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Like James Sirius Potter would ever
By AnHPsuperfan

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Genres: Fluff, Humor
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Rating: G
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Summary: One-shot. It's the first of september. James is finally going to Hogwarts, with a ton of expectations on his back. Not to worry, though. He was James Sirius Potter. And he knew it.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
A/N.: Hi, guys! How are you? I decided to post a new one-shot today. Like last year, I wanted to write something special for the firdt of September. Since last time I wrote a story about Teddy, this time I wanted to do it about James and an idea came to my mind. I was actually in the middle of a Harry/Ginny one-shot which I’ll be posting soon! Hope you enjoy! Please tell me in the reviews what you thought!


James’ eyes blinked open. He took one second to fully wake up before he searched for the calendar stationed on his wall. 1st of September. It was really today! He got up from his bed in a jump, taking his covers with him. At the foot of his bed was his open trunk, clothes peaking out from it, waiting for the last items before it was closed. He hurriedly put on a pair of jeans and a red shirt before taking down the stairs.

At the kitchen, his father was already at the stove frying up some eggs. He turned around when he heard James approaching.

“James! You’re already up!” He smiled.

“Morning, dad.” James murmured through a yawn.

“I’m just finishing the eggs, if you wanna make some toast.”

“Sure.” James grabs the bread.

Soon, the both of them are seated at the table eating.

“Big day today, huh?” His dad asks, looking at him.

“Yeah. Finally!” James exclaims through a mouthful of toast.

“Is your trunk ready yet?”

“Dad, please! I already have mom to nag me about that.”

Harry Potter chuckles and raises his hands.

“Alright, Jamie. If you say so.”

James frowns at the nickname. Eleven is too old for that. But Harry just ignores it.

“So...” His dad continues while sipping his tea “you are up pretty early. It’s not like you. Nervous?”

“What? Of course not. Why would I be nervous? I’m excited!”

“It’d be normal if you were” Dad says gently. “It’s amazing, going to Hogwarts. But you’re also staying away from home and having to care of yourself for the first time.”

James shrugs. “I know how to care for myself. I’m not a little kid anymore. No big deal.”

Like James Sirius Potter would get nervous for his first day at Hogwarts.

His dad didn’t say anything and just kept drinking his tea.

“Morning, my loves!” His mom walked down the stairs soon after, already changed and with her red hair wet from the shower. She bent down to give James a kiss on the head and kissed her husband hello.

“So, I see you’re already pushing for Gryffindor.” Ginny says as she seats down.


“You know, the red shirt.”

“Oh, right. Don’t really need to, though. Gryffindor already has a place reserved for me.” James boasts confidently.

“Probably.” His mom laughs. “But, Jamie, you know that no matter where you get sorted into, we’ll be proud of you.” She says seriously and places her hand over his.

“That’s right son.” His father adds.

“Sure.” James answers.

Like James Sirius Potter would get sorted anywhere else.

“Another thing I wanted to talk to you about, James.” His mother gets his attention and he knows she’s about to berate him just by the tone of her voice. “Is your trunk packed and ready to go? Because I’m telling you already I’m not going to send anything later by owl...”

James forces himself not to roll his eyes while his dad hides a smile in his mug of tea.

After a long car ride to the station, Albus and Lily filled with requests of letters and stories to tell about later (Lily even asked him to send a chunk of grass from Hogwarts), they arrive at King’s Cross Station.

Only they still have to wait for his Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione arriving with the kids to see him off.

“James, you have to tell us if there really is a Giant Squid in the lake.” Albus reminds him again.

“And the Unicorns!” Lily shrieks. “You have to see if there are any at the Forest!”

“And I wanna know if the Whomping Willow still exists! But I doubt you’d be brave enough to get near it.” Albus nags him.

“I so will Albus! I’m a Gryffindor. We’re known for being brave.”

Albus snorts. “As far as I know you haven’t been sorted yet.”

James is just about to retort when his mother exclaims loudly.

“They’re here!”

And, so, with the arrival of his aunt and uncle, they enter the station. Luggage on the trolleys, the family head to the barrier between platforms 9 and 10.

“Want me to go with you?” He hears his father’s voice from behind him.

“No, I can go alone.”

Like James Sirius Potter would need help to cross the barrier.

