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Harry Potter and the Ritual of Love's Memory
By Forge2

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Category: Post-HBP
Genres: Action/Adventure, General, Romance
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: After the horcrux hunt implodes leaving most of those Harry loves dead, he starts a new life with a few fellow survivors far away from wizarding Britain. But the discovery of an ancient ritual that promises to send a single memory back in time sparks hope that maybe things can change. Dark ending to DH followed by a tweaked retelling of GoF through DH. Harry/Ginny. Friday updates.
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The next few months were a bit of a whirlwind for Harry. His spare time became research time overnight. Between teaching classes, helping with the school Quidditch team, and preparing for the ritual, he felt like he was going nonstop from when he woke up until his head hit the pillow. Thankfully, a renewed sense of hopefulness had further buoyed his spirits and given him added energy. Sure, he might be reading through his first and second year essays a bit less thoroughly than before, but he still felt like he was doing a good job overall.

He and Luna spent an inordinate amount of time at the library, where Señora de Olmos had graciously allowed them to set up in one of the small translation rooms towards the back of the staff offices. They dutifully brought their materials each day and returned with them each night, even though it seemed highly unlikely that anyone would tamper with them. Mad Eye Moody's growl of "Constant vigilance!" played in Harry's head each time he considered just leaving the bags of notes locked in the room overnight. While they hadn't been able to completely confirm that Harry's memory would be able to confer his unsaid thoughts about horcruxes to his younger self, it seemed like a strong possibility.

George had owled Bill about visiting over the summer and helping him with a special project. Their family of four was planning to arrive for a two-week visit in mid-June. Angelina's quidditch season would be over by then, so she would be helping Geroge with their mail-order business. Between the two of them, they felt confident they could juggle things while investing extra time to get Bill and Fleur up to speed.

Atzi had been staying over at Luna and Harry's place more and more often. To Harry, their relationship seemed serious. No, he thought, serious wasn't the right word. Though they were quite serious about their commitment, they were far too playful and happy to be described as being "serious." Stable seemed to fit better.

Harry smiled as he thought of their late nights talking about growing up. Harry even managed to make Luna blush while telling stories of her school days every once and a while, though she was much more accomplished at embarrassing him.

Near the end of the school term, Harry met up with Luna in the library, spreading manuscript notes and papers to grade across the table. Luna had joined him before he'd even gotten the paperwork sorted out.

"Harry, I'd like to ask you a question."

Harry's eyebrows jumped up as he finished tapping a stack of fourth-year essays on the table to keep them more neatly together. "Sure, what's up?"

"We haven't told many people about the ritual. Just Señora de Olmos, Bill, and Fleur. I've been thinking about it, and I'd like to tell Atzi. What do you think?"

Harry cocked his head to the side and thought for a minute. "Well, that makes sense, especially with the amount of time you're putting in to ensure everything goes well. I can't see why it would hurt to share with her. I sorta figured you would have already told her if I'm being honest."

"I've wanted to for a while now, but it feels like it's too important for me to just make a decision without talking about it first."

"I can see that. Want to check in with Angelina and George in the morning? I bet they'll be on board, then you could maybe talk to Atzi after her shift tomorrow. She's got the lunch shift, right?"

"Yes, she'll be done by around two. Would you want to help me explain everything to her?"

Harry considered it. "How about you and Atzi go spend some time together and tell her however you feel works best? I'll stay home and whip up something for dinner and she can ask questions of both of us if she needs to. It'll at least help me start repaying her for all the time I've kept you busy when you could have been snogging."

By the time Luna and Atzi got back home, the whole house smelled delicious. Harry was quite pleased with himself. He'd nearly overcooked the barbacoa but had pulled it off the heat just in time. He also had beans, rice, and his own homemade salsa. It wasn't nearly as hot as Atzi's, but he thought what it lacked in heat it made up for in flavor.

Before Harry had even turned around to greet them, Atzi had flung herself into a hug around his midsection. "You will send your memory of love back in time to save the world and your beloved?! iEres tan romántico!" She squeezed him with extra fervor.

"So, I'm guessing Luna told you, huh?"

"Sí, she told me all about it." She took a big sniff of the barbacoa. "I want to eat this, drink something strong, and hear more about your love story."

Harry chuckled and replied, "I wouldn't dream of denying you any of those."

