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Harry Potter and the Ritual of Love's Memory
By Forge2

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Category: Post-HBP
Genres: Action/Adventure, General, Romance
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: After the horcrux hunt implodes leaving most of those Harry loves dead, he starts a new life with a few fellow survivors far away from wizarding Britain. But the discovery of an ancient ritual that promises to send a single memory back in time sparks hope that maybe things can change. Dark ending to DH followed by a tweaked retelling of GoF through DH. Harry/Ginny. Friday updates.
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With Occlumency lessons progressing well, Harry noticed a significant drop in the number of times he was awoken by his recurring dream of the corridor leading to the Department of Mysteries. Occasionally, he would be too exhausted to fully go through his Occlumency exercises before falling asleep, only for his eyes to snap open later in the night after almost reaching the locked door in his dream. Even in those rare cases, however, his training from Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall led to him being more able to fall back to sleep afterward without too many ill effects.

What sleep he gained from fewer implanted dreams was almost completely made up for by waking up early for Quidditch practice. The idea of early morning training sessions had seemed reasonable at first blush, but as he dragged himself down the stairs at one quarter after six for the fourth morning in a row, a part of him wondered if being unconscious in the infirmary wasn't a more reasonable way to spend the start of his day.

Ron looked as though he agreed with Harry's unspoken sentiment. To his credit, the youngest Weasley boy dutifully trudged to the pitch alongside Harry each morning and did his best to defend his hoops. Unfortunately, Ron was admittedly not at his best during the wee hours of the morning. Harry didn't dare say it aloud, but he thought there was a growing chance that Frobisher might win the starting Keeper spot for the final match against Ravenclaw if Ron didn't improve.

Ginny, on the other hand, had apparently found the one reason to wake up with a smile on her face. She almost always beat the boys down to the pitch, and Harry frequently found her warming up with Angelina as the rest of the team arrived with a more surly disposition. Her attitude and zeal for the game were on full display during their trainings, and Angelina noted that Ginny had improved enough that it was a difficult decision about which of the Chasers would end up on the bench for the last match.

As the team scrambled to stow away their equipment in order to make it to breakfast, Harry noticed Ginny sticking close to Ange. He smiled as he remembered how his girlfriend had gushed about Angelina's leadership and how much there was to learn from her. Both girls were almost maniacal in their hunger to improve, and Harry had a distinct feeling that Gin would make a remarkable Gryffindor Captain in the not-too-distant future.

The morning was arduous as Harry worked to master his Vanishing Spell in Transfiguration. Even though he was catching on with most of the spellwork in Professor McGonagall's class more quickly than his peers, Vanishing objects remained among the trickier bits of magic for him to successfully cast. The book he was attempting to make disappear kept leaving pages behind, much to his chagrin.

He had more luck later that day in Charms, as he was one of the quickest to figure out how to properly reinforce objects using the Substantive Charm. The lesson had been one of his favorites of the term, as Professor Flitwick did an excellent job making the class fun with a bit of competition.

With only twenty minutes left before the bell, Flitwick had each student stand in front of a pencil-thin column with a large bowl balanced on its top. He gave the class the instruction to use the newly learned charm to reinforce their own column and noted that he would be testing how sturdy each of them became.

A quick back-and-forth motion of Harry's wand corresponded with his steady utterance of the incantation. It took more concentration than many of the other spells they'd practiced over the course of the school year, but Harry felt fairly proud of his handiwork when he examined it.

Flitwick waved his wand to create a metal sphere the size of a billiards ball, then duplicated it until one hovered over each student's column and bowl. He dropped his wand, allowing the balls to clink into their receptacles. His mustache twitched as he smiled broadly when none of the columns collapsed under the new weight. He was doubly pleased when all remained upright after he added a second ball.

About half of the columns toppled over once he added a third and only three stood after the fourth was dropped in. Ron swore quietly to himself under his breath when his was the last to teeter over, leaving Harry, Hermione, and Neville as the only remaining competitors.

The fifth ball was too much for any of the last columns. Balls clattered across the floor in all directions, but Professor Flitwick showed no lack of enthusiasm as he applauded the three for their excellent work. Harry could see Neville blushing under the well-earned praise. Flitwick also awarded each student 2 points for every ball their bowl had successfully held, and an extra five to the three best performers. Even though Harry knew the points wouldn't stay in their hourglass past the next Defense class, it was still nice to have their work acknowledged.

