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Questions and Answers
By Pottermum

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Summary: Little Lily Luna has questions about the Boy-Who-Lived.
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Ginny's attention was not on her daughter, sitting at the dinner table. Nor was it on the dishes she was washing as she looked out the window. No, she was soley focused on her two sons talking outside, sure they were up to mischief, especially James.

“Who is the Boy Who Lived?”

Ginny blinked and turned to look at her daughter. She was looking at the daily newspaper where Ginny knew there was a photo of her husband and Lily's father, and they'd used that name in the headline.

Drying her hands quickly on a tea towel, Ginny walked over to the table and sat next to Lily.

“ It's a name that the papers made up for a little boy that lost his family in a tragedy,” explained Ginny carefully, not wanting to scare her nearly seven year old daughter with talk of Voldemort.

“What happened to him?” asked Lily, her eyes wide in concern for this unknown little boy.

“ He was sent to live with some muggle relatives,” Ginny told her grimly.

“So he was all right then. These relatives, they looked after him?” clarified Lily. Her mum's tone didn't sound too happy.

“Er, sort of, I mean, nobody really knows what happened at that house,” said Ginny, hoping that it didn't count as a lie. Harry had confided plenty to her about life with the Dursleys, but she was sure there was also a lot he left out.

Lily's eyes went wide again. “ You know where he lives? Can we go there?”

“He doesn't live there anymore, Lil,” said Ginny gently.

“I think Daddy knows him,” mused Lily. “Look, there's a picture of Daddy on the front page.”

“Yes, your daddy knows him,” nodded Ginny.

“Mum, James flew into a tree,” yelled Albus, from the back door.

“He's not supposed to be flying without an adult present,” frowned Ginny, “ and he knows that.”

“Mu-um?” yelled Albus.

“ I'm coming,” replied Ginny, standing. She looked down at her daughter and smoothed her hand over her long red hair. “ Okay?”

Her daughter looked up at her with her own hazel eyes and shrugged. There was so much more that Lily wanted to ask but she got the feeling her mum really didn't want to talk about it, which meant “ to Lily anyway “ that there was more to the story.

Ginny crouched down at Lily's side. “ What is it, Lil?” she prodded gently.

“ I just wish he grew up happy, that's all. He lost his whole real family. I would be so sad if I lost you and Daddy, and James and Albus,” said Lily sadly.

Ginny kissed her daugher's cheek. “That will never happen to you, love, so don't even think about it. As for the Boy-Who-Lived, he “ “
“Mum, I think you might need the Skel-e-gro,” Albus yelled again.

“ I better go see about your brother,” Ginny said apologetically, “but why don't you go have your bath and we'll talk about it again at bedtime.”

Lily nodded and watched her mummy grab the bottle of Skel-e-gro from the cupboard and race outside.

Two hours later, James was moaning in agony while laying on the sofa while Ginny hovered over him. Albus sat near him, reading a comic.

Harry was in his home office, going over some paperwork, when there was a knock in his door.

“ Come in,” he called, expecting his wife. Instead, it was his daughter. “Hi sweetheart. Come to say goodnight?”

Lily shrugged, lingering in the doorway. “Daddy, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, come here,” he gestured, patting his knee.

She entered his office, coming around his desk to sit on his knee.

“What's up, Lily?” he asked, having an inkling of what this could be about, having already spoken with Ginny.

“Daddy, do you know the Boy-Who-Lived?” she asked.

“Yes, I do,” he replied.

“ Okay.” Lily then changed the topic, or so he thought. “Daddy, you how Teddy isn't my real brother, but he kind of is? And that he has a bedroom here but isn't here all the time?”

“Yes,” nodded Harry.

“Well...what if we adopted the Boy-Who-Lived and he could stay in Teddy's room when Teddy isn't here, and maybe they could share when Teddy does come over,” suggested Lily. “ I mean, I don't mind sharing with him, and maybe Albus or James would too. There's plenty of room here, and we have lots of food and Daddy, we should help him!” she pleaded.