Dinner was delicious, and the conversation sparkled with excitement as it swung from English to Spanish and to a mixture of both. Luna was clearing the plates and tossing several empty cerveza bottles into the bin when Atzi turned to Harry with a question.

"I know the memory you will send back to your Ginny is personal, but would you be willing to let us watch it with you? I want to see this chica peliroja who has stolen your heart."

"I wish I could show you, but I don't have any way to do it. You'd like her though. Ella era fuerte y… Como se dice feisty?"


"Si, era luchadora bondadosa."

Atzi made a high-pitched noise as she melted into her chair dramatically. "I must see this woman! Can we please go to the pensedero?"

Harry's mind screeched to a halt. "Umm, what do you mean by a pensedero?"

Atzi looked at him quizzically. "Luna said you used a pensedero to view memories about your dark wizard. They are not cheap, but there is a shop here in the city where you can rent one for an hour at a time. It would be so much fun to see this memory with you!"

"That would be such a great help!" exclaimed Luna. "We could ensure that your memory is just as you recall and we could calculate exactly how long it needs to be. That would help us ensure the potion and wandwork to be more precise!"

Harry was beaming. "Atzi, I would be honored to introduce you to Ginny. If we've got enough time, maybe I can show you some memories of your girlfriend when she was younger?"

The look on Atzi's face quickly changed from excited to predatory. With a dangerous smirk, she asked, "You were the one who walked in on her in a closet with someone, no?"

Before he could answer, a rather large pillow collided with his head.

Due to the high cost of renting a Pensieve room and scheduling difficulties, it was another week before the three could meet up with Angelina and George at La Tienda de Recuerdos de Águila y Serpiente. The Weasleys showed up ten minutes late due to Freddie becoming a little bit clingy as he was passed over to the babysitter.

"Sorry, sorry!" apologized Angelina as they met up with their friends. "We were halfway down the hallway to the stairs when Freddie had a burst of accidental magic. He had run to the door and was crying for one more hug, and apparently his emotions got the best of him."

George wiped a mock tear from his eye. "I wish you lot could have seen it. Blew the ruddy door right off its hinges."

"I don't think he was this proud when Freddie said his first word…" muttered Angelina. "Then again, I'm the one who married a Weasley and gave birth to his progeny. I suppose I should be thankful nothing caught fire."

George gave her a somber look. "With us Weasleys, the pyromania usually doesn't begin until age seven or eight."

"So, the gang's all here!" cut in Luna with a smile. "Are we ready to take a look at this memory?"

"I think so. Atzi agreed to try to haggle them down on the price a bit." Harry nodded toward her and she crossed her fingers for luck. "If we can get a good enough deal, I thought we might rent it for two hours instead of just one. That would give us a full hour for the ritual memory, but we'd also hopefully have time to check out some other memories. Luna was hoping to introduce Atzi to her parents, or at least let her see a bit of them, and I figure the two of you might have something you'd like to revisit."

"That we do, but not with you lot in there with us!" George's eyebrows were waggling like mad before Angelina pinched him hard on a doughy bit of his side. "Geroff me, woman! It was only a joke!"

"I'm sure we can think of something appropriate, but if not, I've got an excellent memory of Fred and George in fifth year when one of their little 'experiments' went wrong."

George blanched. "You know, Atzi here wasn't around when Ange and I got hitched. Perhaps that would be a better choice. We'll come up with something more interesting than a joke product that didn't work."

Atzi was laughing as she climbed the stairs to the shop. She entered and began speaking to the young man at the front desk animatedly. Five minutes later, she opened the doors and beckoned them in.

"Everybody! Roberto here," she waved her hand at the desk worker. "has agreed to give us a discount on our room for tonight!" The four of them were effusive in thanking Roberto, who seemed slightly less enthusiastic now that he realized that he'd give a sweetheart deal to a group of mostly foreigners who he might have gotten more than the full price from.

The five of them were directed down the hall to a small, dimly lit room with a pedestal in the middle. There were instructions written in Spanish on a sheet of paper placed upon a small table in the back of the room, but Harry strode forward straight toward the large basin on the pedestal.

"It will be a tight fit, but we should all be able to enter together, right Atzi?"

"Si, Roberto explained that their Pensieves could do six, but five was more reasonable."