The warmer weather allowed Hagrid to take his classes further afield, which was often an exciting but tiring affair. It took their class half an hour to trek into the Forbidden Forest before they reached a small glade. In it stood a majestic and proud-looking centaur. Harry recognized him at once as Firenze, the centaur who had shepherded him away from danger when Voldemort had been killing unicorns in the forest several years prior.

Hagrid spent a few moments going over manners when addressing a centaur, then opened the floor to Firenze. He explained the basics of their society within the forest and their connection with other herds before urging the students to ask questions. Unsurprisingly, Malfoy completely disregarded the instructions about respecting Firenze, instead asking an insulting question that earned him a detention from Hagrid. Harry was thrilled to see the Slytherin scowling afterward while Seamus asked a much more reasonable question regarding the archery prowess of the centaurs. Firenze had even spoken quietly to Harry for a few minutes before the class began the long walk back to the castle.

Two and half hours of detention after dinner wasn't as painful as it had been the previous term, but it was still grueling after such a long day. Harry struggled to keep his eyes open as he wrote his lines, grimacing as best he could manage to make Umbridge believe the words he wrote were echoing endlessly in his head.

Back in the Common Room, Hermione insisted that Harry join the other Fifth Years as they did revisions. He would have liked to beg off to spend an hour with Ginny before dragging himself up to bed, but she was running extra drills with Angelina and the other Chasers. Instead, he attempted to force himself to examine the notes he had taken during one of Professor Snape's lectures about how the amount of time potion ingredients spent being prepared affected their efficacy.

He had almost built up the wherewithal to head to his dormitory when the four Chasers entered through the portrait hole. Even if he was exhausted, Harry didn't mind spending the next half hour leaning against Ginny on the couch watching the fire and chatting with Angelina about her hopes of professional Quidditch glory. Ginny finally sent him to bed after Katie pointed out that he had fallen asleep with his head on his girlfriend's shoulder. He collapsed into his bed without changing out of his clothes and was unconscious as soon as he hit the pillow.


Something about the corridor was different.

Before he had a chance to really consider his surroundings, Harry thought it seemed somehow taller than he remembered. It took a few moments to realize that the hallway wasn't actually a different size; he was just viewing it from a different perspective. His eye level was nearly even with the cold stone floor as he moved both forward and slightly back and forth.

Harry tasted the air with his red, forked tongue. He had hoped that the corridor would have been unguarded, but the fools at the Ministry had been better prepared than anticipated: there was clearly someone guarding the corridor. Someone concealed from sight, but not from his sense of smell.

It had been wise to scout ahead; Avery and Bode were awaiting orders back at the lift. Avery was a competent enough follower, if not particularly adept in a duel. His connections were numerous enough to ensure that he would be capable of extricating himself from a situation, especially if he employed the use of his family's old money. A handful of galleons often had the power to sway the weak-minded. Bode worked as an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries, but his area of study wasn't near enough to the Hall of Prophecies to glean any of the answers required.

Harry hesitated. The plan for tonight was simply reconnaissance. Attacking someone patrolling the corridor would likely convince the Ministry to increase their defensive measures, making it even more difficult to breach the Department of Mysteries without resorting to the alternative means he had set into place. But gaining access to the Hall of Prophecy earlier would be far preferable, leaving useful pawns unlikely to be discovered until they could be utilized elsewhere.

If Harry proceeded forward, the unseen guardian would likely become aware of his presence, especially once he reached the better-lit portion of the hallway near its halfway point. It was likely a low-level ministry worker who had this assignment foisted upon them, but there was a chance that Dumbledore had convinced Bones to increase security. Without Lucius as an ever-present ear and guiding hand to the Minister of Magic, he had been forced to rely more heavily on speculation.

In silence, Harry turned back from whence he had come. He would return with Avery and Bode, one of whom could Imperius or Stun whichever fool stood between him and his goal. If they put up a fight, they would make a fine meal while the two Death Eaters searched the Department of Mysteries.

Without warning, a jet of ice-blue light shot from the far end of the corridor, ricocheting off of Harry's protective scales. He furiously glanced back to see a young woman appear from underneath an invisibility cloak and fire two more spells, now not bothering to cast wordlessly. "Immobulus! Confringo!" Neither spell had any effect on Harry, other than to cause a boiling rage to explode within him.

Harry's gaze fell on his attacker as he decided to punish her for daring to fire at him. His fury burned as he swiftly slithered across the cool floor, not deigning to dodge her well-aimed spell fire, which deflected off him harmlessly. Within moments, he covered the distance between them as he reared back.

