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When Ginny and Harry Eloped-- Sort Of
By GryffindorHealer

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Category: Post-Hogwarts
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31
Summary: It's a press and paparazzi feeding frenzy when one of Wizarding Great Britain's most famous couples announce their engagement. They expected that, but when someone from the Ministry unexpectedly moves to take over the planning of their big day, Ginny becomes most unhappy. Harry tries to set things right for her. And thus, as it so often does, upon what seemed a simple, small decision did the future turn.
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Author's Notes:
Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed my version of how Ginny and Harry get married.

Lumos, in case you didn't know, is one of the charitable trusts J.K. Rowling set up to help orphans find homes.


Guests started to leave soon after pudding was eaten. All the Harpies knew they faced a week of hard practices, preparing for their big game. Children present showed signs of becoming over-tired, their parents wanting to get them home. Bill and Fleur were the first, gathering Victoire and bringing her so her Tante Ginny and Uncle Harry could hug and kiss her. Andromeda and Teddy left next.

Molly and Arthur were the last two to whom they said their farewells, in the kitchen, as the newlyweds prepared to depart. Arthur and Ginny embraced as Harry hugged Molly.

“Mum, I'll owl you a letter with the instructions. Let's put those winnings into the Lumos Fund, yeah?” he whispered to her. Molly pulled her head back and looking into the green eyes she knew so entranced her daughter, she nodded. Standing on tip-toe she cupped and kissed his cheek.

“You two made us so happy today, Harry,” said Molly. “Now, you take her home and get started on grandchildren.”

“Mum! Not ready for that yet,” replied Ginny. Molly smiled at her daughter.

“I simply said get started, Ginny.,” she replied, taking her daughter into her arms for a tight hug She whispered into her ear, “You'll see, even when it doesn't take, making a baby is fun.”


Molly laughed. “There's a reason you have six brothers, dear. Speaking of which, we'll see you next Sunday, yes? Wait, when is your big game?”

“Saturday, Mum, so yes, we'll be here for family dinner on Sunday. We're leaving on our honeymoon Monday after.” They kissed each others cheeks, and Molly let her go to her son-in-law, then went back into the sitting room to help her other children prepare to leave.

Arthur embraced Harry. “I'm glad Molly spoke her piece today,” he said quietly, “even though I didn’t expect her to. As I said, it's off her chest. Now, if Molly does ever bring it up again, politely remind her that she and I did elope.”

At Ginny and Harry's surprised, looks Arthur laughed. “Molly’s already mentioned it, simply brushing over details. Though as she said then, she and I were always meant for each other. Just as you two are.”

‘But why would she bring it up again, Dad?’ asked Ginny.

“Probably because she’ll figure it out she’s been hiding from herself that you two have been living together for two years already.”

Both Ginny and Harry's jaws dropped. Ginny recovered first. “How… ?”

“Do you recall a time I floo called Harry and you answered?”

‘Yes. But I frequently answered floo calls at Harry’s.”

“It was half eleven to midnight, and you were in your pygamas.”


“Thi s was after I told you, Harry, you’re already part of this family. And long after we made our wager, Ginny.”

Harry shook his head incredulously. “I still can’t believe you bet like that on us.”

Arthur's face beaming, he replied “Best wager I ever made, Harry, fully intending to lose.” He gathered them both into his arms for another hug. “Now, are you using the floo network or are you apparating?”

“I thought apparating, it's why I brought Gin's coat with me.”

“Then it's time for you to go. Sounds like the rain let up some. So get her coat, Harry, and take your bride home.”

– — – — – – — – — – – — – — – – — – — – – — – — – – — – — –

The rain in London pattered down much gentler though no less persistent than at the Burrow when Harry and Ginny appeared at the top of the porch steps to Grimmauld Place, laughing joyfully. Harry opened the outer vestibule door and they ducked in from the wet, shaking water from their coats, then hugging each other tightly and drifting into another kiss as Harry cast a drying charm over them.

The inner door opened and Kreacher bowed to them. “Sir and Ma'am are home. Welcome. Do you wish Kreacher to prepare a meal?”