"That's great. Like we said, this first run-through is just to get a feel for the memory. After that, we'll go back in with our assignments. Atzi will count out the seconds from when we want to start the memory to when we want it to end to help with brewing the potion while Angelina tries to take mental notes on the specific wording of everything we say within that timeframe. Luna will concentrate on Ginny specifically, looking for anything that might be noteworthy and being ready to help Ange with what Gin said and George will do the same for the younger version of me. I'll be doing my best to concentrate to see if I get any inkling that younger me was thinking about horcruxes."

George brought his hand to his brow in a mock salute. "Yes, General Potter, sir!"

"When we come up after the first pass-through, I'm sure we'll all be eager to talk about it or really emotional." Harry looked around at the friends alongside him. "Even though that's natural, let's do our best to focus on the task at hand. We go in, we watch, we come out. If the plans need to change at that point, so be it. Otherwise, we dive right back in. Once we come out the second time, everyone grab your parchment and write down everything you can. We've got enough time to go back in as needed, but if we accomplish what needs to be done, we can have some fun with other memories."

"And we can go celebrate afterward!" added Angelina. "We've got a babysitter until midnight!"

Harry pulled out his wand and tapped it against his temple, pulling a glowing white strand from his mind. He gently placed it into the Pensieve and gulped without realizing he was doing it. As the group began submerging their faces into the water, Harry took a deep breath and hoped he was ready to see her again.

The first pass-through of the memory was excruciating. Though all of those who knew Ginny had been preparing themselves, the heartache was still overwhelming. There she was, sitting in the grass, laughing, blushing, and holding Harry's hand… Living her life with no idea that it would only last another year before being cut short. The grief hit them in waves and, try as they might, they just couldn't hold it all together.

When they resurfaced, each immediately began consoling one another. George cried in Angelina's arms as Harry and Luna held each other through the sobs, with Atzi standing nearby. When Luna moved towards her girlfriend for comfort, George seized the opportunity to grasp Harry bracingly and hold him tight. Soon, Angelina, Luna, and Atzi joined them, and the group spent a few minutes allowing themselves to mourn together.

"Well, so much for that brilliant plan," said Harry with a sniff. "Who was it who said not to get emotional after the first run? Because that guy has rocks for brains."

"Actually, I really like the plan," said Luna as she wiped a stray tear on her sleeve. "We just didn't realize we would need to go through an extra time first to help us process it all. Shall we retry the plan?"

"I think that would work," agreed Angelina. She looked at her husband, who nodded despite the redness of his eyes.

With a sad smile, Atzi said "Vamanos!" and they dove back in.

The hurt they experienced the second time through was still striking, but the friends concentrated on the scene in front of them despite it. They came close enough to hear more of the conversation. Harry smiled as he kept his eyes glued to Ginny. Her smile was every bit as radiant as he remembered. After seeing a lot of smiles faked over the last few years, he felt a warmth in his chest as he recognized the genuine article on her lips.

He actually laughed out loud at one of her jokes that he had completely forgotten, and felt his own cheeks burn as he watched his younger self stumble over his words. Yet Ginny had simply rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She had instantly felt safe around him, even though near him was the furthest thing from "safe." He let out a long sigh as the scene began to fade away.

Back in the small room, Harry did his best to catch his breath. Angelina made her way over to him and pulled him close. He didn't enjoy showing weakness, but falling apart with these friends in these circumstances felt like a reasonable response to the situation.

"Hey Luna," George called over. "What if we modify the plan a bit? We've only been in here forty-five minutes by my count. How about you and Atzi check out one of your memories while we regroup? I think we will be ready in a few minutes, then we can finish up our mission and you two can have any time that's left."

"We'd be happy to do so, George. Shall we?" She used her wand to deposit Harry's memory into a vial, then planted her own in the basin. She called out "We'll be back soon!" over her shoulder before she and Atzi disappeared into the waters.

Harry walked to the small table and hoisted himself up to sit on it. Angelina hopped up next to him while George stood to his other side with an arm around Harry's shoulders.

"I can't believe you're here consoling me. It should be the other way around. She was your sister."

"We're both hurting, sure, but it's a different kind of hurt. Not a lot of use comparing them, mate."

