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Lumiere over me
By AnHPsuperfan

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Mild Language
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 3
Summary: One-shot. Ginny is about to receive a Quidditch award in a night of her dreams. And no matter what he says, Harry has to be there.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Hey!! I’m back with another one-shot! I can’t help it. This pieces of stories come into my mind once in a while. This time, it’s particularly romantic and more Harry/Ginny fluff. This one happens in an Awards Ceremony and explores their role as a celebrity couple, in the keen eyes of the Quidditch community.

The title is the lyrics of an Ed Sheeran song which I feel represents the story very well.

I can totally see this happening and I hope this feels as real to you. Please tell me what you think in the comments. Even one or two words already make me happy!


Sleeveless midnight blue dress. Tight-fitted waist. Blue mascara and Fleur-approved makeup. Flowing red hair. And silver heels. That seems about right



I turn around to find hesitant green eyes looking at me.

His mouth opens to say something, then closes.

“You look-”. He tries again “Stunning”

“Thanks, love” I feel heat rise up on my cheeks, only summoned by him and everything to do with him. Harry is still looking at me from the doorway of the bathroom, the tie of his dark suit unbuttoned, clean shaven and his hair as neat as it can be but still deliciously messy.

“Are you sure you want me to come?” He asks for the fifth time that night.

“Honestly, Harry, I don’t know any other ways to express it.”

He reaches a hand to run through his hair out of habit but remembers the struggle he just had with the comb and stops halfway. Ginny suppresses a smirk.

“You know the press ““

“Will make a circus with the fact that you’re there, I know. But you know what? I don’t care.” Ginny lets her arms drop frustratedly. “I want you there despite all of that.”

“But it’s supposed to be your night.”

“Exactly! And it wouldn’t be without you there.” She takes his hand.

Ginny sees the moment his eyes soften and his resolve cracks.

“I want to be there. You know that.” He assures her.

They stay in silence for two seconds, facing each other and still holding hands.

“So, do I look fine for a Quidditch Awards Cerimony?” He finally asks.

Ginny grins.

“ You look more than fine” Hot, handsome, gorgeous.

He blushes adoringly.

“Then we’d better get going”

As they arrive at the venue, a long red carpet stretches all the way to the Sorcerer’s Event House. The place is filled with noises of flashing cameras, screaming reporters, excited fans and people arriving. Harry still holds the old hat in his hand that they’d used as a Portkey. That’s the only way to enter the invisible barriers surrounded by fans, and, consequently, the only way to enter the private Awards Ceremony.

Ginny looks longingly at the door of the entrance to the building. But only for a moment, as the next second, her senses are invaded by shouts and flashes. The reporters are mostly just as contained as the excited fans by the wards surrounding the place. However a few, meticulously selected and inspected, are allowed exclusive contact.

Harry’s hand doesn’t leave her own since their arrival and they walk hesitantly, cautious of the demanding shouts of their names, the paparazzi in an absolute frenzy.

It doesn’t take long until they are forced to stop by one of the reporters of the red carpet.

“Mr. Potter, Miss Weasley, you both look wonderful! Miss Weasley, have you got a speech prepared for tonight?” The man has gleaming eyes and looks like he might jump from joy at interviewing them.

Ginny puts on her firm front she’s used to wearing in front of the press. As the Harpies’ youngest Chaser she’s had her fair share of training in this area and even more practice. Nowadays she achieved the amazing feat to answer them sarcastically and still look charming.

“Yeah, of course.I just hope whatever comes from my mouth is similar to it.”

The reporter laughs uproariously.

“And you, Mr Potter? Are you going to say a few words?”

Harry frowns. Ginny can feel the tension in his arms as he slightly glares at the reporter. She gives his hand a tight squeeze.

“I hope not.” He grumbles.

Alright, so maybe Harry hasn’t mastered the charming part yet. Ginny pulls his hand and mutters a quick ‘Good night’ to the reporter as they walk determinedly to the Entrance Hall.

There, a pair of securities run charms over them quickly to detect any dangers and let them pass through. They arrive at a corridor filled with arriving couples mingling. Ginny nods at her Quidditch colleagues, and she notices they’re staring at Harry and whispering. She pulls at his hand and takes him into the door that leads to the main dining area.

The place is beautifully decorated with chandeliers and veils in purple and blue. Bewitched golden snitches are flying around through the guests, shining in diferent colors. On the walls, each competing team of the League is represented by a giant banner. The loud noise is justified by the many witches and wizards surrounding their tables, at the bar or talking in the middle of the room.

Ginny is amazed by everything. It’s her first Awards Ceremony and she thinks she can get used to this. Harry seems a bit uncomfortable but his eyes meet hers and he smiles proudly, like the whole event was put together just for her.

Ginny flushes a bit and suggests they greet her teammates, so her mind doesn’t swim in thoughts totally inappropriate for a public space.

The Harpies are all huddled in a group, all of them very produced for the occasion, with flowing dresses and shiny robes. They make a general happy welcome when Harry and her arrive and Ginny thinks they must be the loudest group of the event. All of them are already nursing some kind of drink.

“And here comes the hottest couple in the room!” Mel, one of the team’s beaters shouts. The girls start to whistle and Harry’s cheeks turn a rosy color.

Ginny rolls her eyes. Her teammates love to embarrass Harry.

“Looking sexy, Harry.” Annie, the keeper and boldest of the lot, goes on.

“What do you think of my outfit?” She gives a little twirl.

Harry tries looking anywhere else and clears his throat before stuttering.

