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Genres: Drama, General, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Intimate Sexual Situations, Mild Sexual Situations
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Summary: What could possibly go wrong on one's honeymoon?
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
This fic is part of the Harry & Ginny Discord's 2021 Birthday Fest challenge. The theme is Telly, with a Twist. The story must include television in some manner: maybe based on a specific television show (fictional or real), or simply involve television. Each writer is assigned a Twist (by our fearless leader Liza, all the Twists provided by the other writers) which absolutely must be included. I chose to include several shows, some real by providing Guest Stars, and some original providing Original Characters.

One of my beta's, Katie, suggested some of you won't know what traveller's cheques are; in the days before debit and credit cards became so widely used world-wide, this is how people safeguarded their money while travelling. Banks and some other companies offered a bought and paid for cheque which can be cashed anywhere. They required two signatures from the purchaser, one when purchased, and the next when cashing them. Without that second signature, if stolen, they couldn't be cashed by someone else and would be replaced by the company one purchased them from.

Also, it's one of my headcanons that the Order of Merlin is similar to many other British Orders, so at least the 1st and 2nd Class include a knighthood. This is why the concierge calls them Sir Harry and Dame Ginevra; in some shameless self-promotion I touch on this in my story Proposals.

The Twist I received is: Something that happens on the Telly becomes real.

And with that thought, after giving y'all a chance to figure out the Guest Stars on your own, I'll come back in a week or so to add them to this note.


25 March 2002


Sunlight painted her closed eyelids a warm yellow, letting Ginny know she woke later than she planned last night. Soft warm bed linens cuddled her, yet the filtered sounds from outside the room told her she didn’t wake in her bed in her cottage.

Harry’s musky scent surrounded her, but reaching for him she found cooling empty sheets. Opening her eyes she recognized the bedroom in the hotel suite they took yesterday evening, after arriving in America at the MACUSA Portkey Arrivals, then taking the Muggle train to Washington, DC.

Potter, she thought as a girlish giggle escaped her. My name is Ginny Potter now, we’re on our honeymoon.

She recognized Harry’s voice from the sitting room of the suite, joined by another male voice, both barely louder than the rush of cars and trucks through the window. The suite door closed over some laughter, and a soft rattling approached the bedroom door. She rolled onto her back and brushed loose hair from her face as the door swung open and a small cart with three covered dishes and a tea service rolled in, followed by her husband wearing a white terrycloth robe with the Ira Howard House logo on the breast. With the cart fully in the room, his eyes found hers and she smiled. The cart stopped with a slight lurch when she slowly sat up against the headboard, stretching her arms high letting the bedclothes fall away from her.

She could see him silently counting the freckles flung like jewels across her bare breasts. Shamelessly she arched her back slightly as she brought her hands down to comb through her hair. Yawning with feigned indifference stopped with his sharp inhalation, those green eyes darkening as his pupils dilated. ‘You are so beautiful,’ his graveled voice stroked her ears. ‘How did I get so lucky for you to marry me?’

Slowly, fingernails lightly brushing her sides (one finger of each hand following the outer curve of her breasts) as she lowered her arms, she also flexed her legs slightly, spreading her thighs under the covers and enjoying Harry’s quickening breath. ‘I don’t know. I’ve seen rumors in Witch Weekly about love potions,’ she said huskily.

He started to push the cart aside, reaching for the waist tie of his robe, to be stopped by an extremely loud rumbling gurgle from her midsection. Both of them looked at her lower torso, then burst out laughing. Harry lifted one of the covered dishes from the cart, and sat beside her.

‘I think this is more likely than love potions,’ he replied with a smirk, and lifted the cover to waft the savory scent of onions and mushrooms lightly sauteed in butter, a hint of white wine, and sliced bangers and mash around her nose. She leaned her neck forward to capture the smells, eagerly reaching for the plate and the cutlery he also handed her.

‘Merlin, Potter, you do know the way to a witch’s heart.’

‘And here I thought it might be the shagging,’ he replied, adding honey to her cup and a dollop of milk to his before pouring tea. She glared at him, a warm smile belying her squinting eyes while he set her cup and saucer on the bedside stand.

