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Bad Santa
By Pottermum

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Category: Post-Hogwarts
Genres: Fluff, General, Humor
Warnings: Intimate Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG
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Summary: A tale of the trope 'I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus." Bad Santa indeed!
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Author's Notes:
Its currently 9.30pm here in Australia on Christmas Eve, and I wish all the readers a wonderful holiday season. Im not writing much these days but cant resist a Potter family fluff fic


James Sirirus Potter loved Christmas. He loved their Christmas tree, he loved how their house smelled and all the yummy food his grandma would make, but most of all, he loved presents. Ergo, he loved Santas Claus, who brought those presents.

Being only five, he barely remembered his first couple, but he remembered getting a bicycle one year and riding it around the living room while baby Albus watched on.

Last year his mummy and daddy had taken him to London and he, Teddy and Albus actually got to meet Santa Claus, and go and sit on his knee and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Admittedly Santa had looked confused when James asked for wheezes but when he opened his sack to find them inside, he knew Santa must have been pretending to not understand for the muggle's sake.

But he was a big boy of five now and understood more about Christmas. Teddy had explained about the reindeer and the sleigh, the distributing of presents under the tree, it just confirmed that he was missing out on all the fun stuff he was sure that happened after he went to bed and fell asleep.

Mummy and Daddy assured him he wasn't missing out on anything, it was just time for grown up stuff, but he didn't believe them. He heard some strange noises downstairs when he had to go to the loo one time, but mummy had told him daddy was just helping her move furniture and it made her gasp and groan because it was heavy. Why she didnt use magic, James wasn't sure, perhaps she left her wand somewhere.

As December arrived, the Potter household began to celebrate the festive season by decorating a specially selected tree from Hagrid, and James was the one to put the star on the top because Al was still too little, and Teddy did it last year, and Lily was just a nine month old baby. A green garland ran up the staircase and James helped his daddy hang a wreath on the door.

As Christmas day approached, James hatched a plan. He decided he wanted to see Santa arrive at his house and put the presents under the tree. Perhaps Santa would let him help, or even let him feed some carrot sticks to the reindeers. Wouldn't Freddie be jealous that he got to see Santa's sleigh for real!

Christmas Eve seemed to go on forever. His daddy was home all day, baking and cooking, and the floo was always having people visit, or send messages. There was a sense of excitement in the air, the longer the day went on.

His daddy cooked a special dinner and James ate it all. Then he and Al went up for bathtime, and put on the special pyjamas his mummy gave him, and when he went back downstairs, he saw that they all had the same Christmas pattern, even mummy and daddy and baby Lily's pyjamas.

The Christmas tree lights seemed brighter as they played exploding snap, and James was mesmerised by it. Later he and Al snuggled either side of their daddy as he read 'The Night Before Christmas'. Al was asleep before the end but James was still awake.

“Come on James, time for bed,” suggested his dad, picking him up; his mum picked up Al.

“ Not slee -” James yawned - “py,” he murmured, safe and warm in his daddy's arms.

“The quicker you fall asleep, the quicker you can wake up and see if Santa brought you presents,” said his mum quietly, following James and his dad up the stairs.

“I been a good boy,” said James tiredly, as his daddy lay him in his bed and pulled the covers up to his chin.

“Good night James, I love you,” said his daddy.

“Night Daddy,” he said, eyes fluttering shut already.

He wasn't sure what woke him later, or even what time it was, but once he stirred, he quickly remembered -


He sat up, no longer sleepy. He climbed out of his bed and went to the bedroom next to his to wake Albus, who was now grumpy Albus for being woken up.

Together the two little boys made their way downstairs. They heard voices; one was their mummy.

“ - look the part,” she was saying and then she laughed.

James peeked through the stair railings but his mummy wasn't there. The Christmas tree was all aglow still and underneath was presents, lots of presents. With a sinking heart he realised he was too late

Santa had already been to his house.