“You look very pretty”.

Expectant looks turn his way.

“All of you.” He amends. Ginny has to turn sideways to hide her smile.

“Your dress is especially beautiful, Gwenog.” Harry completes.

The stern looking player puts one hand on the waist of her long golden dress.

“Nice try, Potter. Don’t try to flatter me. I know what you and Weasley get up to at the changing rooms behind my back.”

Harry chokes and blushes. Ginny widens her eyes innocently at her captain.

“Auror security my ass.” Gwen says.

Harry clears his throat uncomfortably. He whispers in her ear. “I think I’ll go say hi to the other guys.”

He refers to the other player’s spouses in a group nearby, who are always at the teams’ game and events.


“Are you ready for the acceptance speech?” Aisha, the seeker, asks while he walks away.

“As I’ll ever be.”

“Well, the hardest part you’ve done already. You said Harry wouldn’t want to come.” Mel points out.

“True.” Ginny concedes. “Harry isn’t a fanof social events. He’s wary of turning the attention to him”

“He should be, considering the rabid women eating him with their eyes.” Annie says.

Ginny looks around and notices the women are doing just that. A pit of jealousy surges in her stomach.

In contrast to her feelings, she says. “Let them look. I’ll go grab a drink and come back here, alright girls?”

Her friends accept it and she starts at the direction of the bar. However she is soon interrupted by a fat fellow, known to be the Puddlemore United’s manager.

“Ginny Weasley.” He says with a breath stinking of Whiskey. “I see you’re rising through the league. It’s a shame you didn’t accept our proposal to play for Puddlemore. After all, you could have earned the League’s first place with us.”

“Yeah, I’m so sorry I didn’t join your prejudiced team. I’d have loved to have a lower salary than the men players.” She turns to leave.

“Wait.” The idiot touches her arm. She has a sudden urge to scrub it.

“What if we offered you a bonus? Double of my original offer. And of course, lots of Puddlemore T-shirts for your boyfriend to wear at the games.” He says.

Ginny felt her temper flare. Here she was, receiving an award for Best Rookie and obnoxious people like him still saw her value only in her famous boyfriend.

“Fuck you, Walter!” She grits out. “And, by the way, Harry looks way better in green.”

Soon she’s already waiting at the bar for her Cosmopolitan. Things like that make her think about the reason why Harry didn’t want to come. She can’t deny that it is hard for her to endure all the shit she has to put up with at her job just because of their relationship.

When she started on the league, most people judged her and attributed her spot in the team because of her relationship with Harry. However Ginny worked hard and proved her own value as a player, so that now only a few dimwitted people made remarks of the nature. That’s no reason to keep the man she loved away from her professional life. And certainly no reason to spoil the night.

She grabs her Cosmopolitan after it’s eady and turns on her way to the Harpies. Unfortunately her path is interrupted by another unwanted appearance.

“Ginny, how are you?” Reena, Chaser for the Tutshill Tornados inquires with her strident voice. She wears a short red dress, and huge lashes, her blond hair tied up.

“Hi.” Ginny replies tightly. “I’m good.”

“You won the Best Rookie award, right?” She asks but even the way she says that is dismissive, like she doesn’t give any importance to it.

Ginny is about to confirm but the woman doesn’t stop talking. “Of course, I saw that you brought your boyfriend with you. He’s so hot.” She flutters her eyelashes. “If I were you I’d marry him already before he finds another one. Everyone knows he’s amazing. In fact, he totally stole your thunder tonight, right?”

Reena looks at the right side of the room and Ginny follows her gaze to see an agglomeration of people consisting of players, administrative personnel, even her own teammates. They’re listening to someone talking by the way they’re laughing and looking admirably in the same direction. Distantly she hears a voice that sounds like Harry.

A lump forms in her throat and she walks almost mechanically to that spot.

This was one of the most important nights of her life. She spent so much sweat and tears to get where she was. To be recognized for her own merit, only her own.

Yet it only took Harry and her being in the same room for her to be diminished as someone’s girlfriend. Her eyes sting.

Sure enough as she gets closer there is a familiar mop of black hair seated in a chair at the center of the group, gesticulating with his hands.

That’s so unlike Harry. Calling attention to himself. Why would he do that tonight of all nights?

Ginny doesn’t even plan what to say or what to do. But her walking finally gets her close enough that she can hear what’s been said.

And she freezes.

“I’m telling you the truth. Ginny won us the Cup by playing a position that wasn’t even hers. It was very last minute. But it comes naturally to her.” Harry was telling to a rapt public. His eyes shone proudly, a huge smile on his face.

Ginny’s face turns a bright red. She feels ashamed to have ever thought of another scenario than the one happening and has the sudden urge to take his hand and celebrate with only him, the only one that mattered.

“Ginny!” Oliver Wood calls from a place in the circle and beckons her. “Harry was telling us that the Rookie of the Year stole her brother’s brooms and learned to fly on her own! You need to verify that for us!”

“Gin, tell them!” Harry says.

She walks in his direction and sits comfortably on his lap, her arm around his neck.

“One hundred percent true.” she confirms.

Harry looks up at her. “Tell them about that final you were the seeker. You know it way better than me.”

Warmth and affection engulfs her in an almost overwhelming way. Harry would never put her aside, never diminish her.
Because if he had a choice, he would always want her to shine.

Later when she receives the prize and looks out at the crowd it is his face she seeks and she is certainty that he is the only one that needed to be there.
Reviews 3

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