‘Food first. Then I need to decide if I’m forgiving you for not waking me up to run. After all, I did promise Gwen I’d stay up with at least the endurance training while on our honeymoon.’ She reached for her tea and sniffed the steam from the dark liquid. ‘Mmmmm, strong.’ She sipped slowly.

‘I’d have thought last night's calisthenics counted for your endurance training,’ Harry said dryly, and Ginny nearly snorted her tea.

‘Warn a girl next time?’ She winked, sipped again and quickly set the cup down. ‘Where’s the tellywand?’

Harry paused his next forkful, a puzzled look aimed at his wife. ‘Tellywand?’

‘You know, that clicky thing that works the telly there,’ she replied, waving at the flat, dark screen on the dresser in the room. Harry chuckled, remembering the abrupt gleam in Ginny’s eyes yesterday late afternoon when Mr. Fawlty, the early evening desk clerk, checked them in. His rather posh British accent heightened (Ginny easily picked out the Devon undertones) after asking them if they were familiar with the new telly’s in America. She kept glancing at Harry and mouthing “Dad’ as Mr. Fawlty told them that two Wizarding Televisory Networks existed now, and that several Nomaj Muggle networks could also be viewed though he wasn't sure why anyone would bother with those. He then explained how the remote control worked; and called for a bellhop to take them and their luggage to their suite. When the bellhop let them in, Ginny immediately set about finding that remote. He and Harry exchanged a chuckle when Harry tipped him, the bellhop nodding to Ginny as he closed the door. Harry joined her sitting on the couch.

The Wizarding channels held her interest for a bit, but being mostly talk shows she quickly became bored with them. The Muggle channels proved more attractive. She first found a show with four characters, a bus driver named Ralph and his wife Alice, plus their neighbors Ed and Trixie. Apparently they performed with a live audience, because there was a lot of laughter. Still, she switched stations after an advertisement started.

‘I don’t like that Ralph,’ she said and started scrolling through the channels. ‘He keeps threatening to hit Alice.’

Harry snorted, and she glanced at him.’They reminded me a bit of Ron and Hermione,’ he replied. She rolled her eyes.

‘Ron would never threaten to hit Hermione.’

Harry nodded. ‘Not that part. The constant nagging bits back and forth, it’s like public foreplay or something.’

Mock outrage painted her face, a hand pressing to her heart. ‘Oh, thank you, Potter, I did not need that image.’ They both chuckled.

Ginny settled on a drama, something the TV Guide called a “police procedural” that involved agents for the American Navy solving crimes. They laughed together during the program, Harry snarking that the characters left out all the boring paperwork that made up 90 percent of his work, and Ginny pointing out the absurdities in the obviously budding romance between two of the agents. She teased him towards the end about his never telling her his Auror partner was like that sultry dark-haired beauty. He silenced her whispering in her ear that a saucy redhead served quite as much as he ever needed or wanted. Ginny taking hold of his cheeks and starting a fiery kiss ended their telly viewing for the evening.

Now Ginny picked up her wand from under her pillow and a silent Accio brought her the tellywand. She turned the telly on to one of the magical stations. ‘Welcome back to Morning with Howard Crowsell,’ said the apparent host of a programme. ‘Our next guest is well known to sports enthusiasts, and while her fans know she’s Canadian, she’s bringing us some updates from across the Pond. Join me in welcoming Mags Meloche.’ A long camera shot showed the studio as the audience erupted in polite applause. Ginny sat up straighter as a witch a few years younger than her mother entered the stage. Short dark hair ruffled a bit as she waved one hand to the audience while her wand directed her wheelchair towards the empty space next to the host. A happy smile lit her face, and as she parked next to Howard he reached forward from his chair to shake her hand in greeting.

‘Huh,’ Harry said. ‘I didn’t know she needs a wheelchair.’

Ginny made shushing noises at him, focused on the screen and one of her favorite Quidditch reporters. ‘I knew she quit playing because of an injury. Now hush, Harry, I want to listen to this.’

