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The New Normal
By Pottermum

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Category: Cursed Child and beyond
Characters:Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny
Genres: Angst, Fluff, General, Humor
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: The Potter family rally around their son and brother in the wake of events in Cursed Child, offering their love, support and understanding.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.


Albus Potter stood under the steaming shower, letting the near scalding water sluice over his body. His head was down and his eyes were closed, reliving the horror of the past twenty four hours, where he had witnessed his grandparent's death and his seemingly strong father fall to his knees. crying in devastation.

How had it all gone so wrong, he wondered, before amending to “ how had he stuffed it all up so completely? Letting Delphi into his life, dragging Scorpius as they went back in time, along on his ridiculous quest to be ...what? Better than his father? To be more than his father's son? To be acknowledged as his own person, not just as a Potter?

And then it had been his father who had come to the rescue. And his father who had suffered again for being the hero. Albus winced as he recalled his father's anguished cries as they witnessed Voldemort enter the little cottage in Godric's Hollow and see the two flashes of green lights, before his father fell to his knees, clinging to Albus himself, and his wife.

The others had given Harry time to recover, but he wouldn't let go of Ginny or Albus. Then they'd made it back to their time, where Hermione had insisited they go to her office to get everything on the record, give their memories,while it was still fresh. Only then had they all been allowed to go home.

A knock on the bathroom door made Albus look up.

“Yeah?” he said, his voice hoarse.

“Albus honey, I've left clean pyjamas on your bed,” called his mum through the door. “If you want to go straight to bed, that's fine. Or...or you can come downstairs too. Whatever you want.”

Tears blinded his eyes at how careful his mum sounded as she gave him choices. He marvelled how strong she'd been for him and his dad.

“Thanks Mum. I-I think I'll just go to bed,” he replied.

He was drained with emotion and he wondered how Scorpius was feeling. It felt strange, not having him near. He felt almost bereft at his best friend's absence, so used to having him close by.

He'd almost forgotten about his mum, as she took some time to reply.

“No worries. Your dad and I are here if you need us,” she said, her voice a bit wobbly.

He closed his eyes; he could count on one hand all the times he had seen or heard his mum cry, and he hated to think he was the cause.

“I'm fine Mum,” he reassured her. He hesitated, the words not ones he was used to saying. “Love you.”

“ I love you too, Albus. So much,” she said, almost fiercely.

He smiled sadly at that. It was the same tone he'd heard her use when people asked her questions about her husband; his father. The famous Harry Potter. If there was one thing Albus was sure of, it was that, no matter what, his mother would protect their family with every bone in her body, every hex in her calibre.

Albus finally exited the shower, towelled off and went across the hall and up the small stairs to the little attic bedroom he had claimed for his own, after Teddy had decided to share a flat with some Hogwarts chums and given up the spare bedroom.

As Albus walked in, he immediately felt there was something wrong with his room, yet everything looked the same, the books haphazardly stuffed into the bookcase, his Goncalo Flores poster the same, the bedcovers, the family photos, everything was as it should be, as if he were away at Hogwarts, as he should be.

But something felt off, and with a start, he realised “ it was him. He was different. What he'd been through had changed him; he just hoped it was a change for the better. It simply had to be, for Albus didn't want to be that angry Albus anymore.

Despite it being only three in the afternoon, Albus quickly dressed in his pyjamas and fell into bed, and into a deep sleep, blessedly free from nightmares.


A noise woke him, and he looked around, momentarily surprised to find he wasn't in his Slytherin dormitory. Memories quickly assailed him and he rubbed his chest and stretched. A glance at the clock on his bedside table showed he'd only been asleep for four hours.

Again his mind wondered to Scorpius. Had he slept? Albus was so used to waking up and looking over to see if his best friend was awake yet. He missed Scorpius and he really wanted to talk to him.

Hearing another noise from the levels below, Albus decided to get up and see what was going on. He dressed quickly, pulling out some sweat pants and a tee from his cupboard before going down a small flight of stairs to use the loo. Once done there, he headed down the main stairs; the noise getting louder as he got closer to the lounge.


