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And that was Christmas of 2017
By AnHPsuperfan

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Category: Post-DH/PM, Holidays
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Teddy Lupin, Victoire Weasley
Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: G
Reviews: 6
Summary: Christmas is a special time for the Potter-Weasley family and never has a dull moment. That’s what James Sirius Potter tells us.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
I know it isn’t Christmas and it also isn’t 2017, but I hope you can get into the spirit of this festive one-shot that came to me at Christmas’ time. It is in James’ POV again. I don’t know why but he seems to be the right person to tell this story. Hope you like it. Please let me know if you do in the reviews. It means a lot!


For those of you wondering, I’m James Sirius Potter, prankster extraordinaire. Just came home from my second year at Hogwarts to spend Christmas night with the famous Potter-Weasley family. You’re in luck that Ill show you the first-hand experience, including Freddie’s and mine tradicional holiday prank.The place, of course, is the amazing Burrow and we always get there by Floo.

I stumble and almost fall face down, my mother Ginny Potter, former England champion, using her reflexes to pull me by my jacket. The rest of my family steps gracefully out of the hearth My dad, the famous Harry Potter, with my little sister holding his hand, Teddy and my little brother Albus, who smirks at me, the little bugger.

“Oh, hello dears! It’s so good you’re here!” My grandma Molly is the first to greet us, giving out her famous tight hugs and kissing our cheeks. “You kids are growing up so fast! You’ll get as tall as your father, Jamie!”

I puff out my chest. And Freddie said people wouldn’t notice.

“Everyone is already here. You’re the last to arrive, Ginny dear.”

My mom glances ideways at my dad who turns red and helps Lily out of her coat.

It’s all their fault anyway. Before we got here mom said she had to help dad fix his hair and closed the bedroom door. They took like half an hour in there and when they came out, dad’s hair was messier than before. I really don’t understand them sometimes.

“Alright kids, why don’t you go say hello to your aunts and uncles and play with your cousins.” Dad said.

I roll my eyes. Go play, dad? What am I? Five?

Lily runs to find Hugo and do whatever little kids do and Teddy, no doubt, goes in search of Victoire to snog somewhere. So gross! That gives me the perfect cue to do something much more important: put mine and Teddy’s Christmas prank into action.

I grab my little brother by the arm before he goes anywhere and make a discreet sign with my eyes for him to follow me. He rolls his eyes at me but starts walking.

Albus rolls his eyes at me. I don’t know what happens to the kids these days that think they can disrespect their elders like that.

I soon find my partner in pranks, the fabulous Freddie Weasley and I don’t even have to say anything for him to know it’s time to get started.

“Right, Al, my dear brother. Are you ready to be part of the epic Holiday prank?”


“It’s our revenge to Uncle George’s blatant disrespect when he put those Dungbombs in our socks and messed up our clothes.”


“We need your Slytherin cunningness to make this work.”

“No.” He crosses his arms.

I sigh. “What do you want?”

“The marauders’ map for a week.”

“Three days.”

“Two weeks, or you’ll have to do it without me.”

“Okay, okay.”

He grins. “What do I need to do?”

“You have to distract Uncle George while Freddie and I take his wine glass and sprinkle it with crumbles from our Turkey Creams. He won’t suspect you.”

“Like Canary Creams?” He asks.

“Yeah, but the eater will turn into a big Turkey, cause you know, it’s Christmas.” Freddie says.

Albus raises his eyebrows and starts towards Uncle George. The little cheek.

“Alright. Let’s put this beauty to use.” I take out the invisibility cloak from my pocket.

“You got it!” Freddie whispers.

“Yeah. I managed it when my parents locked their bedroom door to fix dad’s hair. He’s so naive sometimes.”

Freddie agreed with me and we both put on the cloak, completely invisible, and wait behind the sofa while Albus does his part.

“Yeah, Uncle George, he is such a pompous git.” Al is saying.

Uncle George looks around him to see if anyone’s listening. He looks a bit unsure.

“I don’t know, Al. Believe me, I love a good prank, but your mum would be furious if she knew I was helping another of her sons pull a prank.”

“I think you know his dad from school. Zacharias Smith.”

Uncle George widens his eyes at that.

“Come on, dear nephew. I may have three or four options for you.” He says as he leads Al to the stairs by the shoulders.

Freddie and I look at each other and stealthily grab the wine glass and pull it under the cloak. We go to the dinner table and get under it, just to be sure that no one sees us as we sprinkle his drink. We’re halfway out the table when we hear voices.

