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A Timeless Prank
By Ironhidensh

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Category: Prank Wars Challenge (2022-2)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 4
Summary: In the summer of 1996, Fred and George have stepped up the testing of items for their joke shop. Harry and Ginny have had enough, and decide to team up and teach them a lesson. A shocking visitor will aid them, and maybe teach Harry and Ginny a thing or two as well.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
When the Portkey and Twin Travel challenges came out, I wasn't even a fanfiction reader, let alone writer. In the two years since I fell down the fanfiction rabbit hole, several of those amazing challenge responses have become part of my all time favorite stories. When this challenge popped up, I couldn't help but combing them into a new story. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I'm enjoying creating it!


Harry Potter and the Timeless Prank


August 1996

Harry Potter stumbled a bit as he went down the stairs of the Burrow, headed for the kitchen. He was still half asleep, having woken up shortly after midnight with a hunger deep in his stomach. As he made his way into the kitchen, a pleasing female voice sounded from behind him. “I see they got you too, Harry.”

Harry turned around to see the speaker, Ginny Weasley, seated at the kitchen table, nursing a bottle of butterbeer. He froze in shock. Ginny normally sported a vibrant, flaming red color to her hair, hair that Harry found himself staring at the oddest of times. Tonight, her beautiful long red hair was a very bright purple. Harry was a bit surprised to find that she was still quite beautiful. “Merlin, Ginny!” he exclaimed, “What happened to your hair?”

She grinned at him, “The same thing that has happened to yours, I expect.”

“What’s wrong with my hair?” Harry ran a hand through his messy mop of hair. Everything seemed to be okay.

“Go look in a mirror, Harry. The twins got you as well.” Ginny was struggling to hold in her laughter. Harry dashed over to the mirror that was by the cellar door at the back of the kitchen. Locking eyes with his reflection, he quickly took in the fact that his normal raven-black hair was now an electric blue. Harry sighed; the color did not go with his green eyes at all. Turning back to the table, Harry went and sat down in a chair next to Ginny. He slumped forward, pulled his glasses off and set them on the table, then covered his face in his hands.

“That’s the third time they’ve gotten me since I got here.” He grumbled.

“Yeah, they’ve been on quite the roll this summer.” Ginny said, pouring Harry a cup of tea from the pot in front of her. Harry took it gratefully and gave Ginny a smile in thanks. He found he was having trouble taking his eyes off of Ginny. The rather thin nightshirt she was wearing highlighted the differences in the young woman before him, and the ten-year-old little girl he met years ago. “They have plans to open up a joke shop next summer and have been stepping up the invention of prank items.” She took a sip from her own mug, the twins had wanted to open up this summer, but with the revelation of Voldemort after the battle at the ministry, they felt the timing wasn’t right. She just hoped it was all over by next summer. Ginny then leaned a little closer, and with a smirk said, “it seems somebody gave them some start up money to fund their product development.”

Harry coughed and sputtered into his tea. Ginny sat back and giggled. “I have no clue what you are talking about, Gin.” Harry muttered with a blush on his face. “Your mum wouldn’t look to kindly on anyone who have them money, I expect.” Harry may have sounded casual, but the plea was clear in his emerald eyes. Ginny found herself a bit lost in those eyes and didn’t even mind that he called her ‘Gin’.

“Relax, Harry, your secret is safe with me. I’m actually quite glad you did it. Fred and George deserve to have somebody believe in them besides me.” Ginny reached out and put her hand on top of Harry’s, giving it a gentle squeeze. Harry smiled at her, then turned his hand over and laced his fingers with hers. It felt so natural and right to both of them, that they didn’t even realize that he had done it.

“You’d think that would gain me a little bit of a break from them.” Harry grumbled good-naturedly.

“Well, that’s the twins for you. Pranks for everyone.”

“Everyone? I have yet to see them turn your mum’s hair colors…”

“Of course not, they aren’t stupid by any means.” Ginny giggled, “now Ron on the other hand…”

Harry gave a small smile and murmured: “be nice, that’s my best mate.”

“The prat was my brother first, I reserve all rights to mock him.” Ginny’s smile took all the sting out of her words. “So, Harry, I imagine that you are as sick of the colored hair as I am. What say you to a team up to strike back at the twins?” Ginny’s eyes narrowed with anticipation.

“You and me against Fred and George?” Harry smiled. “They don’t stand a chance.” He gave her hand a squeeze. That drew both their attention to their interlaced fingers, and the quickly pulled their hands apart and looked away, blushing madly. Harry was about to say something when they heard somebody coming down the stairs to the kitchen.