He sat and budged next to her on the bed, kissing her ear lightly and whispering, ‘Thrown over on my honeymoon for a telly.’ Ginny dropped the tellywand to slap his arm lightly, the grin on her face giving the lie to her scowl. Then she turned back to the telly, and absentmindedly spooned another mouthful of breakfast.


Howard Croswell: You’re looking beautiful as always, Mags. I see you’re staying in shape.’ Mags Meloche: Well, you know Howard, I do keep active in mobility-challenged sports. Two weeks ago I competed in a No-maj basketball tournament. Howard: How did you do? Mags: We won, of course. Even without victories, though, it’s great keeping me active and fit. Howard: But more recently, you’ve been working on another book, and if I recall, you’re covering Quidditch games around the world. Mags: Yes, I went to England to cover the Harpies-United match. In fact, I’ve literally just gotten back, my portkey arrived a half hour before I needed to be here. (Howard, laughing) Howard: Problems with the connection?


Harry softly slipped some of Ginny’s loose hair back and pressed his lips lightly to ear to whisper, ‘No problems with our connection.’ She cut off a giggle and shushed him.


Mags: No, it was simply the earliest connection I could get. The stadium was full, and people have been leaving Great Britain slowly, there’s a lot of celebrations still going on. Howard: So the Holyhead-Puddlemere game in Britain proved quite the attention-getter, then? Mags: Oh, it was, it was. Bookmakers went wild in the week before the match, with hints that something may have happened to affect the outcome. Even though everyone still believed it would be a close match, the odds shifted a bit to Puddlemere with people saying the Harpies would be off their game. Howard: Then Holyhead pretty much demolished Puddlemere, didn’t they? Mags: Yes! The end score came in a 600 point difference, for Holyhead. The Harpies Chasers played so tightly, and Liz Gascoyne only let in three Puddlmere goals. Oliver Wood, Puddlemere's Keeper, said in the post-match press conference, he’d never seen the Harpies Chasers that fierce. Howard: So, what happened to inspire the Harpies? Mags (laughing): Oh, did you listen to the match? [Howard nods] The whole match, or did you come in late? Howard: The whole match, but I want you to describe it since you were there. Mags: Yes, in the Press Box. The crowd went silent briefly when Ginny Weasley flew in and Proudfoot, the commentator, announced her as Ginny Potter. Then the entire entire stadium erupted into a roar! People pointed at her, then at the Harpies box when because others noticed that Ginny Weasley’s #1 Fan’s jersey also changed names to Ginny Potter.


Ginny rested her head briefly on Harry's shoulder, then gave him a mashed-flavored kiss before taking another bite of breakfast while the show continued.


Mags: The match itself started soon after though, and again the word from the bookmakers said it would be a short one with Puddlemere’s Seeker ending it quickly. But neither Seeker could find that Snitch! Howard: Five hours, wasn’t it?


‘That was the most elusive Snitch I’ve ever seen,’ Harry scoffed. Ginny nudged him with her shoulder.

‘Hush, Harry,’ she admonished before bringing another forkful of bangers and mash to her mouth.


Mags: Yes. And much to Puddlemere’s chagrin the Harpies Chasers kept scoring, flying like one single airborne creature. Post-match, Oliver Wood described Ginny Potter’s fierce grin when she flew straight at him proved the most unsettling thing he’d ever seen. Howard: (laughing) I read that in the Sunday Wizard Metropolis. He said he literally couldn’t take his eyes off her, then she’d pass to a teammate and they would score.


Harry chuckled. ‘You three really topped your game then.’ Ginny gave him an appreciative smile and then pressed a finger to her lips.


