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What Color is My Tongue
By harrystwin1

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Summary: Ginny tells Harry she's pregnant. Harry is over the moon, but he realizes that prenatal care in the magical world is very different, especially finding out the sex of the baby.
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Author's Notes:
Thank you all in advance for your kind support. This story takes place when Ginny is pregnant with their first baby. I had intended it to be firmly in the humor genre, but a tiny bit of angst worked it's way in.


Harry Potter had always felt he could handle anything life threw him. After all, he’d survived death too many times to count by the time he’d turned eighteen. Of course, he hadn’t realized that he’d feel so emotional when Ginny told him she was pregnant.

“Harry,” Ginny said as she waved a hand in front of his face. “You awake?”

“What? Oh, I’m a bit “ gobsmacked. Are you sure?”

Ginny folded her arms over her chest and stared him down. Her resemblance to her mother scared him more than imminent fatherhood. “Um, sorry. Of course, you’re sure.”

“So, what are you thinking,” Ginny asked as her posture relaxed.

“I’m happy,” Harry said, realizing that joy mixed in with his nerves. “I “ Ginny, are you sure you’re okay with a baby? You were contemplating signing on for another two years with the Harpies.”

Ginny blew out a breath, and he watched her sit on the bench at the foot of their bed. She swallowed hard. “Yes. I was going to sign, but now “ Harry, I’m going to have your baby. I suddenly don’t care if I ever ride a broom again.”

“Um, okay. Now I feel scared. You love Quidditch, Ginny. More than I do, if that’s possible,” He admitted.

“Yes, but “ when the Healer said the test was positive, all I could think about was telling you. Harry, I don’t want our lives to change, but “ we’re going to have a baby. It’s a new life that we created. It’s better than anything magic can do.”

Harry laughed, and tears welled in his eyes as he watched her face go pink and tears run down her cheeks. He went to her and pulled her into his arms. “Oh, Ginny. I love you. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. Didn’t I remind you that you and I did this?” Ginny put a hand over her abdomen.

“Yes, but “ I’m not sure why I said that. Merlin’s beard! I’m going to be a father.”

Ginny grabbed his face in her hands. “You’re going to be an amazing father, Harry Potter. Nothing is going to happen to you or me. We’ll always be here to see our children grow up and have their own families.”

“I never thought I’d say this, but I miss mum and dad more than ever. I miss all the ones that should be here with us, Mooney, Padfoot, Tonks, George - Oh God. I’m sorry, Ginny.”

“No,” Ginny conjured two handkerchiefs for them, and they sat together, wiping their eyes. “I can’t believe it’s been six years. I’d love to have him here, but Uncle Fred will make sure that our son or daughter will know all there is to know about Uncle George.”

“Well,” Harry waved his wand and a roll of parchment, and a quill floated into the room. “I’m going to send an owl to Ron and Hermione.”

“Hey. Let’s wait, babe. I want to get through my first trimester before we tell them all. By then, we’ll know the gender, and we can announce it to everyone.”

“So, you want to know the sex of the baby,” Harry asked.

“Yes, do you?”

“When you told me, I didn’t consider that we could find out, and now “ yes,” He shouted. “I want to know.”

Ginny grabbed him again; this time, Harry didn’t let her go until they had celebrated by recreating the conception.


“I’m nervous,” Ginny said as they waited for the results of the spell Healer Norton had performed to check the baby’s health.

Harry had never seen a prenatal exam “ muggle or magical, but he knew enough about muggle doctors to know about ultrasounds and even stirrups, thanks to television. Magical exams were much more efficient. The Healer performed a spell and a scan with their wand, and the results would appear on a special parchment. The worst part was waiting, as the magic did take some time to play out.

“Me too. It’s “ well “ it’s strange, but also normal to me. I sometimes feel like I’m in a dream and that I’ll wake up and find myself back at the Dursleys.”

“Babe, you haven’t talked like that for years. Why now?”

“It happens when I’m nervous or stressed about something new in the magical world. Next time I’ll be fine. I can’t imagine Hermione’s reaction when she and Ron have a baby, and she’s in your place after growing up as a muggle.”

Ginny appeared to ponder this for a minute. “You’re right. I’ll ask if she wants to talk when it happens.”

“Later, I think ““Harry was interrupted by Healer Norton, a tall witch with hair the color of caramel toffee, blue eyes, and an oval-shaped face. She was slender and wore white robes with the logo of St. Mungos on her left arm.

“Well,” She took a seat and looked at the parchment. “Everything is perfectly normal and on track. You said that you wanted to know the sex of the baby.”

“Yes, we do.”

“Well, unfortunately, the only data we can’t collect with the scan is the gender.”

“Really,” Harry said and squeezed Ginny’s hand. Her eyes had begun to shine.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say we can’t find out, We have a potion that you’ll drink, and the color of your tongue will tell us.” Healer Norton said.

“My tongue,” Ginny said. “Why?”

“Not your tongue,” said the Healer. “Your husband.”

