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Stay Next to Me
By Pottermum

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Genres: Angst, General
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: PG
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Summary: The battle is over, the funerals are done. What's next for Harry Potter? He doesn't really care, as long as Ginny stays next to him
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Author's Notes:
Song lyrics by Quinn XCII, song is 'Stay Next to Me'. Latter part of the story (Ginny's bedroom) was inspired by a particular artwork from the amazing Blvnk!


Harry Potter shuffled his feet somewhat nervously,wishing he was anywhere but the Ministry of Magic right now.The funerals were all done and he thought “ hoped “ he'd be left in peace to figure out what the rest of his life may look like, but he'd been informed there was to be an offical ceremony where he, Ron and Hermione were to be presented with Order of the Merlin's in front of the wizarding community.

He couldn't care less about some award but both Kingsley, then Hermione, had stressed the need for the public to recognise their heroes, likening it to the final part of the war, giving people the closure they needed.

Perhaps then they could all move on.

He tugged at his robes, feeling uncomfortably warm. His hair was overgrown and his beard scratched. Perhaps he should have let Molly trim both for him, as she had suggested to him and Ron.

The trio were standing off to the side of the dais, where Kingsley was giving the public and press the most recent updates on the rebuilding of their world. Soon he would begin a speech about Harry and his friends, leading up to the presentation of the award.

Other people were getting awards too, and a band played in between. Professor Flitwick was conducting it, but Harry had no idea who they were or what they were called.

He could feel the eyes of the public on him, could hear the incessant click of the press' photographers. He couldn't bring himself to smile or put on a show. Ron nodded when he caught the eye of someone he knew, while Hermione appeared to be listening intently to Kingsley.

Kingsley hesitated, looking at them briefly, and Harry knew this was it. Soon he would be on the stage, making a small speech that Hermione had drafted for him. He had insisted that she and Ron were acknowledged as just as important to finishing off Voldemort as he was, and that he publicly announce his thanks to certain people, like the Weasleys, the Order of the Phoenix, Abe Dumbledore and the many, many other people and creatures that had helped him, helped them achieve peace.

A small hand crept into his and he didn't even need to look to know it was Ginny. Tension left his body as she leaned against him, offering her support as she knew how much he'd be hating this.

There had been no real grand reunion between them, they had simply fallen into each other's arms in the days after the battle, finding solace in each other's presence. Sometimes they talked about the past year, sometimes they spoke about the immediate future “ ie returning to the Burrow, and sometimes they sat together, as they had done many sunlit days before, near the Black Lake.

Hermione drew in a deep breath as Kingsley recounted some of their encounters this past year. Ginny reached over and grabbed her hand, while Ron tucked her under his arm. With all eyes on them, the four presented a united front.

Harry just wished it was over and he could be alone with Ginny. As always, she was his best source of comfort and they had been separated too much already for his liking.

We should go somewhere
You choose, I don't care
As long as you're right here
Stay next to me

We can barely stand
And we both don't know this band
I'll move, just hold my hand
Stay next to me

Molly Weasley stood in her kitchen, looking out the window. She'd attended the ceremony earlier with Arthur, so proud of her son Ron and his two best friends, who she considered her children too.

But now she had a need to know where everyone was, to have everyone accounted for. Bill and Fleur were at Shell Cottage and, against her wishes for the family to stay close, Charlie had just returned to Romania.

Percy had attended the ceremony too, but remained at the ministry, assisting Kingsley in any way he needed. George had barely left his room as he still came to terms with the loss of his twin.

Ron and Hermione were at the table, planning a trip to Australia to find her parent's. Granted, Hermione was doing most of the research but Molly was happy to see Ron helping, even if it was just cajoling a smile on dear harried Hermione's face.

Ginny and Harry had returned hand in hand, which made Molly very happy, but they had quickly separated; Ginny going upstairs to her room to lie down and Harry escaped to the back yard for a fly.

Molly knew that the five youngsters under her roof weren't sleeping well but she was surprised that Ginny hadn't joined Harry in a fly. She kept looking out the window for him, poor boy, the wizarding world was demanding so much from him, it just wasn't fair. He looked exhausted but somehow still got up every day and found some way to help somebody...but who was helping him?

Molly busied herself with preparing dinner; Arthur had stayed back at the ministry too but was due home soon. Ron and Hermione had finished their research and were playing wizard's chess.

The three of them looked up as Harry came inside, all windblown and looking a tad more relaxed but still exhausted. He smiled politely at Molly, then indicated with a toss of his head to Ron and Hermione that he was going upstairs.

Molly's concern lessened a bit with Harry under her roof; half an hour later she greeted Arthur and she, Ron and Hermione caught up on the latest news from the ministry, including the reactions from the ceremony earlier.

With dinner nearly ready, Molly went upstairs to alert Ginny and Harry. Ginny's bedroom was on the first floor and the door was open so she felt quite all right stepping inside but what she saw made her stop and stare.

Ginny had fallen asleep half sitting up, but it was the sight of Harry laying almost on top of her, cradled between her legs, his arms wrapped around her waist and his head resting on her chest.

Ginny had her arm around him, her hand under his ear, almost keeping him pressed against her protectively. Her face rested atop his head but what stopped Molly from waking them was the look of peacefulness on each of their faces.

Despite her misgivings at the way their bodies were intertwined, the door was open and they were both sleeping soundly, for the first time in a long time, she suspected.

She returned downstairs and went to the kitchen to begin plating up for dinner.

“Where's Ginny and Harry?” asked Ron, looking up the stairs.

“Sleeping,” replied Molly, “and I decided to leave them to it. I'll place their meals under a warming charm for when they wake.”

Her tone booked no argument and the others, knowing how much they all needed their sleep, had no reason to think anything was amiss, so they all carried on with the meal, as Hermione explained to a thrilled Arthur, her plans to travel to Australia.

Upstairs, Harry and Ginny slept on, wrapped tight around each other. There would be no nightmares that night, for they both knew they were safe in each other's arms.

Back where they belonged.

We should go somewhere
You choose, I don't care
As long as you're right here
Stay next to me

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