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When Ginny and Harry Eloped-- Sort Of
By GryffindorHealer

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Category: Post-Hogwarts
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31
Summary: It's a press and paparazzi feeding frenzy when one of Wizarding Great Britain's most famous couples announce their engagement. They expected that, but when someone from the Ministry unexpectedly moves to take over the planning of their big day, Ginny becomes most unhappy. Harry tries to set things right for her. And thus, as it so often does, upon what seemed a simple, small decision did the future turn.
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Ginny and Harry started to circulate, being congratulated by family and friends. Gaia and Doozer from the Harpies both grabbed Ginny and swung her around laughing. Harry turned to find Bill and Charlie talking, both of them grinning widely when he faced them.

“Congratulations again, Harry,” said Bill, pulling Harry into a big hug.

“You've been part of the family a while, and I'm glad you are making Ginny so happy,” said Charlie.

“Is this the part, now, where you tell me if I ever hurt her I'm in trouble?” Harry asked. Bill and Charlie both laughed.

“Ginny made it quite clear some time ago, if any of us ever said that to you we'd be answering to her. You did notice she's rather formidable, yes?” asked Charlie.

“Besides, Harry, we've seen you give and get as good or better than any of us with her. Some of your fights rocked the foundations here, and you two worked that out,” said Bill.

Harry looked between them, their smiles, their serious eyes still friendly. “Wow. Wasn't expecting that. Thanks.”

Bill slapped his shoulder. “No worries, mate. Now go visit some more of the guests, dinner will be up soon.” Harry grinned and wandered along.

“So,” Charlie grinned, “not going to tell him about that time Ginny lined up all the stuffed toys in the house, made you 'walk her down the aisle' and me officiate her 'marrying' The Boy Who Lived?” Bill watched Harry talking with Minerva McGonagall and shook his head.

“Not today. Dad said he told him about Ginny's first time watching the Harpies.” Charlie chuckled. “And, if I'm reading the signs right, Mum's going to be cornering the two of them soon.”

“Picked up on that too, did you. He'll learn to watch for it fast enough. Think it's because they arranged this so fast? George contacted me just a week and a half back. From what he said, and how he said it, I figured out these two were involved up to their teeth. Ginny probably put a hex on so that they couldn't specifically say Getting Married.”

“I think I'm going to be glad it's them and not me,” replied Bill. The two eldest brothers and best mates both laughed.

Ginny rejoined him as he was talking to Andromeda and Teddy. “You were the best ring-bearer ever, Teddy, “ she said to Teddy, whose face lit up and his hair turned coppery red. “Thank you for making our special day even better.”

“You two are a beautiful couple,” said Andromeda. “I am so happy for you both.” She gathered the two into a hug, and kissed their cheeks. “Now it looks like your mother needs to talk to you, yeah?” And she nodded over their shoulders.

They turned to find Molly Weasley standing in front of them, Grinning. Ginny’s intertwined fingers clamped painfully on Harry’s hand. He glanced at her face and saw something. Fear?

“Oh, my loves,” said Mrs. Weasley quietly, wrapping them both into her arms. Harry’s face snapped forward as Molly looked from one to the other. Her embrace tightened.

He felt Loved. This embrace definitely felt loving, yet frigid, as if angry. Sudden clarity akin to the times Harry fought Death Eaters and Riddle settled over him. His vision narrowed to six redhead males. Their faces standing out clearly, while no one else gathered there seemed to notice the three people in the embrace.

Bill leaned his head closer to Charlie and whispered something, Charlie nodded. George nudged Ron, and Percy turned away from Audrey. The same Grin spread across all five of their faces, but with something that looked like… relief? Mr. Weasley wasn’t grinning. He looked like he waited to see if some intervention would be necessary.

“Oh my loves,” said Mrs. Weasley again, only loud enough for the three of them to hear. Ginny’s grip on his hand tightened and his fingers tingled from lost circulation. With a small shock Harry realized he held Ginny’s hand just as tightly.

A third time they heard, “Oh my loves. Harry, you are a good man. So sweet, you saying you wouldn’t elope with Ginny for my sake. I am so proud of you both for finding a way to keep this special occasion to just family. And I am so happy today. I just knew you two are destined for each other.” Despite her arms not moving, Molly Weasley's embrace became tighter than iron shackles. Her voice dropped to a quiet, even level and somehow Harry felt that quietness to be terrifying.

“But dropping this on me in such short notice is just like eloping, and if either of you, singly or together, Ever do that to me again, I Will Hex You Both Until You Won’t Be Able To Sit. For months, and even sleeping on your sides will be uncomfortable. Am I clear?”

Two voices in contrite chorus: “Yes, Mum.”

“Good.” Warmth flooded in as the shackles disappeared. Blood returned to his and Ginny’s fingers as their hands relaxed. Molly’s hands rested gently against one each of their cheeks. Across the room five Weasley brothers nodded and Grinned at him. Mr. Weasley visibly relaxed as an Intervention became unnecessary. Molly kissed each of their cheeks. “Because today you two made me the happiest mother in the world. Now let’s keep this party going and eat some dinner.”