"I knew it'd be hard, but… I can't even find words for what that was…"

Angelina bumped him gently with her shoulder. "I get the feeling you won't be arguing that you didn't love her anytime soon."

Harry's laugh was at least partly a gasp as the pain of the memory mixed with the truth of what she had said. "No, I don't suppose I will."

She leaned her head against his. The beads on her braids made a little noise in his ear that he found comforting somehow.

"For what it's worth, she looked an awful lot like someone in love," said George as he leaned against the wall. "Or if not, like someone right on the edge of the precipice, ready to jump in."

Harry couldn't help but smile at that. Whatever fears and worries he had about the ritual, he at least believed in the premise: he loved Ginny and Ginny had loved him, and he desperately wished that they'd had more time, whether it helped win the war or not. Steely determination was being pumped through his veins, and by the time Luna and Atzi reemerged, he felt ready to dive back in.

This time, the five all gathered quite close, with Luna and George across from their targets and Angelina hovering over them, leaning against the tree while craning her neck toward the couple so as not to miss a thing. Atzi waited for Harry's signal to begin her count, then would take a few steps away as she did her best to keep time without distracting the others. Harry, for his part, plopped down next to his younger self and closed his eyes, forcing himself to refrain from losing his concentration. The beats of the conversation were more familiar this time, and he could sense that younger Harry was about to begin the chosen dialogue. He waved his hand blindly at where he remembered Atzi standing, then grew very still and quiet.

It was a bit awkward and the older Harry would have liked this memory to be more polished, but he knew that his words were both real and true. As his younger self turned to plant a gentle kiss into Ginny's mane of red hair, Harry felt it. The unmistakable memory of marveling at the young woman he was with for surviving when pitted against one of Voldemort's horcruxes. The admiration he felt was thick in the air.

Both Harrys smiled.

When the furious scribbling of his four friends had ceased, the smile had not left Harry's face.

"Oi, Potter! You better not be thinking about my sister with that look on your face!"

He couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

"It's in the memory, George. It's right there when I kiss the top of her head." Harry cupped his hands behind his head and stared into the distance.

Angelina grinned as she looked back at what she had written. "Let's get these notes organized before Bill and Fleur arrive, finish the potion, and plan to make it happen before they head back to France. It's a quick turnaround, but I think it's doable."

"Excellent!" exclaimed Luna. "I've got one more memory that you might all want to see, and then I thought that maybe we could see George's memory of leaving Hogwarts? That was quite the spectacle."

"I have heard the stories, but seeing it would be even better!" Atzi was grinning eagerly.

"It would be my pleasure to indulge you. Are we allowed to mix multiple memories together if it's of the same event? If so, we might try out all four points of view?"

"Roberto said that was one of its more popular uses. You just drop all the memories together, then draw them back out after with your own wand."

"Sounds fun!" Harry gestured toward Luna. "Would you do the honors first?"

Soon, the group were attending a young Luna's Nth birthday party. Her parents looked on with joy as she blew out the candles on a cake that Harry thought must be intended to resemble a Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Harry's heart warmed as he watched a young Ginny bring Luna a gift. It was a handmade painting of the girls standing together under a bright orange sun atop shockingly violet grass.

When the scene changed to the Weasley twins making the greatest exit Hogwarts had ever known, Harry again found himself looking at Ginny. His smile widened as the light of the fireworks danced in her bright eyes as she cheered for her brothers.

After leaving the Pensieve shop, everyone made their way back to Luna and Harry's flat. Atzi went on and on about how much she liked Ginny and requested stories about her. Drinks were poured as they gathered in the living room, and Luna started the festivities.

"I was not a particularly popular child at Hogwarts in my first few years. My house was Ravenclaw, and even though it was known for intelligence, most of my classmates were much more interested in what had already been proven instead of what was left to discover. Some of the older students spent rather a lot of their time pestering me and hiding my things.

"Ginny had a hard first year because of the horcrux and the chamber. Her outgoing personality was diminished by contact with the diary, which made it hard for her to make friends. In our second year, she was recovering from the ordeal but was still isolated from many of our peers. Some of them were afraid of her because of the rumors of what had happened, but most had just already established their friend groups."

Harry nodded with a pained expression. He wished, not for the first time, that he and his friends had done a better job of including her back then.