“C’mon, Fred, you know I think better with a butterbeer.” They heard George Weasley’s voice float into the kitchen.

“I know, and we need to be thinking clearly. I want to go on and change Remus’s hair next.” Fred Weasley’s voice answered him.

“That’ll take some doing, werewolves seem to have a stronger resistance to the charms we use.”

“Then we’ll just come up with something stronger, won’t we?”

The voices were coming closer. “Do you trust me?” Harry quickly asked Ginny in a whisper.

“With my life.” Ginny nodded her answer, also whispering, with no hesitation. Harry quickly stood up, grabbed their cups, and set them in the sink, then pulled Ginny to her feet, stood in the corner next to the oven, and pulled a shimmering cloth out of his jumper pocket and threw it over them while pulling Ginny close and tight to his chest.

Ginny had heard many stories from Ron about all the fun and adventures he had had with Harry and Hermione under Harry’s invisibility cloak, but this was the first time she found herself included in one. A thrill of excitement coursed through her body as the cloak enveloped the two teens. “Keep quiet, and they’ll never know we are here.” Harry’s warm breath caressed her ear as he spoke to her in a voice that could barely be considered a whisper. His arms wrapped around her stomach and pulled Ginny tight against him, the heat of his body spreading into hers.

Ginny could have died right then and there and been perfectly happy.

As a little girl, Ginny had a massive crush on The-Boy-Who-Lived. Over the years, she had lost count of the number of times she had day-dreamed about being in Harry’s arms or pressed against his body. She found the reality far surpassed her childish fantasy’s. Almost without thinking about it, she let her own arms come up and grab onto Harry’s, pulling them even tighter around her body. She smirked a little as she felt a small shudder run through Harry’s body pressed behind her.

The door from the stairs opening brought their attention back to the matter at hand. George and Fred stepped into the room and looked around. Ginny held her breath as both the twins’ eyes swept about the room, passing over her hiding spot with Harry without even a twitch. “Looks like we are alone, brother mine.” Fred said with a slight yawn. “Let’s hurry this up, I’m a bit knackered tonight.”

“Sure thing,” replied George. He moved over to an empty section of wall and tapped his wand in a specific pattern. To the amazement of Harry and Ginny, a doorway appeared in the wall, revealing a set of stairs going down to a basement that wasn’t known to the inhabitants of the house. George looked back at Fred, “You said there was a problem with the clothing portkeys?”

Fred nodded, “Yeah, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to leave the undergarments, and only switch the outer clothing.”

George scratched his head. “Why did you want to leave the underwear alone?”

“I figured people would take less offense if the swap wasn’t complete. Especially if its being used to swap the clothing between a man and a woman.

“I thought you said it adjusts for size differences?”

“It does, but again, I felt swapping personal garments was a step too far.”

George yawned himself and nodded at that. “Makes sense, I suppose. I still want to test it out on Ron and Hermione. Maybe get those two to stop fighting for a day or two.”

“Either that, or Lupin and Tonks.” Fred agreed, then smirked, “or, we could use it on Harry and Ginny. Give little Gin-Gin a trip to wear her hero’s clothes.”

“Hell, it might even wake Harry up to the fact that she isn’t a little girl anymore.”

“I thought we were supposed to discourage boys from sniffing around Ginny?” Fred said with a frown.

“We’ve got four other brothers for that nonsense. Ginny needs somebody in her corner, and Harry is a damn sight better than that Corner bloke.” George crossed his arms at this.

“Good point. Okay, we’ll toss a set at Harry and Ginny tomorrow. Let’s just hope Ginny wears a skirt.”

George let a rather wolfish grin light up his face, “Tell her little Harrykins has a thing for legs, and you’ll never see her in a pair of pants again.” Ginny was glad it was her back pressed to Harry’s front, as she was sure her face was redder than a tomato right now. She desperately hoped Harry wasn’t too embarrassed. When George had mentioned that Ginny was no longer a little girl, she had felt his body stiffen up a smidge.

“What else was it you wanted to check on tonight?” George asked with another yawn.

“I think the hair color changing potion has run its course, and figured it was time to try out that new sneezing powder we’ve been working on.”

“Seems a bit tame, but alright. Might throw off some…” A thump from upstairs cut George off mid-sentence as both twins snapped their heads back to the stairs.