The witch swore loudly before yelling out a cutting curse, but Harry barely felt it connect with his back as he struck. His fangs sunk into her leg and the scream she unleashed as she flailed at him with her fist and wand was exhilarating. He reared back and struck again, this time latching onto her wand arm. She convulsed and toppled backward, bringing Harry's long body tumbling into a heap on top of her, allowing Harry to see the fear in her eyes before plunging his fangs into her shoulder.

He rapidly slithered back down the hallway and turned a corner, incensed that Avery and Bode had not heard the commotion and joined. If their failure to aid when the witch attacked was merely ignorance, perhaps he would allow them to live, but if cowardice was the culprit? Avery would be flayed alive, and Bode would endure a Cruciatus. Having a great number of his supporters now free from Azkaban made each individual Death Eater more expendable.

He found the two whispering to each other next to the lift. The fools quickly followed behind Harry, giving him a wide berth as he made his way back toward the hallway with where he had left the incapacitated witch. Avery was almost jogging to keep up with Bode's long strides, but it was essential that they make the most of the opportunity. The Aurors would no doubt investigate the disappearance in the morning and were likely to find traces of her blood where it dripped on the ground. With building frustration, Harry slithered around the corner into the corridor only to stop so abruptly that Bode almost trod on his tail.

The door to the Department of Mysteries was open. The witch had somehow dragged herself to the entrance, even though she only remained upright by leaning heavily against the wall. She glanced over her shoulder as Harry darted forward as quickly as he could. Avery and Bode cast curses in quick succession, but the jets of light missed the witch as she hobbled through the doorway, stumbling to the ground.

Harry had nearly reached her. He pushed himself forward with urgency, as she scrambled to close the door behind her. With a desperate grunt of exertion, she kicked at the door with her uninjured leg. It swung heavily shut before Harry heard the click of a lock. The last of his followers' spells struck the door with a dull thud as Harry seethed at the purple-haired witch just beyond his grasp.


A guttural scream of anger pierced the quiet of the Fifth Year boys' dormitory.

Harry didn't bother to explain himself to Ron or the other stricken dormmates who'd been awoken by his horrible cry. He simply snatched his glasses and communication mirror from the bedside table, slipped his feet into his trainers, and shouted "Dumbledore!" to Ron as he rushed out of the room.

While running through the hallways toward the headmaster's office, Harry attempted to reach Sirius via his mirror. The pain in his scar did little to help him run while yelling at a mirror in his hand. He was nearly halfway to his destination before his exceptionally groggy-looking godfather appeared on the other end.

"Harry? What's going on?" the man asked with concern in his voice.

"Tonks was attacked!" gasped Harry as he attempted to run and explain at the same time. "She was on guard duty at the Ministry- But Voldemort's snake- And Death Eaters- Avery and Bode- I'm trying to get to Dumbledore- but wanted to get help to her- As fast as I could-"

Sirius' eyes went wide and the color drained from his face. "I'm on it, Harry! Tell Dumbledore Remus and I are heading that way!"

"She's behind the locked door- The snake bit her- Looks really bad-" Harry's lungs burned as he attempted to pass on the most important information while sprinting headlong through the castle, and he had to force himself not to grab at the piercing pain emanating from the scar on his forehead.

"Got it! We'll talk soon!"

His pale face disappeared from view, allowing Harry to focus on making it through the last few corridors leading to the headmaster's office. He was slowed down momentarily by a moving staircase that forced him to double back slightly, but it afforded him a moment's respite from his furious pace. Grateful that he'd fallen asleep with his wand in his pocket, he concentrated and cast his Patronus with the instruction to inform Dumbledore that he was on his way.

The gargoyle was already standing aside when Harry reached the entrance to Dumbledore's office. He hurriedly climbed the stairs three at a time and rushed through the open double doors into the office where the headmaster was already standing at the ready.

"Tonks was attacked- At the Ministry- Voldemort's snake found her- In the corridor I keep dreaming about- She's hurt-" Bushy white eyebrows above bright, blue eyes shot upward as Harry relayed the news to the headmaster through gasps and wheezes. "There are Death Eaters trying to get through to her- I think she locked them out- Told Sirius while I was on my way here- He said to tell you he and Remus are heading that way-"

Without waiting for more explanation, Dumbledore began barking orders to several paintings. Though it was hard for Harry to be certain, it seemed that one of the paintings was watching the Ministry for signs of the intruders while another had been dispatched to St. Mungo's to alert them that a patient suffering under the effects of snake venom was soon to arrive. The headmaster used his own Patronus to alert Kingsley.