Molly turned back to Arthur, who gathered her into a huge hug. Harry took in a shuddering breath, thinking it had been a bit since he did. Breathe, that is. Ginny’s hand on his cheek turned his face to hers and there on Ginny’s face that Grin. Realization rang like church bells pealing through him which of their parents they all inherited it from.

“What… just happened?” He asked.

“Welcome to the family, Love,” she whispered.

“Did I just call Mrs. Weasley ‘Mum’?”

“Yes, and you haven't called her Mrs. Weasley in a good while. If you’re smart you won’t ever let her hear you call her Mrs. Weasley again. Better be Mum or at least Molly.”

Harry snorted a laugh. “I can assure you, Love, that I am not at all ready for Death to call in my Vows to you.” Her Grin grew bigger.

“You’d better not be.”

The chant started with the Patriarch and Matriarch, followed by the Brothers.


“Well, Mrs. Potter?”


“Yes, Mr. Potter?”


The chant spread through the room.


“You know, Harry, they’ve never see you truly kiss me.”

Even the children took it up.


“Do you think they’re ready for it, Gin?”


“One way to find out.”


It started with lips pressing softly, growing firmer, then lips parted, their tongues began fencing. They pressed together and Ginny let go his hand, rising to his other cheek as his arms wrapped firmly around her back and shoulders. Gracefully he began slowly dipping her back towards the floor, and she relaxed in his arms, trusting his strength as her fingers carded into his unruly hair.

Some interminable time he slowly stood them back up. The kiss ended in a slow series of soft presses as they both gasped for air. Awareness of thundering applause slowly entered their universe, she nestled her head into his chest and they turned to behold a standing ovation. Doozer, Bill and Charlie wolf whistled them, and even Ron and Hermione applauded though they both blushed furiously.

Ginny stretched up on tiptoes to nibble his earlobe. “Merlin, Harry, you made me wet my knickers.”

“Sorry. Didn’t know you needed the loo.”

“Not that sort of wet, prat,” she growled.

“Yes, well, at least you’ve got some layers. Please don’t move from in front of me or everyone’s going to know what you did to me.” She brushed her thigh against him, making him groan softly.

Across the room Fleur felt the growing arousal in the newlyweds and shook her head gently, smiling nonetheless as she gathered Luna and Hermione by the arm. “Come, ladies, we need to rescue zem before zey are tout amoureux,” she said.

Hermione looked at her. “Sorry, what?”

“'Ermione, that kiss. Oh, peut-être you did not feel the intensity, my Veela part could and did. We must get zem upstairs. Ozzerwise...”

“Otherwise, Hermione,” Luna's calm, dreamy voice drifted to her ears, “they're going to shag right here.” Realization dawned on Hermione, and the three quickly crossed the room. Surrounding the couple who still whispered to each other, they each took an arm and tugged gently.

“Come along, Ginny,” said Hermione.

“As your Maid of Honor it's time to get you two into more comfortable clothes,” said Luna, to laughter.

“No, it's my party! We need to stay.”

Oh ma soeur et frére, j’ai senti ton baiser a traveser la-bas! Non non non, you need some time. Zere will be more party,” said Fleur. Turning to the gathered family, she spoke up, “Time for zem to change before we eat! Zee guests of honor will be right back.” Then she pulled Harry along towards the stairs.

“No, Gin's right, we need to dance yet,” Harry said.

Ah, mes chéris, vous devez prendre une chambre. First, you get into more comfortable clothes.” To some laughter from those around, the three ladies managed to maneuver the newlyweds to and up the stairs. Hermione gave Ron a look, catching his attention, and pointed her head up the stairs as well. Surprisingly, he started after them. “Grab Harry's things from the other room,” she said to him, and he nodded.

He caught up with them by the time the group reached the door to Molly and Arthur's bedroom, Ginny and Harry having stopped a couple times for some more snogging. Helping get the two of them through the door, he set the clothes Harry wore to the Burrow on the bed. “Need any more help?” he asked. Fleur shook her head, and shooed Hermione, Ron, and Luna from the room. Closing the door, she turned back to Ginny and Harry, once again engrossed in a deep snog.

Mes chéris, take your time, and when you are sated, change and come back downstairs, n'est c'est pas.” Harry broke the kiss, looking at Fleur with a mix of confusion and thankfulness.

“What?” Ginny's hands cupped his cheeks, pulling his face towards hers.

“Take a few minutes, 'Arry. We shall see you soon. But mufliato the door when I leave, oui?” As the door closed behind her, Fleur heard the light buzzing in her ears that let her know Harry, or possibly Ginny, understood and cast the spell. Just to be sure, she did also, and turned towards the stairs as Teddy bumped into her. “And what do you need, Teddy?”

“Need to see Ginny an' Harry to 'gradulate them!” Fleur chuckled.

