedly moves to take over the planning of their big day, Ginny becomes most unhappy. Harry tries to set things right for her. And thus, as it so often does, upon what seemed a simple, small decision did the future turn.
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Fleur knocked on the door to Ginny's bedroom and entered when called, carrying three boutonnieres. She took in the three men, now dressed for the ceremony, and smiled. “Oh! Vous êtes tous si beaux. 'Arry, so very 'andsome, you will make Ginny so 'appy.” She walked to Arthur first and helped set a boutonniere in his lapel.

Beau Papa, il est temps que tu ailles chez ta fille. Go now, upstairs, to your beautiful daughter, zey are waiting.” Then she hugged and kissed him on both cheeks. Arthur turned to Harry, placed his hands on his shoulders again, and smiled hugely.

“I will see you shortly.” Then he left. Fleur looked to Ron and Harry. “And now, mes frères, let us set these flowers, and downstairs wiz you, for it is time for you to get married, 'Arry.” Shortly the three of them left the room, Harry closing the door behind them. He paused briefly, hand on the door, smiling slightly at the memories of the many times he and Ginny had sought some privacy here. Then he turned and strode downstairs to the drawing room. There he found the gathered family leaving a bit of an aisle, and joined Ron and George before the fireplace with Kingsley.

He stood fidgeting a bit, and Kingsley smiled at him. “Relax, Harry.” Harry took a deep breath, then turned as the room quieted. Molly Weasley stood at the foot of the stairs wearing a green dress that showed her figure without fitting tightly. It struck him then how much Ginny resembled her mother. Time, children, and trials of living through two parts of a war marked her yet Mrs. Weasley still radiated happiness and beauty as she waited for her eldest son to escort her into the room. Harry knew, looking at her, that when Ginny reached her mother's age he would still see her as the most beautiful woman in his life.

Bill stepped up and escorted his mother to the row of chairs set before the fireplace for her, Arthur, and Andromeda. Luna and Hermione stepped off the stairs. Angelina tapped Teddy's shoulders, and pointed towards Harry while whispering in his ears. Teddy held up the small pillow with the wedding rings, walked through the open aisle way and stopped next to his grandmother, sitting in the row of chairs set for them, then first Hermione followed by Luna walked up to stand opposite the groom and his attendants.

Arthur and Ginny stepped off the stairs and stopped next to each other. Harry vaguely heard sighs and gasps from the assembly; mostly he only saw Ginny, her red copper-gold hair shimmering, gathered loosely and draped over her right shoulder, brown eyes blazing with happiness.

“Blimey,” whispered Ron in his ear. “That's Mums wedding dress.” Harry nodded, still lost at the vision of this woman who would join her life with his. The ivory tinged white dress fit her form, the lace-trimmed hem at her knees, more lace following the scooped neckline that showed off her freckled shoulders. He'd never before seen her looking this radiant, so confident (even when playing for the Harpies), knew he looked forward to a lifetime of counting all those freckles. Arthur nudged her lightly, and whispered something in her ear. Looking into her father's eyes she giggled softly, and nodded. She shifted the bouquet of lily's and primrose to her right hand, then linked her left into his right arm. Much too slowly for Harry, they walked to the fireplace.

“Who gives this woman today?” asked Kingsley.

Arthur looked into Ginny’s eyes and took a deep breath. “I am her father and escort,” he said firmly, “and I tell you all that no one gives her.” He turned to Harry, who pulled his eyes from Ginny, still with the huge smile that lit his face when he first saw Arthur and Ginny enter the room but now with a slightly puzzled hint in his eyes. “She chooses this man herself, freely.”

And Arthur Weasley let go of his only daughters hands. Sitting next to his own wife, he took Molly’s hand in his, making no effort at all to hide either the smile matching Harry’s that now filled his face, nor the tears that Molly started to wipe from his face. She stopped, took her husbands other hand in hers and rested her head on his shoulders where their tears could mingle together.

They watched as Luna took Ginny's bouquet and she stepped up to Harry to take his hands in hers.

Kingsley's eyes swept slowly across the gathered faces, drawing their attention to him and the couple.