He winced as his sister slammed into him, her arms wrapped tightly around his middle, her head against his chest as she sobbed. Without thinking about it, he wrapped his arms around her, murmuring over and over, “I'm fine, Lils, I'm fine.”

He felt another presence close by and he looked up to see James next to him, looking strangely worried and pale, making his freckles stand out even more across his cheeks and nose.

“Are you?” his brother asked. “Really?”

“I will be,” he told his brother, hoping it was true.

“Good,” said James, then stepped forward and hugged him and Lily tightly.

It felt strangely right, to be in the middle of his siblings' hug. He realised he had missed the closeness they'd had when they were quite young. He didn't know when things began to change, when he realised he felt different from his siblings. Different feelings about being a Potter. Different feelings about going to Hogwarts. He rarely saw them at Hogwarts unless it was in the Great Hall for meals; Gryffindor's rooms were the furtherest away from the Slytherin rooms after all.

He could admit to feeling jealous of James' confident, cheeky, easy going manner, at how perfect he seemed to embody what he reckoned everyone thought the son of Harry and Ginny Potter should be.

Lily of course, was the baby, the only girl. She'd had the whole family wrapped around her finger since her birth, especially their dad, and she was probably the closest to Albus.

He looked over at his parents; his dad had his arm hooked over his mum's shoulders. They both looked tired but happy, seeing their three children hugging.

“Hungry?” asked their mum, and he nodded, stomach growling right on queue.

“Er guys, you're going to have to let me go so I can eat,” joked Albus, and his brother and sister backed off; Lily less slowly and refusing to let go of one of his hands.

“Any requests?” asked Harry.

“Well, I would like a nice roast dinner with all the veg, and a treacle tart for pudding,” began James, winking.

“No, ice cream for pudding,” cried Lily.

“How about bacon and eggs,” suggested Albus.

James clamped his hands on Albus' shoulders. “Breakfast for dinner, smashing idea, Al,” he cheered.

“ Bacon and eggs it is,” smiled Harry and turned to go to the kitchen. Lily hurried after him, always happy to help her dad cook.

James went to follow him but Albus put his hand on James' arm to halt him. Curious, James looked at his younger brother.

“James, I “ I would really prefer you to call me Albus...okay?” asked Albus earnestly.

James' hazel eyes looked into Albus' green eyes, almost pleading with him to understand this was important to him.

James cocked his head, looking past Albus to their mother.

“ What did I use to call Albus, Mum, when we were little?” he asked.

Ginny laughed. “Our-bus.”

James joined her laughter and Albus smiled. Again, James clapped Albus on the shoulder.

“ Come on, Our-bus, last one in the kitchen has to do the dishes,” he said cheekily.

“James,” sighed Ginny as he hurried past her, shrugging helplessly at Albus.

“ It's fine Mum, really,” assured Albus, knowing it was just his brother's way. “ Best I'm going to get for now, I reckon.”

She stopped him from going past her, hugging him almost as tightly as his siblings had done.

“Are you really all right, sweetheart?” she asked, brushing his hair off his forehead.

He nodded, throat suddenly thick. He'd always found comfort in his mum's arms and this was no different.

“It's good to be home,” he said softly, “but I...” He bit his lip and stopped.

“But?” she encouraged.

He shook his head. “It doesn't matter. Come on, best we go in before James eats all the breakfast.”

“No need to worry. Your dad would make you another one, anything you wanted. You know that, right?” she asked.

There was a deeper meaning there, a message she was conveying, and he got it, he really did.

“ Yeah Mum, I know he would,” nodded Albus.

“Good. Hungry?” she asked.

“Reckon I could eat a hippogriph,” he grinned, “ but don't tell Aunt Luna that. Time travel takes a lot out of you, works up an appetite.”

Ginny smiled. “That you can discuss with your Aunt Hermione.”


“Breakfast for dinner might just become the new normal for us,” quipped James. He belched. “My compliments to the chef.”

“Can we have burgers for breakfast then?” giggled Lily.

“No, we'll have that roast, or a barbeque,” replied James.