Mags: Yes! (laughing) You may remember, Howard, the Holyhead Harpies are quite strict about the post match conferences, all questions are to be focused on Quidditch and the match. Howard: I take it this wasn’t the case on Saturday? Mags: No, particularly after how Proudfoot announced the Harpies into the game. I suspect if more people didn’t know her background so well, a lot of Quidditch fans would wonder why the Harpies placed a new Chaser for such an important game. Until they realized, of course, what the name change meant. Howard: So she and her wizard finally tied the knot? Mags: Well, that’s what everyone wanted to know! Different reporters kept asking Ginny when the wedding was. Coach Gwenog Jones reminded each of them about the Quidditch only policy. Finally, after the ninth or tenth question, Ginny asked “Coach Jones, is it possible for someone not a Harpy to answer that? It doesn’t seem like this question’s going away.” Gwen laughed, and told her to yield the floor for the one question. Ginny looked to the back of the auditorium, and everyone turned around. There a handsome, messy dark-haired bloke stood with a huge smile on his face and walked up to the stage. When he got there, one of the reporters called out, “Well, Harry?” Harry nodded, and said, “As of Saturday a week ago, I am officially Mr. Ginny Weasley.” The audience laughed. Then another reporter leaps in saying, “But you did change the name on your Ginny Potter’s #1 Fan jersey!” And Potter replied, “I can neither confirm nor deny anything the Fan Known As Ginny’s #1 did.” The audience laughing grew even louder with some applause, drowning the next comment and Mags waved to them.


Ginny laughed. ‘Oh, what a brilliant comeback, Harry!’ she said over the sounds of the audience and other guests also laughing.


When things quieted, Howard nodded to Mags to continue. Mags: Then Miguel Puentes from the España El Pregonero asked Harry “But Señor Potter, you say Weasley yet Ginny’s jersey reads Potter. Why?” Harry laughed and responded, “Well, it’s only fair! She took the name Mrs. Harry Potter so I took her name.” More laughter came from the audience and the others on stage, Mags continued when it quieted down. Mags: Then Gwenog stated firmly “Well, that should clear up the name question. Now, back to Quidditch.” And from there the press conference stayed strictly to the match as well as other Quidditch questions. Howard: So, Ginny Weasley married this guy, then? Mags: Yes, they did. And now they’re nowhere to be found, so probably enjoying their honeymoon.


Ginny scraped the last of her breakfast into her mouth and set down her dish on the trolley. She picked up the tellywand and dialed down the volume, then turned to Harry and gave him a thorough bangers and mash flavored kiss. ‘I am definitely enjoying my honeymoon, Harry, and you don’t need to worry about a telly taking me away.’

He chuckled, and rubbed their noses together lightly. GInny pulled back a bit and looked at the trolley, back at Harry.

‘So what’s under the covered dish, Harry?’ Harry quickly, lightly brushed their lips together, then sat back further on the bed.


‘Breakfast pudding? What did you get for breakfast pudding?’ She leaned forward and lifted the cover off the plate revealing a mixed heap of doughnuts, some filled, others not. ‘That’s… a lot of doughnuts, Harry.’

‘Between getting in our run and other things today, we’ll burn them off,’ he replied, voice gravelly.

‘Alright. So what fillings did you get?’

‘Oh, a variety. It’s a mystery.’

Ginny looked over the dish again, selecting a regular doughnut glazed with chocolate. Turning back to her new husband, slowly lifting the doughnut, voice sultry, she asked, ‘A mystery, yeah, like Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans?’ Then baring her teeth she nibbled a small bite from the pastry. Harry licked his lips.

‘Could be. The room service menu simply said “Assorted doughnuts”. Americans spell it differently; maybe they make them differently too.’ Ginny took a larger bite, chewing slowly, the small gold flecks in her brown eyes beginning to blaze. Harry winked, reached over and selected a filled doughnut. He turned it slowly in his fingers as if looking for something while Ginny wrapped her lips around one end of her half circle doughnut. She grinned when the front of Harry’s terry cloth robe twitched beneath his waist. Finding the spot on his doughnut, Harry slowly took a bite and chewed.

‘Mmm, strawberry jam,’ he told her, then grinned as Ginny pushed the remaining chocolate glazed doughnut into her own mouth. She reached over and selected another filled pastry, and as she raised it to her lips Harry turned his own towards her, reached over and squeezed a portion of the strawberry jam filling onto her left breast.

Ginny gasped slightly at the wet sensation, her own doughnut briefly forgotten, and looked down at herself as the jam oozed slowly along the curve of her breast to her nipple. ‘Now you’ve made a mess, Harry. Who’s going to clean that up?’

