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The One With Ginny's Boyfriend
By Kezzabear

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Category: The One Where Everyone Finds Out (2021-1)
Genres: Fluff
Warnings: None
Rating: G
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Summary: ***Winner of Most Humerous in The One Where Everyone Found Out challenge (2021-1)***Will the worst kept secret at Hogwarts find it's way outside the castle walls?
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Author's Notes:
Well, I got half of it done by the deadline. Oh well ... Why do they make me go to that place called work?
There's two more chapters to go and we'll get there eventually for anyone still playing along at home. Hope you enjoy your visit with these two characters. Also a little Harry Ginny moment for you ;)


Dear Neville,

Don’t look at Ron and don’t look at Ginny. Just focus on your breakfast and act like you always get owl post from us. We need you, Neville. You’re our man on the inside. (We tried the girls and got nowhere.) But you, Neville, you we can rely on.

Something is weird. And we know you know what it is. Ron is probably going to get annoyed in a minute — just so you’re ready — but you can ignore him. What we need to know is who’s hooked up at Hogwarts?

It’s a marketing thing. Summer product lines … you know. Business stuff. You’d be really helping us out. Any Ravenclaws getting randy? Anyone Slytherin with each other (if you know what we mean)? Gryffindors grabbing each other? Hufflepuffs … well doing the things Puffs do (whatever that is)?

It’s spring — I’m sure there’s lots to tell! So, fill us in, there’s a good lad!

Your humble servants,

Fred and George Weasley

P.S. We’ll send you goods for information — some Skiving Snackboxes for getting out of Defence with Snape? Or some ten-second pimple vanisher? You tell us, we deliver!


Neville ducked just in time to miss the crumpled parchment Ron threw across the table. He mentally thanked the Weasley twins for their timely warning.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione asked irritably.

“Fred and George are what’s wrong,” Ron growled. “So much for helping a brother out. You know, you lot are lucky you don’t have any siblings!” He pointed his fork at Hermione, Neville and newly arrived Harry who frowned at being glared at simply for sitting down.

“Well, I did grow up with my cousin,” Harry said, as through trying to regain some credibility. Ron glowered at Harry before turning to scan the entrance to the Great Hall.

“Where’s Ginny?” he asked gruffly, turning to look pointedly at the empty space next to Harry.

“With Luna,” Harry said simply, grabbing the plate of eggs from the middle of the table.

“Oh, you’d know,” Ron said darkly.

“You asked me!” Harry said impatiently.

“So, what’s up with Fred and, um George?” Neville asked timidly, wondering if he could begin to possibly make sense of the letter they had sent him.

“Betrayal,” Ron said cryptically. He glared at Harry who pointedly ignored him and began spooning eggs onto his plate.

“Oh, well, er that doesn’t sound good,” Neville offered, realising he wasn’t going to get any sense out of Ron.

“Were you trying to get free Wheezes again?” Hermione asked.

“No!” Ron said, just a little too quickly. He busied himself with loading up his breakfast plate with seconds and glowering at Harry.

“What?” Harry eventually said. “What are you looking at me like that for?” Ron just grunted and looked down at his breakfast. Harry sighed and, putting his cutlery on his plate, he pushed it aside, leaning across the table towards Ron.

“Are we going to have a problem?” Harry said in a low tone. “I thought you understood.” He looked pleadingly at Ron who eventually looked Harry in the eye.

“It’s just weird,” he said plaintively, scrunching his nose up. Harry laughed and Ron reached out and pushed Harry’s face away. “Piss off.” Harry pulled his plate back in front of him and began eating with gusto.

Neville began eating too, still pondering the letter from the Weasley twins. He found it difficult to believe that they wanted information — from him — about Hogwarts romances for … research. Despite coming close once, he’d never really even snogged a girl. He and Susan Bones had gotten cosy once during an extra Herbology session last year, but he hadn’t had the nerve to kiss her or anything even resembling holding her hand. Probably just as well, he didn’t fancy her anymore. Still, it’s not like Ron had really fancied Lavender, had he? Holding hands and snogging hadn’t done Ron any harm exactly, had it? Except for the Hermione thing, but they’d probably work that out eventually …right?

