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Happy Halloween
By Pottermum

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, James Potter, Lily Potter
Genres: Fluff, General
Warnings: None
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Rating: G
Reviews: 3
Summary: The Potter family enjoy lunch before the children go trick or treating.
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
Halloween is not big in Australia but I thought I'd write a bit of Potter family fluff. Jily lives in this one


It was a typical brisk October day, thankfully the snow was only lightly falling which allowed Harry Potter, his father James and his son Robert James, but known as Robbie, to remain outside the home to attempt a snowman while the rest of the family were inside preparing lunch.

Harry smiled to see his father and son interacting. Robbie was telling him all about the day before when they had been to the Burrow to celebrate Molly's birthday. Robbie enjoyed being with his many cousins and aunts and uncles. Molly and Arthur had even coerced Robbie and his sister Lily Luna into staying the night, giving Harry and Ginny a nice night together alone, even if it did include baby Molly Mae, known as Mae.

Ginny's Patronus came bounding over to them, making Robbie clap his hands in glee.

“Lunch in five, come wash up,” was the Patronus message.

“ Come on, mate, we'll try for another snowman next week,” offered James, hoisting the boy onto his shoulders.

“Okay Grandpa,” agreed the little boy. “ Come on Daddy, we'll race you.”

“ Go on then, ready set go,” challenged Harry, amused as James ran off, his hands braced on his grandson's legs.

Harry took a moment to magic the shovels back into the shed then jogged to catch up with his dad, conveniently losing as they got to the back door.

“We won, we won,” crowed Robbie, as James lifted him off his shoulders and set him down. The boy ran inside. “Grandma guess what, grandpa and I beat daddy!”

Harry and James grinned as they heard gasps of astonishment and congratulations from Ginny and Lily before admonishments to go wash up for lunch.

The closer the two men got to the kitchen, the stronger the smell of the simple stew simmering became, as did the warmth of the house.

“After last night I didn't think I'd need to eat again, what with all the food Molly had prepared, but Merlin that smells so good,” praised Harry. He groaned. “ Did Mum bake bread? Please tell me yes?”

James laughed. “ Yeah she did. Wipe the drool from your mouth and go wash up for lunch.”

“ After you, old man,” gestured Harry. He held up his hands as they went past the kitchen.

“Just going to wash up now, Mum,” he told Lily, who had opened her mouth to tell him to do so. She smiled.

“ Ginny's in the lounge feeding Mae but she asked me to start dishing up.”

“ Daddy look at me, I'm a fairy,” cried Lily Luna, who was sitting on the kitchen counter helping her grandmother stir the stew.

Harry backtracked to plant a kiss on his daughter's cheek. “Prettiest fairy I've ever seen,” he assured her, and she beamed. “Are you going to wear that tonight to go trick or treating?”

Lily Luna nodded. “Robbie is getting his costume too.”

“I can't wait to see it,” he told her. “I'll just check on mummy and the baby and go find him.

He went to the lounge to check on Ginny and baby Mae, kissing the former on the cheek and the latter on the top of her fine ginger covered head.

“Rob's upstairs, can you please check on him?” asked Ginny, shifting Mae from one breast to the other.

“ On it love,” he told her, returned to the kitchen before going to the bathroom.

Harry quickly washed his hands, dried them then headed to his son's bedroom. The door was open and he could see his son with his back to the door, doing something to his face.

“Hey, what are you doing, lunch is ready,” asked Harry, struggling not to laugh out loud as his son turned around, his toy black dog tucked under his arm.

“I'm Hagrid, Daddy. Keeper of keys and um, somefing else at Hogwarts,” said Robbie proudly.

Harry chuckled, adjusting the wiry beard. “He's the Keeper of Keys and Grounds. I like the beard. Did Mummy get it for you?”

Robbie nodded. “From my uncle's shop. Look Daddy, this is Fang. Just for today tho. He's really Snuffles all the time,” he added earnestly.

“Good to know. Hello Fang.” Harry patted the toy dog and Robbie giggled.

“Come on son, there's a lovely stew waiting for us.” Harry held out his hand and his son took it and together they walked to the kitchen.

