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Missing Moment - Four in the Dorm
By Forge2

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Category: Post-OotP
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, General, Humor
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
Reviews: 4
Summary: Ginny's evening with Harry may be done, but Demelza, Hermione, and Katie need some details!
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights ? J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.


Ginny Weasley felt like she was floating as she climbed the stairs to the girls' dormitories. Her short legs had enough pep in them to take the steps two at a time. She gripped the handrail and clicked her heels together as she rounded a corner while approaching the fourth-year dormitory.

A head of dark hair braided with beads into an intricate pattern of rows popped out of the doorway, plastered with a grin almost as wide as Ginny's.

"Oh my gosh, Ginny! It finally happened!" Demelza Robins crushed the shorter redhead in a bear hug as she lifted Ginny from the ground. "I need details and I need them pronto!"

Ginny sputtered as she attempted to regain her breath once Demelza set her back down. "Details will be forthcoming, but we've got to get Katie and Hermione first."

Demelza huffed impatiently but followed Ginny as she resumed her upwards climb, stopping briefly in front of the door to Ginny's dorm room, which was ajar. A hushed whisper emanated from within.

"It still doesn't make any sense!" Romilda's voice was harsh with disappointment and frustration. "I don't care that she's a decent flier and that he's friends with her brother! She's just so…"

A wicked smile reminiscent of her twin brothers overtook the look of bliss that had been etched onto Ginny's face for the past few hours. She poked her head through the doorway, interrupting Romilda's screed. "Hey girls! I'm heading up to hang out with Hermione, Katie, and D to talk about everything from this evening, so don't wait up for me. Hope you all have a good night!"

Ginny's two other dormmates giggled and waved goodnight to Ginny while Romilda stared at her with a grimace so intense that Demelza felt certain she was attempting murder through her mind. Ginny's response was simply to wink.

As they left, Demelza shoved Ginny's shoulder. "A galleon says she tries to off you in your sleep within the week for that!"

Both girls laughed as they reached the next landing, where a bushy-haired girl was seated on a pillow on the floor. She had several books surrounding her, but her twinkling eyes indicated she wasn't nearly as focused on her homework as usual. Hermione took one look at the two girls before springing to her feet.


"Let's head to Katie's room. No need for your dormmates to overhear everything. I'm sure the rumor mill is already hard at work, but I'm still not interested in spilling details in front of Lavender." The two girls gave each other knowing looks.

"Which means there are details worth divulging in private!" said Demelza.

Hermione smiled. "Precisely."

Katie's dormmates were less than pleased at the influx of younger students, especially a prefect who looked as though her NEWTs revisions had taken over most of her bed and the surrounding floor. Thankfully, Katie had a plan.

"I was hoping you'd come to celebrate with us! Let's head to the Head Girl dorm. Since the Heads are from Ravenclaw and Slytherin this year, the room is completely empty."

"I thought those rooms got locked up when they weren't in use," said Hermione. "I read in Hogwarts: A History that…"

"That book didn't account for Ginny's brothers!" replied Katie before the other girl could finish. "The room may be magically sealed, but there's more than one way to unlock a door!"

As they approached the door to the Head Girl's dorm, Katie withdrew a hairpin from the back of her head. She knelt down and began fiddling with the lock. It took nearly two minutes of work, and Katie's face was twisted in concentration, but the four girls finally heard a click. The oldest girl swung open the door and gestured in grandly as the younger students filed inside. "Ran some interference for George when he forgot Ange's birthday when they had first started dating, got him and Fred to teach me to pick locks the Muggle way in exchange."

"Oh, wow!" exclaimed Hermione as she peered around the room. "I had no idea the Head Girl got her own fireplace!" She pointed her wand and said, "Incendio!" creating a roaring fire that bathed the room in a warm glow.

"Yeah, Percy invited me to his room a few times in second year, and they've got one in the Head Boy room, too. You might as well start moving your things in now, Hermione. If you're not Head Girl next year, I'll eat my broom." Ginny plopped onto the bed with Demelza next to her. Katie and Hermione pulled cushioned chairs near the bed as the three eagerly looked to Ginny, who cleared her throat.

"So, what's up?" she asked. Hermione let out an exasperated noise while Demelza smacked Ginny with a nearby pillow. Katie simply rolled her eyes.

"Okay, okay, okay!" Ginny grabbed the pillow from Demelza and pulled it to her chest. "So, I'm not sure if any of you noticed, but Harry kissed me in the common room earlier…"

"Was that his first real move?" asked Katie through a laugh. "I figure we would've heard if something had happened beforehand, although maybe Harry-induced euphoria would explain how well you played today."

"That was his first move," answered Ginny. "He's been giving me furtive glances when he thought I wasn't looking for a while now, but he hadn't done anything about it until today."

"Someone didn't believe her friends who pointed out how interested the boy seemed. Katie, remember when he got clocked by Peakes' bludger in practice because he kept eyeing her?"