‘I could always use Scourgify.’ he said. She pouted. ‘But let’s try this instead.’ Ginny watched as he leaned forward and spread his tongue over her nipple, licking upwards with glacial slowness. Her breath hitched as he gathered most of the jam on his tongue, then brought his lips to hers. She parted hers when he kissed her, and his tongue met hers, the mixed flavors of strawberry and flour, Harry and Ginny sharing between them. A short eternity later he pulled away and she hummed in disappointment. Then she quickly took a bite from her own doughnut, turned it and squeezed soft chocolate onto his nose.

‘Oops,’ she whispered. They grinned at each other before she slowly leaned forward. He felt the tip of her tongue start at the tip of his nose, and rise, scooping the chocolate off. The kiss that followed lasted as long as the first. When she broke their connection, he quickly pushed the rest of his doughnut into his mouth. Frantic chewing matched his quick movements as he opened and shrugged off the robe. She arched her back slightly while taking another bite and slowly chewed, swallowed as he blindly reached for another filled doughnut. His eyes went straight to her neck as she lifted her chin and swallowed. ‘So, is this a traditional breakfast pudding here in America?’

‘I’ve no idea, really,’ he replied quickly, his green eyes growing dark. ‘It’s definitely how we eat breakfast pudding on our honeymoon.’ He took a small bite from his, then while chewing repeated his early actions, this time pressing a dollop of blueberry jam onto her right breast.

‘I think I’m going to very much like this type of American breakfast pudding,’ she growled at him, rising on her knees and leaning forward, her fingers carding into his messy black hair and pushing his face to her breast. She sighed loudly as his tongue swept up blueberry jam...



An hour and a half filled with very pleasant cleaning up from un-filling doughnuts later, Ginny and Harry stepped out of the lift dressed for their run into the lobby of their hotel. A few guests sat in chairs or on sofas, reading newspapers, magazines, or waiting for someone. A soft murmur of voices came through the open doors of The Raven Lounge, the hotel’s restaurant and bar across the lobby. Ginny and Harry walked over to the Concierge Desk, and the tall, salt and pepper grey haired man with a clipped mustache smiled at them.

'Good morning, Sir Harry, Dame Ginevra, and congratulations on your nuptials. How may I help you?' he asked. Harry's face split in a wry grin, as Ginny glared softly.

'Thank you, but it's just Harry for myself and she prefers Ginny, if you please, Mr. Pennyworth.'

Mr. Pennyworth chuckled. 'In my experience, those who demand accolades rarely deserve them, while those who defer them generally are owed far more. However, if it's to be Harry and Ginny,' he nodded a silent apology to her, 'then it's to be Alfred, please.' Ginny smiled at him in return, a silent acceptance.

'Thank you, Alfred,' she replied, then turned to face the Lounge. 'Harry, I'll wait over there for you, yeah.' She stepped off quickly with Harry's eyes following the sway of her hips, pausing once she stood inside the open door to the Lounge and watching one of the telly screens on the wall. Harry shook his head as Alfred chuckled.

'She's quite taken with the telly, isn't she Harry?' Harry nodded, turning to face the Concierge with a smirk.

'You've no idea, Alfred. Much like her father in some things.' Both men nodded, and then a businesslike face came to Alfred.

'Now, how may I help you? You look like you're preparing for a run, perhaps some good routes to take?'

'That sounds nice, but first could you tell me where the nearest place I can cash some traveler's cheques is?' Harry asked, and the two men set to business answering the questions.



Ginny stepped through the door into The Raven, empty except for a silver-haired woman with laugh and worry lines lighty creasing her face. She smiled and nodded to Ginny, then continued drying crystal highball tumblers and stacking them on a shelf behind the bar. The telly screen that initially grabbed Ginny's attention showed a playback of a Muggle sporting event involving tall men bouncing a ball a bit bigger than a Quaffle around a wooden floor and tossing it through an open net basket. The screen on the wall above the bartender though provided a static snow scene.

The bartender noticed Ginny looking at that screen and smiled. Ginny cocked her head slightly. 'Is that telly broken?' she asked, and the other women studied her for a bit. Her smile grew again, and she shook her head.

