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Bill Weasley’s Sunday Mission
By AnHPsuperfan

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: Mild Language
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 7
Summary: One-shot. Bill’s day had everything to be perfect. Except Ginny had her honor ruined. And the Weasley brothers had a duty to fulfill.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
A/N.: Hello! I’m back with another one-shot. It’s been a while. I wrote about this scene that some of you have probably imagined before. I hope you like the way I did it and that it’s close to what you imagined. It’s Bills pov, which is a first to me. Please leave a review to tell me what you think!


Summer. The days are beautiful and sunny. Our privilege of leaving at the beach in Shell Cottage was much appreciated. Today was one of those beautiful days. July still seemed to bring me the excitement of the holidays even though I’d long left Hogwarts.

The reason for my excitement was another one. A very tiny and precious one in the form of one Victoire Weasley, resting in the arms of my stunning wife. We’d just arrived at the Burrow for Sunday lunch with the whole family. I was leaning on a wall, listening to my brother Charlie’s tales of the dragon reserve. I was half listening, honestly. In fact, I was looking at my wife and daughter near the dining table, being pampered by my mum and Audrey, Percy’s new girlfriend.

What a beautiful sight in this beautiful day. Nothing like being at my childhood home with my family. The women were all over the baby, my father was with Hermione and Ron in the shed asking about a new muggle gadget, Percy was somewhere with George and...

That’s when I saw them. There were two people in that armchair over there. They hadn’t been there before. I saw long red hair.

“And then we took the bottle of elf wine and left the pub-”, Charlie was still babbling at my ear.

It was my sister. And Harry.

I squinted. Ginny was not sitting on the armchair. She was so close to him. The armchair was too small. She was sideways in Harry’s lap. I could see she was holding a magazine but Harry’s hand was tangled in her hair. He wasn’t even looking at the magazine.

“What’s wrong, mate?”, Charlie asked.


“You look angry.”

You bet I looked angry. I could feel my forehead crinkled in a frown.

“They look very cozy, don’t they?” I said through gritted teeth.


“Harry and Ginny!”

“Well, I suppose.”

I looked sideways at him incredulously. He looked completely unworried.

“We should do something about it!” I said emphatically.

“Why?” he shrugged. “They’re dating. Isn’t that normal?”

“Fleur!” I decided to call my wife, who always had my back.

“Yes?” She glided to me.

“Don’t you think that Harry and Ginny are a bit too intimate for a family reunion?” I inclined my head towards them.

She took a look.

“Oh please, Bill. They’re acting like a normal couple who love each other.”

I couldn’t believe the obliviousness of these people!

“She’s barely of age!”

“They’re just talking,” then she gave me that knowing look. “I know what this is Bill. You’re just acting like that because you now have a daughter and you feel overprotective over her. Now you’re playing the overprotective brother as well”

“That has nothing to do with this.” I spluttered.

Charlie has raised his eyebrows.

“Ginny doesn’t deserve to have to deal with this though,” Fleur continued. “She’s seventeen already. Not a baby.”

“I can’t believe you two. Charlie, how come we haven’t had a talk with Harry yet? We’re her brothers! It’s our duty!”

Fleur managed to roll her eyes and give me a glare at the same time before she walked away.

“I think it’s a bit too late for that,” Charlie answered. “They’ve been dating for more than a year.”

“Exactly! It’s long overdue. We were supposed to do it with all of her suitors.”

“Look, Bill,” Charlie sighed. “I think you’re exaggerating. They look really happy together. And it’s Harry, mate. He’s been part of the family for a long-”

He stopped talking subddenly and widened his eyes. I followed his line of vision.

Harry was whispering something in Ginny’s year that had her giggling like I’ve never seen before. As we watched, she turned her head in his direction and kissed him fully on the lips. She then got up from the couch and extended her hand for him to take. They both passed by us on their way to the backyard.

“We’re going for a walk,” Ginny said mischievously and smiled at Harry, who was completely avoiding our eyes and bright red.

Charlie cleared his throat, his eyes hard.

“I think we can gather the others today. The sooner we do this, the better.”

I gave him a nod of approval and we got to work.

Percy was the most cooperative of the lot when we found him and George in the middle of a gobbstones game. He looked at us with an eyebrow half-singed when we called for a Weasley meeting and nodded with an air of determination. George just looked eager and mischievous at the prospect of causing mayhem.

Ron was another story though. He reluctantly left his girlfriend and dad to gather with us near the porch.

“I know what this is about,” he pointed out while we got back to the group. “You’re just gonna waste your time.”

“I haven’t even explained it yet, Ron. Don’t be a lousy git,” I whispered back.

“Alright!” I said to the group after clearing my throat. “This Weasley brother reunion was called for something we should have addressed a long time ago. As Ginny’s brothers it’s our duty to care for her safety and innocence, especially in matters of romantic involvement.”

Ron huffed at this and I ignored him.

“As you may have noticed, Potter took an interest in our sister as of late.”

George raised his eyebrows at that.

“Hate to break it to you, brother of mine, but that has been going on for a while.”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“Precisely. That’s why it’s unacceptable that we’ve been so lacking in our duty as her brothers and led him to the notion he can do as he pleases with our sister.”

“I have to agree with you, Bill,” Percy nodded seriously. “Ginevra is barely of age and shouldn’t be so liberal with other boys. In fact, I hardly think she should be dating.”

That’s my brother, Percy. Proud of him.

“That’s right, Perce,” I pointed at him. “I would also prefer that scenario. However it’s a bit too late to prohibit Ginny to date. Our next best move is to show her boyfriend Ginny has brothers looking out for her. Give him a proper scare.”

“That’s ridiculous. It’s Harry we’re talking about,” Ron said.