“We are gathered here today by the invitation of Ginny and Harry to witness their declaration of vows to merge their two lives into one. When Harry asked me to officiate, I learned that Harry has been to only two weddings, either Wizarding or Muggle. So I told him that he, Ginny, and I must meet before I could answer, because in a Wizarding Matrimonial Bonding, the magic, our Magic, will not work if the officiant does not perceive the love between the celebrants.” He looked into both Harry's and Ginny's eyes, a gentle smile on his face.

“Some of what I learned when we met may be new to all of you here; certainly it was to me. That one of Harry's quests, and certainly one held longer than disposing of a certain … unfriendly … wizard is to find something stolen from him, the loving warmth of family. And his surprise to find it here, with Ginny at the center. That Ginny loved Harry long before she ever met him, and her utter amazement to learn the reality of the man to be far greater and complex than the childhood dream.

“I asked if they wished to write their own vows, and both replied no, the traditional ones well covered their intentions. Meditating on that, it became obvious their life together so far exemplifies they are already living to those vows, and thus declaring them before witness simply acknowledges existing reality.

“I see you've already joined your hands. Repeat after me, then: I, Harry James Potter…”

With a pause long enough to take a deep breath Harry spoke, unrushed yet without waiting for Kingsley to continue prompting him.

“I Harry James, take thee Ginevra Molly, to have and hold, for better for worse, in sickness in health, for richer for poorer, to be your Soul and Heart until Death does us part.”

Ginny's eyes started brimming wet as Harry spoke, and spilled over at the last part. She barely heard Kingsley prompt her.

“I, Ginevra Molly and dammit Harry I am NOT crying…” He squeezed her hand gently, his green eyes drawing her in, she saw the glistening and his tears spilling … felt his tears on her cheeks, hers, on his. Inhaling deeply, her voice rang out into the world, “I, Ginevra Molly, take thee Harry James, to have and hold, for better for worse, in sickness in health, for richer for poorer, to be your Soul and be your Heart until Death does us part.”

Kingsley called out, “The rings, please.” He looked around the room. Andromeda nudged Teddy, who stood enthralled with his hair shimmering between emerald and fiery red, whispering into his ear. Teddy stooped down picking up a small satin pillow. Holding it proudly out at his shoulder height, he stepped up to Ginny and Harry, back straight and face focused on his task. Teddy held the pillow high, and Kingsley winked at him. Then he nodded to the couple, who both placed the fingers of their left hands lightly upon the pillow. His wand circled above their fingers, tip hovered over the rings, both briefly glowing sunrise gold, then said, “Take and exchange these tokens of the vows you make today.” Hermione and Ron each took one of the plain gold bands from the pillow, handing them respectively to Ginny and Harry.

Ginny’s shoulders scrunched up slightly and Harry quirked his eyebrows at the quietest of giggles as he slid her band onto her finger next to her engagement ring. Then emerald green lost themselves in demure chocolate peeking from under eyelashes while the coquettish grin promised something else entirely as she slid his ring onto his finger.

“Minerva, if you would please.” McGonagall stepped forward, taking her shawl and draping it over the bridal couples hands, wrapping it once, twice, thrice. The Gryffindor colors began to shine, scarlet and gold as she stepped back.

“Ginevra and Harry, you vowed today before these witnesses to join your lives in Matrimonial Bonding.” Kingsley raised his wand. Streaking sparks of silver, gold, and scarlet flew from tip, swirling around Ginny and Harry until both stood within a shimmering cloud of lights. “May your kiss seal your vows.” They leaned closer, Ginny raising her face to Harry, and their lips met. The shimmering lights contracted, touched their bodies, the exposed skin of their faces and necks flashing as the cloud setting into them and faded from sight.

“I pronounce you Bonded for life. You may kiss your bride.” Ginny and Harry's lips touched for timeless seconds, then separated. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Potter.”

Ginny and Harry turned to face their family, who all broke out with applause. Teddy ran up and hugged both their legs tightly. Then Ron and George were both slapping Harry on the back, pumping his hand. Luna and Hermione pulled Ginny into a group hug, and all the wedding attendants congratulating the newlyweds. Molly and Arthur came up to them to add their hugs.

Kingsley cleared his throat. “Ginny, Harry, Luna, Ron, we've a small bit of legal business to take care of now. Molly, where can we complete the marriage registration?” The group of seven, since Molly and Arthur came to witness as well, moved over to the dining table.

Harry signed, then turned to Ginny to hand her the quill. “Ready to sign your name, Mrs. Potter?”