“Zey are changing zere clothes to be more confortable, mon chér. Zey will be downstairs soon,” she returned, turning the youngster and gently pushing him towards the stairs as a thumping noise sounded through the wall. Fleur shook her head gently; silencing spells could block sound inside a room, but not sound transmitted through the structure.

“What is that?” asked Teddy.

“Zat is 'Arry playing zee drums to 'elp Ginny change her clothes plus rapidement. Let us find Victoire, oui, and you can tell her she can dance wis' 'er Oncle 'Arry while you dance wis' Tante Ginny.” Together the two went down the stairs as the thumping continued. At the base of the stairs, she pointed Teddy towards Victoire, being entertained by her Uncle George, and Teddy ran over. Then she looked for her husband, who turned towards her when Charlie pointed out her approach, and glided into his arms.

“Everything fine?” he asked, as she sighed into his chest. Someone had turned on the wireless and tuned in a station playing dance music. Fleur looked into Bills eyes and pointedly tilted her head towards an open area of floor. Chuckling, he lead her onto the floor and twirled her, then back into his arms.

“Eet is well now, oui. Je pense que les inciter à un si profond baiser n’était peut-être pas judicieux,” she responded. Bill chuckled.

“But so much fun.”

“You did not sense the lust, Bill.”

“Can Veelas get inside someones mind, then?”

Non, but our ozzer senses provide. ’Arry reeked of satyr and Ginny of nymph. Zey were very close to embarrassing zee entire family. Teddy found us just as I locked zee door behind me, a muffling charm set. And yet he asked me what zee thumping noise on zee wall was, oui? I told him 'Arry helps Ginny change clothing.”

“They're shagging? On Mum & Dads bed?” Bill laughed. “I know the two of them can be insatiable, I've heard them or at least their silencing charm around the Burrow many times, but I didn't think even Ginny would try on our parents bed.”

Non, my handsome man, 'Arry was bending her over zee foot-board as I close zee door, zey are, shall we say, en train faire le chien.” Bill chuckled again.

“Think we'll have a new niece or nephew in nine months?”

Non, zey both 'ave more sense. Ginny particularly, her career wis' zee 'Arpies, she will wait, and 'Arry will wait because she wishes it,” she replied, responding to his touch to dip back, then up. They wandered over to the side as George and Victoire started to dance, along with Molly and Arthur.

Harry and Ginny came down the stairs, now wearing what they'd arrived in earlier. She nudged her husband, drawing his ear closer to her lips to whisper, “Zey are much relaxed, now.”

“Veela senses again?” She laughed softly, musically, and nudged him.

“Use your eyes. Even you can see zee flush on Ginny's cheeks, neck, and shoulders. All of you Weasleys show your satisfaction zis way.” Bill looked over, catching the shine in his sister's eyes. Ginny's eyes met his and the blush on her cheeks deepened as her older brother grinned wickedly and winked at her.

Just then, the commentator on the wireless announced, “These next few numbers go out to a request near Ottery St. Catchpole; I hope you enjoy them.”

Bill looked back to Fleur, pulled her into his arms, kissing her. “You knew something,” he said slyly.

She shook her head, long silvery hair shimmering across her back. “Non, non, je ne savais rein. Mais je soupçonnais,” she replied. “When zey became engaged, 'Arry came to our house and asked could I teach him a few dances. So, let us begin a new chant, one less embarrassing for all of us.” Bill cocked his head, Fleur turned to the couple, and called out, “DANCE!” Bill took up the cry, and soon the entire room did as well.


As the opening notes of a famous Muggle waltz started playing on the wireless, Harry turned to his bride, gathered her into his arms, and twirled them out onto the floor. Ginny's delight to be pulled into the waltz lit the room brighter than the sun. Their eyes locked to each others, they didn't notice as the other dancers left the floor to the bridal couple. Arthur gathered Molly into his arms, and Molly's face lit with a smile nearly as huge as her daughters as they watched the dancers.

Cries of encouragement, and shouts about how well Harry danced came from the gathered family. George was heard exclaiming how much better Harry danced than at the Yule Ball during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Applause rang out as the waltz came to a close. Arthur and Molly walked out to the bridal couple as the next song began to play. Arthur took Ginny in his arms, and Molly went to Harry.

No one in the family was surprised at all that their parents and sister danced the next number so well, but Ron's chin nearly hit the floor when Harry held his own in a Jitterbug with Molly, and for her part Molly's uproarious laughter when Harry improvised a patty-cake hand slapping in time to the music filled the room.

Bill gathered Fleur close, pressed his lips to her ear. “You taught him those.” She nodded, her eyes sparkling with happy tears.

“'Arry said 'e heard me telling George zere must be a waltz at a wedding, and 'e said 'e wanted to make Ginny so 'appy. Now, you should dance wiz your sister.” Bill kissed her neck gently.

“I will. But first, I dance again with you.” Fleur smiled as she and Bill stepped out onto the dance floor.

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