“What!” Harry said. “I’m not drinking something that changes the color of my tongue. Anyway, why me? I’m not pregnant.”

“Of course, it has to be you.”

“Why? I don’t understand,” Ginny said.

“Didn’t either of you pay attention in Muggle studies classes? We don’t have ultrasound machines.”

“Um,” Harry tried to interrupt.

“Oh yes,” said Healer Norton. “The gender reveal potion has been around for centuries, but the ultrasound machine is new and inefficient.”

“Healer Norton,” Ginny cried.

“I’m so sorry. I do get carried away. Mr. Potter, you must drink the potion because it is the male that determines the sex of the baby, so of course, it will be your body, or in this case, your tongue, that will tell us.”

“You don’t have to do this,” Ginny said. “We can wait until the baby is born.”

Harry continued to watch Healer Norton, who was studying his scar. Most people no longer stared at his scar, but he sighed. Healer Norton was friendly, knowledgeable, and talkative. He wondered how she stayed on track during her day. Maybe she was interested from a medical point of view.

“I want to know,” Harry said. “Still, I do have questions.”

“Fire away,” said their Healer.

“When you say my tongue will change color. What does that mean?”

“Blue for a boy and pink for a girl. It’s very straightforward.”

“Pink, but my tongue is pink,” Harry argued.

“No, it’s flesh tone. There is a difference,” said Healer Norton.

“But ““

“Harry, we’ll see if it is a girl.” Ginny broke in.

“Right,” Harry nodded and said, “I’m ready.”

Healer Norton left the room and then returned with a flask filled with a clear liquid. “I’m afraid it’s bitter and sweet simultaneously. So I hope you like both, or it might be a little unpleasant for you.”

“Why?” Harry asked, but he took the flask.

“Because anticipation can be bittersweet.”

Harry nodded and drank the entire contents of the flask. The taste reminded him of cilantro and vanilla. He forced himself not to grimace or choke.

“Please open your mouth and stick out your tongue. The change is immediate.”

Harry did as she instructed him but closed his eyes tightly for a reason he didn’t understand. He heard Ginny’s sharp intake of breath, and then she said. “Harry, open your eyes.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a boy,” Ginny said, and tears began to spill from her eyes.

“Are you okay,” Harry asked his wife. “Do you want a girl instead?”

“No “ I mean, I’m so happy right now. I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl or one of each. If it’s healthy and your baby, Harry, I’m happy.”

“Was there any doubt I’m the father,” Harry teased, and Ginny shook her head.

“Harry James Potter!”

“Sorry, I had to break the heavy emotion floating around the room. Also, that was to get you back for your one of each remark.”

Ginny grinned at him, and he said, “What am I going to do with you, Ginevra Molly Weasley Potter.”

“Oh, I’m in trouble now. You called me by my full name.”

Harry hugged and kissed her until she pushed him away and said, “Harry, we’re not alone.”

“Right, sorry. Got a little carried away.”

“I’ve seen every reaction you can imagine,” said Healer Norton.

“I want to see my tongue,” Harry said.

The Healer pointed to a mirror on the wall. Harry went to it and stuck out his tongue. It was a dark shade of blue. It reminded him of the time he’d eaten a muggle sweet that had dyed his tongue the same hue.

“Congratulations,” said the mirror in a very bored tone, as if he saw only men’s faces and tongues daily.

“Thank you,” Harry said and turned back to the Healer. “How long will my tongue stay this way?”

“It will return to normal in about five minutes.”

“Oh,” Ginny said in a disappointed tone.

“You want it to stay like this,” Harry said and rolled his eyes when Ginny laughed.

“No, but I thought it would stay that way long enough to show mum.”

Harry flinched. “Ginny!”

“Kidding, Luv.”

“Make an appointment for a month,” said the Healer. “No more Quidditch starting now, and watch your calories.”

“Well, I knew I’d have to stop flying soon rather than later. I’ll send an owl to the coach.” Ginny said with resignation, tinting her words.

“Hey,” Harry said as they walked to the appointment desk. “You said the reservist taking over for you is great.”

“She is, but I’ll have to think about what to do next. In the meantime, let’s send an owl to mum and dad and Hermione and Ron.”

“I guess it’s real now,” Harry said.

“As real as a Hungarian Horntail.”

“Funny,” Harry said. “Come on. Let’s get your appointment made and go home.

“Finally, I’m hungry and want one of your famous bacon, egg, and tomato sandwiches.”

“You’re supposed to watch your weight,” Harry reminded her.

“It’s a celebration. I’ll start tomorrow.”

“Hermione told me never to argue with a pregnant witch,” Harry said and laughed when Ginny narrowed her eyes.

“Remember, we’re in public,” Harry said as they reached the appointment desk.

“Which is why you’re still alive,” Ginny said sweetly.

“You wouldn’t hurt your baby’s father,” Harry said after Ginny made the appointment.

Ginny studied him. “You’re right, but only because I love you.”

Harry put an arm around his wife. “I love you, too.”

“Now, what about names?”

Harry laughed. “Let’s worry about that after we tell everyone.”


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