"About midway through the first term of our second year, Ginny stayed back to get some extra help from Professor Lupin after double Defense Against the Dark Arts, since we had a dreadful professor our first year and she was trying to catch up. I was slowly walking to lunch on my own when Ginny rushed up to me. We had known each other before we came to school, but hadn't been close."

Luna looked wistful as she took another sip and continued. "Ginny smiled at me. It wasn't the devious smile of the older students looking to tease me or the sad smile of a professor thinking about what happened to my Mum. It was real and kind. She asked if I'd ever taken my lunch to eat outside. I hadn't thought to try. So she invited me to grab some food and meet her under the big tree outside the Great Hall. Our time wasn't anything out of the ordinary, except it was the first time I felt at home at Hogwarts. We started eating together regularly, especially on the weekends. That's how she became my best friend."

She raised her glass and said, "To my friend, Ginny."

Angelina was smiling as she raised hers as well. "That's a great story, even though I was hoping you were going to go with when Roger Davies was picking on you and she hit him with the Bat-Bogey hex. I couldn't stand him." She took a swig and started in.

"So, Ginny was in her third year when she approached me. That was the year of the Triwizard Tournament, so the quidditch season had been canceled."

"Right shame that was," interjected George.

"A bloody travesty," continued Angelina. "Anyway, after the champions were chosen and I didn't make it, I decided to spend some extra time training each week. I knew that I wanted to play professionally, so I couldn't afford to go a full season without training. Alicia and Katie both agreed to help me out when they could spare the time, but Katie was in her OWL year and Alicia was a bit flakey while she was dating what's-her-name from Beauxbatons, so I was on my own more often than not.

"Anyway, one day I was walking down from the dormitory and see young Miss Weasley sitting near the bottom of the stairs. I asked her how she was doing, and she said she was sad because she missed flying. Apparently, her git brothers didn't let her fly with them at home, so she had to sneak out and fly in the dead of night."

George winced under the withering glare Angelina sent his direction. "Okay, let me explain…"

Angelina's eyebrows shot up dangerously, and George had the decency to look ashamed. "Okay, it was indefensible. Mum didn't want her flying, but we broke every other rule she set over the years, so that's no excuse. Terrible mistake by us."

Ange looked mollified by his admission. "So, as a Gryffindor greatly concerned with the glory of our house continuing after my time at Hogwarts ended, I decided to invite her to join me for some flying. I let her use my broom and borrowed Alicia's to ride myself, and we headed to the pitch.

"That girl was born to be in the air. I didn't know if she'd be any good, though I figured she might be half-decent just from having some good genes like her brother Charlie."

George called out, "Umm, rude?!"

"Oh, be quiet and let me finish! You and Fred each had a modicum of skill, too, as did Ron." Angelina rolled her eyes as her husband's pout morphed into a grin and he gave her two enthusiastic thumbs up.

"Anyway, she was a natural. When Ginny told me she wanted to try out for my spot after I graduated, I was thrilled. I invited her to join whenever we had Chaser-only trainings, and she came with me to practice flying and special moves every chance she got. She even kept it up during my seventh year when I was captain. She hid it from everyone else since her idiot brothers couldn't be trusted not to go running to tell her Mum, but she had serious skills."

"I'll second that!" replied Harry. "I thought she had a chance to play professionally, too. She averaged more goals per game than Ange did, though you, Alicia, and Katie were all so good that you split up the goalscoring duties more evenly than Ginny's fellow chasers."

"Weren't you supposed to be seeking out the snitch instead of staring down my sister, Potter?" A mischievous smile was plastered on George's face.

"Couldn't help it," laughed Harry. "And this coming from the bloke who let me get smacked by a bludger in third year because he was staring at a certain chaser's backside?"

Ange swatted George lightly on the back of his head as he looked sheepish.

"Well, one of my favorite memories was during young Ginevra's first year. While she had a really bad time of it overall, she had the smarts to come to my brother and me about a special request she had around Valentine's Day."

Harry sputtered his drink as his cheeks colored. "I hadn't thought about that poem in years!"

"My darling sister wanted to send a Valentine's Day card to this scruffy little second-year boy that she had a crush on. One of the only things I enjoyed about having Professor Lockhart that year was his singing telegrams, hand delivered by ugly little dwarves dressed up as cupid.