Ginny took the quill. “Why, yes I am, Mr. Potter.” And with a flourish, she signed the document as well. While the rest of them signed in the indicated places, she reached up and pulled Harry's lips to hers. As their lips parted, she whispered, “I will never get tired of signing my new name.”

Passing his wand over the parchment to ensure all the ink dried, he spoke to the newlyweds, “You gave me the note with the traditional vows you planned to use so I could prompt you. I must say, Harry, I hadn't expected you to memorize them. But where did the last bit, 'Soul and Heart' came from?”

Harry shrugged. “I dunno, really. I mean, I'd memorized the rest of the vows, but when I got to that part, the words just came out.” He looked at Ginny. “Might have been that romance novel you left on the end table.” Ginny blushed.

“Wasn't mine,” she quickly denied. “Must be one Gaia left when she was visiting last week.” He chuckled at her, this wasn't the first time he'd found a romance novel laying about. Some had been in her flat's bedroom, others at Grimmauld Place. The glare she gave him caused his chuckle to become a laugh. He turned back to Kingsley as Gwenog walked up to them.

“Why, does it matter?”

Gwenog chuckled. “It matters, Harry, because while those particular words aren't often used these days, they are part of the traditional vows when both parties did choose to bond their souls, not simply their lives. That said, I agree with what Kingsley told us. You two were already living that.”

Harry turned to Ginny. “Did you know that?”

“Yes, Harry. I told you once, wizarding weddings are bonding’s. You made me very happy when you vowed our souls together. Do you regret it?” Their eyes together, he slowly rested his forehead to hers.

“Never,”he said quietly. Molly clapped her hands together, hearing this.

Kingsley rolled the parchment up. “I'll be turning this in tomorrow morning, then.”

“Wait a moment on that, Minister. Ginny, Harry,” said Gwenog, “I really hate leaving so soon, but I've got a Jones family function today as well. When do you plan to take your honeymoon?”

“After the Puddlemere game, Coach. I'll be at practice tomorrow, don't worry.”

Gwen nodded. “I'll let you know, but don't tell the others, I've already changed up tomorrows schedule so the meeting with the Management staff is first thing. I'll give you a small break and not require you to be there at six in the morning, yeah? Call it part of my wedding present. As to the other part, do you know where and how we get our jersey robes?” Ginny shook her head. “A good friend of mine, from Hogwarts days, is an absolutely brilliant stitchery witch. She makes them, then puts a spell on the embroidery until we know which player needs new or replacement jerseys. When I touch them with my wand, those names and player numbers show up.

“I am wondering, considering the delightful way you two 'formally; announced your engagement, how are you planning to announce your marriage? And are you changing your name professionally?” Ginny turned to Harry.

“It's your choice, love. I told you, playing as Ginny Weasley is good. Lots of players do so.” Ginny kissed him lightly, turned back to Gwen.

“I'm Ginny Potter now, Gwenog.” Gwen nodded.

“Alright. Would you be interested in waiting until we introduce all our players at the start of the game to announce your nuptials?”

The newlyweds looked at each other, huge smiles lighting their faces, and chorused, “Brilliant!”

“Good. I'll get your new robes to you the morning of the game. What about your rings though?”

Ginny Grinned, and Harry's eyes glinted. “Remember us touching the ring pillow? Worked out a special Disillusionment charm with Kingsley. Until we make the public announcement, only those people who were here to witness our vows can see our rings.”

Gwen grinned back.”And what about you, Harry? I could get you a new jumper for your Number One Fan uniform as well that says Ginny Potter . Sylvia could get that done easily.”

“Brilliant, thanks.”

“Right then, I'll simply 'misplace' this parchment in the clutter on my desk for a week or so, shall I? Now, let's continue the celebration before I need to leave as well,” said Kingsley. The group wandered off, leaving Gwenog, Ginny, and Harry together.

“Thank you so much for coming, Gwen. Really means a lot to both of us,” said Harry. Gwenog chuckled, giving both of them a hug.

“I'm happy for you both; you are a great team. Even if I've already lost the pool on when you two would do this.” They all laughed, then Gwenog took her leave.

Harry turned to Ginny. “Your team started a pool on when we'd get married?”

“Oh, Harry, you don't know the half of it,” she replied, laughing.


Reviews 31

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