“No, thank you, Kreacher, we've eaten,” replied Harry still gazing into Ginny’s chocolate eyes. “Actually we're likely to head off to bed, it's been a big day,” Kreacher turned slightly, snapped his fingers, and faced them again.

“Kreacher prepared a hot bath for Sir and Ma'am before you retire, and your bed is warmed.”

Ginny’s face lit at the thought of soaking in the huge tub Harry installed during the renovations. Then her head turned quickly to face the elf. “Wait. Kreacher, did you just call me Ma'am? Again?”

“Yes Ma'am.”

She looked at Harry. “Did you tell him?” Harry shook his head slowly, now wearing a bemused look, and they turned to Kreacher. “How...?”

“The Colours that surround Sir and Ma'am are changed now.”

“The Colours... you see auras?”

“Of course, Kreacher sees Colours,” he scoffed. “Kreacher is a House Elf serving the Ancient and Noble House of Potter-Black.”

She turned her face to Harry, he to hers. “House Elves see auras,” she said.

“Apparently so,” he replied. His left hand slid up her back, fingers carding into the hairs beneath her braid, some of the strands tugging slightly at the new ring on his fourth finger and he gently, firmly kissed his bride. She pressed into the kiss, her own hand reaching up to his cheek as her tongue teased his lips.

Some unmeasured time later a gentle “Harrumph” interrupted them. Their lips parted reluctantly but their eyes remained locked, twin pools of molten green to hot chocolate.

“Will Sir and Ma'am be staying in the vestibule for the evening?”

Harry shook his head, still lost in his bride. His fingers played with the blue ribbon binding her braided fiery tresses. “You worked in that old ditty,” he whispered.

“The one Hermione told me? It isn't a Wizarding thing, but I like it. Our rings are the old, Mum's dress the borrowed, my ribbon the blue.”

“And the new?” he asked. Ginny’s face glowed even brighter as her lips spread in a wicked grin.

“That's for you to find, Husband,” she purred. Harry’s grin matched hers.

“Well, then, it's time for me to show you another Muggle custom.” His voice just a bit deeper.

“What's that?”

“The Groom carries his Bride across the Threshold,” he answered, then swept her up and over his shoulder in a rescue carry.

“Harry!” she cried, as the Groom entered the House carrying his Bride. Hiding his amusement deep beneath an impassive face, Kreacher watched the couple go, their Colours spreading and eddying around them as Harry climbed the stairs, Ginny laughing and mock struggling. Just as they rose out of sight she started slapping his bum. Their Colours swirling, sparkling, and slowly drifting into the walls, the ceiling, the floor, Kreacher felt the House absorb them, brightening just a bit more.

With an uncharacteristic grin on his face, the old House Elf closed the door and set the wards. Turning and starting along the hall toward the stairs down to the kitchen and his room, he stopped before the black velvet drapes that Sirius used to cover the Portrait in the entry hall and contemplated taking them down.

“No, not tonight. Sir and Ma'am will not be coming downstairs this night. Tomorrow morning Kreacher will rise early. That will suffice.” Something sounding suspiciously like a bullfrog laughing floated softly through the air as he contemplated Sir and Ma'am's reaction when they saw the now empty Portrait. The Old Mistress is passed, long live the New Mistress.

Kreacher looked around as the Colours in the walls began to glow a tad brighter. “Seven generations of the House of Black Kreacher served, and now the first of Potter-Black.” Stretching a bit to ease the aches in his joints, brought on no doubt by the day of rain, the thought that with a bit of luck he would see the next generation arrive for him to serve warmed his bones. He resumed his walk to his room, looking at the portraits with which Master Harry had replaced the heads of the previous House Elves of the House of Black. He nodded to himself, pleased that Master found a means to honor the service of Kreacher's predecessors. It seemed odd, perhaps, that Master did not like being called that, but Sir sufficed to show proper respect for the Head of House. “Kreacher has served the Dead long enough. It feels good to serve Life again.”

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