'Step closer, you'll see,' she said, and Ginny walked over and grinned widely as the static display cleared, showing two wizards at a wide desk-like table waving their wands at displays behind them. ‘It’s a charm so that the Nomaj don’t see magical broadcasts. There’s also a Notice Me Not so they don’t wonder why someone like you is watching a screen filled with static.’

Ginny sat on a tall stool, nodding to the bartender. ‘That’s quite smart,’ she said. ‘So this place gets a mixed clientele then? Magical and what did you say, Nomaj?’

Nodding, the bartender finished polishing the last highball glass, and stacking it turned to Ginny ‘I'm Marion. And that’s how Americans call non-magical folk. I’m a Nomaj, it’s just that between myself and my late husband, we saw a lot. And yes, Howard House gets a mixed bag of guests.’

'I'm Ginny,' she replied, and pointed to the screen. 'What show is that? Since it's on one of the Magical networks.'

Marion nodded. 'Wordy Wizards Wordifying. It's a bit of a comedy news show in the morning, they pick different things and do a send-up.'

One of the displays behind the two wizards changed words to Brit Ministry Antics. 'Oh, turn up the volume, please!' Ginny smiled as the volume came up.

'The one on the left is Alvin, and on the right is Theodore,' Marion said as she dialed up the volume.


Theodore: Alvin, did you see this one from our friends across the ocean? Alvin: Yes, I did, earlier today but it happened around noon their time. Apparently the British Minister for Magic held a press conference, but hardly anyone seemed interested in the changes to their import-export guidelines or any adjustments to their currency base. Theodore: Right you are, Alvin. It's all about the gossip scene, apparently, and catch this! (turns to face off-screen) Simon, are you ready with that sound byte? Simon: (off-screen) Here it is, Theodore! Theodore waved his wand at the screen and a still image of a platinum blonde with jeweled eyeglasses, lips a blood red appeared. Ginny recognized her right off. Unidentified Voice: What's the newest from our capitol, Ms. Skeeter? Rita: It seems Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are no longer on the table as eligible, something that happened recently. Minister Shacklebolt refused to answer any questions about that, despite the majority of the press correspondents asking. Instead, he deferred to Serafina Huxterby-Sanderstone, Secretary for Public Information and Taradiddle Affairs. Serafina simply replied to each and every question about the wedding with, and I quote, “The Ministry is not in the business of organizing our magical citizens' lives excepting only as it relates to pertinent existing laws, such as registering a marriage.” This is particularly interesting in light of multiple rumours that Ms. Huxterby-Sanderstone started planning the wedding of the two war heroes shortly after the public announcement of their engagement last year.'


Ginny chortled loudly, getting a curious glance from Marion. 'That woman!' she gasped. Marion glanced at the telly screen and nodded.

'Yes, I've read a few things Skeeter wrote. Sounds like a nasty piece of work.'

Ginny laughed louder, and motioned Marion could turn the volume down again. 'I've heard what I need to,' she said. And that's not who, well, yes, Skeeter is a git, but I mean the one she was talking about, deserved all of what happened to her.'

‘Who’s that?’ Harry asked, resting his hand on Ginny’s shoulder. Ginny turned and smiled at him widely.

‘Huxterby-Sanderston e! I think Kingsey found out what she tried to do, and made her disavow it in a public way.’ Harry chuckled, reaching up to push a short strand of stray red hair behind her ear. Ginny leaned her head into his touch, and Marion chuckled as well.

‘I take it you two are together?’ Harry nodded.

‘This is Harry, my wonderful, thoughtful, snarky new husband,’ Ginny added, and Marion nodded, a slightly distant look in her eyes.

‘I remember being a newlywed,’ she said softly. Ginny started to speak and Marion waved gently at her. ‘No, it’s all right, thank you. We enjoyed a brief intense relationship as youngsters, then a gap followed by a reunion. Followed by a much longer gap, nearly 20 years, before we came together again. That time we got married. Nearly 48 years together before he died. I wish just as much or more happiness for you two. Now I run this place with occasional help from our son. It’s good.’

Ginny smiled. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘We’ve had some exciting times and a couple of separations as well.’ She turned to look into bright green eyes. But we’ve always been meant to be together.’