Harry was taken aback by how passionate Lily was about this. She looked at him earnestly, her eyes so like Ginny's. Did she know how hard he found it to deny her anything, when she looked at him like that.

“Lily,” he began, when she set off again.

“ We have a very big family but he doesn't have any real family and you always say how important family is,” she reminded him.

“Lily, he does have a real family now,” he told her.

“Oh.” Lily hadn't expected that. “Did someone else adopt him?”

“Sort of,” replied Harry, thinking of Molly Weasley hugging him after the death of Cedric, and Arthur accompanying him to his hearing at the Wizenmagot, all those years ago.

“Do you know where he lives now? If you know him, can we visit him? Maybe I could be his friend?” asked Lily.

“Lily darling, the Boy-Who-Lived is all grown up now,” said Harry tenderly. “He got married and even has kids of his own.”

“He's a grown up?” asked Lily in confusion. “ Then why do the papers still call him the Boy-Who- Lived if he's old?”

“Well, he's not old, old,” reasoned Harry, having just turned 37, “and the papers are just rubbish when it comes to him.”

Lily thought about it for a minute. “Daddy?”


“Is he happy?” she asked.

Harry tucked his daughter under his arm, knowing that she was getting to an age where she wouldn't want him to anymore, so he cherished these moments more than ever.

“He's happier than he ever dared to dream about,” assured Harry, smiling softly. “He married a beautiful woman who he loves more every day and together they have four wonderful kids.”

“Do you think his mummy and daddy in Heaven know he's happy?” asked Lily.

“ I'm sure they do,”said Harry, suddenly finding it hard to talk, getting choked up.

Suddenly the family clock began to sound out the hour.

Fresh pickled toad, fresh pickled toad,” it chanted, over and over, nine times.

“Nine o'clock. Past your bedtime, Lily,” said Harry.

The both grinned to hear Ginny complaining about the clock yet again. It had been last year's Christmas gift to the Potter's from George; Ron and Hermione received one too, theirs yelled 'Troll in the dungeon!' every hour.

Lily hugged her daddy goodnight, then hopped off his knee and went to the door, where she hesitated and turned back around.


“Yes, Lily.”

“ What is he really like, the Boy-Who-Lived?” she asked, curiously.

“ He's nothing special, Lily, just a boy who grew into a man,” replied Harry. “I know for a fact he would rather have grown up with his parents than be known for surviving the tragedy that happened to his family.”

Lily nodded. “ I would too.” She hesitated, then said, “ goodnight, Daddy.”

“ Lil?”

She turned to look at her daddy, who looked a bit sad all of a sudden.

“ You have a beautiful heart, Lily Luna. Next time I see him, I'll tell him you asked about him, all right?”

She nodded, her cheeks reddening, which reminded him of Ginny at eleven, watching him at the Burrow's dinner table.

Not long after she left, Ginny walked into his study, a cup of tea in her hand that she offered to him.

“Bless you,” he told her, taking it and blowing on it to cool it enough to drink.

“How did it go with Lily?” she asked. “ Did you tell her you're the Boy Who Lived?” She came around his desk to sit on his lap, just as Lily had done.

“No. She'll find out soon enough, all the other kids did,” he reasoned, “then we'll sit her down and talk to her like we did with James and Albus when they started asking questions.”

“Bloody paper,” growled Ginny.

“You work at the paper,” Harry reminded her in amusement, combing his fingers through her hair.

“I edit the sports section,” Ginny retorted. “ I don't have anything to do with this ridiculous headlines. Whatever happened to the Chosen One, or the Vanquisher?” she teased.

“ I'm your Chosen One,” he said, and she groaned at his pun.

“Too cliché,” she replied.

“ Oh? What about that poster in our bathroom? Every morning it tells me I'm your 'Desirable Number One',” he taunted.

“And every night you prove it,” she said, kissing him. “ I call it motivation.”

The clock struck the hour. “Expelliarmus, Expelliarmus, “ it cried, ten more times.

“I modified it,” she shrugged at his curious look. “ Much more us.”

A/N Kudos to katie-with-the-tea on the Harry and Ginny discord group for coming to my rescue with the initial saying for the Potter's clock.

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