Once again, he heard the sound of his mummy talking, and he correctly guessed she was in the kitchen. James wondered if perhaps she had seen Santa so, completely forgetting about the presents, he dragged Albus to the kitchen, pushing the door open, only to see …his mummy sitting on Santa's lap, kissing him.

“ NO! Bad Santa,” he yelled.

“Get away from our mummy,” yelled Albus.

Ginny looked over 'Santa's' shoulder in surprise.

“ James, Albus, why aren't you in bed asleep?” she asked, quickly hopping off the man's lap and coming over to her sons.

“ We wanted to see Santa,” said James, looking at the man in the red coat who had yet to turn around.

“ Well, Santa has to go now. You know, he's got a busy night,” said Ginny. She turned to look back at the man. “Right Santa?”

'Santa' gave her a thumbs up but said nothing.

“Only our daddy can kiss mummy,” added Albus. “I'm telling daddy on you.”

“He'll come find you and 'rest you. He's a auror,” said James proudly.

“Boys, it's fine,” sighed Ginny, smiling. “Santa was just having a biscuit that your daddy baked and then - ”

“Mistletoe,” blurted out 'Santa', pointing up.

Ginny and the boys looked up to the ceiling. Sure enough, a sprig of mistletoe hung from the rafters.

“See boys, it's all - blast, that's Lily awake now,” she sighed, all plans for an early night with her husband seemingly dashed. “Er, I'll have to get her,” she said with a warning look at 'Santa'.

“ I should go,” said 'Santa', standing as Ginny left to get Lily.

“ No, you have to stay and 'splain to my daddy what you did,” insited James.

He walked closer to Santa but the man turned so he couldn't see his face.

“Santa, how do you give presents to all the children in the whole world?” he asked, curiousty outweighing his anger.

Santa coughed. “Magic.”

Albus' eyes opened wide. “You a wizard too?” he asked.

Santa was saved from answering by Ginny returning with Lily in her arms, the little one seemed wide awake and happy to see all her family, especially -

“Dada,” she called and practically leaped from Ginny's arms to Santa's.

He stood quickly. “Gotta go,” he said, and quickly Apparated away.

James and Albus' mouth dropped open.

“He stole our sister,” they yelled.

There was a pop and Santa Apparated back into the kitchen, still with his back to the boys as he quickly handed the baby back to Ginny, who was trying not to laugh. He then Apparated away and they heard noises on the roof.

“ The reindeer, “ gasped Albus and ran to peer out the window.

“Where's Daddy?” demanded James. “He should know that Santa stole Lily for one whole minute.”

“Daddy is upstairs asleep,” lied Ginny, “ and look, here's Lily, no worse for wear.”

James looked at his sister, gnawing on her foot. “ Lily, did you see reindeer? Did you see Santa's sleigh?” he asked.

“Dada,” grinned Lily, and the man himself walked into the kitchen.

“ I just had a conversation with Santa,” he said, scratching his head. His daughter reached for him and he took her from Ginny's arms.

“ He stole Lily,” said James, pointing at his sister.

“ He kissed mummy,” announced Albus. “Only you can kiss Mummy, Daddy.”

“ He's a bad Santa. A naughty Santa,” James told his parents.

Harry shook his head, exchanged an amused look with Ginny. “No no, it was all a misunderstanding. He told me everything, and said he's very sorry if he upset you. He didn't mean to take Lily.”

“ Of course he didn't,” agreed Ginny.

“ But he did wonder why two good boys were up this late at night. Were you going to sneak a look at your presents?” asked Harry.

Albus nodded but James vehemently shook his head. “ No, no, I wanted to see Santa and help him. I wanted to see his sleigh and feed his reindeer, maybe even ride one?”

“ Oh James, they are magical reindeer, specially selected by Santa to pull the sleigh with toys for all the children in the world,” explained Ginny, sitting and pulling Albus onto her lap.

“Santa is a wizard, he told me,” said Albus, and Ginny hugged him.

“ It's a secret so we can't tell anyone, okay?” asked Ginny.