‘Well, you two look like you’re going for a run, so maybe you should be off and about it rather than listening to the reminiscing of an old lady,’ Marion said, and waved them towards the door. Ginny slid off the barstool and they both waved as they turned and left.

‘Know where we’re going?’ Ginny asked.

Harry nodded. ‘There’s that small park across the street, and Alfred says it contains a running course with a good spot to stretch first. A few blocks to the north there’s the place where I can get our cheques cashed.’ They swooped through the revolving door onto the pavement together, Ginny bouncing with glee. After crossing the street and entering the park they moved through their stretching warm up, then set off to the north at an easy pace. When the bank came into sight, they slowed.

‘Coming with me?’ Harry asked, but Ginny shook her head.

‘No, it’s too nice out. I’ll do some more stretches to keep loose, you go hurry up, yeah?’ They kissed, not long, not slow, and then Harry checked traffic and crossed the road. As he went through the door into the bank, she spotted a small-ish white lorry slow to a stop. Three men stepped out, walking around the back of the lorry as it started to drive off, pulling knit caps down over their heads. Eyebrows pursed, Ginny glanced at the slowly departing lorry. It turned the corner and disappeared.

She set her left foot onto a bench and began stretching, then changing legs stretched some more. Finishing that started doing some squat-thrusts when a voice interrupted her.

‘Ma’am, I need you to come with me, please.’

She stood straight, turning to see a dark-skinned policeman on the other side of a hedge, motioning gently for her to come through the gap next to him.

‘Why? I’m waiting for my husband, he’ll expect to find me here,’ she replied, feeling pride in her voice as she spoke. His right hand hovered near his belt and what she recognized as a sidearm of some sort. A nametag over the badge on his right chest read Anderson.

‘Please, ma’am, you need to come with me, not far, and we’ll keep an eye out for your husband.’ With that she looked around, and at either end of the block spotted several police cars, their lights on but no other noise, and more police officers. The small black boxy object clipped to his left shoulder and connected to a larger black box on his belt by a twisted cord squawked some static, then: All units 16th and R street, NCIS asset on scene, Union Charlie. Repeat asset on scene Union Charlie.

Something in the message from the talking box triggered a chill inside Ginny. ‘I don’t understand, constable,’ she said, recalling the word for Muggle policemen. ‘What’s happening?’ The dark faced policeman grinned.

‘Haven’t heard that word since I was an Air Police at Mindenhall. We received a silent alarm about something happening across the street, ma’am, and I need you to come with me. Now, please. And where is your husband?’ He finished the sentence with a tone Ginny recognized from the few occasions she’d been with Harry while he responded to a suspect. She glanced across the road, then slowly, calmly walked through the hedge gap next to the officer. She waved back towards the building across the street.

‘My husband is in there. He went to cash some travelers cheques,’ she said. ‘And, just after he went in I saw three men get out of a light lorry and go in.’

‘What model, did you see, ma’am?’

‘I’m sorry, I don’t know American lorry makers. It’s white, solid walls, and I did get the registration number. One three eight five Double-yew Zed.’ He chuckled again, cutting that short.

‘Observant,’ he said.

Ginny nodded. ‘My husband is an… he’s a law enforcement officer like you. And we went through some rough spots growing up. Sort of learned to remember details sometimes’

Officer Anderson nodded, reached up and spoke into the small box on his shoulder. ‘Dispatch, Adam 12, eyewitness describes white panel van, make not known, tag number 1385 William Zorro discharging three suspects at the scene.’ The box responded scratchily; Copy Adam 12. White panel van tag 1385 William Zorro. BOLO all units.

Three rapid muffled pops sounding like apparition arrivals to Ginny came from the building. Officer Anderson took hold of her elbow and firmly pulled her behind some trees. The small box on his shoulder squawked again: Shots fired, shots fired. The officers by the other vehicles took cover behind their cars or trees.

Ginny looked through a gap in the shrubbery covering her, seeing the name of the bank for the first time.

'No,' she whispered. 'No, no, no…' Memories of yesterday evening, the telly programme flashed through her head. The agents in that story worked for NCIS. The crime they solved involved a robbery happening at a Navy Federal Credit Union. The building that Harry walked into, not more than ten minutes earlier.

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