Plus, no one was going to be stuck forever with the first person they kissed, were they? If that were true, he’d be stuck with Abigail Hornblower, the fourth year Hufflepuff who had followed him around for a month after the Yule Ball in his fourth year and tricked him into standing under some mistletoe in the middle of January. By Neville’s estimation he’d been that bad at it, he’d turned her completely off, because after his hasty peck on the lips she’d taken up with Cooper Thornton in her own year and stopped following him altogether.

Neville unconsciously put his fingers to his lips, wondering if he should try hanging out with Susan again or just give up on girls forever. It’s not like he looked like Harry, with his hair and his height and his … Quidditch muscles. Neville looked down at his own pudgy stomach and suddenly pushed his bacon away. Maybe he needed an exercise regime. His gaze drifted over to the Huffepuff table where Susan was talking animatedly to Hannah Abbott. They both kept giggling and looking towards Harry who was unconcernedly eating scrambled eggs and reading the back of a MagiPuffs box.

Scanning the Great Hall Neville noticed a few people looking at Harry. In addition to Susan and Hannah giggling, Cho Chang and a few of her friends were whispering and shooting furtive looks in Harry’s direction. Draco Malfoy appeared to be ignoring Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass who were earnestly telling him something while also shooting sly looks at Harry. Even Professor McGonagall was looking at Harry as she ate her kippers. She had that fond look she often bestowed upon his dorm mate and Neville assumed the castle gossip had made its way to the staff room. Snape certainly looked more sour than usual, and Professor Dumbledore looked a little more twinkly this morning.

Neville sighed, still hungry now that he had given up on the bacon. He eyed the dry toast warily, still trying to work out what to tell the twins about ‘hooking up at Hogwarts’ when the doors to the Great Hall creaked and the noise level suddenly dropped. A large number of students swivelled to look at who had entered, and an outbreak of nervous giggling rippled around the Great Hall when Luna came skipping in trailed closely by Ginny Weasley.

For her part Ginny seemed completely unconcerned that she was now the centre of attention and she waved merrily at Luna before continuing down the length of the Gryffindor table.

“Good morning!” Ginny sang as she slid into the seat beside Harry, whose face lit up with a wide smile. Ron grunted and Hermione muttered a short greeting, her nose buried in a dusty brown book.

“Hi,” Harry said, his breakfast now forgotten. Ginny leaned over and pressed a kiss to his lips before busying herself with eggs and toast. Neville could practically hear half the Great Hall sigh dreamily and the pained noise of strangulation from Ron.

“Did I miss the mail?” Ginny asked.

“Your Seeker Weekly is here,” Hermione said, fishing it out from under her book. “No letters though.”

“You sh’robably write un,” Ron said, having apparently regained his appetite as he spoke around a mouthful of toast. “Y’know, to home.”

“Since when are you the letters-to-home inquisitor?” Ginny retorted.

“Don’t you think you need to make a little … update?” Ron waved his third piece of toast back and forth between Harry and Ginny and looked pointedly at where their hands lay entwined on the table. Neville thought Harry paled a little, but Ginny glared at Ron menacingly and brandishing her fork at her brother, launched into a tirade about minding his own business, her letter writing schedule and privacy.

“I’m just saying,” Ron argued when she took a breath, “that mum might be interested. And, well … she is your mother …” He trailed off, no doubt registering that he should have stopped talking quite some time ago.

“Don’t worry, Ron,” Ginny said in a low and somewhat dangerous tone. “I can take care of my own correspondence.”

“I’m just … saying …” Ron again trailed off breaking eye contact with Ginny before summoning his earlier discarded letter from Fred and George and shoving it into his pocket.

Ginny said nothing, just glared at Ron for several minutes as she slowly and deliberately ate her toast. Neville watched as Harry poured Ginny some juice and reached for the extra pot of marmalade, giving it to her with a shy peck on the cheek. Neville suddenly realised what Fred and George wanted to know.

And there was no way he was going to be the one to tell them!


Dear Colin,

Hiya mate! We’re after a bit of a favour seeing as you take most excellent photographs. We were wondering if you had any recent images of our dear siblings that you could send to us?