“ Not even Rosie?” asked Albus.

“ Not even Uncle Ron,” said Ginny, putting her finger to her lips.

Both boys eyes widened in awe that they knew something their uncle didn't.

“You know, Gin, seeing as even Santa said they were good boys, how about we let them open one present each tonight,” suggested Harry.

“Can we Mummy, please?” implored Albus amd, at Ginny's nod, both boys raced to the living room and the huge tree. Harry and Ginny followed, kneeling beside them, with Lily sitting and watching in interest.

“ That one,” pointed Albus, and Harry used his wand to levitate to his second son.

“I want that one...please,” tacked on James, pointing to a long thin present.

Ginny and Harry hesitated but then Harry reached out to hand James the present.

“ That's from Santa, me and Mummy,” he told James.

“ Yay, I got a Hogwarts 'Spress,” yelled Albus, holding up a toy train in delight.

“ Oh wow.” James could hardly believe what he was unwrapping till he actually held it in his hands.

“I got a new broom,” he yelled, holding it up to show his parents.

“ But you got a broom already,” said Albus.

“This is a big boy broom, cos I'm five now, nearly six,” said James. He held it out. “ Look Mummy, look Lily. Hey, where's Lily?”

In his excitement to unwrap his presnet, James had flung the wrapping paper heedlessly, and it had landed atop Lily, covering her. Lily thought it was fun; she liked the crinkly noise it made.

Ginny moved it aside. “ Peekaboo,” she teased, and Lily giggled. “Peekaboo.”

The clock in the hall chimed once, for the half hour.

“ Eleven thirty? Boys, you really need to go to bed. Harry, will you take them. I'll feed Lily and put her to bed. We have to be at the Burrow early tomorrow so we all need a good night sleep.”

She left to return to the kitchen, with Lily in her arms.

Harry stood and the boys did too, clutching their presents.

“So is Santa still Bad Santa?” Harry asked his sons.

“Well, he still shouldn't steal sisters and he shouldn't kiss our mummy but” - James looked at his longed for broom - “ no, I guess he's good Santa again.”

With a hand on each of their shoulders, Harry walked up the stiars with James and Albus, the latter running his toy train up the railing.

“Daddy, if Santa is a wizard, would he be in Gryffdor?” he asked.

Harry steered James into his bedroom, promising to come and tuck him in after he had attended to Albus.

“That's a very good question, Al,” he said, and the little boy's face lit up. “ I think we should ask everyone tomorrow at the Burrow.”

“But Daddy, we can't tell them Santa is a wizard,” reminded Albus.

“We'll just pretend he is, for the question,” winked Harry. He tucked his son in, placing the toy train on his bedside table.

“ I can't wait to go to Hogwarts on the train,” grinned Albus.

Harry leaned over to kiss his son on the cheek. “I love you, Al.”

“ Love you Daddy,” yawned Albus.

Harry left Albus and went to James' room, but the little boy was already in bed, hugging the broom to his chest as he slept.

Behind him, Ginny looked over Harry's shoulder and chuckled at the sight.

“Broom was a hit,” she said softly, so as not to rouse Lily, who was fluttering her eyes.

Harry kissed her on the forehead. “Night baby girl,” he whispered.

“Dada,” she said sleepily.

“ She knew it was you all along,” whispered Ginny. “Daddy's girl.”

“ Clever and beautiful, like her mother,” replied Harry, also in a whisper.

“ Go lock the house and put the rest of the presents out. I'll put this one to bed and be waiting in our bedroom,” winked Ginny. “ Oh, and Harry?”

He looked at her.

“ Wear the red coat again,” she suggested, “ but leave off the white beard. It's scratchy against my skin.”

He grimaced. “You should try wearing it.”

Her eyes blazed. “Maybe I will.”

The clock chimed twelve.

“ It's Christmas,” whispered Ginny. “Happy Christmas, Harry.”

“Happy Christmas, Ginny,” said Harry, his heart full of love for his family.

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