The platform is all he dreamed of and more. The red famous train is waiting and smoke surrounds children, the same age as James, standing with their families, mothers fussing over them, fathers giving last minute advice. But also, older students meeting with friends and chatting excitedly, owls and cats and frogs adding to the noise.

His family instantly gets stares and whispers and pointing, but soon enough, they find the rest of the Weasleys. Aunt Audrey and Uncle Percy with Lucy and Molly, Aunt Angelina and Uncle George with the twins. And, of course, Bill and Fleur with Victoire, Dominique, Louis and Teddy who’s spent the rest of the summer with them by the beach.

His siblings instantly jump on Teddy excitedly to greet him, but James stays smoothly behind. He doesn’t wanna come out as immature in front of his soon to be classmates.

“Jamie!” Teddy approaches him and ruffles his hair, after managing to disentangle himself from the younger kids. James scowls at his godbrother. Can’t he see he’s trying to keep his cool? “So, I heard that you didn’t get the new Firebolt.”

“No, my parents will get me one next year, when I get into the Quidditch Team.”

Teddy smirks, his hair the classic blue color.

“If you get in, you mean.”

James snorts and Teddy laughs.

Like James Sirius Potter wouldn’t get on the Quidditch Team.

“James, I cant believe you’re going to Hogwarts!” Rose grabs his arm, his brother joined at the hip like always. “Aren’t you nervous?”

“Not really.”

“I think I’d be nervous. Al and I are already talking about next year.”

James feels like he should give them some advice as the oldest, so he puts a hand on each of their shoulders and says.

“Don’t worry, you two. You’re only ten. Next year, you’ll be eleven like Freddie, Roxy and I. Then you’ll be way more mature.”

His younger brother and cousin listen intently with wide eyes.

“Who’s saying my name and mature in the same sentence?” His cousin Fred appears by his side and James grins.

“I’m telling our pupils here that we’re not afraid like them to go to Hogwarts because we’re older and wiser.”

“Oh, than I second that, cousin James, that’s true.” Freddie says in the deepest voice he can manage.

Rose and Albus start to get a little suspicious.

“And did either of you open any of your books this summer, if you’re so prepared?” Rose raises one red eyebrow while Albus crosses his arms.

“But, of course not, my dear Rosie. You insult us this way.” Freddie answers.

“We’re talking more about mindset.” James continues.

“Speaking about mindset, we’d like to set something straight.” Aunt Angelina calls up and the two eleven year olds turn to her. Besides Aunt Angelina, his mum and Aunt Hermione are also looking at them sternly.

“I’d better not receive any letters at home saying the both of you are up to mischief.” His mum says.

“Me neither, Fred, or there’ll be no WWW products at Christmas.” Angelina adds..

“You kids need to focus on your schoolwork. It should be your priority...” Aunt Hermione starts her usual rambling about the importance of studying.

The train suddenly chimes once indicating it’s time to get on. It’s the sweetest sound to James’ ears.

“You should get going then, boys.” James’dad speaks up and James shoots him a grateful look. He notices the other people still looked at his dad in awe.

The family starts saying their goodbyes, and James tries to avoid all kisses on the cheek and crushing hugs. He gives a very brief hug on his dad, dodges his mother kiss on the cheek (there are people watching, mum!) and ruffles Albus and Lily’s hair, much to their protest.

“Send me a toilet seat!” Uncle George screams as he and Fred run to the train.

“Ge tinto Gryffindor, or we will disown you!” That’s Uncle Ron.

Fred gets in first and James climbs the steps. But before he jumps on, he turns around. His whole family is smiling encouragingly except for a few emotional crying faces. His parents have their arms around each other with their other hand holding Al’s and Lily’s shoulders.

James runs back to his surprised family, hugs his dad’s strong chest, embraces his emotional mother and puts one arm around each of his siblings. Then rushes to the train and jumps in, looking through the window before their faces disappear when the train picks up speed.

Like James Sirius Potter wouldn’t miss his family.

A/N2.: I thought about this one-shot because James Sirius is normally portrayed as arrogant. But I think that has a lot to do with the expectations set out for him already. It’s only a tough exterior but inside he has the same insecurities as everybody else, really. Feel free to tell me if you agree in the comments below and if you enjoyed the story!
Reviews 6

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