Obviously, we miss them terribly and we are hoping you can ease the pangs of distance by sending a few photos of Ron and Ginny … and whoever else they might … be with. You know, casual hangs … deep friendships. That sort of thing.

We’ll reimburse you of course.

Naturally we will!

Hope you can help us out!


Fred and George Weasley


Colin looked up from his Charms homework and scanned the Common Room. It was mostly empty but for a few Gryffindors who were either as behind in their studies as he was or hated sunshine and pleasant weather. He guessed Mildred Garrick fit into the latter category. She was sitting in one of the overstuffed armchairs near the entrance to the girl’s dormitory. She looked as unhappy as she usually did and glowered at anyone who smiled vaguely in her direction. Everyone else seemed to have their head buried in a textbook or was madly scribbling on parchment, especially fifth and seventh years. Colin sighed. He wasn’t a huge fan of OWLS himself, but he’d promised his mother he would try his hardest at school and set a good example for Dennis.

It had been a long day. Snape was in a filthy mood, the seventh years in an almost filthier mood and even Professor Flitwick had squeaked angrily at the fifth year OWL students who generally hadn’t met the requirements of the last essay he’d set. Peeves had pelted Colin with water balloons outside the fifth-floor bathroom and he’d missed lunch trying to finish his Arithmancy assignment. Colin checked his watch, still almost two hours until tea. His stomach rumbled hungrily as if to remind Colin of what he already knew. Setting aside his Charms homework for the moment, as his ability to concentrate was severely compromised, Colin propped his chin on his hands and indulged in people watching.

He really enjoyed just observing people, seeing what made them tick, watching things unfold. Colin often knew things before other people and was rarely surprised about the goings on at Hogwarts. No one expected it of course, but Colin also knew how to keep a confidence and when to keep something to himself. He hadn’t told anyone when he’d seen the looks Farrah Westbrook and Digby Yorke were giving each other during Herbology. He knew no one would easily accept a Slytherin and a Gryffindor going out and so, apparently, did they because Colin never saw either of them act on it. They did stare longingly at each other for months though.

Right now, he could see Gleda Berkley and Bronson Rutland eyeing each other across the room. Gleda appeared to be reading an Ancient Runes textbook, but her eyes weren’t following text on the page, they kept flicking to Bronson who was sitting by the portrait hole tapping his quill against the parchment, eyes skimming past Gleda every minute or so. Colin wondered how long before their eyes would meet and what they would do about it. Mildred Garrick was still glowering at anyone who so much as looked at her and Katie and Tavia were almost buried in parchment at a table under one of the windows. Katie looked much more stressed but that was to be expected given how much school she had missed. Colin knew how she felt. He missed months and months of his first year. At least exams had been cancelled that year.

Jocelyn Wordsworth and Tate Stanley sat together on one of the sofas in the middle of the room. They weren’t going out as far as Colin knew but they had been circling each other since Easter. They sat together at all their meals and during Quidditch games, played Exploding Snap in the evenings and studied together. They weren’t doing much studying at the moment though. Colin wondered if this was their moment. Maybe they’d be buoyed by this weekend’s events. Harry and Ginny had certainly set the gossip mill running faster than Colin had ever seen it — despite the fact that no one had to speculate, given half Gryffindor House had witnessed things first-hand. There was little true speculation, but the Hogwarts female population was certainly very interested in all the details.

Colin knew the details of course. He’d been watching Harry and Ginny the way he watched most people. Harry had it so bad but watching Ginny realise it had been some parts frustrating and some parts amusing. Colin was glad they’d finally gotten together. During the last two days they were both happier than he’d ever seen them. Harry spent Monday walking Ginny to all her classes and Ginny seemed to dance through the day as though walking on air. A permanent smile was etched on both their faces and Harry moved with an ease Colin had never seen before.

Eyes roving the Common Room, Colin realised that Harry and Ginny were both in the room, on the coveted sofa by the fire. A haphazardly stacked pile of textbooks lay on the floor to one side and parchment was draped over one arm of the sofa, pooling on the floor. Ginny had twisted her hair up on top of her head and secured it with her wand and was gesturing animatedly at the fireplace, the pile of textbooks and the window. The low firelight glinted off her hair and made her face glow.