As Dumbledore speedily carried out numerous tasks, Harry slunk into a chair and took great gulps of air until his breathing became steadier. He watched the now-empty paintings for any sign of their inhabitants' return. The man whom Harry assumed had left to observe the Ministry was the first to show himself, bringing news that two wizards in dark cloaks and an enormous serpent had rushed past his painting in the atrium. Two wizards attempted to duel them, but the intruders and the snake managed to escape. Though Harry was a little relieved to know the serpent and Death Eaters were gone, he nervously tapped his foot as he awaited news about Tonks.

The visceral feelings he'd experienced in the vision nearly made him sick to his stomach. Harry had focused on the immediate task of informing Sirius and Dumbledore for the first minutes after he woke up, but the terrifying realization of where his mind had been and what he had been doing rapidly encroached on Harry's thoughts.

He hadn't just seen what was happening, like the vision he'd seen during his final Divination class the previous year. He had been Voldemort's snake and had been thinking Voldemort's thoughts. An involuntary shudder coincided with another surge of pain in his scar.

Dumbledore gave Harry a sidelong glance. "Harry, shall I send for Madam Pomfrey? Or would you prefer to visit the Infirmary?"

Harry shook his head. "I don't want to leave. I need to know they're alright."

The headmaster made no attempt to argue the point, instead throwing Floo powder into his fireplace and calling out "Minerva's quarters!" before his head disappeared into the flames. He reemerged after a few moments as Harry sat anxiously until a silver dog bounded into the office and leapt upon Dumbledore's desk. The dog relayed its message to the wisened old man before dissipating, leaving Dumbledore looking greatly relieved.

"Sirius and Remus have reached the Department of Mysteries," said Dumbledore quietly, with a forced calmness in his voice that belied the flurry of activity he'd engaged in over the past half hour. "They were able to make their way to where Nymphadora secured herself and transported her to the main Atrium of the Ministry, where they were met by Kingsley and a number of other Aurors. She should be arriving at St. Mungo's any moment now…"

The woman who had been sent to observe the wizarding hospital rushed back into her frame, looking as though it had been many years since she'd last moved so quickly.

"Headmaster, she arrived and was taken back moments ago."

"Thank you, Dilys. Were you able to ascertain anything about her injuries?"

The woman grimaced as she leaned against the frame of her portrait, her curly grey hair draped around her face as she caught her breath. "She looks to be severely injured, but the Healers transporting her called for Blood-Replenishing Potions. It's no guarantee, but perhaps that means they think she's in good enough shape to keep potions down. It's hard to be sure of anything this early, though."

Professor McGonagall swept into the office through the still-open doors, her eyes lined with worry. She began to address the headmaster before her gaze fell upon Harry. With a sigh of frustration, she approached the desk and stood behind one of the high-backed chairs.

"I appreciate your speedy response, Minerva," said Dumbledore, who began hurriedly bustling about the office. "Nymphadora was attacked outside the Department of Mysteries but has been successfully transported to St. Mungo's by Sirius, Remus, and Kingsley. I expect it will be necessary for me to meet with Minister Bones shortly, but before I disembark, it is important that we hear the full story from Harry. I think it crucial for us to learn how he came into possession of information of such import."

If Professor McGonagall was surprised or frustrated by Harry playing a part in the night's chaos, she hid it well as she pulled her dressing gown around her and sat down. She nodded to Dumbledore, whose grave countenance fell upon Harry.

It took him several minutes to fully explain the vision to his two professors. When he sheepishly included the fact that he had neglected to complete his Occlumency exercises, he noticed McGonagall's lips grew slightly more thin, but that had been expected. The attack itself was unnerving for Harry to describe, and he had to fight to make himself share some of the vicious thoughts that he'd felt during the vision. For their part, neither Dumbledore nor McGonagall reacted as he shared what he had experienced.

When he finished, Dumbledore closed his eyes and nodded solemnly. "Thank you, Harry. Your quick thinking to alert Sirius and myself may yet be the difference between life and death for Nymphadora.

"This setback to Voldemort may only seem minor, but your vision into his mind while he possessed his snake has far-reaching implications. I believe it wise to convene our group to discuss these matters. While I seriously doubt Voldemort will attempt to infiltrate your mind in such short order following his failure at the Ministry, please ensure that you are vigilant with your Occlumency exercises. It seems reasonable to assume that the contingency plan Voldemort considered whilst possessing the serpent involves your dreams about the Department of Mysteries. Minerva, I leave his safe passage back to Gryffindor Tower in your capable hands."

With that, he tossed a handful of powder into the fireplace and disappeared into the green flames.
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