“Ew, barbeque for breakfast?” Lily wrinkled her nose.

Ginny waved her wand and the dishes began cleaning themselves.

“What?” she asked, as James looked at her pointedly. “I was the last one into the kitchen,” she reminded him of his own rule.

“That rule is for me, Lily and Albus,” he reminded her.

Harry was the only one to notice Albus smile as his brother used his full name.

“ Come on then, let's go play Exploding Snap,” suggested Lily, looking at Albus and James. “Mum, Dad, you too!”

“Aren't you sleepy?” asked Albus. He wasn't, thanks to the four hour sleep earlier, but he thought Lily should be.

“No, I had a nap at the Burrow earlier with Grandpa, while we were waiting for news of you,” she told him.

It reminded Albus that he, Scorpius and the rest had only returned from the past that morning.

It was past midnight by the time they all headed for bed. His mum and dad had gone up first, after assuring him they would be close if he needed them. Then, when Albus finally won a game, it had been Lily who declared it was time for bed, sounding scarily like their grandma Molly.

Harry had already closed the floo and activated the wards, so the Potter siblings all went upstairs and to their rooms. Albus left them with a sleepy goodnight and continued up the steps.

He changed back into his pyjamas and climbed back into his unmade bed. He lay quietly, looking up at the ceiling. He felt...content after a good night with his family, but with a pang, realised he really missed Scorpius' presence.

His door opened and he reached for his wand. “Lumos.”

“It's just us,” whispered Lily, “ budge up.”

He moved over to make room for Lily, who slid into bed next to him. He then looked over at James, who was looking at his Goncalo Flores poster.

“What are you guys even doing here?” asked Albus suddenly. “Why aren't you at Hogwarts?”

The smile fell from Lily's face and James turned so suddenly, his face one of surprise.

“You think we would want to be at Hogwarts, not knowing if you were okay?” he asked, increduously.

Albus shrugged, feeling like he had done something wrong. Lily's eyes darted anxiously between Albus and James.

“What?” asked Albus, almost sulkily. “ It's not like we're close at school.”

“Don't be a tosser, Albus,” said James, almost angrily. “You're my brother.”

“Don't...please,” begged Lily. She cuddled into Albus' side. “Don't fight.”

Albus sighed. Maybe angry, sulky Albus was what he'd always revert to, when push came to shove. But he didn't want to be like that. Not anymore.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, and Lily clung tighter. He looked up at James. “ I'm sorry.”

James gulped. “I'm sorry too. I-I should have tried harder when you started at Hogwarts, let you know you could come to me if you needed. I know you had it tough, you and Scorpius.”

Albus' throat felt tight as he nodded, but he couldn't speak. James cleared his throat and continued.

“Look Al...bus, I know we're very different, that we're not close at Hogwarts...but you're my brother, my little brother. And what does mum and dad always say?” he asked, somewhat rhetorically.

“Nothing's more important than family,” piped up Lily.

“Yes, ten points for Gryffindor,” cheered James, and Lily giggled. Even Albus smiled.

“I mean it, Albus. You and Lily, Mum, Dad. You're my family, the most important people in my life. Yeah, I've got good friends, great cousins, but you two matter more. You're part of me, you know?” he asked, imploring them to understand, even if he wasn't explaining it well.

“And that's why we couldn't just stay at Hogwarts and wait for news,” continued Lily. “ We went to Uncle Neville and persuaded him we should wait for news at the Burrow. He let us use the floo in his rooms.”

“Persuaded how?” asked Albus, although he had a good suspicion.

“This one burst into tears,” said James proudly, pointing at his sister, who beamed.

“Yeah, Neville would be a sucker for Lily's tears,” nodded Albus, thinking of his godfather. He was as taken in with Lily as his father was.

“But this, this wasn't an act. If something happened to you, or mum and dad, we wanted to be close. In case you needed us,” finsihed James.

“Grandma's clock said you were all in Mortal Peril, then Travelling,” said Lily sadly, and Albus squeezed her in comfort.

“Things will be different now, Albus, you'll see. Now move over, will you?” demanded James, climbing on the bed.

