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Ginny Weasley & the Order of the Phoenix
By fresh_pickled_toad

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Category: Post-OotP
Genres: Action/Adventure, General
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Reviews: 8
Summary: Follow Ginny Weasley through a year filled with Quidditch, frilly teashops, secret associations, old nightmares, and stupid, irrational feelings. OotP from Ginny's perspective, Canon compliant.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs with Ginny Weasley, both of whom are the excellent creations of J.K. Rowling. I may not agree with some things she has said, but there's absolutely no denying that she is a brilliant author,

Author's Notes:
I had an idea for a OotP missing moment a few months ago, that quickly escalated to a full-fledged multi-chaptered fic. This story is completely canon compliant, and contains loads of Weasley-bonding, Ginny-Hermione friendship scenes, Ginny-Neville-Luna friendship moments, and many pre-Hinny Harry/Ginny friendship moments.
I hope I can write the burgeoning friendship between Harry and Ginny well!


Ginny lazily flicked over a page of a cheesy muggle romance novel that Hermione had lent her, grimacing ever so often at the many irrelevant details present in each paragraph.

“Anastasia bit her lip as she pondered over what could very well be the biggest decision of her life: Eddie or Jake?
The exotic, handsome Eddie was the epitome of perfection , with his platinum hair and topaz eyes; but Jake had always been there for her… not to mention the fact that he had perfect abs…
Oh, what would she choose?!”

Ginny couldn’t help it. She let out a soft snort which made Hermione, who was reading an awfully thick book across from her, glare at her reproachfully.

‘D’you really read these kind of books, Hermione?’

Haermione merely turned pink before proceeding to calmly ignore her friend.

‘Do Ron and Harry know about this?’ Ginny persisted, barely concealing her smirk, though she could already guess the answer.

‘Ron and Harry wouldn’t know enough to appreciate this kind of literature,’ said Hermione with as much dignity she could muster.

Ginny grinned at her friend before giving the novel back to her. ‘I don’t think I could "appreciate" this kind of literature either.’

Hermione tutted as she took the book from Ginny’s hands and carefully hid it in her trunk between her thick schoolbooks, which made Ginny’s grin widen.

The two of them were sitting in Ginny’s room: Ron was down in the orchard de-gnoming the garden, seeing that he hadn’t completed his chores the previous day in favour of playing chess.

A tawny owl impatiently tapped at the window and Ginny quickly unfastened the latch to let it in. She untied the letter from its leg and scanned it.

Michael Corner’s name was signed at the end of the letter with a flourish, and Ginny felt a slight swooping sensation in her stomach as she saw his name.

‘Who is it from?’ said Hermione curiously.

‘Michael Corner’

‘Oh!’ said Hermione interestedly. ‘What does it say- I mean- of course, if you want to say…’ she trailed off, looking slightly unsure.

Ginny smiled. Hermione was sometimes strange like that. She could go all “I-know-more-than-you-will-ever-know-s o-shut-up-and-listen-to-me-quietly” sometimes, at times she was just a normal teenaged girl who loved gossip, and sometimes, just sometimes, she was a brilliant but unsure muggle-born witch who felt out of place in the Wizarding World and had a thirst to prove her self. Most of all, however, she was an amazing friend who would always give the best advice and be ready with wise words of comfort when you needed them. She was like the sister Ginny never had.

She read the letter aloud, the fluttering feeling in her chest still prevailing.

“Dear Ginny,
I hope this letter finds you in good health
- awfully formal, isn’t he?’
‘He’s being a gentleman, Ginny.’
‘Ron's right, you do sound like Mum.’
‘Come on, what does it say?’
‘”How was your summer so far?
I wanted to say that I truly enjoyed the time we spent together last year. I was hoping that you could go out with me on a date to Hogsmeade at the first Hogsmeade weekend we get at school. Maybe we can write to each other as well during the vacation and perhaps meet at Diagon Alley.
Waiting for your reply,

Hermione grinned at Ginny. ‘What are you going to say? He seems to fancy you a lot!’

Ginny didn’t reply at once. The thing was, she was not sure. She liked Michael well enough, and he was really fun to be around (even though his letter sounded like something Percy would write). She had found him really cute when she had first seen him at the Yule Ball, with his (neat) black hair and (non-green) blue eyes. He was sweet too; he had nervously asked her to dance (and he hadn’t tread on her toes), and she had enjoyed talking and laughing with him.
They had hung out after the ball as well, walking around the school grounds, and had also flown once or twice in the Quidditch Pitch. Talking with him after the third task had been something of a relief- though she felt guilty while thinking of that- she needn’t worry about Cedric dying a terrible death or him returning. She almost forgot about her nightmares around him too. Almost.

But then there was the thing about Harry as well… she had accepted the fact that Harry would never, ever see her as anything more than Ron’s little sister. But she had fancied him for about five years, and it wasn’t just a simple celebrity crush either. It was all too much complicated. But she was supposed to be over him. Wallowing in self-pity over a boy who was never going to notice her was useless, and she wasn’t going to be a naiive, useless girl this time around.

She vividly remembered the emotions coursing through her as she had finally decided that it was enough. She was not going to pine after a boy who had no feelings whatsoever towards her.

‘I reckon she was chatting up Cedric for the ball.’

‘She doesn’t stand a chance, anyway,’ said Harry glumly. ‘Cedric is going with Cho. I asked her to the ball and she told me so.’

It was as though someone had hit Ginny hard. A million different emotions coursed through her, and everything felt numb. Cho Chang . Harry had asked Cho Chang to the ball. He fancied her.

She vaguely registered Ron saying something about Neville until she heard her name again.

‘This is getting stupid. Harry, you can go with Ginny, and I’ll just-‘

Ginny felt the heat automatically creep up her face and chanced a glance at Harry.

He was looking completely casual, as if this was no big deal. As if he didn’t know how much he meant to her. Maybe he didn’t. He didn’t know her. At all. She was just another person. His best friend’s annoying, silly, tag-along little sister. The look on his face was worse than disgust. It was plain indifference.

She felt a lump rise in her throat. Anyway, it wasn’t as though she would go to the ball with Harry anyway. Neville had asked her. It was as a last resort, sure, but at least he had bothered.

‘I can’t,’ she said, trying to sound nonchalant, but she could hear her voice shaking. ‘I’m going with Neville. He asked me after Hermione said no- and I’m going with him. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to go otherwise. I’m not in fourth year.’

Carefully not looking at Harry and ignoring Ron’s incredulous look, she stood up and left the Common Room, blinking rapidly.

The tears started leaking out hard and fast as soon as the Portrait Hole slammed shut behind her, and she impatiently brushed them off with her robe’s sleeve.

This was stupid. She wasn’t going to waste her life crying over a boy.

She wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Hermione was right. It was time to get over Harry Potter.

Suddenly, she made her decision.
‘I’m writing him back and saying yes.’
Hermione beamed.

A/N-2 I don't have the fourth book with me right now, and the details are slightly hazy, so please pardon me if the dialogues in the flashback aren't exact.
I hoped you liked the chapter! I'll try to update soon.
Please review :)

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