“Lucy! I told you not to wrinkle your dress!” It’s Uncle Percy.

“Percy! She’s a kid, of course she’s gonna play.” Aunt Audrey is saying. I spy from under the table. There are my cousin Lucy and her parents.

“Molly’s dress is still intact.”

“Molly is sixteen. Lucy is eleven.”

“But the Minister is coming here today, Audrey. He’s my boss. We have to look presentable.”

I’m starting to get a bit worried. Luckily, there’s no sign of Albus and Uncle George, still.

“He’s the boss of half the family!” Audrey exclaims frustratedly.

“But look at her hair.” Uncle Percy says as he starts fretting with it. “Come on, Luce. Let’s stay with the adults for a bit.” He thankfully steers Lucy away, with Aunt Audrey in tow.

Poor Lucy.

Fred and I run as best as we can under the invisibility cloak and position his glass roughly where it was before. In the corner, we can see Albus stalling Uncle George, coming back no doubt from his old room where he still keeps part of his stock hidden.

“But Uncle George” He’s saying. “I can’t take this with me in my trunk. Mum checks our things twice before going.”

“No bother, dear nephew. I’ll send it to you by owl. You say his name is Smith, right?”

We go to the hallway and take out the cloak. Mission completed.

“What do you say we say hi to gran and grab a snack in the kitchen?” I ask Freddie.

We head that way, saying hi to uncles Bill and Charlie and grandpa Arthur, who are drinking Muggle beer and talking.

“Victoire is going out way too much. And we both know where she’s been going.” Uncle Bill was saying.

“Don’t worry, son. I’m sure Harry already talked to him. You know Teddy is a good lad. Oh hi boys!” Grandpa Arthur greets us.

After that, we arrive in the kitchen where grandma is orchestrating dinner. Aunt Angelina and Aunt Audrey are helping in whatever they can, but based on the noise they’re mostly drinking elf wine and chatting. They all greet us happily as we arrive.

“I hope that you two aren’t making trouble, boys.” Angelina gives us a withering look.

“Never, mum.” Freddie says automatically.

Too quick, mate. She doesn’t seem convinced.

“Hi again grandma! What’s for dinner?” I hope to change the focus for a bit.

“Jamie, you will love it! I hope I didn’t make too much. But I don’t think so. Kingsley and Andy are coming over...James Sirius Potter! Take your hands off that! That’s for desert!” She bats my hands away when I was so close to grabbing a Christmas biscuit.

Reprimanded, Freddie and I start to make our way out the kitchen, but Anut Angelina grabs Freddie’s arm and pulls him back. “Freddie come here and help me cut these potatoes, will you?”

I knew she wasn’t convinced. But, well, he’ll be fine.

I get out of there quickly and back to the corridor in search of the invisibility cloak to try another attempt at stealing some food. Louis, Roxanne and Molly are playing a game of exploding snap in the living room. I might get into that later. Lily and Hugo are staging a fake duel in the garden. I reach the corridor and the shelf where I left it is empty.

That’s so weird. I’m pretty sure I left it here.

Going back to the living room I scan everything rapidly, hoping I’m acting inconspicuous.

“James!” Uncle Ron shouts.

I blew it.

“Hi Uncle Ron! Aunt Hermione, how are you?” I ask innocently. Are they mad at me? Did they find the cloak? They look mad.

“My favorite nephew, please tell me, is that ferret Malfoy boy trying something with my Rosie?”

“Oh, please, Ronald! They’re only eleven!” Aunt Hermione exclaims exasperatedly.

“But she won’t stop talking about him!”

“Well, actually - ” I try to answer him.

“Of course she talks about him! They’re friends!” Aunt Hermione interrupts me.

“Yeah, they’re just “ “ I try again.

“Which I don’t like already. Scorpius this, Scorpius that.”

“You conveniently forget that she’s always with Albus as well.”

“That’s right! What does Harry think about that? He’ll understand me.” Uncle Ron starts looking for my father while Aunt Hermionr huffs.

I give up on those two.

“Lily!” I call my sister, who’s playing chess with Hugo now on the sofas. “Did you happen to see something big and kind of like a cloak?”

“Did you lose dad’s invisibility cloak?” She says while moving a chess piece.

I gasp and stutter.

“I know you have it James. I know of the other item you also stole from his office.”

I turn bright red. Hugo is watching us with wide eyes.

“Do you know where it is?” I ask her hurriedly.

“What would I gain if I gave you that information?” She glances at me uninterestedly.