“Merlin James, there's no room for you here,” said Albus.

James brandished his wand and enlarged the bed, climbing in next to his brother.

“You forgotten about the Trace all of a sudden?” asked Albus, as he lay back in bed, with Lily settling down next to him.

“ If they send a warning, I'm going to forward it on to Aunt Hermione,” shrugged James, nonchalantly, as he settled down in the bed. “Now shut it and go to sleep.”

“ Night Jamesy,” said Lily sleepily.

“Night Lils,” said James.

“Night Al-bus,” chorused Lily and James.

“Prats,” smiled Albus.

Lily and James fell asleep but Albus lay there, finding comfort in his sibling's presence but still worried about Scorpius.

Half an hour later he looked over when his door opened and his dad stepped in, looking relieved to see his children all together.

“Sorry to disturb you,” whispered Harry. “I went to check on the other two and when I couldn't find them, well I...” He shrugged.

“It's okay,” assured Albus, and it was. “ I couldn't get rid of them even if I wanted to.”

James sighed and rolled over onto his back. “That was blatching, ref,” he mumbled.

“He's been doing that since he fell asleep,” grinned Albus.

“Quidditch mad, like his mother,” agreed Harry, affectionately. He gaze wandered over to Lily, then settled on Albus.

“You okay?” he asked.

Albus wanted to assure his dad he was, but there was something bothering him.

“I'm worried about Scorpius. I thought he might have sent a message or something,” he admitted.

Harry nodded. “You two have been through a lot together.”

“Can I go see him tomorrow, Dad. Please?” begged Albus.

Harry came closer to the bed and squatted down. He looked over at James, then Lily again before he looked at Albus.

“ I'm sorry I told you to make other friends besides Scorpius. It was wrong of me,” admitted Harry. “He's more than proven to be a good and loyal friend, the best you can have.”

“ He is, Dad. So can I go see him?” asked Albus.

Harry shook his head but as Albus opened his mouth to protest, Harry held up a hand, stopping him.

“We sent an owl off after our late dinner, er breakfast...whatever. Scorpius and his dad are coming over tomorrow morning. We can talk about what happened, your mum and I want to get to know Scorpius more. He's obviously very important to you, and that makes him important to us. All right?” asked Harry hopefully.

Albus nodded in relief. “ He is. Important to me, that is. I couldn't imagine being at Hogwarts without him.”

“ I know what that's like,” smiled Harry, thinking of Ron and Hermione.

“When are we all going back to Hogwarts?” asked Albus, gesturing to his brother and sister.

“We'll talk about that in the morning, yeah? Don't think about it tonight. Get some sleep,” encouraged Harry.

Albus nodded and wriggled to get comfortable. Once he did, Lily turned into him, snuggling close.

“Goodnight Albus,” said Harry, at the door.

“Night Dad,” replied Albus.

“I caught the Snitch,” cheered James, still asleep. “We won, Professor Macgonagall!”

Albus and Harry exchanged amused looks before Harry left, closing the door. Happy, Albus closed his eyes and with his siblings either side of him, he fell asleep.


“I what?” asked James, aghast.

“It's true, dad and I both heard it. You were dreaming about Professor Macgonagall,” teased Albus.

Lily giggled while Ginny and Harry looked like they were trying not to laugh.

“That's disturbing,” said James, who then looked thoughtful. “What exactly were Minerva and I doing in my dream?”

The smiles immediatley left Albus and Lily's faces.

“Ew James, you had to make it weird, didn't you,” protested Albus.

“It's very common, Albus. Older woman, younger man. Professor and student. I'm sure she was quite hot when she was our age and “ “

“STOP!” cried Lily, and Albus picked up an apple and threw it at James. He caught it and threw it back, and Albus cursed his brother's Chaser skills as he ducked; the apple just missing him.

The apple rolled near the fireplace, just as Draco and Scorpius stepped out. Of course, Draco tried to avoid the apple, and nearly toppled over. Scorpius just managed to grab him and steady him.