It would make a great photograph.

Colin reached into his book bag and fished out his camera. Framing Ginny in his viewfinder he decided to experiment with different angles. Slowly getting up he crept closer towards the sofa by the fireplace. He was close enough to hear what Harry and Ginny were saying but neither of them noticed he was there. Harry was sprawled on the sofa while Ginny spun around on the hearthrug, gesturing animatedly and replaying the moment she caught the Snitch once more.

“It was great playing Seeker,” Ginny said, “but I’m definitely a Chaser.”

“You’re an excellent Chaser,” Harry replied, dragging a small ottoman closer to the sofa and propping his feet on it.

“You’re biased,” Ginny said, propping her hands on her hips and smiling at him fondly.

“I’m the Quidditch Captain,” Harry said with a shrug. “I think I know who my best Chaser is.” Ginny laughed and Harry grinned at her.

“I wish I could just do that and not do this stupid Charms work …”

“Which team do you want to try out for?” Harry asked her. She tilted her head and looked at him for a moment.

“Team?” she asked. Harry sat up straighter.

“Don’t you want to play Quidditch?” he asked, a hint of doubt in his voice. Colin was impressed. Not many people knew that about Ginny. She didn’t talk about it much, fearing others would tease her, especially her brothers.

“Well … yeah,” Ginny said, “but how did you know that?” Harry shrugged.

“I listen,” he said. “You … say stuff. I dunno.” He looked uncertainly at her for a moment.

“I guess I’m not used to people … boys listening to me,” Ginny said softly. Harry sat up straighter, earnestly.

“I’ll listen,” he said, reaching for her hand.

“I know,” Ginny said, squeezing his hand but then dropping it and turning away.

“Hey …” Harry trailed off. He didn’t move from the couch. Colin was impressed. If that had been Dean, he would have leapt up immediately and tried to make her talk or distract her with … physical attention. Michael Corner (git) would probably have laughed at her.

“I would never let Ron see …” Ginny said after a minute or two, turning around slowly. She looked uncertain. Harry sat unmoving, waiting. Ginny sighed. “I would never let Ron see how much it means to me that he’s … okay with this.” She gestured between her and Harry.

“Ron’s okay,” Harry said, “with this.” He flicked his hand between them once and reached for her hand again.

“Not that it matters,” Ginny said, a hint of doubt in her voice.

“Not that it matters,” said Harry firmly. Ginny smiled tentatively. Her guards were all down and Colin could see that she was battling with being truly vulnerable.

“I can handle the teasing,” she said, suddenly fierce, “but it would be nice if … if they didn’t tease me about this.” Harry tugged her slightly closer.

“If you want me to protect you,” Harry said, eyes twinkling with supressed laughter. “I will, but I know you can handle it.” Ginny looked at him seriously and reached over to run her fingers through his hair.

“I can handle it,” Ginny said softly. “Thank you. And so can you — when they find out.” Harry laughed.

“They don’t scare me,” he said. Ginny looked at him with one raised eyebrow.

“Six brothers and you’re not scared?” Ginny said playfully. “Why you are brave, sir!” Harry shook his head.

“Now your mother,” he said, biting back a laugh, “she scares me.”

“Pffffft,” Ginny said, flicking Harry on the nose. “You’re her favourite and you know it!” Harry grinned, a smug look on his face.

Ginny bent down and pressed her lips to Harry’s. When she straightened up her hair was slightly tousled, and her lips swollen. She was smiling dreamily, and Colin raised his camera, shifting slightly to line up his shot so the firelight caught her hair, and her eyes were in focus.

Satisfied, Colin went to develop the photo before dinner. It turned out brilliantly although photo Harry slumped behind the back of the couch and all you could see of him was his hand, clutched in Ginny’s. Colin smiled to himself. Fred and George would need to get someone else to do their dirty work. He hurried to the owlery to send the photo along with the adorable shot he had gotten of Ron playing with Hermione’s hair down by the lake at lunchtime yesterday.


Dear Mr Weasley and Mr Weasley,

I recently took these two shots of your beloved siblings and hope they satisfy any longings you may have.

Pleased to be of service,


Colin Creevey

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