“Just tell me Lily.”


“I’ll give you three chocolate frogs I have hidden under my bed.”

“Still no.”

“The chocolate frogs and two sickles.”

She just pretends she didn’t hear and continues playing.

“Lily, I need to find that cloak! What do you want?”

“Let me practice my make up skills on you.”

I roll my eyes. “Fine! Where is it?!”

“No idea.” She grins.

I run my hands through my hair. “What was all this then?”

“Just wanted to know how far you’d go.”

Damn, another Slytherin in the family. Serves me right for teasing Albus so much. The hat won’t even hesitate with this one.

Suddenly, there’s a loud noise and shouts coming from upstairs. I almost jump and everyone stops what they’re doing, the adults taking out their wands.

But there’s no time for anyone to make their way there before there are two couples very red faced coming from the stairs.

Twenty minutes later, we’re all sat at the table, the only noises being those of cutlery and chewing. None of the adults are even looking at each other, except for Uncle Bill who divides his time glaring at two people alternately, and Uncle George, who is giddily taking in the scene. The minister, Kingsley, is gratefully savoring his dinner beside a proud-looking Uncle Percy. The tension is thick.

“I can’t believe this!” Uncle Bill finally explodes.

“Oh no.” Uncle Fleur sighs by his side.

“And after my dad told me I shouldn’t worry, that you had sense.” Uncle Bill continues.

“Excuse me!” My mom looks affronted. “We are married with children. I think we are allowed to have sex.”

Ugh, gross.

“It came to that? In my room?!” Uncle Ron shouts, his ears red.

“Ginny!” Grandma reprimands her and then looks apologetically at the minister.

“It’s alright, Molly. Nothing I didn’t know about.” He reassures her and resumes eating. Uncle Percy looks mortified.

“I thought you should settle the example for Victoire and Teddy. But apparently not, since, while you were having sex in Ron’s room, Edward and my daughter were having sex in Ginny’s room!” Uncle Bill glared at my parents and then at Teddy and Victoire.

“We weren’t having sex, dad!” Victoire says, pissed. “We were just kissing!”

“Oh, that makes it so much better.” He answers back. Teddy is looking for escape routes while this is happening.

“You wouldn’t even know about it, Bill, if they hadn’t opened the door while we were going down the stairs and they stumbled onto us.” My mum says. She doesn’t look very ashamed, comparing to my dad, who’s the most red I’d ever seen him. I glance down at his pocket and there it is! The invisibility cloak I’d been looking. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to use that again.

“What have you to say about that, Harry? Didn’t you give him the talk?” Uncle Bill rounds on my dad.

“I did. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.” My dad says defensively.

“No shit.” Uncle Bill says.

“Oh, pleaze, Bill, don’t forget it was your dautzer wiv him.” Aunt Fleur says.

“Mum!” Victoire exclaims hrough Uncle George’s laughter.

“ENOUGH” Uncle Percy shouts and stands up. Everything goes silent and all the eyes turn to him. “This isn’t a proper Christmas dinner. I was hoping that at least once you could act like civilized people while the minister is here! You!” He points at my dad and mum. “Stop acting like teenagers! I can’t possibly understand why you’d want to do it at Ron’s horrendous orange room!”

“Hey!” Uncle Ron exclaims.

“Teddy and Victoire!” He continues. “Leave that for when you’re alone and, please, don’t take any advice from Harry and Ginny! And you!” He points at Bill. “It takes two. It’s your daughter too, so solve this quietly another time and not at the dinner table! Some people are trying to eat!”

At the end of that tirade everyone looks a bit taken aback. Us kids are just impressed Uncle Percy raised his voice. The minister looks highly entertained and Uncle George is purple from the effort not to laugh while Aunt Aungelina nudges him.

Uncle Percy isn’t finished yet. “I don’t expect you to wear formal attire or even arrive on time, but at least a little bit of decorum is required when a relevant figure in our society-“

I wouldn’t know the exact words that finished this little speech because at that moment Uncle Percy turned into a giant, feathery turkey.

Fred and I look at each other and immediately at Uncle Percy’s glass. Red wine. Then at Uncle George’s drink while he’s laughing his head off. Muggle beer.

Kingsley lets out a booming laugh and that sets the whole table off. My mum’s and Aunt Angelina’s eyes look at us warningly. The rest of the night was more lectures from them and grounding for the rest of the holiday. Nothing worth mentioning.

The point is that Christmas of 2017 was epic.
Reviews 6

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