“Damn!” said Fred. “Close it up, can’t take the chance that was mum doing a bed check.” Fred was already headed for the stairs as George used his wand to make a series of five taps against the wall above the door, vanishing the door back into a blank section of wall. Ginny paid close attention to the taps. George quickly followed his brother back up the stairs. Harry and Ginny stayed still for a few minutes after the twins left, listening to them go back to their own room. After about eight minutes with no further sounds, Harry took his arms from out from around Ginny, and pulled his cloak off of the two to them. Ginny found herself sad at the loss of his body warmth. The two of them stood smiling awkwardly at each other for a moment.

Ginny took a deep breath, then after putting up a silencing charm on the kitchen, decided to just jump into it. “Don’t worry, Harry, I promise not to wear a skirt or dress tomorrow.”

Harry flinched for a second, then taking a deep breath himself, smirked back at her. “So, I guess I’ll get to get into your pants tomorrow then?”

Ginny felt heat rush through certain parts of her body at the thought of that, then she gave Harry a saucy look and said, “Play your cards right, Potter, and you never know.” She finished it up with a wink and got the satisfaction of watching Harry gulp and blush as he quickly looked away while rubbing the back of his head with one hand.

“On the plus side,” he said after collecting himself, “Its nice to have some advance warning about being the next target.” He turned back toward her. “I assume you are happy to start the payback tomorrow?”

“Of course, and I think I know where to find something to help us out.” They both turned to the special section of wall.

“So, Ron was right after all,” Harry drawled out. “Fred and George do have a secret room here.” Harry wasn’t even aware that he was holding one of his hands against the warm spot on his chest where Ginny had been pressed against him. He too, was finding the loss of contact disquieting. “Did you pay attention to the pattern George made on the wall?” he asked his red-headed companion and co-conspirator.

Ginny raised one eyebrow at Harry. “Of course. You don’t live in the burrow, and not learn to pay close attention to every single thing the twins do.” With that, Ginny pulled out her own wand, and repeated the pattern George had made. The door promptly appeared for her. With a self-satisfied smirk on her lips, Ginny turned back to Harry. “Are you coming?” She asked Harry with what she hoped was a flirty smile on her lips.

“It’s a dark and secluded stairway to who knows where. I could hardly let you go alone, now could eye?” Harry had a rather dashing lopsided grin on his face as he stepped up next to Ginny.

“Let’s go then, Mr. Hero.” With that, Ginny took Harry’s hand in hers, happy to have contact with the boy of her fantasies again. Ginny pulled Harry into the stairwell with her, and they went down the short flight of stairs to find themselves in a rather well stocked potions lab. The two looked around for a minute, taking in the impressive set up before them. The lab itself was a decent size, easily accommodating two brewing tables in the center. Both tables had several cauldrons with simmering potions in them. As well as four sets of shelves along the walls. The shelves were all well stocked with fresh potions ingredients. “Well, I guess Fred and George are putting your money to good use.” Ginny said with a low whistle.

“I’ll say,” Harry replied, once again finding Ginny’s hand in his pleasant and comfortable. “This is enough to even make Snape drool a bit.” Ginny scrunched up her nose at that description. Harry continued to survey the room, resting on the last set of shelves next to the door. “Here, Gin, it looks like they have their completed potions set up here. Nice of them to label everything for us.” Ginny stepped up to examine the shelf Harry was now pursuing through.

“I’m impressed,” Ginny said, looking over the neatly organized and labeled rows of potions and items. “The twin’s room has never looked this clean.”

“They must be practicing for when they finally open up their shop.”

“I get the feeling they are going to become two of the wealthiest wizards in Britain before they are thirty.” Ginny found herself quite proud of her brothers.

“I bet your mum still gives them a hard time.” Harry chuckled as he said this.

“You know her all too well.” Ginny agreed. She finished looking through the top shelf and moved on to the next. “Here are the wardrobe swapping portkeys they were talking about,” she said, pointing at box of muggle pens. Two of them were set aside with tags attached that read ‘test sample’.

“And look here, ageing potion. It must be what they used last year to try and get in the tournament.” Harry picked up a note card next to the box of potions he was looking at. “It says here they improved it greatly. For every drop you take, it will age you about six months, and it last for an hour. Huh, just like Polyjuice.” Harry sounded very impressed.

“This shelf has all the hair color changing potions they’ve used. All labeled with notes from testing them on us.” Ginny looked to the next box, “and here are antidotes for it.” Ginny reluctantly let go of Harry’s hand and grabbed one and quickly downed it. Harry watched as the bright purple disappeared from her hair, returning it to its normal vibrant, flaming red. Harry found himself entranced by her hair, and realized he missed it. So caught up in Ginny’s beauty, he almost missed it when Ginny tossed him an antidote of his own.