“Well now, who do we have here?” asked James, seeing his son and grandson return to the kitchen. “Wait, let me guess. Hmmm, with that beard and of course, Fang the dog, you must be...Hagrid!”

“Yes I am, Grandpa. Daddy, Grandpa guessed I am Hagrid,” grinned Robbie, looking pleased at his costume.

“You make a good Hagrid, almost as good as the real Hagrid, We must take a photo and send it to him,” suggested Harry, and Lily Luna gasped excitedly.

“Me too, Daddy. Hagrid will like me too, cos I'm a fairy,” she said, standing on her chair and twirling, causing her to nearly fall.

Ginny, who had just walked in, caught her before she fell.

“No standing on chairs,” she admonished.

“But Mummy “ “

“No, and that's a rule for little girls and pretty fairies,” insisted Ginny, helping her to sit back down and kissing her cheek.

Harry passed Ginny a bowl of stew. “Is Mae asleep?”

“No, she wouldn't settle so Lily is trying to get her to go to sleep. You know your daughter, she loves looking into those green eyes of you and your mum,” grinned Ginny.

“Can't say I blame her,” joked James, and Ginny concurred.

Lunch was filled with gossip gleaned from the night before at the Weasley's, and talk from the children about all the lollies they would get from trick or treating, and what some of their friend's costumes might be.

“Frankie says he's gonna be a muggle pleaseman,” confided Robbie.

“A policeman,” corrected Harry.

Robbie looked thoughtful but Lily Luna interrupted. “Well, Alice is gonna be a harpy cos she likes the Harpies kidditch team.”

“Uncle Nev is gonna be dressed like Mr Dumbledore,” laughed Robbie, who had met the old wizard many times.

“What are you gonna wear Daddy?” asked Lily Luna.

“I'm sure Mummy has something for me,” assured Harry, looking at his wife.

Ginny winked at him. “I have a Superman costume in our bedroom with your name on it.”

Lily Luna looked curious. “Who is Superman?”

“Daddy, silly,” replied Robbie, making James laugh.

Hearing soft cries from the lounge, Harry wiped his mouth on the napkin and excused himself, assuring Ginny he'd look after baby Mae.

Lily looked up as he came into the lounge, baby Mae in her arms, unable to settle.

“ Here's Daddy,” crooned Lily to Mae, as he sat down beside them.

“Hey baby girl,” he said softly, and Mae's eyes lit up at the sight of her daddy. “Time for a sleep, little one.”

Lily began to sing a lullaby that she had once sang to baby Harry, and as she did, Harry gently ran his hand over the baby's head and down her cheek. He repeated the movement over and over while retaining eye contact, and soon enough, little Mae was asleep.

“We make a great team,” smiled Lily.

“ Always have,” agreed Harry affectionately. “Did Ginny show you Mae's Halloween costume?”

“No,” said Lily.

“She was going to be a lion, for us old Gryffindors, but Charlie sent her a dragon costume,” chuckled Harry. “She's going to be the cutest dragon tonight.”

“All my grandbabies are adorable,” agreed Lily. “Now, don't forget you're coming to ours for Sirius' birthday in three days time.”

“We wouldn't forget that for anything, the kids have each made cards for him, well, except for Mae, she may have had some help,” chuckled Harry.

“Wonderful. Sirius adores your kids,” laughed Lily.

“And they adore him, he's another grandpa for them,” said Harry. “It's a busy week to celebrate, first Molly's birthday, then Halloween and finally Sirius' birthday.”

Lily nodded. “And once that's all done, then Christmas is just around the corner.”

Harry groaned. “Mum, please! Let's just enjoy Halloween for now.”

Lily kissed her son's cheek. “Happy Halloween son.”

“Happy Halloween, Mum,” replied Harry.

A/N I was struggling to think of both a name for Harry's son and a costume for him when I began to write the story but I picked it up again on the day Robbie Coltrane died, so Robbie's name, and dressing up as Hagrid, is a bit of an ode to him, he was the perfect Hagrid. FYI Robbie is nearly five, Lily Luna three and baby Mae four months old. Thanks for reading xx

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