“Ronniekins is right, Bill. The kid is more noble than all of us combined,” George said.

“Well, I’ve just seen him and Ginny heading alone hand in hand to the trees,” I said with hands on my hips.

George looked thoughtful for a moment and scratched his chin.

“So, give him a scare you say?” he asked.

“That’s the idea,” Charlie said.

“Oh, I could always test some Weezes Products on him,” George bounced on his toes excitedly. I doubt his real intentions had to do with Ginny’s honor but I’d take it.

“That won’t work,” Ron said in a bored tone. He was leaning against the fence, arms crossed. “Harry is a partner in the shop. You show us the products all the time and he owns half of them.”

George looked disappointed by that.

“I’m a cursebreaker. I could shoot a few select harmless curses at him,” I said, trying to keep the morale up.

Ron actually laughed at this.

“What?” I said, irritated.

“You’re talking about Harry Potter? The one who defeated Voldemort?”

“I could always take him to a little visit at the Dragon’s reserve,” Charlie quickly suggested.

“I should say he has been very intimate with a dragon on two occasions already,” Ron smirked.

I could feel a redness forming in my cheeks and on the tips of my ears.

“You are saying a lot for someone who hasn’t helped at all,” I said to my youngest brother.

“Well, I didn’t even want to be here. I’m not in agreement to this stupid idea,,” Ron shrugged his shoulders.

“Come on, mate. If there’s anyone who knows him and could help us give him a healthy scare it would be you,” Charlie said.


“Have you seen him with our sister?” he tried again. I noticed his ears were getting quite red as well.

“In more ways than I’m comfortable with, believe me,” Ron grimaced

There was a collective expression of disgust in our group.

“So?” Charlie again.

“Still no.”

I was ready to make Ron familiar with a few hexes himself already.

“Brothers, I have an idea,” Percy spoke up. We all looked at him. I felt a mixture of curiously and incredulity. But anyway , he was the smartest of our group.

“I have a few transgressions in my department I could direct Harry’s way.”

There was a stretch of silence.

“This could actually work. No one other than Percy can stand his boring job,” George’s face lit up.

“Thank you, George,” Percy grumbled but he seemed a bit pleased, so maybe took this as a compliment too.

I was starting to actually get excited about this. Simple, yet a real pain in the ass.

“I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I probably should tell you this. Harry is the rising star of the department. He’d never be in charge of the paperwork,” Ron raised his eyebrows.

“Well, my dear Ronniekins, it seems the only one who hasn’t helped is you. I’m starting to think you just don’t have the balls to confront your best mate,” George smirked.

“I would think none of you have it either. You’re conveniently forgetting his greatest strength.”

My anger was rising again.

“You are not taking this seriously, Ronald,” Percy said.

“Why should I? This is crazy.”

Before I knew it, I took a few steps to invade Ron’s personal space and pointed a finger at him.

“Crazy is how I got when I saw our baby sister on a guy’s lap almost sucking his face in our living room,” I said loudly to his face.

“Maybe Ronniekins has a point, after all. We don’t seem to have many options against Harry,” George spoke from behind him.

I turned around to where the rest of the group was and looked George in the eye.

“Listen to me. I don’t care if he is the bloody Savior of the Wizarding World or even a honorary Weasley. No one is gonna take advantage of our sister and put her honor at stake.”

George’s eyes widened, but he wasn’t looking exactly at me. I realized the other guys’ expressions appeared to be the same. Percy had managed to become paler than he is.

I turned around and it all became clear.

“Would you have the decency to tell me why you’re here discussing my relationship without my input?”

Ginny’s voice was low but dangerous. She had her arms crossed and a glare so intense, I thought it would cut right through us.

Ron was examining his nails in the corner.

“Well, it seems I’m not needed anymore. Ginny, you can ask any of them. I made no contributions to this. Remember what I said Bill, his greatest strength,” he looked significantly at me and left.

“Are any of you gonna defend yourselves?” Ginny raised an eyebrow and casually took her wand out of her jeans’ pocket.

“I’m sorry,” Charlie yelped.

“It was Bill’s idea!” George shouted.

Ginny zeroed in on George and then on me.

All my reasons and righteousness seemed to wither under that gaze.

“Let me explain-“ I tried.

“I think what you just told George makes it quite clear,” she started polishing her wand.

“We are your brothers, Ginny. It’s our duty to protect you. We were just gonna have a talk with him,” I said quickly.

“Well, then it’s my duty as his girlfriend to protect Harry’s honor. And I’m gonna start by you, Bill,” she said. I saw George from the corner of my eye trying to surreptitiously walk away and grabbed his arm.

At that moment, Harry appeared and walked quickly up to Ginny with her wand raised. It seems Ron had told him what was going on.

“Gin, don’t worry about that. They just care for you,” he pushed her wand arm down.

“This is insulting to you and to me, Harry,” she growled, raising her wand again.

“I’m sure they didn’t mean it,” he started trying to block her way, while Ginny searched for a way around him. “It’s not worth it to start a fight over that.”

“They’re my brothers, Harry. I know how to handle the idiots.”

I winced involuntarily.

“I know,” Harry said softly, and she stopped to look at him. “I’d just rather you’d spend that time with me. Remember where we were headed to?” and I couldn’t hear the rest of it as he leaned down and whispered in Ginny’s ear.

The transformation was astounding. As I watched, her cheeks started to turn a pink tinge instead of the glowing red, her lips started twitching into a smile and, at last, she released a giggle, muffled by her hand.

“So?” Harry said in a normal voice and offered his hand. She took it and they both passed our group as if we weren’t even there. I could listen to everyone’s sigh of relief.

Good mate, Harry. I’ve always liked that kid.
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