“ Not the auspicious entrance you wanted to make, Dad,” grinned Scorpius, so only his dad could hear.

“Scorpius!” Albus hurried over to him and hugged him, uncaring his whole family was watching.

“Albus!” Scorpius hugged him back, immediately feeling better.

The hug went on till someone, possibly Draco, cleared their throat. Then the two boys parted, smiling sheepishly at each other.

“Scorpius!” Lily went over and hugged him. “I'm happy to see you.”

“You are? Why?” asked Scorpius, bewildered. He appreciated the hug, though.

“Your Albus' best friend, that's why,” grinned Lily.

“Scor, Scorpy, Scorpius, welcome to Casa Potter,” bowed James.

Albus rolled his eyes at James' theatrics. “ Don't mind him, he's been having very weird dreams,” he said, looking at his brother in a threatening way.

James shrugged as both Malfoy's looked warily at him. “What's weird for some can for others. Dad, Scorpius' dad, what was headmistress Magonagall like when you were at school? I think it's the Scottish accent, she “ “

“Ew James, stop!” cried Lily and Ginny, and even Harry grimaced.

“Don't ask,” suggested Harry, as Draco opened his mouth to ask what was James on about. “So, come in, sit down.”

Scorpius and Albus went to sit on the large sofa where Lily was sitting. James perched on the arm and he whispered to Albus -

“So were we doing anything special in my dream?” he asked, winking.

Albus frowned. “You were playing Quidditch, that's all. You caught the Snitch and told the professor you won. That's all,” he said firmly.

“Well of course we won...but I play Chaser. Why would I catch the Snitch?” James wondered aloud.

Albus ignored his brother, turning his attention to Scorpius. “How are you? I've been so worried. Sorry I didn't send an owl.”

Scorpius squeezed Albus' hand, which rested between the two.
“It's fine, Albus, I slept most of the day and the night but I was worried about you too. I was happy to receive your parent's invitation to come over today.”

“You looked rested, Albus. I trust you slept well,” nodded Draco.

“Yeah, for the most part. This one was playing Quidditch in his dreams “ “ said Albus, nudging James' leg.

“ And wooing Professor Hottie Magonagall,” teased James.

“James,” sighed Harry.

“While this one,” continued Albus, nudging Lily at his left, “clung to me all night.”

“You slept together?” asked Scorpius, looking at Albus and his siblings. Even now, Lily and James were close to Albus.

James leaned over. “ Don't make it weird, mate.” He parroted Albus' words, winking at his brother.

“No, I “ I think it's lovely,” stammered Scorpius, looking envious.

“How about we go to the kitchen for tea and crumpets,” suggested Ginny. “We had a late dinner and no breakfast yet,” she explained to the Malfoys.

Harry and Ginny led the way as James, Lily and Draco followed her. Scorpius and Albus stood, but Albus grabbed Scorpius' hand to stop him.

“ Are you really okay?” he asked Scorpius.

“ I'm almost always all right when I'm with you, Albus,” grinned Scorpius. “As long as we're in the right timeline, everyone is present and accounted for, then yes, I'm good.”

“ I missed you last night,” admitted Albus. “My family were great but it was you I mostly wanted to be with.”

“ Me too.” He hesitated. “Father thinks it best if I go back to Hogwarts as soon as possible, get back into the normal routine, you know?”

Albus nodded.

“But I don't want to go back without you,” Scorpius hurriedly added.

“Me either. So if you're going back soon, then I am too,” declared Albus. “ You and me, right?”

“ Together, always,” agreed Scorpius, his cheeks pink. He looked down at their joined hands. He looked up into Albus' beautiful green eyes and decided to take a chance and be true to himself. “Actually, Albus I “ “

He was cut off by Albus cupping his chin tenderly and leaning in to kiss him.


Draco watched the two boys kissing for only a couple of seconds before returning to the kitchen.

“Well, are they coming?” asked Ginny.

“They're a bit preoccupied at the moment,” said Draco cagily.

Ginny eyed him and seemed to come to the right conclusion.

“Right,” she said and exchanged a knowing look with Harry. He nodded and returned to his cooking.