"The three of us spent an hour working on that poem about little Harrikins. And while it didn't spark an immediate relationship between the two of you, I like to think it was a strong foundation for love to be built upon later, so I get credit for you two getting together."

George's drink sloshed as he ducked under the pillow that Harry tossed at him.

"I hate to side with George, but Harry's definitely blushing," noted Angelina. "I've got no doubt that my husband recalls it line by line, but the real question is, does Harry remember it?"

Atzi was beaming and clapping her hands and Luna leaned forward in her chair. George inclined his good ear toward Harry in anticipation.

With a great sigh, Harry raked his hand through his hair. "Okay, I'll say it, but this is for Atzi's benefit since she's wanting to get to know Ginny better." He made a rude gesture at George before beginning.

"His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad,

His hair as dark as a blackboard,

He's really divine,

I wish he were mine,

The hero who conquered the Dark Lord!"

Harry's face had done an excellent job of mimicking a ripe tomato by the time he wrapped up the final line. Atzi and George erupted into a standing ovation while Angelina wolf-whistled. Luna was convulsing in silent laughter.

"Yeah, yeah, get your laughs in…" said Harry as he tried to control the rush of blood to his cheeks.

"My memory is when she was older and is a little more somber. Fifth year was a bit of a nightmare for me. I'd seen Voldemort return at the end of my fourth year and watched a friend get murdered. We had a sadistic professor who refused to teach us anything and loved torturing students she didn't like, and I was near the top of her list. I was also trying to date a girl who had been dating my friend who had been killed, but she kept crying whenever I talked to her. It was a really bad time.

"My friend Hermione convinced me to start a club of sorts to practice defense since we weren't learning anything in class. Ginny was a part of our group and really excelled. I was impressed with her progress.

"At the end of the school year, there was this thing that happened…" Harry took a deep breath as he considered how to explain what had occurred.

Luna thankfully cut in. "I told you about how Voldemort planted a false vision in Harry's head before we went to the Ministry of Magic. That's what was going on."

Atzi nodded in comprehension. "That was when you fought against the Death Eaters. Harry's Godfather died, no?" Atzi reached over and squeezed Harry's hand.

"Yeah, my Godfather Sirius died in the battle. But my memory of Ginny is before it all started. See, she'd already faced Voldemort before during her first year through the diary and in the Chamber of Secrets. I remember telling you, Ginny, and Neville not to come with us."

"That was rather stupid of you. We were quite helpful."

"You're right, but I wasn't thinking clearly at the time. I was desperate to save Sirius and didn't want anyone else to get hurt. I tried to convince the three of you that you should stay behind. That was the first time I remember Ginny really standing up to me. She wasn't a little kid alone in the chamber or even the girl who accidentally stuck her elbow in the butter dish. She was strong and confident and was not about to let us leave her. Ginny had more reason to be afraid of Voldemort than most because of the diary, but she refused to back down."

Harry rubbed his face with one hand as he remembered her determined look. "I can't say for certain, but I get the feeling that was when I first started realizing who she really was."

The friends each raised their glass and drank in Ginny's memory.

George and Angelina managed to apparate safely back to their home at half past twelve, which seemed like a win to the entire group. Considering how the night had gone, they weren't too concerned about paying a little extra for babysitter overtime. Stories had been swapped for the rest of the evening. Atzi recounted how Luna had first asked her on a date and Angelina followed with how George proposed. Luna told tales of searching for magical creatures with her father, and George retold some of his favorite pranks.

Harry listened in rapt attention but didn't tell any more of his own stories. It was nice not being the center of attention, and he was glad that his friends were more interested in George pulling one over on Filch instead needing a play-by-play of one of Harry's adventures.

The three remaining friends were sluggishly trying to clean up the mess in the living room when Harry nudged Luna and whispered, "It's been a long day. Let me clean this up and you two can sneak off to bed."

Luna smiled wide. "Atzi!" she called out rather loudly. "Harry is trying to subtly give us permission to head up to the bedroom for some snogging. Would you like to join me?"

Harry's palm hit his forehead as he blushed furiously.

"¡Me encantaría!" she exclaimed and ran over to plant a quick kiss on Harry's red cheek. Harry shook his head as they headed upstairs, marveling at how interesting living with Luna could be.
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