Harry drank his as well, and as his electric blue looks turned back to the normal raven black, Harry ran his hand through his hair in relief. Ginny watch, and felt her breath catch as she wished it was her hand running through Harry’s hair. Once again, she wished his arms were still around her. “They have all kinds of things here, Harry, we could be up all night going through them.”

“Let’s head back up and think on it some. There is more than enough to come up with a decent plan and turn the tables on them. We might have to suffer through wearing each other’s clothes tomorrow though, to keep them off of our plans.” Harry yawned and stretched as he said this. Ginny tried not to be too obvious as she stared at his chest and arms as he did. The scrawny little boy she had first met almost five years ago was definitely gone. Morgana bless quidditch.

“That’s fine with me. I’d rather we take our time and do this thing proper. The twins won’t be easy to fool.” She yawned and stretched herself. As her shirt pulled tight on her chest, Harry quickly looked away, heat flooding into his body. George was right, Ginny was not a little girl anymore. The two of them headed back up the stairs to the kitchen. Ginny walking up the stairs in front of Harry nearly caused him to trip several times. The movement of her hips under her night shirt proved to be extremely distracting to the poor boy. Ginny smirked a little bit. It was nice not to be the one stumbling and blushing for once. Once back in the kitchen, the two stood looking at each other for a minute. Ginny wanted to say something but wasn’t sure what. She felt like a moment had arrived, and she didn’t want to let it slip by. Ginny just wasn’t sure what the moment was. She sighed as Harry seemed to deflate a bit, as if he had just given up at something.

“Well, it’s been fun, Harry, but I think…"

“Are you really dating Dean Thomas?” Harry blurted out, interrupting her attempt to end the awkward moment and go to bed.

“I... what?” Ginny responded with eyes widened in shock. That was not what she expected Harry to say. “Dean… what brought that up?”

“You told Ron on the train that you had chosen Dean.” Harry’s voice was very quiet, and he suddenly seemed a bit afraid.

“Oh, yes, that.” Ginny said, feeling hope blooming in her heart. “I said that to rile Ron up a bit. Git doesn’t need to stick his nose in my personal business.” Ginny said with a huff. “All I really said was I’d write with him over the summer. He hasn’t asked me out, yet.” Ginny raised an eyebrow at Harry waiting for his response.

“Oh. Good. I mean, yeah, that’s good.” Harry was rubbing the back of his head again.

“Why are you asking, Harry? Did Ron put you up to this?” Ginny crossed her fingers.

“No, no, of course not. I was asking because, well, you see…” Harry trailed off for a minute, obviously gathering his thoughts. Or his courage. Maybe both. Finally, he took a step forward, and reached out to grasp Ginny’s hand in his. “Look, Gin, this summer, I feel like I’ve finally gotten you really see you, and I’ve found I really like what…”


Whatever Harry had been about to confess was lost, as with a crack of displacement, a flash of yellow light, a swirl of sparkling sand, and small rush of magical energy, and young girl suddenly appeared in the Burrow’s kitchen. Without any hesitation, Harry and Ginny quickly raised and pointed their wands at the new arrival. Harry took a good look at her. The girl appeared to be in her mid-teens. She was the same height as Ginny. In fact, she looked an awful lot like Ginny. Same color hair, same body build, same eyes, almost the same freckle pattern, (and Harry wondered when he and memorized Ginny’s freckle patterns) and even the same facial structure. The only difference was the fact that her long hair managed to look rather messy, and she was wearing round glasses, similar to Harry’s.

The girl turned and looked at Harry and Ginny, her eyes going wide, her face paling, and a gasp leaving her mouth. She just looked back and forth between the two of them for a moment, then closed her eyes in resignation and said, “Well, bloody fuck.”

Harry shared a quick glance with Ginny, the two of them having a silent conversation in the space of a heartbeat. They then looked back at the new arrival. “Who are you, and how did you get in here?” asked Harry.

The girl gave a smirk that belonged on the face of a Potter. “Well,” she began, “that’s a bit of a long story.”

“We seem to have plenty of time, as it happens.” Ginny said, raising her wand a bit.

“That you do, that you do.” The girl raised one hand and rubbed the back of her head, just like Harry tended to do. “Why don’t you sit down, mum? You as well, daddy, this will take some time. Want me to brew some tea?”

Harry and Ginny almost dropped their wands in complete and utter shock. Harry had been afraid he recognized the swirling sand at the girl’s arrival. Eyes wide, he turned and looked at Ginny, who was looking at him as well.

“Sometimes, Potter,” she said in a shaky voice, “I really wish trouble would stop finding you…”

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