Albus and Scorpius came into the kitchen, both with red cheeks and puffy lips and smiling at each other as they sat down as close together as they could get.

Draco watched on as Ginny, Harry and Lily put Scorpius at ease, regaling them all with tales of Potter/Weasley pranks present and past. Both boys were now completely at ease and, oblivious to all but Draco, were holding hands under the table.

So this was it. To be truthful, Draco had seen it coming. Scorpius was not able to hide his true feelings and ever since his first year, it had been Albus this and Albus that. Even dear Astoria had commented on it, wondering if it might be more than just best friends.

Draco had had several interactions with the Potters over the years, mostly to do with his concerns at the rumours surrounding Scorpius. To go back in time with Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione, to see what Pot-Harry, he corrected, to see what Harry had lived through, to join them in a life and death situation, to see the power of true friendships of the so called Golden Trio, and his own son and Albus, and to see and remember what is was like to have the love and support of your partner in life, made him realise it was time to forget past grievances with Harry and embrace the future, even if only for Scorpius' sake.

“ Potter?” he said, looking at Harry.

“Yes?” chorused five Potters, all turning to look at him.

Scorpius laughed; Lily giggled.

“Harry,” amended Draco.

“Yes Draco?” asked an amused Harry.

Draco swallowed. It was easy to be gracious in his head but now he had to say it aloud.

“Well, I just wanted to thank you for helping Scorpius and, of course, your son. I believe...hope, we've come a long way since we were at school, and I I also hope that “ “

“Are you two holding hands?” interrupted James, to Scorpius and Albus. “You are!”

“ I knew it,” yelled Lily, and she ran around the island bench to hug both Albus and Scorpius. “ You are so cute together!”

“Lil, we are not cute,” growled Albus.

“I think we're a bit cute,” said Scorpius, looking at Albus, whose expression softened.


Everyone looked at Ginny but she was looking at Draco.

“Draco, you were saying...?” she offered.

Draco cleared his throat. “ Er yes, so, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think that this” he gestured to them all, “ is our new normal...and I couldn't be happier about it.”

“ I agree, Draco. Time to bury the hatchet completely, yeah?” asked Harry.

James draped an arm around Draco's shoulders. “ Can I call you Uncle Draco now?” he asked teasingly.

“ No.” Draco's reply was firm.

“Fine, then you're not invited to mine and Minerva's wedding,” taunted James, going to his dad to nick a crumpet fresh off the pan. He then sat down next to Lily, and the two began whispering.

Scorpius looked to Albus for answers but he simply rolled his eyes. “ Don't ask,” he told Scorpius, “believe me, you really don't want to know.”

“None of us do,” laughed Ginny.

“ Mum, hey Mum, you're the poet in the family, listen to this,” called James.

There once was a witch named Minerva, whose love, I didn't deserv-a...”

“Boo,” cried Albus and Ginny, while Harry merely shook his head in resignation.

Draco looked ill. “ He's not talking about he?” he asked Harry quietly.

Harry screwed his face up before nodding. “ I won't be able to look her in the face after this.”

“ and we'll honeymoon in Burma,' finished James. He waited for the applause, arms outstretched. “Well?”

“ I dare you to send it to her for Valentine's Day,” taunted Lily. “No, I dare you to serenade her on Valentine's day, in the Great Hall.”

“Hmm, could be fun. Al, Scorp, what do you “ hey, where did they go?” asked James, looking around. The two boys were nowhere to be seen.

“Escaped the madhouse, I expect. Harry, Australia is nice in February, let's go somewhere far away where no Hogwarts owls can reach us,” suggested Ginny.

Harry's eyes lit up at the idea of getting away with his wife.

“Merlin, what have Scorpius and I gotten into?” groaned Draco.

“It's okay, Uncle Draco, you're one of us now,” said James.

He and Lily began chanting 'one of us, one of us.'

Ginny tried to smother her laugh, Harry chuckled and Draco found it was actually nice to be included.

“Have a crumpet, Draco,” offered Harry.

Draco took it. “Thanks Harry.”

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