"Oh, that was a riot! I thought he was going to pass out from sheer embarrassment. He couldn't stop blushing for the rest of practice."

"I told you that I lost track of how many times he lost focus when you walked by or were anywhere near in the last few months. I swear he's going to fail all his exams because he's been too busy studying you to do any proper revision."

"Hermione, you claim Harry and Ron are going to fail all their classes every year and they seem to do just fine," remarked Katie. "Ginny, didn't you say both of them walked in on your and Dean snogging a while back?"

"Oh, that was mortifying… Ron was about as tactful as a skrewt, so I gave him a piece of my mind. But Harry had this look of bewilderment like he'd never thought of me as a girl before and was suddenly very aware." Ginny gave a mischievous grin. "It's not like I decided to break up with Dean then and there, but I decided not to let some things slide that had been bothering me. Things weren't really working out between us already, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice Harry checking me out from time to time."

"So, he kissed you in front of everyone and you two left. What happened next?" Demelza could barely contain her excitement for details, and Hermione and Katie both looked impatient, too.

"Well, we decided to take a stroll around the grounds," replied Ginny. "On the way toward the lake I heard someone that sounded a bit like Filch coming down the corridor, so I pulled Harry into an empty classroom to wait until the coast was clear."

"Uh huh, a likely story…" said Hermione with a smile and an eye roll. "I'm sure the two of you were only in there until you were sure he was gone."

"We may have stayed hidden in there for an extra ten minutes or so, just to be safe," said Ginny with a smirk. "We eventually made it to the lake and sat down next to the big tree with the low-hanging branches. The one where we caught George and Ange snogging last year."

"Family tradition, eh?" laughed Katie.

"He was sitting against the tree and I was leaning on him. We talked for a long time. I told him about the match, he told me about wanting to ask me out for a while, and we just hung out and held hands for the longest time." She looked back and forth at her friends, who were giving her knowing looks. "And I snogged the boy senseless, of course! I've been waiting forever to run my hands through that messy black hair, there wasn't a chance in hell I wasn't going back for more!"

"That's my girl!" exclaimed Demelza as she bumped Ginny good-naturedly with her shoulder. Katie was beaming as Hermione covered her face with her hands.

"What? Too much detail, Hermione?" asked Katie with a laugh. "Hope you haven't changed your mind about Harry, because I think Ginny would be willing to fight you for him."

Hermione let out a very uncharacteristic retching sound as she mimed vomiting into a waste bin. "Not a chance. Harry's basically the closest I've got to a brother, so it's just a little much to hear about him locked in a passionate embrace. I've been angling for him and Ginny to get together for ages, I'm just not sure how many of the details I want."

"Well, feel free to shut your ears, but I'm dying to know if he's a good kisser," replied Demelza with a smirk. "Better than Dean, you think? I sure hope he's not as bad as you said Michael was…"

"Oh, there's no comparison. Dean was pretty good but a bit too aggressive. Corner was just all over the place. Harry just feels perfect," said Ginny dreamily. "Not as experienced as either of them, but I think that's a point in his favor. He was definitely eager, but also a bit tentative… Like he was surprised everything was going so well. Suppose the fact that I wasn't weeping the whole time helped with that…"

"Fair point. Think word has reached the Ravenclaws yet? I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when Chang learned that you beat her to the snitch today and ended up with Harry, too." Katie glanced at Hermione. "Might want to cover your ears for this one! Did our captain's hands do any roving about while you were getting to know each other?"

Hermione looked as though she was fighting with herself over whether to laugh, scold, or run out of the room while Demelza squealed with mirth.

"Actually, Harry was quite the gentleman, as opposed to others who won't be named. He kept his hands on my waist and back." Ginny's eyes suddenly lit up. "And in my hair! He couldn't keep his hands out of my hair. He was twirling it between his fingers while we were just sitting and talking, and he kissed the top of my head a few times while we were just holding hands and watching the sunset."

"Damn! I'm impressed," said Katie. "Seems like he's a lot better than the rumors made it sound."

"Which is why we don't listen when Cho starts talking about our friends," replied Hermione.

"But just because his hands stayed in respectable lanes doesn't mean mine did…" injected Ginny, her eyebrows waggling as mischief danced in her eyes.

"Oh my gosh, Ginny!" exclaimed Hermione. "You didn't!"

"Don't worry, it was just a bit of a bum squeeze while we were coming back to the common room. I couldn't resist!"

Hermione groaned as the other girls laughed. "That's definitely more information than I needed to know and I think it's my signal to turn in for the night."

"I should do the same," said Ginny as she hopped up from the bed. "I promised my boyfriend I'd grab breakfast with him tomorrow!"

Katie and Demelza let out an "Oooooooooooh!" as Hermione rolled her eyes.

Ginny smiled as the four left the room and started descending the stairs to their own dormitories. "My boyfriend, Harry. I like the sound of that…"
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